300 Witty Team Trivia Names for Your Next Trivia Game Night

Patrick Mabilog

by Patrick Mabilog · Updated Jul 25, 2022

300 Witty Team Trivia Names for Your Next Trivia Game Night Trivia games are a great way to keep your mind sharp and get a boost in dopamine, all while having fun and spending time with your friends and colleagues. And one part of planning a trivia game night is coming up with witty and funny team trivia names for the groups that’ll participate.

But coming up with a good team name can sometimes be challenging, given that it should speak to all the participants in the group. This is why we scoured the Internet, put our brains to work, browsed through some cool team names we’ve used in the past (we’re a trivia site, after all).

300 Team Trivia Names You Can Use

300 Team Trivia Names You Can Use

We've compiled and created the ultimate collection of the best trivia team names out there.

Some are funny, others are punny, and we’re certain that you and your teammates will find a team name that’ll lead you to victory at your upcoming trivia night.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the best trivia team names!

Funny Trivia Team Names

Funny Trivia Team Names

If you’re trying to come up with an actually funny trivia team name at the last minute, you can always fall back on our laugh-out-loud team names.

Some are more amusing than others, but one thing’s certain - no matter which one you go for, it’ll likely put a big smile on everyone’s face.

Here they are below:

  • In Dog Beers We've Only Had One;
  • I Got 99 Problems and This Quiz Ain't One;
  • We Thought This Was Speed Dating;
  • Wise Quackers;
  • Simple Minds;
  • Trivialize Us;
  • Our Moms Made Us Do It;
  • Titanic Swim Team;
  • We’d Rather Be on Cash Cab!;
  • Our Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem;
  • Epic Failures;
  • My Trivia Partner Doesn’t Know This Is a Date;
  • Smarty Pants;
  • Say Quiz!
  • The Brainless Crew;
  • Grace’s Quizatomy;
  • The Fresh Quiz of Bel-Air;
  • Exquiz Me?;
  • Quiz Factor;
  • Quizicians;
  • United Quizzes of America;
  • United Quizdom;
  • So You Think You Can Quiz?;
  • Trivia Folks;
  • The Quizikipedia.

Punny Team Trivia Names

Punny Team Trivia Names

Everyone enjoys a good pun, and pun team trivia names are no exception - they’re witty, engaging, and more importantly, they require you to understand and recognize the wordplay behind it so that you can truly enjoy the newly-created pun.

So, if punny team trivia names sound like something you and your team might resonate with, feel free to pick the one(s) you like the most:

  • Les Quizerables;
  • Tequila Mockingbird;
  • Smartinis;
  • Let’s Get Down to Quizness;
  • Couch Quizatoes;
  • The Real Housewives of Quizerly Hills;
  • The Quizards of Oz;
  • The Spanish Inquizition;
  • Smarty Pints;
  • Gonna Quiz This Job;
  • Triviaholics Anonymous;
  • Quizlamic Extremists;
  • Quizlamic State;
  • Social Quiztancing;
  • Ain’t None of Your Quizness;
  • The Factonauts;
  • Risky Quizness;
  • This Is Smarta!
  • I’m Smartacus;
  • QuestionHeirs;
  • Victorious Secret;
  • Quiz Pro Quo;
  • Please, lettuce win!;
  • It Quiz What It Is;
  • Quarenteams.

Harry Potter Trivia Team Names

Harry Potter Trivia Team Names

If you’re hosting a Harry Potter trivia night, choosing a Harry Potter team trivia name is a no-brainer. In essence, if you do anything Harry Potter-related, we recommend opting for a Harry Potter-related team name.

They’re funny, punny, entertaining, and creative, and if you’re a big Harry Potter fan, you’ll definitely enjoy them!

  • Harry Potter and the Quizoner of Askaban;
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Quizzes;
  • The Quizzich World Cup;
  • Granger Danger;
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Quiz;
  • Trivius Snape;
  • Harry Potter and the Deadly Trivia;
  • You-Know-Who;
  • Fantastic Quizzes and Where To Find Them;
  • Those Who Must Not Be Named;
  • Yer’ a Quizard Harry;
  • Lord Quizemort;
  • The Tales of Quizzle the Bard;
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Quiz;
  • Hermione’s Minions;
  • Gryffindorians;
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Quizadry;
  • 70 Points To Slytherin;
  • Dumbledore’s Army;
  • Let’s Beat the Muggles!;
  • Accio Knowledge;
  • It’s QuizzOsa, Not QuizzoSA!;
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Quiz’;
  • Expecto Quizzonum!;
  • Granger Zone.
  1. Disney Trivia Team Names If your trivia game night is meant to take you back to your childhood, our Disney team trivia names might be what you’re looking for.

