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What was the slogan that Wilkes' followers used when he ran for Parliament?

Wilkes and Liberty! Click to see the answer

Who was the English monarch when the 1707 Act of the Union took place?

Queen Anne

One of the staunchest of Matilda's supporters was her illegitimate half brother. Who was he?

Robert of Gloucester

What was the name of George I's wife?


What was the name of Oliver Cromwell's army?

New Model Army

Most people think the last invasion of mainland Britain took place in 1066. The French, however, landed a small force in 1797. Where did they land?


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What position did the United Kingdom finish in the first Eurovision Song Contest held in 1956?

Did not enter Click to see the answer

What was the name of the first steam engine to run between Stockton and Darlington?


1215 saw King John sign the 'Magna Carta Libertatum', which both guaranteed to the barons their feudal privileges and promised to maintain the laws of the land. But what does 'Magna Carta Libertatum' translate to in English?

Great Charter of Freedoms

Ellis Peters, a modern novelist, has set one of her mystery series during this period of time in the abbey of St Peter and St Paul at Shrewsbury. Who is her detective?

Brother Cadfael

In July of 1653, a group was brought in to help create the Barebones Parliament. How many were there and what were they called?

140 Saints

When was Oliver Cromwell's successor Richard Cromwell deposed (or allowed to fade away) from his role?

May, 1659

What tree can you find at Hadrian's Wall?

The Sycamore Gap Tree

Who did Harold Wilson hold talks with on board HMS Tiger in 1966?

Ian Smith

Of which tribe was Boudicca Queen?


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Which Novel Prize did Winston Churchill win?

Literature Click to see the answer

In March 1461 Edward IV was proclaimed King of England but Henry VI was still alive and in the country. Edward's Yorkist forces beat Henry's Lancastrians in Yorkshire. Where was the battle?


What rock, said to be the pillow Jacob rested his head on during his flight to Syria, has played an important role in the histories of England and Scotland?

Stone of Scone

In 1605 King James I of England was on the throne. He was also James VI, but of what country?


One of the greatest British royal lines has its origins in Wales. Who was the king, raised in Pembroke, who fought under the banner of the Welsh red dragon?

Henry VII

What are the years 1629 to 1640 known as?

Eleven Years' Tyranny

Which king of England lost the crown jewels in the Wash?

King John

Religion was at the root of daily life for the Anglo-Saxons. What was the primary religion in England in 1000 A.D.?


What is the main reason that Elizabeth I ordered Mary's execution?

She was the head of many plots to overthrow Elizabeth as Queen

Oliver Cromwell was Lord Protector during the Commonwealth years. His son, Richard, did not succeed in keeping the position. How is he recalled in history?

Tumble Down Dick

What was James I's surname?


During the Roman occupation of Britain two defensive walls were built. Hadrian's Wall was one, what was the other?

The Antonine Wall

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What was in force for a trial period from February 1968 to October 1971?

Permanent British Summer Time Click to see the answer

What organization was founded in June 1905?

Automobile Association

Who was the father of James II?

Charles I

At the start of the 15th century, a Welsh nobleman led a revolt against English rule which, due to its guerrilla tactics, almost succeeded. What was his name?

Owain Glyndwr

I was forced by some of my subjects to sign Magna Carta at Runnymede in 1215. Who am I?


Who dealt with the political split with Rome during Henry VIII's reign after Wolsey died?


In which year did David Lloyd George become Prime Minister?


Which group of workers held a national strike in 1966 and nearly brought down the Government?


Who made the first non-stop transatlantic crossing in an aeroplane?

Charles Lindberg

What title did Thomas Becket have?

Archbishop of Canterbury

How old was William Shakespeare when he got married?


The 18th century brought in the Industrial Revolution and many new inventions. Which of these men was responsible for the 'Spinning Mule'?

Samuel Crompton

In 1314 the Scots defeated Edward II's English army at the Battle of Bannockburn. Who led the Scottish army?

