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How many Wimbledon championships did Jimmy Connors win?

2 Click to see the answer

In what year did Pat Cash win his one and only Wimbledon title?


What is the estimated prize money earned by David Ferrer?

22 million

In what year did Venus Williams achieve her highest ranking?


In 2009, who was the reigning US Open champion but failed to defend his title due to injury?

Rafael Nadal

How old is Kim Clijsters?


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The Wimbledon Championships were founded In what year?

1877 Click to see the answer

Who was the only tennis player who have won French Open, Wimbledon and Olympics in 2008?

Rafael Nadal

In what year did Jimmy Connors retire?


As of 2009, how many Slams has Serena Williams won till date?


How much did Anna Kournikova earn through prize money while playing?

3 million

Which male tennis player has won the maximom number of single Slams?

Roger Federer

How old was Pete Sampras when he won his final men's singles title at Wimbledon?


In which year was tennis originally introduced as an Olympic sport?


Jamie Murray won the Wimbledon Mixed Doubles In what year?


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Which company supplies the balls at Wimbledon?

Slazenger Click to see the answer

Who is the top-ranked American player now and the only male American inside the top 10?

Andy Roddick

When was the last time a British player won the Wimbledon?


In what year did Pat Cash turn pro?


How many games did the longest Wimbledon men's singles match on record last?


In what year did tennis become an official sport in Olympics?


What is the rough estimate of Boris Becker's prize money earnings?

18 million

How old was Boris Becker when he first won the Wimbledon?


How many times did Pete Sampras win the US Open?


What do you call the officiating judge who sits in a raised chair in the side of the court?


In what year did John McEnroe retire for the final time?


How many Olympic gold medals does Serena Williams have?


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How many Wimbledon titles did Steffi Graf win?

7 Click to see the answer

Heather Watson won the Junior US Open in what year?


How many Wimbledon finals did Bjorn Borg win?


Who was also known for the 'Scissors Kick' which he would do at midcourt after winning matches?

Petr Korda

As of 2009, how many Slams has Venus Williams won till date?


In what year did Lindsay Davenport win rookie of the year?


Daniel Evans is ranked where amongst the top British players?


In what year did Australian Lleyton Hewitt start playing tennis professionally?


What is the highest world ranking attained by Daniel Evans?


In 2007, which woman who was tested positive for cocaine in Wimbledon?

Martina Hingis

What was Goran Ivanisevic's ranking when he won the 2001 Wimbledon?


Maria Sharapova has won how many Grand Slam singles?


In what year did Martina Hingis win her one and only Wimbledon title?


Which former British tennis star has an international clothing brand named after him?

Fred Perry

In what year did Jennifer Capriati retire?


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How many grand slam titles did Billie Jean King win?

39 Click to see the answer

Since retiring, which former player has played in World Series Poker?

Yevgeny Kafelnikov

In what year did Lindsay Davenport win Wimbledon?


Andre Agassi won a gold medal in which Olympic games tournament?


How many Wimbledon men's singles titles did Bjorn Borg win?


What was the prize money on offer during the 2013 US Open?

34 million

In what year did Lindsay Davenport retire?


When did Steffi Graf win the Golden Slam - 4 Slams plus an Olympic gold?


How long was Pete Sampras' tennis career?

14 years

How many grand slam titles did John McEnroe win?


What is Federer's estimated prize money earnings up to this point?

83 million

How many Olympic medals has Martina Navratilova won for tennis?


In what year was the Australian Open founded?


Maria Sharapova was born in which year?


In what year did Monica Seles retire from tennis?


In what year did Johanna Konta become a British citizen?


How many career single titles had Venus Williams won as of 2010?


How many Wimbledon titles has Roger Federer won?


In what year did Billie Jean King go professional?


Who won Wimbledon for the second time in 2014?

Petra Kvitova

How many times has Andy Roddick reached the Wimbledon final?


In which year was tennis reintroduced as an Olympic sport?


How many Wimbledon men's singles titles did Boris Becker win?


As of 2009, how many Slams has Maria Sharapova won till date?


How many Wimbledon tournaments has Boris Becker won?


How many sets will be played in a non-grand slam game?


What was invented by James Van Alen in 1965?


How many nations are part of the Davis Cup World Group?


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Where was Xavier Malisse born?

Belgium Click to see the answer

Which division in tennis is it required to be under 18 years of age?


As of 2010, who is seeded # 5 in the women's single?