We consider Disney a cool franchise, therefore, we truly hope our Disney team trivia names do justice to it.

Why don’t you be the one to let us know?

Start by picking a name from the list below and make your coworkers or friends take a trip down memory lane.

And if you want to get insights into some fun Disney trivia questions, make sure to check out our detailed 101 Best Disney Trivia Questions & Answers article.

  • To Quizinity and Beyond!;
  • We’re All Mad Here;
  • Once Upon a Quiz;
  • The Lady and the Champ(ions);
  • We Mermaid For One Another;
  • The Fairy Godmothers;
  • The Happily Ever After Team;
  • Zeroes to Heroes;
  • I’m Surrounded by Idiots;
  • Hercules’ Muscles;
  • Beauties and Beasts;
  • Cinderella’s Stepsisters;
  • Mickey’s Best Minions;
  • Sleeping Beauties;
  • The Aristocats;
  • The Frozen Team;
  • Rajah’s Rebels;
  • Alice In Trivialand;
  • Flying Carpets;
  • Quiz as Old as Time;
  • Ariel’s Squad;
  • Ariel’s Lost Voice;
  • Snow White and the Seven Quizzes;
  • King Triton’s Tridents;
  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Quizziest of Them All?

Star Wars Trivia Team Names

Star Wars Trivia Team Names

If you’re a hardcore Star Wars fan, you probably think no team trivia name can live up to your expectations. We thought so too, but after carefully crafting this section, we ask you to consider otherwise.

Your search for the best team trivia names ends here.

Below, we provide you with witty Star Wars team trivia names that will not only help you set the tone for the trivia game night, but re-imagine what some of your favorite Star Wars words/titles/characters/phrases sound like.

  • Luke, I Am Your Trivia Partner;
  • Skywalkers;
  • May the Force Be with Us;
  • Obi-wan Quizobi;
  • Yoda’s Wisdom Bearers;
  • Vader’s Voices;
  • The Empire Strikes Back;
  • Livin’ La Vida Yoda;
  • The Death Stars;
  • Sith Happens;
  • Let the Wookie Win;
  • Revenge of the Quiz;
  • Star Wars: The Quiz Awakens;
  • Star Wars: The Last Quizedi;
  • Star Wars: The Rise of Quizalker;
  • Millennium Falcons;
  • Survivors of Alderaan;
  • The Lightsabers;
  • Trivia Falcons;
  • Awakened Forces;
  • Darth Vaders;
  • The Droids Reunited;
  • Han’s Little Homies;
  • We’re With Princess Leia;
  • Jedis in Preparation.

Before you move on to the next team trivia names section, make sure to check out the following Star Wars trivia questions to connect you to the force.

Music Trivia Team Names

Music Trivia Team Names

Music is such a wide concept, yet we managed to come up with clever music-related team trivia names, and there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Are you sure you have what it takes to recognize some of your favorite titles/lines in the history of music?

Read on to find out.

  • Let’s Get Trivial!;
  • Let’s Get Quizzical!;
  • I Don’t Want To Quiz a Thing;
  • Quizzing Me, Quizzing You;
  • Quizzin’ La Vida Loca;
  • Panic! At the Quizsco!
  • So Long, Trivianne;
  • Susquizzious Minds;
  • These Boots Are Made for Quizzin’;
  • Hotel Trivifornia;
  • Quizzelujah I Love Her So;
  • The Girl From Quizanema;
  • Gimme a Little Quiz, Will Ya, Huh?;
  • Don’t Let Me Be Quizunderstood;
  • We Don’t Need No Quizucation;
  • Red Hot Trivia Peppers;
  • Old MacDonald Had a Quiz, Ee I Ee I O;
  • Do They Know It’s Quizmas?;
  • On a Quiz Like This;
  • Crying at the Quizoteque;
  • Smells Like Team Spirit;
  • Genie(s) in a Bottle;
  • Quiz Me Baby One More Time;
  • Quiz You Quiz or Quiz You Ain't My Baby;
  • Never Gonna Quiz You Up.