Robert Bruce

At the Battle of Falkirk in 1298 which English weapon helped to destroy both William Wallace's army and his reputation?


Who was the only English pope?

Adrian IV

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And where was Mary, Queen of Scots' husband, Darnley, killed?

Kirk o' Field Click to see the answer

Why were William and Mary accepted by the English people when James II was not?

William and Mary were Protestant as opposed to Catholic

In 1801, Cardiff had a population of 1,870 and was only the 25th largest town in Wales. By 1841, the population had grown to 82,000 and it was bigger than any other town in Wales. Which industry was responsible for such a huge growth?


In which year were bus numbers first used in London?


When was the Federal Republic of Germany declared?

May 1949

In 1952 Britain declares State of Emergency in one of her colonies because of problems the so-called Mau-Mau rebels. Which country?


In June 1961 Britain sent troops into which country?


In which year (in the 1840s) did a series of revolutions break out in continental Europe, creating much apprehension in Britain?


How many people are believed to have died in The Great Fire of London?


How long did the Hundred Years' War last?

116 years

1969 saw the official investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales at which Welsh castle?


William III and Mary II came to the throne of England in 1689 after the Glorious Revolution. Mary was James II's daughter. But, other than son-in-law, what relation was William to James II?


Who was the mother of Elizabeth I?

Anne Boleyn

Everyone knows that the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo, but in what post did he serve after the war?

He served 2 terms as Prime Minister

Where was Elizabeth I when she found out she was to become Queen?

Hatfield House

What year was Queen Victoria born in?


I didn't expect to be King but I stepped into the breach when my elder brother abdicated. Who am I?

George VI

1066 is remembered for the death of Harold II in the Battle of Hastings. However, Harold had success earlier in the same year by defeating the Vikings in which battle?

Stamford Bridge

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How many wives did Henry VIII have beheaded?

2 Click to see the answer

In November 1955 there is once again trouble in one of Britain's colonies and State of Emergency is declared. This time it is Cyprus. Who is the military leader of the Cypriote EOKA terrorists?

Giorgios Grivas

Where did Mary, Queen of Scots escape to after her subjects rose up against her?


What are the years between 1715 and 1789 known called?

Age of Enlightenment

Which social movement of the 1840s made the English middle classes fear that they were heading towards a revolution on the French model?


What is George II?

The most recent monarch born outside of the the UK

In May 1926 Britain suffered a General Strike by workers in key industries including dockers, rail workers, printers and transport workers. What was the main reason the strike was called?

Miners' pay and conditions

More British Prime Ministers attended Eton College than any other 'Public' (independent or private) school. Which school did Winston Churchill attend?


September 1966 saw the official opening of a suspension bridge between England and Wales, across which river?


1415 saw the English defeat the French at Agincourt, but in 1429 the French won which battle under the leadership of Joan of Arc?


In 1637, why was there a riot in the Cathedral of Edinburgh?

Laud tried to force a new prayer book on the Scots

During the reign of Queen 'Bloody' Mary there was an attempt to return England to Catholicism. Three leading Protestants, Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, Bishop Nicholas Ridley and Bishop Hugh Latimer were burned at the stake in which English city?


One of the shortest battles on British soil took place at Prestonpans in Scotland. Approximately how long did it last?

30 minutes

During the last quarter of the 17th century English Protestants began to fear a return to Catholicism. They approached William of Orange to come and take over the throne. What name has been given to this period of British history?

The Glorious Revolution

In 1961, the inhabitants of which remote island were temporarily evacuated to the UK following a volcanic eruption?

Tristan da Cunha

After many years of campaigning by anti slave organizations the British government finally introduced a bill to begin the abolition of this vile trade. In which year was this bill introduced?


In February 1952 the death of the King means that Princess Elizabeth has to ascend the throne. Under what name had her father, George VI, been born?


Which King broke with Rome and disbanded the monasteries, resulting in protests known as 'The Pilgrimage of Grace'?

