Questions: 3
Difficulty: Hard
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Swords, clubs, cups and coins are suits on packs of cards in which country?

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Which US state gives its name to a form of hold 'em poker?


Daifugo is a card game from which country, based on getting rid of all your cards the quickest?


Questions: 4
Difficulty: Medium
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Knave is another name for which card in the pack?

Jack Click to see the answer

Pinochle is a trick-taking game originating in which European country?


Scopa is one of the most popular card games in which country?


What drink goes before 'rummy' for a version of the popular card game?


Questions: 5
Difficulty: Easy
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How many people play the card game solitaire?

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The game of whist was invented in which country?


What is the American name for the game other countries call 21?


The card game of baccarat involves how many players and the banker?


The Pokemon trading card game was launched in which decade?


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