Pop Culture-Inspired Names

Pop Culture-Inspired Names

Pop culture, or popular culture, or simply mass culture, covers a wide range of categories, such as film, music, video games, sport, fashion, technology, politics, and so on.

While our trivia team names may not be that versatile (we’re limited with space, after all), we can absolutely assure you they’re not only worth your time, but you’ll be coming back to them for many other trivia nights as well.

Take a look at them and see if we’re right.

  • Trivia Newton John;
  • Quizteama Aguilera;
  • Quiznocchio;
  • Quizon Break;
  • La Vie en Quiz;
  • Iggy Quizalea;
  • Bonnie and Quizyde;
  • John Trivialta;
  • My Big Fat Greek Quiz;
  • It Was the Best of Teams, It Was the Worst of Teams;
  • Quizimodo;
  • Great Quizpectations;
  • The Careless Whisperers;
  • The One With the Quiz;
  • The One With the Trivia;
  • Walt Quizney;
  • The Great Quizpression;
  • Agatha Quiztie;
  • The Three Must Get Beers;
  • Beyonce Know’Alls;
  • Quizmas Season;
  • Quizpicable Me;
  • To Quiz or Not To Quiz, That Is the Question;
  • Make Trivia Great Again;
  • Joey Trivianni;

Game of Thrones Trivia Team Names

Game of Thrones Trivia Team Names

No team trivia names article will ever be fully complete without a Game of Thrones team trivia names section.

With that said, there are some exceptions, as there are certainly people who don’t fancy Game of Thrones, but if you really want to pick a name that will allow your team to stand out and set the tone for your trivia game night, a Game of Thrones-inspired name is the way to go.

Some of the following GOT team trivia names are location-based and character-based, some are taken from memorable phrases, others are just funny puns, and the list goes on.

Whichever you pick, know you can’t go wrong with this section.

  • A Lannister Always Pays His Trivia Debts;
  • A Team Has No Name;
  • We Know Nothing;
  • Trial by Trivia;
  • Triviastone;
  • Quizerfell;
  • The White Quizzers;
  • Jorah the Explorer;
  • Arya Ready for Us?;
  • The Quiz Maesters;
  • Team Quizzers of the House of Trivia, First of Their Name, Victors of the Quizmatch, Kings of the Triviandals, and the First Men, and Lords of the Seven Quizdoms;
  • The Night Watch;
  • Men of Braavos;
  • Mother of Dragons;
  • Three-Eyed Ravens;
  • The Dothraki;
  • Sansa and Sansability;
  • Quiz Slayers;
  • Trivia Is Coming;
  • The Unsullied;
  • A Team from The Vale;
  • Protectors of the Realm;
  • The Red Women;
  • The Firstborn;
  • Stark’s Heirs.

Pub Trivia Team Names

Pub Trivia Team Names

Pub team trivia names are all about beer puns, alcoholic vibes, and a pub state of mind.

There’s not much to be said about these team trivia names - we actually believe they’re so catchy that they speak for themselves.

Check them out:

  • We Drink and We Know Things;
  • The Publiners;
  • Smarter When We Drink;
  • Beer Necessities;
  • To Beer or not To Beer;
  • Know It Ales;
  • Whiskeypedia;
  • Blood, Sweat, and Beers;
  • 20 Pints to Slytherin;
  • Weapons of Mass Intoxication;
  • Pub Homies;
  • The Brewsual Suspects;
  • Trivia Drinkers;
  • Chuggin’ and Quizzin’;
  • Rum Forest Rum;
  • Win Or Lose, Either Way, We Booze;
  • The Thirsty Ones;
  • Beer Pressure;
  • Puboholics;
  • Gin and Topic;
  • Drunkin’ Donuts;
  • E=MC Hammer;
  • BeerMates;
  • No Beer, No Trivia Game;
  • Puking Buddies.

The Office Trivia Team Names

The Office Trivia Team Names

If your friends or coworkers have binge-watched all episodes of The Office, have bought The Office merch, can’t stop sending you funny The Office videos on YouTube, and are always on the lookout for the next thing they can learn about their favorite TV show, chances are they’ll be thrilled to have their next team trivia name be The Office-related.

And while opting for this category may be easy for die-hard The Office fans, picking a team name might be a bit challenging due to the many great options.

Still, it can certainly be done.