Henry VIII

A monument, known as The Rufus Stone, stands in the northern section of The New Forest, in the south of England. It commemorates the death of an English king in the year 1100 AD, who was shot when he was hunting. Who was this king?

William II

It is said that I exclaimed angrily: 'Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?' Thereupon four knights set off for Canterbury and murdered Thomas Beckett.

Henry II

What relic from World War Two officially ended in June 1954?


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What year King Charles I ascend to the throne?

1625 Click to see the answer

Why did warships of the Russian Baltic Fleet attack British trawlers in the North Sea in October 1904?

Because they were mistaken for Japanese torpedo boats

During the Civil War between Charles I and Parliament (1642-1648), which side did most of Wales support?

The Royalists

Why did Empress Matilda's son Henry invade England in 1153?

To claim his royal inheritance

When was the largest strike ever attempted in France?

May 1968

The Hundred Years' War (116 in fact) ended in 1453 with a decisive French victory over the English, but where in France hosted the last battle?


In 1476, William Caxton was the first man to do what?

Establish a printing press in England

James II followed his brother Charles II on to the throne of England. But not for long. He fled into exile with his second wife. Who was she?

Anne Hyde

How many people died in the English civil war?


What ruling by the House of Lords in September 1901 caused considerable alarm amongst the Trade Unions?

A trade union could be sued and compelled to pay for damages inflicted by its officials

Who, in Britain, was known as 'The Third Man'?

Kim Philby

In which year did Gladstone become Prime Minister for the second time?


The 1707 Act of the Union joined which countries together under one kingdom?

England and Scotland

What years did Victoria reign?


Britain was at its military height during the 19th century. Which of these battles did NOT take place in the 1800s?


The 1701 Act of Settlement stated that after Anne's rule, which dynasty would inherit the throne?


At the turn of the millennium, a new bride would be presented with a 'morgengifu'. What was it?

Morning gift after a satisfactory wedding night

Which part of the London Underground opened in 1904?

The Great Northern and City Railway

Who did Charles I succeed as monarch?

James I

Bosworth Field is one of the most famous battles fought on British soil. What was a key reason for King Richard III losing both the battle and his life?


What, on Christmas Day 1950, was stolen from Westminster Abbey?

A stone

1658 saw the death of which of these leaders?

Oliver Cromwell

What year was James II defeated at the Battle of the Boyne?


In 1664 Charles II married Catherine of Braganza. What country did she come from?


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How old was Queen Victoria when she became Queen?

18 Click to see the answer

Which famous person called off their plans for marriage in 1955?

Princess Margaret

As Empress of all she surveyed, Victoria's many new subjects were anxious for her to visit her new empire. How many visits did she make to India?


Which British city is famous for riots demanding reform of parliamentary representation the first half of the 19th century?


What did Parliament want Charles to sign in order for them to give Charles money?

Petition of Rights

In 1648, who did the New Model Army crush?

The Scottish

What is the most common name for English kings?


What did the 1701 Act of Settlement outline?

Barred Catholics from the English Throne

Who did the Roundheads support?

A Radicalized Parliament

In spite of the devaluation Labour again wins the general elections in 1950. In October of 1950, however, the Chancellor of the Exchequer will be replaced. Who is the new one?

Hugh Gaitskell

What was the name of the ship commanded by Sir Francis Drake that set sail in 1577 to circumnavigate the globe?

Golden Hind

When did King Charles I surrender to the Scots?


During the reign of Henry VIII, in the 16th century, many well known people met their deaths by being beheaded. Which of these avoided this fate by dying of natural causes?

Thomas Wolsey

The Wars of The Roses took place over a 30 year period during the 15th century. Much is known about this period, but do you know how many kings ruled between the start of the wars in 1455 and the end of the century?


What language was Elizabeth I NOT fluent in?


Nicknames were popular amongst the Anglo-Saxons. What was the most common surname in England during this period?

There were no surnames

In May 1951 there is a first 'oil crisis' for Britain when in a particular country her oil assets are nationalised. In which country?