Venus Williams

Which current champion is called The King of Clay?

Rafael Nadal

Which is the oldest Slam?


Where was Justin Gimelstob born?


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What nationality is player Roger Federer?

Swiss Click to see the answer

What nationality is John McEnroe


How many women have completed the Golden Slam, winning a Grand Slam and Olympic Gold in the same year?


Which country has won the Fed Cup the most times?


In what city in the US the US Open is usually held?

New York

What nationality is Martina Navratilova?


Who won his first slam in only his third attempt - the fastest of any player in the Open era?

Gustavo Kuerten

Who is the brother of Dinara Safina who also became world # 1 in year 2000?

Marat Safin

Who is the youngest player who won then US Opens at the age of 19 on the year 1990?

Pete Sampras

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What stage in Wimbledon is the furthest Anna Kournikova has reached?

Semi Final Click to see the answer

Which is the original name for Australian Open?

Australian championships

Where was Andrei Pavel born?


Which actress was Andre Agassi once married to?

Brooke Shields

In what venue is the Hopman Cup played?

Perth Arena

Who was known as Princess of the Pampas

Gabriela Sabatini

Which bad boy said, 'Everybody loves success, but they hate successful people'?

John McEnroe

Which former No.1 has two children Jaden and Jaz Elle with another tennis great?

Steffi Graf

Which equipment used to hit the ball?


Whose autobiography is 'On The Line'?

Serena Williams

Who known as 'Juju' to many of her fans?


What item is used to hit tennis balls during a match?


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What is David Ferrer's nationality?

Spanish Click to see the answer

Who is the current men's world number one?

Novak Djokovic

Who was the most searched-for athlete on Yahoo! in both 2005 and 2008?

Maria Sharapova

Which player suffered an injury on being stuck by a truck but returned strongly 6 months later?

Thomas Muster

Which country refused to play against South Africa for its apartheid policies and handed a walkover victory in Davis Cup 1974?


Which player from Sweden who became # 1 from year 1977 and 1981?

Bjorn Borg

Which lady also known as the Female Federer?

Justin Henin

Which country has won the Davis Cup the most times?


How many men have completed the Golden Slam, winning a Grand Slam and Olympic Gold in the same year?


An injury to what part of the body caused Andre Agassi to retire?


Where did Roger Federer win his first grand slam on 2003?


If each player has won three points, the score is described as what?


In what Swiss city was Roger Federer born?


What was the nickname given to former French tennis star Rene Lacoste?


What nationality is Boris Becker?


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Who of the following is a British female tennis star?

Laura Robson Click to see the answer

Where was Tomas Berdych born?

Czech Republic

The ATP tournament played annually in Moscow is called which Cup?


What do you call the roof that was first used in Wimbledon on 2009?


Who is only person to win the men's singles title at Wimbledon as a wildcard?

Goran Ivanisevic

What does ATP mean?

Association of Tennis Pros.

Where was Rafael Nadal born?


Who became the youngest-ever male player to win a Grand Slam singles title at 17 years?

Michael Chang

What is the venue for the Australian Open?

Melbourne Park

What is the nationality of Rafael Nadal?


What is the only tournament that Andy Roddick has won?

US Open

Andre Agassi's father represented which country at the Olympics in boxing?


Roger Federer is a native of where?


Which company has been supplying the official drink at Wimbledon since 1934?


Where was Robby Ginepri born?


Whose autobiography is 'Uncovered'?

Pat Cash

What do you call the equipment that comprises a handle and neck joining a roughly circular frame that holds an array of tightly pulled strings?


As of 2010, who had won the most grand slam titles?

Roger Federer

In the 80s, who was this woman who won the grand slams most?

Martina Navratilova

What is a Grand Slam plus an Olympic tennis gold in the same year called?

Golden Slam

Who is the British male number one tennis player?

Andy Murray

Billie Jean King has said that 'pound for pound' who is the best tennis player of the current generation?


What is the color of a tennis ball?


Who are the current Davis Cup champions?

Czech Republic

The Davis Cup was conceived in 1899 by four members of which school


Which is the newest Slam?

Australian Open

Who won the men's title at the 2008 Olympics?

Rafael Nadal

Which Slam did Ivan Lendl never win?


Where was Marcos Baghdatis born?


Who said, 'in an era of specialists, you're either a clay, grass or hard court specialist...or Roger Federer'?