  • The Party Planning Committee;
  • The Regional Manager’s Assistants;
  • Kevin and the Zits;
  • The Dundies;
  • Angela’s Cats;
  • Senior Sales Representatives;
  • Dunder Mifflin A-Team;
  • We Declare Bankruptcy;
  • World’s Best Boss(es);
  • Schrute’s Squad;
  • That’s What She Said;
  • Dwight’s Mates;
  • Big Tunas;
  • 3-Hole Punched Mates;
  • Did We Stutter?;
  • Here Comes Treble;
  • The Office, season 1, episode 6, “Hot Quiz”;
  • The Office, season 2, episode 8, “Quiz Surveillance”;
  • The Office, season 2, episode 12, “The Quizjury”;
  • The Office, season 5, episode 8, “Quizness Trip”;
  • The Office, season 8, episode 23, “Trivia War”;
  • The Office, season 9, episode 21, “Quzzin’ the Dream”;
  • The Einsteins;
  • Big Turkeys;
  • The Faulty Printers.

Creative Names for Trivia Teams

Creative Names for Trivia Teams

Some trivia nights you just want to pick a random team trivia name without thinking about your favorite franchise, music, TV show, and so on.

In other words, you’re on the lookout for an authentic name, yet you don’t want to limit yourself to a specific category.

If that sounds like you, the witty team trivia names below can help.

  • The Big Fact Hunt;
  • Answering Machines;
  • WTF = What The Fact?;
  • Trivia Titans;
  • Google’s Minions;
  • Trivia Muses;
  • Wikipedia’s Assistants;
  • All Our Knowledge is from the Internet;
  • Here for the Beer;
  • Fact Checkers;
  • Siri’s Assistants;
  • Alexa’s Slaves;
  • We Know All the Right Answers;
  • The Nerds Attack;
  • The A Team;
  • In It To Win It;
  • Sherlock’s Homies;
  • The Wise Men;
  • Cunning Mates;
  • The Guessers;
  • The Smart Bunch;
  • Criminal Minds;
  • Trivia Addicts;
  • The Lucky Bunch;
  • Nerd Immunity.

Marvel Team Names

Marvel Team Names

As much as the Marvel universe is compelling and amazing on its own, you won’t have the whole picture without our funny Marvel team trivia names (or our Marvel trivia questions for that matter).

But let’s not beat around the bush and get straight onto the names.

  • The Marvelians;
  • Guardians of the Galaxy;
  • We Are Groot;
  • The Black Panthers;
  • Iron Men;
  • Marvel’s Avengers;
  • Marvel Trivia Universe;
  • Black Quizzow;
  • Quizzastic Four;
  • Captain America: Civil Quiz;
  • Black Panther: Quizzanda Forever;
  • Thor: Love and Trivia;
  • The Defenders;
  • A Quizzy Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer;
  • Endgame;
  • Incredible Hulks;
  • Doctor Strange in the Quizziverse of Madness;
  • Eternals;
  • Journey into Quizztery;
  • Smart Groots;
  • The Mutants;
  • X-Men;
  • Lok-I Know All The Answers;
  • The Groots of All Evil;
  • The Marvel-ously Funny Trivia Gang.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I run team trivia games at work?

There are many reasons why you should run trivia games at work. Below, we discuss some of the most significant ones:

  • Trivia games help everyone in the office relax, get to know one another better, and have fun. They’re great for lengthy team-building weekends, but also when everyone just wants to take a short break from their hectic workday.
  • They’re easy to host and everyone can take part in them.
  • Trivia games work as a great social tool. They’re an entertaining way for coworkers to catch up with peers they haven’t had the chance to communicate with in a while or perhaps meet new colleagues.
  • Trivia games are great for new hires, as a way to welcome them into the team with an informal and entertaining event.
  • They provide a solid basis for collaboration. This encourages team members to discuss matters together, make unified decisions, listen to others’ ideas, and so on.
  • Trivia games support one’s cognitive development and expand one’s decision-making capacity.
  • Trivia games can be a great cause of excitement. Cheering on the winners, guessing the right answer, and getting one’s suggestions acknowledged within the group brings about a dopamine rush, which is even higher wwhen a team wins.
  • Finally, trivia games are a nice break from the norm. If you’ve had your employees working on a lengthy project, attending important meetings with new clients, or you’ve been facing some business challenges lately, why not suggest a trivia game? Not only will you help your employees unwind, but you’ll end up motivating them more to do their job once they’re back to their daily working schedule.

How do I run my next team trivia night?