Where was Queen Elizabeth II when she was notified that she was the monarch?

in Kenya

When Henry I died, the best claim to the throne was held by the grandson of William the Conqueror and the son of Henry's older brother. Who was that individual?

William Clito

Who was the half sister of Mary I?

Elizabeth I

In 1707 England and Scotland finally became one country with a single Parliament. Who sat on the throne at the time and so became the first monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain?

Queen Anne

In which year did Queen Victoria become Empress of India?


What religion was Henrietta Maria, the wife of Charles I?

Roman Catholic

Which weapon was not commonly used for fighting in the Medieval era?


In what year did Elizabeth's successor end the wars with Spain?


Which British battle in July 1685 later became known as 'The Pitchfork Rebellion'?

Monmouth Rebellion

In what city did Charles raise his standard, starting the civil war?


The Jacobite army was heavily defeated at Culloden in 1746 by King George II's army. Who led the Jacobite forces?

Charles Edward Stuart

William, Henry I's only legitimate son, perished in 1120. How did he die?

He drowned in an accident at sea

Who was the monarch during The English Civil War?

Charles I

In 1660, what ruler returned from exile?

Charles II

Charles II came back to England in 1660 and celebrated his return at the same time as his birthday. How old was he?


In 1953 Egypt becomes a republic. Who was its first President?

Mohamed Naguib

What was the Act introduced in Parliament in 1905 designed to decrease the number of immigrants settling in Britain called?

The Aliens Act

What did the 1533 Act of Restraint of Appeals do?

Forbade all appeals to the Pope in Rome

In 1966 someone famous escaped from prison and was never recaptured. What type of person was he?


Which one of these people were NOT executed during the 1950s?

Christopher Craig

What occurred in August 1745, also known as the Forty-five Rebellion?

Jacobite Risings

There is evidence that traders from as far away as Phoenicia came to Cornwall and the Scilly Islands to obtain tin around 1500 BC. Why was tin so important at that time?

It could be mixed with copper to make bronze.

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Why was an outside broadcast from the London Guildhall, on September 22nd 1955, such an important date in TV history?

First programme to be transmitted by ITV Click to see the answer

In which year did The War of the Roses start?


Which Pope sent St Augustine to Kent to convert the Anglo Saxons?

Pope Gregory the Great

Who was the King of the English in the year 1000 A.D.?

Sweyn Forkbeard

There were three major battles on British soil in 1066. Hastings was the final one, Stamford Bridge was the second. Where was the first?


Who was King during the revolt led by Wat Tyler?

Richard II

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What type of catastrophe occurred in October 1966?

Coal waste slid down a mountain side Click to see the answer

What was the most common clothing material in Anglo-Saxon England?


In 1284, after the English king had lead his armies to defeat Llewelyn ap Gruffudd, the Statute of Rhuddlan declared Wales subject to English law. Who was this English king?

Edward II

What was the formal Roman Catholic response to the doctrinal challenges of the Protestant Reformation?

Council of Trent

As the Welsh border after the Norman conquest was seen as something of a frontier, the Norman kings granted special privileges to lords who would rule over these unstable lands. What name was given to these lords?

Marcher lords

What was the name of Mary, Queen of Scots' secretary who was killed after there were rumours of an affair?


Which method did Mary I most commonly use to kill Protestants?

Burning at the steak

Which year did the Battle of Marston Moor take place?


How many Manchester United players died from injuries received in the Munich air disaster on February 6th 1958?


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The Anarchy was a civil war from 1135 and 1153 between which two countries?

England and Normandy Click to see the answer

What event occurred on Brighton beach on Whit Monday 1964?

The clash between Mods and Rockers

My reign was known as the Restoration period and saw the Great fire of London and the Great Plague. It was a period known for sexual licence. Who am I?

Charles II

Wales holds the distinction of being the only country of the United Kingdom to have a home-grown patron saint. He died in AD 589 and the smallest city in the United Kingdom is named after him. What was his name?

