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Difficulty: Hard
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What do the main characters of the movie 'The Blair Witch Project' and the main character of 'The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon', have in common?

They All Got Lost In The Woods Click to see the answer

Questions: 6
Difficulty: Easy
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How many of the seven friends are still alive at the end of Stephen King's 'It'?

Five Click to see the answer

Stephen King's novel 'Cujo' is about what breed of dog?

St. Bernard

In which Stephen King novel will you find vampires invading a small Maine town?

Salems Lot

Which US commentator did King call 'Satan's mentally challenged younger brother'?

Glenn Beck

Pennywise, from the Stephen King novel 'It', never appears as a what?


Who is not executed in the electric chair in Stephen King's 'The Green Mile'?


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In ''Salem's Lot', young vampire Ralphie Glick scratches at the window asking what?

To come in Click to see the answer

What did Annie Wilkes use to hobble Paul Sheldon in the Stephen King novel 'Misery'?


In 'Firestarter,' what is the name of the government agency pursuing Andy and Charlie?

The Shop

Which one of the following has never been the creepy villain in any Stephen King story?

Girl Scouts

Which Stephen King book was originally titled 'Second Coming'

Salem's Lot

What is the cat called in Stephen King's 'Pet Sematary'?


What is Stephen King's wife's name?


What sport does Stephen King write a non-fiction story about in 'Nightmares and Dreamscapes'?


What's Stephen King's middle name?


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Stephen King co-wrote an episode of which TV series?

The X-Files Click to see the answer

In Stephen King's 'The Stand'', who get's hypnotized so that he can infiltrate the enemy lines?


What kind of games does Gerald like to play in Stephen King's 'Gerald's Game'?


In which US state are many of Stephen King's novels set?


In Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower' series, what word does the main character use that roughly means 'destiny'?


Who is the shape changer in Stephen King's 'The Cycle of the Werewolf'?

Lester Lowe

What Stephen King movie won actress Kathy Bates an Oscar?


Whose brother is the first murder victim in Stephen King's 'It'?


In 'Pet Sematary', what is name of the spirit in the woods near the burial site?


Which Stephen King story is about a high school kid who holds his fellow classmates hostage after killing his teacher?


In the Stephen King novel 'It', what was the name of the clown that made us think twice about going to the circus?


The film adaptation of 'The Green Mile' starred whom as Paul Edgecomb?

Tom Hanks

How many books, as of 1999, make up Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower' series?


What type of music does Stephen King's Christine always plays on her radio?

50s oldies

In Stephen King's 'Cujo', what kind of car do Tad and his mother get stranded in at the farm?


What was the name of Roberta's pet beagle in Stephen King's 'The Tommyknockers'?


According to Stephen King, what is the one word you need to curse anyone to lose weight?


What town is setting for the Stephen King novel 'It'?


What is the name of Stephen King's wife?


What is the Gunslinger's name in Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower' series?


What creatures were the antagonists in Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot'?


In which Stephen King short story will you find a group of people trapped in a grocery store?

The Mist

Questions: 6
Difficulty: Medium
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In the movie version of Stephen King's, 'Maximom Overdrive', what famous cartoon characters face adorns the leading 'killer truck'?

The Green Goblin Click to see the answer

Which baseball team does King support and often mention in his work?

Boston Red Sox

What is the fictional name that some of Stephen King's work has been published under?

Richard Bachman

Which Stephen King novel often gets compared to BBC sci-fi series 'Quatermass & the Pit'?

The Tommyknockers

According to the movie adaptation of Stephen King's 'Cycle of the Werewolf', The 'Silver Bullet' is what?

A Wheelchair

Which university did Stephen King attend?

University of Maine

Questions: 9
Difficulty: Medium
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The novel 'The Doctor's Case' by Stephen King features what famous literary character?

Sherlock Holmes Click to see the answer

Which of these is a pen name used by Stephen King?

Richard Bachman

In Stephen King's 'The Green Mile', what does John Coffey get to do as his last wish?

Watch A Movie

Who played the role of Jack Torrance in the film adaptation of 'The Shining'?

Jack Nicholson

Who was the proprietor of Stephen King's 'Needful Things'?

Leland Gaunt

The town of Castle Rock, a regular setting for King's stories, is named after a chapter in which classic novel?

Lord of the Flies

In which Stephen King novel will you find an abused woman who escapes into a supernatural painting?

Rose Madder

What type of car is Stephen King's 'Christine'?

Plymouth Fury

In which TV series did Stephen King have a cameo as a cleaner in 2010?

Sons of Anarchy

Questions: 17
Difficulty: Medium
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In Stephen King's 'The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon', who is Tom Gordon?

A Baseball Pitcher Click to see the answer

What does the Gunslinger lose on the beach in Stephen King's 'The Drawing of the Three'?

Two Fingers And One Toe

What breed of dog is Stephen King's 'Cujo'?

Saint Bernard

In Stephen King's 'Pet Sematary', why is cemetery spelled incorrectly?

The Cemetery Was Named By Kids

Which of Stephen King's books has a semi-autobiographical relation to his pen name?

The Dark Half

In which Stephen King series do you find the hero known as The Gunslinger?

The Dark Tower

In Stephen King's 'Hearts in Atlantis', what was the symbol on the back of a coat that was significant to the story?

A Peace Symbol

In 'Misery,' what is the name of the protagonist of writer Paul Sheldon's romance series?

Misery Chastain

What Stephen King character has Laura San Giacomo (Sex, Lies, and Videotape; Just Shoot Me) played in film?

Nadine Cross In 'The Stand'

According to Stephen King, what agency will 'help you quit matter what'?

Quitters Incorporated

What was the name of the student killed on Louis Creed's first day of work in Stephen King's 'Pet Sematary'?

Victor Pascow

What was the first item 'bought' at Stephen King's 'Needful Things'?

Baseball Card

What is Stephen King's other pen-name?

Richard Bachman

With which singer did King recently co-write a musical called 'Ghost Brothers of Darkland County'?

John Mellencamp

Which Stephen King character refers to himself as 'like the drink, only not spelled the same way'?

John Coffey

What name does Delacroix give the mouse in Stephen King's 'The Green Mile'?

Mr. Jingles

Which of the following Stephen King novels is not set in Maine?

The Green Mile

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