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What is the name of Terrance's daughter of the duo Terrance & Phillip?

Sally Click to see the answer

Who gets attached to an iPad and two other humans as part of Apple's agreement?


Whose boobs 'destroy society' in Season 6?


Who used to have a puppet partner called Mr. Hat?

Mr. Garrison

As of 2014, how many seasons has 'South Park' lasted?


Who gets abducted by aliens in the very first episode?


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What 'South Park' character is Jewish?

Kyle Click to see the answer

What is Cartman's first name?


What is Butters' last name?


During what holiday does Mr. Hankey usually appear?


Who is Stan's girlfriend?


In what country is Terrance's daughter being held in the movie 'Not Without My Anus'?


What kid in 'South Park' constantly gives people the middle finger?


Who becomes the star player on the dodgeball team in Season 2?


Who takes Stan and the boys on a hunting trip in the first season?


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What dead dictator becomes Satan's boyfriend?

Saddam Hussein Click to see the answer

Who challenges Cartman to a fight for his breast cancer jokes in Season 12?


What 'South Park' constantly dies in every other episode?


What is Stan's last name?


What 'South Park' character is actually the superhero Mysterion?


What is the name of Stan's mom?


What character was voiced by soul singer Isaac Hayes?


What country is Pip from?


Who does Cartman hit in the head with a rock in Season 4?


Who attempts to find a turkey for the Thanksgiving play in Season 4?


What character has blonde hair?


What 'South Park' character only speaks in muffled mombles?


What character drinks way too much coffee?


Who once took over the morning announcements and turned it into a Glenn Beck parody?


What is Token's last name?


What character can morph into Professor Chaos?


Who gets a hemmorhoid in Season 5?


What 'South Park' character constantly gets called a 'fat ass'?


What job does Mr. Mackey do at South Park Elementary?


What's the name of Kyle's stereotypical Jewish cousin?


Who is Stan's dad?


In what state is the city of South Park located?


Who becomes a celebrity by doing crazy things for money in Season 4?


What character often says 'Respect my authoriti!'?


Who has a boxing match with Jesus in Season 1?


Questions: 6
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What video game do the boys become ridiculously fat while playing in Season 10?

World Of Warcraft Click to see the answer

Who does the music for the non-offensive Christmas play in Season 1?

Philip Glass

What celebrity steals the Triangle of Zinthar and becomes a Mecha in Season 1?

Barbra Streisand

Who buys their own amusement park in Season 5?


What summer staple gets banned in South Park in Season 2?


Butters keeps coming up with schemes that were done on what show in Season 6?

The Simpsons

Questions: 9
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Who tries to kill Stan for not voting in Season 8?

P-Diddy Click to see the answer

What commercial mascot tells everyone he has aides in Season 6?

The Subway Guy

What's the name of the boys' new fourth grade teacher in Season 4?

Ms. Choksondik

What workout supplement does Cartman binge on in Season 1?

Weight Gain 4000

What mascot do Cartman and Butters support for the school in Season 8?

Turd Sandwich

What organization does Cartman becomes the poster child for in Season 4?


Who gets hit in the eye with a ninja star while the boys are playing with weapons?


Who gets fired for losing a joint in a kid's classroom in Season 2?

Mr. Mackey

What's the name of Stan's abusive older sister?


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The Quintuplet gymnasts in Season 4 are from what country?

Romania Click to see the answer

Who fights Osama Bin Laden like a Looney Tunes character in Season 5?


What's the name of the boy band that the boys form in Season 4?

Finger Bang

What monster does Stan kill during a hunting trip?


When someone poops in the school urinal, who gets called in to solve the mystery?

The Hardly Boys

The boys cook up a scheme by getting Cartman to play what mythical character in Season 4?

The Tooth Fairty

What's the name of Stan's gay dog?


What character do we learn can't read in the Season 2 episode 'Chickenlover'?

Officer Barbrady

Who gets fired from scoutmastering in Season 5?

Big Gay Al

Who insists that ManBearPig is real?

Al Gore

What item does Cartman refuse to let go of even though it will destroy humanity in Season 4?

Trapper Keeper

Who gets the ultimate revenge on Scott Tenorman in Season 5?


What is Scott Tenorman's favorite band?


Pip once starred in a recreation of what classic British piece of literature?

Great Expectations

Finish this episode title: '_________ Should Lay Off The Fatty Foods.'

Roger Ebert

What celebrity stars on a show called 'Fightin' Round the World'?

Russell Crowe

How many bunnies does Estella Havisham kill before she loses interest?


What starving Ethiopian child is accidentally sent to 'South Park' in Season 1?


When Mr. Garrison gets a nose job in Season 1, who does he look like?

David Hasselhoff

What's the name of Jesus' public access TV show?

Jesus And Pals

Questions: 6
Difficulty: Hard
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What does Ms. Crabtree keep in her glove box with a pistol?

A Rabbit Click to see the answer

What celebrity's brother performs at South Park Elementary's halftime show in Season 1?

John Stamos

What celebrity is one of Scuzzlebutt's legs?

Patrick Duffy

What animal does Kyle's dad wish he was and becomes thanks to plastic surgery?


What does Terrance & Phillip look for to pass the time on the subway?


What network does Kyle's mom organize a boycott against in Season 1?

Cartoon Central

Questions: 18
Difficulty: Hard
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What's the name of the cartoon short that inspired the 'South Park' series?

The Spirit Of Christmas Click to see the answer

What celebrity did Stan think he saw in the Brazilian rainforest?

Tony Danza

Who conducted the recorder concert that made the world poop its pants?

Yoko Ono

What's is Stan's grandpa's name?


What is the name of Dr. Mephisto's literally little buddy?


What's on Cartman's sleeping bag when the boys sleep at Cartman's grandma's house?

Steve Urkel

What artist do the FBI play to drive the 'cult' out of the house in Season 3?


What is Miss Cartman's first name?


Who leads the Jew Scout Squirts?


What's the point spread that the South Park Cows need to beat for Jimbo to win his bet?

70 Points

What ride does Kenny make his parents ride in the hopes of getting rid of his unborn brother?

The John Denver Experience

What does Stan's dad do for a living?


What's the name of the company that created Towlie?


What celebrity did the voice of Stan's dog in Season 1?

George Clooney

What is Pip's last name?


What Comedy Central star makes a cameo in Season 2?

Dr. Katz

According to 'South Park,' what soft drink can cure SARS?


What band does the Prehistoric Ice Man exhibit claim he likes?

Ace of Base

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