St David

In what novel, published in 1848, did Elizabeth Gaskell denounce the miserable living conditions of workers?

Mary Barton

Who was called the 'Old Pretender'?

James III

In October 1908 emergency measures were introduced by the Prime Minister, but for what reasons?

To reduce unemployment

Which ship, in 1967, was bombed by the RAF and Fleet Air Arm?

The Torrey Canyon

In what year did Anne take the throne?


What is the nickname of the second Parliament which sat in 1640?

Short Parliament

Several events occurred in Britain during the 1990s. Which of the listed events happened first?

The first Gulf War

1141 saw which two people fight for the English throne despite being related?

Stephen vs. Matilda

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Which sporting event in 1955 did an Englishman win for the first time?

British Grand Prix Click to see the answer

Wales has had a long association with socialism and the Labour party. Although born in Scotland, the first leader of the Labour party was elected as a member of parliament for Merthyr Tydfil. Who was this pioneering politician?

James Kier Hardie

In what year was Elizabeth I excommunicated by the Pope?


Who was Edward VI's father?

Henry VIII

In June 1908 a demonstration of over 200,000 people was held at Hyde Park. What was the reason for this demonstration?

To support the suffragette movement

In which year was Charles II crowned?


In April 1955 Sir Winston Churchill is replaced by Anthony Eden as Prime Minister of Britain? What was the reason?

Churchill retired

Sir Francis Drake was the hero of the day in my reign. After finishing a game of bowls he went and defeated the Spanish Armada. Who am I?

Elizabeth I

In 1965, which of these people was honoured by a full state funeral?

Winston Churchill

1272 saw the accession of Edward I, who succeeded which of these Kings?

Henry III

What event majorly contributed to the Peasant's Revolt?

The Black Death

What happened in October of 1641?

Ireland was brought into the United Kingdom

Who was the first Tudor King?

Henry VIII

Who was Elizabeth I's first Secretary of State?

William Cecil

Matilda was the widow of the German Emperor Henry V. When William, son of Henry I, perished, she was ordered home and a second marriage was arranged. Who was her second husband?

Geoffrey of Anjou

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The Romans overcame the Silurians and built one Britain's three legionary fortresses in their territory. Where was this fortress?

Caerleon Click to see the answer

Who was monarch when Florence Nightingale tended the troops in the Crimean War?


In the year 1513 the largest battle, in terms of men deployed, between England and Scotland took place. By what name is this battle known?


What were Anglo-Saxon aristocrats called?


Which queen was known as Bloody Mary?

Mary I

The English Civil War began in 1642. Who was the King of England at the time?

James I

In July 1946 Britain was having serious problems in its Mandate Territory Palestine. A Zionist Irgun group blew up a hotel in Jerusalem, killing 91 people. What was the name of the hotel?

King David

The first mention of this ruler was in the Welsh annals of 519. He was seen as a paragon of valour, and Welsh tradition portrays him as the great hero in the struggle against the Saxons. Who was he?

King Arthur

When was the New Model Army created?


How many gold medals did Britain win in the 1908 Olympic Games, held in London?


Why was Wilkes arrested?

He helped the Jacobites.

After the execution of Charles I, his son Charles II fought to reclaim the throne at the battle of Worcester. One of his hiding places gave its name to many an English pub. What was it?

The Royal Oak

Who invaded in July of 1745?

Charles Edward

During the last half of the 8th century AD, the King of Mercia ordered the construction of a massive earthwork which is roughly 150 miles long and, in places, follows the present-day border between England and Wales. Can you name this king?


What did Nicholas Breakspeare do that no other Englishman has done since?

Become Pope

We are not amused' is a very-well-known quotation. Do you know which of England's monarchs is supposed to have said it?


Which King appointed Archbishop of Canterbury William Laud?

Charles I

What treaty, if Parliament agreed on it, would reinstate Charles I as King?

Treaty of Newpor

Questions: 21
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Which British troopship carrying 1,500 passengers and crew, sank in the Mediterranean Sea in March 1954?