Although everyone seems to enjoy attending trivia nights, few enjoy actually planning them. But once you know the right steps, and what needs to be done and prioritized, you’ll be able to organize your next trivia night seamlessly.

Step 1.

First and foremost, decide whether you’re running a virtual trivia night or an in-person one. This is very important, as obviously the organization process will vary depending on the trivia format.

Namely, if you opt for an online trivia game, you need to find a suitable video conferencing platform, and perhaps even check some technicalities with your IT team to make sure everything runs smoothly during the night.

If you decide on an in-person trivia game night, on the other hand, you need to pick a venue. Of course, the office is always an option, but oftentimes, employers try to make things more dynamic and versatile for their employees, and therefore, they might opt for another location, such as a bar or a cafe.

Step 2.

Once you’ve made up your mind, schedule a date and time and let everyone know. You might even send a survey around with a few date choices and have everyone pick their preferred time slot(s). Also, insist on getting a response from everyone you’ve invited - knowing well in advance how many attendees you might expect will help you pick trivia games suitable for your teams’ size.

Step 3.

Next, focus on the theme. What kind of trivia game are you planning on hosting? Is it a Halloween edition? Easter trivia? Christmas games?

With that said, choose the theme based on something your team will resonate with, or simply keep things more general instead of focusing on a specific theme.

The theme goes hand in hand with the trivia games. So, what types of trivia games are you considering? Take a look at the following suggestions:

  • Random Trivia Generator;
  • TriviaNerd;
  • TriviaHub;
  • QuizBreaker;
  • Crowdpurr;
  • Trivia Crack;
  • GameApart, and so on.

Step 4.

Share the game rules before you actually start the trivia game night. This can save you from any unnecessary arguments as the game progresses. When we say rules, we mean paying attention to things such as group sizes, instructions, what is (not) allowed to be done during the game, how many points each team gets for a correct answer, and so on. You might even have some specific rule suggestions, such as everyone turning their phones off during the game, for instance.

Step 5.

Don’t forget to keep score, and this is when we should suggest hiring a moderator (it could be someone from your HR team, for example). You need someone to host the entire game, state the rules, see whether the players are truly following them, monitor their scores, see if there’s some cheating going on, and so on.

When it comes to the scores, make sure to have some tiebreaker questions/games with you just in case.

Step 6.

Finally, give prizes and awards to the winning team(s). You can provide the teams with some free lunch, gift cards, vouchers, a day off from work when they need it, a goody bag, and so on. Although trivia games are rewarding on their own, giving out actual rewards will take your trivia night to the next level.

How do I pick the right team trivia name?

Sometimes, having many choices can make you feel overwhelmed and quite indecisive (only now, we managed to cover 300 names, so you get the point).

However, once you understand what you’re looking for and the kind of name you should consider for a specific trivia game night, picking the right team trivia name should be fairly easy.

Here are some steps you can follow in the process.

  1. Since a team’s name is basically the team’s identity, what kind of identity do you and your team want to adopt? What kind of impression do you hope to leave with your name? Regardless of whether you’re playing trivia during a family night, a team-building event, a reunion, or a casual meet-up with friends, good team trivia names can make the whole competition much more entertaining.

  2. Make sure the team trivia name corresponds to the trivia game you’re planning on playing. For instance, if you’re attending a Christmas trivia event, we suggest that you consider some of the following names we included, such as: Do They Know It’s Quizmas? (in the Music Trivia Team Names) or Quizmas Season (in the Pop Culture-Inspired Team Trivia Names). If you’re hosting a Game of Thrones game, it’d obviously make sense to look for corresponding names in the Game of Thrones Trivia Team Names section, and so on.

  3. Consult your team members. Which names do they fancy? What kind of team trivia names do they resonate with? You might even suggest voting and choosing the name most players voted for.

Also, keep a list of the names you’ve used so far (for instance, if you’re frequently running trivia game nights in the office, keep a list on the wall so that anyone can see it). Try to use as many names as possible and make sure each time each team opts for a different name.

Final Words

All in all, choosing team trivia names for your next trivia night can be a fun and enjoyable experience - especially if you have access to cool team names (which you do now).

From pub trivia names, funny trivia names, and pop-culture inspired names, to Harry Potter and Game of Thrones trivia names, you now know we have you covered for whatever trivia game night you’re hosting.

And if you end up opting for another theme, we hope our team trivia names list is inspiring enough to help you come up with additional ones.