Jimmy Connors

Who is the only player in tennis history to have completed a Golden Slam winning a Grand Slam and Olympic Gold in the same year?

Steffi Graf

What is the nationality of Pete Sampras?


Which shot executed before the ball lands on the court?


Which country has won the Hopman Cup the most times?


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Which tennis legend married famous Australian golfer Greg Norman?

Chris Evert Click to see the answer

Which maverick said, 'Being number two sucks'?

Andre Agassi

Whose autobiography is 'The Education of a Tennis Player'?

Rod Laver

Which is considered the greatest player of all time after winning 16 grand slams as of 2010?

Roger Federer

Who has donated the entire prize money from one tournament every year of his professional career?

Gustavo Kuerten

Who became the first tennis player to surpass $1 million in career prize money?

Rod Laver

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John McEnroe's brother captains the US Davis Cup team. What's his name?

Patrick Click to see the answer

What is the name of Andy Murray's tennis playing brother?


Every year, in what country the first grand slam of the year held?


Who is the current French Open champion?

Rafael Nadal

Which company sponsors the WTA Tour?

Sony Ericsson

Who received an exemption from the Cypriot national service so that he could play tennis?

Marcos Baghdatis

Which famous singer is Anna Kournikova engaged to?

Enrique Iglesias

In 2009, who was this Argentinean who first won the US Open?

Martin del Potro

Which American sister and brother won the mixed double championship at Wimbledon in 1980?

Tracy & John Austin

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What do you call the charity event that was made during the 2010 Australian Open?

Hit for Haiti Click to see the answer

Which tennis player was the partner of Roger Federer in the 2008 Olympics in which they won gold?

Stanislao Wawrinka

Whom did Steffi Graf defeat in the Olympic final to achieve the Golden Slam?

Gabriela Sabatini

Which tennis legend's mother Olga was at one point ranked the No. 2 woman player in Czechoslovakia?

Ivan Lendl

Which South African lady was nicknamed 'The Little Assassin'?

Amanda Coetzer

In 2009, who was the opponent of Roger Federer during the finals of Wimbledon?

Andy Murray

Whose father Wink was a member of the US volleyball team at the 1968 Summer Olympics?

Lindsay Davenport

Which Wimbledon champion married ex-Bond girl Daphne Deckers?

Richard Kracijek

What do you call the shot to start the point?


What should the players do to each other after the game?

Shake hands

Who married famous actress Tatum O'Neal?

John McEnroe

Who stabbed Monica Seles?

Gunter Parche

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The term Slam was first used in which sport?

Golf Click to see the answer

Who was the first black member of the US Davis Cup team?

Arthur Ashe

Whose record did Roger Federer beat when he won the US Open in 2009 for his 15th Slam?

Pete Sampras

Who is this former tennis player and now a wife to Roger Federer?

Mirka Vavrinec

Who suffered a stroke while being interviewed by ESPN-TV for a series on greatest athletes of the 20th Century?

Rod Laver

Which lady from Belgium who won French Open four times?

Justin Henin

Who married (and divorced) two-time Olympic downhill skier Andy Mill?

Chris Evert

Heather Watson won a gold medal at the 2008 Commonwealth Young Games in which field?


From Sports Illustrated, if Earth was on the line in a tennis match, who would you want serving to save humankind?

Pancho Gonzalez

Whose calm court demeanor earned him the nickname of the 'Ice Man'?

Bjorn Borg

Who created a sensation in racquet technology by patenting the first tubular steel tennis racquet?

Rene Lacoste

Who was the Australian tennis player who became # 1 on 2001?

Lleyton Hewitt

Who is known as the king of clay?

Rafel Nadal

What is the rectangular, flat surface, usually grass, clay, a hardcourt of concrete and asphalt and occasionally carpet (indoor)?


Which player, nicknamed 'Guga', won the French Open 3 times?

Gustavo Kuerten

Where is the origin of tennis believed to lie?


With what hand does Petra Kvitova play?


Who has been No.2 in men's tennis for maximom number of consecutive weeks?

Rafael Nadal

The US Open venue is named after who since 2006?

Billie Jean King

Whose career winloss record in singles matches was 1,309146 (.900) and best of any pro in tennis history

Chris Evert

Who is best remembered for winning consecutive men's singles titles at the French Open in 1993 and 1994?

Sergi Bruguera

Who is the current women's world number one?

Serena Williams

What nationality is Novak Djokovic?


In which country Roger Federer from?


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