Empire Windrush Click to see the answer

What was John Profumo's position in the Government when he became involved in the Christine Keeler affair?

Secretary of State for War

In December 1900 the largest warship of that period was launched at Barrow-in-Furness. What flag did she sail under?


What religion was Queen Mary I?


What did the Triennial Act of 1641 say?

Parliament had to meet every 3 years and can't be dismissed without consent

Who was called the Old Pretender?


For thirty years in the 15th century the Wars of the Roses raged on British soil. Bosworth Field was the site of the last real battle, but where was the first?

St Albans

What did James I make a habit of lecturing Parliament on?

Divine right of kings

Winston Churchill's mother, Lady Randolph Churchill, was a great beauty and sought after hostess of her day. What was her maiden name and country of birth?

Jenny Jerome, USA

Which Prime Minister, in the 1960s, was responsible for 'The Night of the Long Knives'?

Harold Macmillan

On 15th of August 1947 India gained independence. Who becomes the country's first Prime Minister?

Jawaharlal Nehru

A decisive battle between England and Scotland took place in the year 1298. It was the battle where the forces of William Wallace were crushed. Where did it happen?


Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni, led an uprising in which many other British tribes joined her. Who were they fighting against?

The Romans

The Beeching Report of 1963 led to major restructuring of which transport system in the UK?


In which year did Barbara Castle become Minister for Transport?


The last major battle to take place on British soil happened in 1746. It marked the end of the Jacobite rebellion in Scotland. Where did this final battle take place?


What, in 1965, was suspended for five years?

The death penalty

Which milestone of Welsh history was reached in 1999?

The creation of the Welsh Assembly

1981 saw the founding of a new political party in the UK. Which of these was it?

Social Democratic Party

When was the first modern unemployment benefit scheme introduced in the United Kingdom?


The Torrey Canyon was shipwrecked off the coast of Cornwall in 1967. What type of vessel was it?


Questions: 24
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Who succeeded Elizabeth I as ruler of England?

James I Click to see the answer

Who was James I in love with?

Helen Montesquoi

When was the Great Fire of London?

September 1666

Where did the first battle of the English Civil War take place (1642)?


Why was John Wilkes arrested?

Published a satirical pamphlet

Which was not true of George I?

He was a competent military commander who successfully repelled Jacobite rebellions.

What did the Bank of England issue for the first time in 1791?


One of the best known battles took place in 1066. Which one was it?


The Peasants' Revolt of 1381 was led by which man?

Wat Tyler

When did Queen Anne die?


In what year did Charles I dismiss his last Parliament, which led to eleven years of rule without Parliament?


King Charles I had the support of two of his nephews (sons of his sister Elizabeth of Bohemia). What were their names?

Rupert and Maurice

Which year was the first Book of Common Prayer authorised?


In 1936 a king of England abdicated the throne thus becoming the first English monarch to do so of his own free will. Who was this king?

Edward VIII

Which novel by Dickens depicts social struggle and the merciless, if rational utilitarianism of factory owners?

Hard Times

When did King Stephen reign begin?


The Corn Laws of 1815 to 1846 put tariffs and other trade restrictions on what?

Food and Grain

What was Matilda of Scotland married to?

Henry I

Who was James I's mistress called?

Anne Murray

To which social thinker, famous in the 1840s, was Dickens' novel 'A Tale of Two Cities' dedicated?

Thomas Carlyle

What did William Harvey discover in 1629?

The circulation of blood

In what year did the civil war begin?


Which country left the Commonwealth in 1949?


Which war was the 1513 Battle of Flodden a part of?

War of the League of Cambrai

Questions: 39
Difficulty: Medium
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The Battle of Waterloo is remembered for the victory of Wellington. He wasn't the only 'allied' commander though. Which two other armies formed official contingents?

Prussia and Netherlands Click to see the answer

In which year did America go to war against Britain for independence?


In what year did Oliver Cromwell die and who succeeded him?

