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"Seinfeld" is one of television's most popular shows to date. If you consider your team, friends, or yourself a Seinfeld fan, then you're definitely going to love this trivia collection! Challenge others to an ultimate quiz on Seinfeld characters, episodes, plots, and other fun television trivia with this collection on Seinfeld trivia!

Questions: 6
Difficulty: Unknown
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Which of Seinfeld’s four main characters did not appear in the show’s first episode?

Elaine Click to see the answer

What is Kramer's FIRST name?


What is Newman's occupation?

A Mailman

What occupation does George constantly lie about being?

An Architect

What car does Jerry buy for his father?


Who claims to have invented the "it's not you, it's me" routine?


Questions: 8
Difficulty: Unknown
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What is the Latvian Orthodox name for the mysterious attraction women feel toward Kramer?

Kavorka Click to see the answer

What is the Soup Nazi known for saying?

"No soup for you!"

What was the name of the horse that pulled Kramer's hansom cab?


What kind of tomatoes can be eaten "like apples" according to George?


Which famous athlete did Kramer claim to see dunking his donut in coffee?

Joe DiMaggio

What was the nickname that George's high school gym teacher called him in high school?

Can't Stand Ya

What is the name of the man Elaine dated who shares a name with a serial killer?

Joel Rifkin

What is the name of Kramer's friend who thinks Jerry is a "phony"?


Questions: 9
Difficulty: Unknown
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Who is George’s favorite explorer?

De Soto Click to see the answer

What is the name George planned to give his child?


Which neighborhood does Jerry live in?

Upper West Side

Which New York Mets star made a cameo on the show?

Keith Hernandez

Who used the alias Art Vandelay?


Which of the following characters was not in the last episode?

Dolores (Mulva)

According to Elaine, which flavor of babka is the “lesser babka”?


Who does George injure during a charity softball game?

Bette Midler

What is Elaine known for being really bad at?


Questions: 12
Difficulty: Unknown
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Which food caused Jerry to break his 13-year nonvomiting streak?

A black and white cookie Click to see the answer

Which overdue book led to Jerry's meeting with New York Public Library officer Mr. Bookman?

Tropic of Cancer

What is the name of the character Kramer played in his 'Murphy Brown' appearance?

Steven Snell

Who called Jerry 'a very, very bad man' and vowed revenge on him?

Babu Bhatt

What does Jerry find in his pocket to prove his dry cleaner is wearing his clothes?

A movie ticket

What does George try to convince Yankees manager Buck Showalter to do?

Switch to cotton uniform

When did the pilot episode air?

June 23, 1989

How much did Kramer make by selling his life stories?


Who coined the phrase, "yadda, yadda, yadda"?


When is Festivus celebrated?

December 23rd

Which video game is George great at?


Who steals Kramer’s cologne idea?

Calvin Klein

Questions: 15
Difficulty: Unknown
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What is the name of Kramer’s rooster?

Little Jerry Seinfeld Click to see the answer

Which actress' phone number does Kramer score on his way to the movies?

Uma Thurman

In 'The Outing,' we learn that George and Jerry have been friends since high school. What's the name of their alma mater?

JFK High School

Which New York Yankee missed his appearance on a PBS telethon because George followed a driver whom he thought had given him the finger?

Danny Tartabull

In the first couple of seasons, we find out who Elaine's ex-boyfriend was. Who was he?

Jerry Seinfeld

Season six would be the introduction to one of Elaine's well known boyfriends. Who would that be?

David Puddy

Which boyfriend did Elaine end up getting dumped by because of Jujifruits?

Jake Jarmel

What is the name of the group’s favorite place to eat?

Monk's Cafe

Who stole Elaine’s idea to just sell muffin tops?

Mr. Lippman

What was the original name of the series?

The Seinfeld Chronicles

Jerry originally refers to Kramer by what name?


Who did Kramer accidentally punch at a baseball fantasy camp?

Mickey Mantle

Who does Jerry end up sitting beside at the Super Bowl?


In 'The Jimmy' episode, what does Jerry discover in his dentist's waiting room?

The Penthouse magazine

Why did the zoo demand an apology from Kramer?

He threw a banana peel back at a chimpanzee.

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