1658 - his son

Which English King lost his crown and his life at the battle of Bosworth Field in 1485?

Richard III

What was George II's wife called?


What was the name of the Colonel who 'evicted' 110 members of Parliament, thus creating the 'Rump Parliament'?


What was founded in the reign of Henry VII for the protection of royalty?

Yeomen Warders

What church did Elizabeth I re-establish by law in England during her reign?

The Anglican Church

What major event occurred at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in 1968?

Professionals were Allowed to Compete

When the Labour Party was elected to Parliament in 1950 what was their majority?


My reign finally saw the joining of England and Scotland through The Act of Union. Who am I?

Charles II

In the year 1405 there was, reputedly, a battle on British soil which is now called the Battle of Stalling Down. In which modern county is Stalling Down?

South Glamorgan

The Anglo-Saxons loved to adorn themselves with trinkets. During this year, what metal was used to make the jewellery worn in England?

All of these

In July of 1717 the King wanted a concert on the River Thames. George Frederic Handel composed the very-famous 'Water Music' for this event. For which king was this music composed?

George I

1960 saw Penguin Books being tried under obscenity laws for publishing which of these novels?

Lady Chatterley's Lover

1327 and the murder of King Edward II was big news, but what was alarming about the murder was that his wife was chiefly responsible. What was her name?


Where was the last major battle of the English Civil War in 1651?


Who is the Chancellor of the Exchequer who in September 1949 announces a devaluation of the pound from US$4.03 to US$2.80?

Stafford Cripps

Which relative did Elizabeth I have executed?

Mary, Queen of Scots

In 1968, Enoch Powell made a speech which became known as the 'Rivers of Blood' speech. What was its subject?


When the future Queen Victoria was a young girl she was subjected to a rigorous regime devised by her mother and Sir John Conroy. What was this system called?

The Kensington System

Made into a play by Shakespeare, I fought the French at the Battle of Agincourt in my reign. Who am I?

Henry V

Which reign saw England lose Calais?

Mary I

Who became most closely associated in popular culture with the Gunpowder Plot against James I the Protestant members of Parliament?

Guy Fawkes

When is teaching at Oxford University first believed to have started?


Who ruled England between 1653 and 1658?

Oliver Cromwell

Why did Charles need the money?

Charles was trying to get rid of all the Catholics in Ireland

I'm the inspiration for a Swedish pop song. One of the highlights of my reign was the Battle of Trafalgar. Who am I?

George III

Which tax was levied between 1696 and 1851?

Window Tax

How many companies did the Aircraft and Shipbuilding Industries Act 1977 nationalise?


What was the 1701 Act of Settlement designed to do?

Secure the Protestant succession to the throne

Which food was not common for Anglo-Saxon's to eat?


In October 1951 it's the Conservatives who win the general elections. Who forms the new government?

Sir Winston Churchill

1019 saw which king unite the kingdoms of Denmark and England, six years after King Sweyn defeated Aethelred at London?


Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators tried to blow up Parliament and my very own royal self at the beginning of my reign.

James I

What famous event happened in 1605?

Founding of New Amsterdam

Which queen was known as 'Bloody Mary'?

Mary I

What was the nickname of Mary I?

Bloody Mary

In what country did Mary, Queen of Scots grow up?


Questions: 6
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In what year did Elizabeths successor end the wars with Spain?

1597 Click to see the answer

What year was James defeated at the Battle of the Boyne?


Who succeeded Elizabeth as ruler of England?

Henry IX

James Hanratty was in the news in 1962, when he was accused of which crime?


Which did the Rump Parliament NOT abolish by February 7, 1649?

House of Commons

What year did Charles become King Charles I?


Questions: 9
Difficulty: Hard
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When was Oliver Cromwells successor deposed?

June, 1660 Click to see the answer

Who was the British Prime Minister at the time of the Suez Crisis?

Winston Churchill

Which television channel made its first appearance on British screens in 1964?

Channel 5

What was the slogan that Wilkes followers used when he ran for Parliament?

Wilkes for King!

In December 1904 what important event occurred on the London Underground?

First automatic turn styles came into operation

Those nasty peasants led by Wat Tyler revolted in my reign.

Edward II

What are the years between 1714 and 1760 (George I and George II) called?

Age of Reason

In 1629 William Harvey published a discovery he had made. What was it?

The first milled-edge coins

What is the main reason that Elizabeth I ordered Marys execution?

It was determined that Mary had killed her husband

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In what year did England and Spain fight a famous sea battle?

1600 Click to see the answer

In what year was the Duke of Buckingham killed?


Who ruled by himself between 1653 and 1658?

Rob Roy

Ending on a happier note, which milestone of Welsh history was reached in 1999?

Cardiff celebrated its centenary as a city

Which of the following years was NOT one of the voting reform acts?


The Peasants Revolt of 1381 was led by which man?

Charles Stuart

Victorias family tried to project the image of _______.

Royal power.

Who talked Edward VI into changing the order of succession?


Who was the father of the previous two? (Questions 1 and 2?)

George III

William, Henry Is only legitimate son, perished in 1120. How did he die?

He fell from his horse and broke his neck

What can the years between 1649 and 1660 be called?

King Charles' reign

The Act of Union (1707) united what two parts of the Kingdom?

England and Ireland

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What event occured on Brighton beach on Whit Monday 1964?

The opening of the first nudist beach in Britain Click to see the answer

I took the unprecedented step of changing the name of my dynasty. Who am I?

George V

What was NOT one of the parts or results of the Act of Union?

Westminster became the political capital

In what year did Henry VIII break with the Catholic Church?


Who was Elizabeth Is first Secretary of State?


Approximately how many British troops fought in the Korean War?


Why were British shipbuilders becoming increasingly worried in 1907?

Increases in raw material prices

The Gordon Riots (1780) concerned what?

Wilkes' election to Parliament.

What relic from World War Two offically ended in June 1954?


Stephen was a weak king. What was the result?

All of these

Which of these men became Archbishop of Canterbury in 1162?

Michael Ramsay

What is true about the majority of Englishmen in 1000 A.D.?

They had fairly healthy teeth

Why were many London buses banned from the roads in November 1906?

Causing too much pollution

Because of the Jacobite Rebellion, the Kings son ordered a massacre of ____.

French who kept meddling

Which major French strike inspired British workers to revolt in turn?

The brewery workers of Bordeaux, 1840

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What is the name of the nearby building where the tree stood?

Hampton Court Palace Click to see the answer

What are the beginning and ending dates of the Elizabethan era?


How many people were in James Is privy council?


Around how many people TOTAL were involved with the civil war?

2 million

Which of the following reintroduced a modified book of Common Prayer in 1559?

Act of Restraint of Appeals

The hideout of the Great Train Robbers was found to be at which farm?

Leatherslade Farm

What group opposed the 1701 Act of Settlement?


And where was Mary, Queen of Scots husband, Darnley, killed?


Upon what relationship did Stephen base his claim to the crown?

He was the cousin of the drowned William

In what year did Mary I marry Philip II of Spain?


Who restored the rituals and trappings to the Church of England?

Thomas Cromwell

1629 - 1640: What could these years be called?

The Republic of England

Who, in Britain, was known as The Third Man?

Guy Burgess

Which British battle in July 1685 later became known as The Pitchfork Rebellion?


What major benefit was introduced for the first time in the 1908 budget?

Old Age Pensions

How long did the Hundred Years War last?

116 years

At the time of Annes death on 1 August 1714, which was NOT true?

The kingdoms were unified.

What was the name of Oliver Cromwells army?


What tax legislation made life particularly difficult for the workers?

Windows Tax

What first was completed at the Iffley Road Track, Oxford, in 195

First sub four minute mile

When did King Charles surrender to the Scots?

January 1, 1659

How did this growth in British power impact Queen Victoria?

Parliament proclaimed her Empress of India

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