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Difficulty: Easy
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What style of comic is the Brazilian series Turma da Monica Jovem?

Manga Click to see the answer

What type of Brazilian magazine does Calafrio and Mestres do Terror belong?

Horror comics magazines

The portable Sentinel-creating factory is known as what?

Master Mold

Jean Grey is possessed by which ancient spirit?


Lex Luthor first appeared in what issue?

Action Comics #23'

Cyber's arms are made of what?


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Which of the following comics started in 1938?

The Beano' Click to see the answer

Which of these artists is credited for the photo realistic style?

Neal Adams

Which of these characters does NOT feature in the 'Sad Slack' series?

Dr. Bonkus

What word completes the name of this comic?'Popeye The ...'


The first modern comic book was printed in what year?


In how many films did Christopher Reeve portray Superman?


Before becoming a foe to Spiderman, Mysterio was a what?

Hollywood effects maker

What is Mr. Sinister's weakness?

Cyclop's Optic Beam

Who is Superman's love interest?

Lois Lane

Questions: 12
Difficulty: Easy
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Which of these comic characters was created by Frank Hampson?

Dan Dare Click to see the answer

What is the relation of the comic characters Supergirl and Superman?


What is the alter-ego of Eric Wimp?


All the versions of the Thunder God form a group called what?

Thor Corps

Mandrake the Magician's house is named what?


What is Henfil's character Fradim Baixim known for?

His sadistic sense of humor

In which city are the Batman comics, cartoons and films set?


What was the name of Plastic Man's wife during his animated TV series during the 80`s?


Who was Colossus' primary romantic interest?

Kitty Pryde

The Riddler's logo is a what?

Question Mark

What word completes the name of this comic? 'Tank ...'


In what year was Archie from Archie Comics created?


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The super villain 'Carnage' was transformed with an alien symbiote while sharing a cell with who

Venom Click to see the answer

In the comic book Cosmogonevo, Khikhus extensively discusses which topic?


Which Brazilian comic book artist is known for his good girl illustration work?

Alvaro Araujo Lourenco do Rio

In what year was 'Asterix' first published?


In the 'Flash Gordon' series, what is the name of the master villain?


Who is Batman's sidekick?


Comics creator Luiz Eduardo de Oliveira left Brazil because of what?

Military dictatorship

Little Lotta' first appeared in which comics?

Harvey Comics

Ivan Reis taught comics illustration at the best school in Brazil for what particular discipline?

Quanta Academia

What is Thor's hammer named?


In the first X-Men feature film, Tyler Mane played which villain?


Who is the child of Scott Summers and Madelyne Prior?


Which comic is Gnasher a character from?

The Beano'

Dick Grayson assumes a new identity after resigning the original 'Robin' outfit into


Which Brazilian artist was famous for drawing pornographic comics?

Carlos Zefiro

Questions: 18
Difficulty: Easy
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The comic character Robin first appeared in which issue?

Detective Comics #38' Click to see the answer

The comic series 'Dick Tracy' was created by who?

Chester Gould

Which of the following celebrities had long comic book runs?

Bob Hope

Forge and Storm kindled a romantic relationship in their quest to defeat whom?


Which of these is a character from the 'Little Lotta' series?


Who is the photographer for the Daily Planet?

Jimmy Olsen

After whom is the Premio Angelo Agostini award named?

Angelo Agostini

Who is the leader of the Avengers?

Captain America

Mr. Sinister forms a group of villains called what?


The first person to be Robin has grown up and is now called what?


Who is the Russian political leader who appears prominently as a character himself on Superman: Red Son?

Joseph Stalin

The setting of the comic 'Asterix' is in which modern-day country?


How did Blade get his powers?

Born with it

Robin made his first appearance in which comic issue?

Detective #38'

Who co-created the comic Spiderman?

Stan Lee

What does the term Manga kissa refer to?

Manga cafe

In 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', which turtle has the red mask and have two sai for a weapon?


Spiderman works as a photographer for which news paper tabloid?

Daily Bugle

Questions: 21
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Which of these is the name of a character that appears in the 'Casper the Friendly Ghost' series?

Wendy Click to see the answer

In what year did the 'Beau Peep' comic series launch?


Who sacrificed themselves to create the super Legacy anti-virus?


The Fantastic Four received their powers after what?

Space Flight

The 'Dan Dare' comics was first issued by what company?

Hulton Press

Red Tornado first appeared in what issue?

Justice League of America #64

The comic series 'Dilbert' was created by who?

Scott Adams

Lady Deathstrike teamed up with whom to free Kiro from Lord Dark Wind?


Who portrayed Superman in 'Superman Returns'?

Brandon Routh

In the 1930s, the first Brazilian cartoonist to draw Mickey Mouse was?

Jose Carlos de Brito e Cunha

The comic strip Garfield was created by who?

Jim Davis

The comic strip character Garfield's favorite food was what?


Which comic are the Bash Street Kids from?

The Beano'

The comic book legend 'Superman' was created by who?

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Which X-man uses the skills of card throwing with his manipulation of kinetic energy?


In what issue did Nova (Richard Rider) first appear?

The Man Called Nova #1

Popeye the Sailor Man is famous for eating what?


What is the name of the dog of Dennis the Menace?


Drained, a movie released in 2006, is a movie adaptation of what Lourenco Mutarelli comic?

O Cheiro do Ralo

The popular comic character Popeye was created by who?

E. C. Segar

Batman is the alter-ego of who?

Bruce Wayne

Questions: 24
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Pie-Face, is the friend of which of these Beano characters?

Dennis the Menace Click to see the answer

Which of these artist's work appeared regularly in Playboy?

Fernando Da Silva

Which Brazilian comic book artist is notable for his cheesecake style?

Jose Edilbenes Bezerra

Controversial Arab Brazilian freelance cartoonist Carlos Latuff is best known for images depicting?

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Since 1980, how many actors have played Batman in the movies?


In the 'Peanuts' comic series, what is the name of the dog?


In 'The Age of Apocalypse' crossover event, which mutant travels back in time to kill 'Magneto'?


Hagar the Horrible's right hand man is called what?

Lucky Eddie

What word completes the name of this comic? 'Dennis the ...'


In what year was the first appearance of the comic character Little Lotta?


Calvin and Hobbes' was created by who?

Bill Watterson

Which of these characters does NOT appear in the 'Beetle Bailey' series?

Charlie Brown

Which X-Man from the future can absorb and redirect energy?


Which Brazilian artist is the creator of two Dungeon Crawlers mini-series?

Marcelo Cassaro

Joseph Stalin was discovered to have made comic sketches using which trademark color pencil of his?


What is the name of Garfield's teddy bear?


Who is the leader of the group 'Teen Titans' in their animated TV series in 2003?


What word completes the name of this comic? 'Sad ...'


Lucius Fox is the business manager for which superhero?


What word completes the name of this comic? 'Little ...'


Which comic artist and writer had the nickname 'King of comics'?

Jack Kirby

In which country did Dan Dare orginate?

United Kingdom

Brazilian-French comics artist Alain Voss died in what year?


Strong Guy from X-Factor uses what to enhance his strength?

Kinetic Energy

Questions: 27
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Who is the main villain in 'X-MEN: The Last Stand'?

Phoenix Click to see the answer

Which comic is Bluto from?

Popeye the Sailor Man'

Which Brazilian live-action sitcom was inspired by the comic book O Menino Maluquinho in 2006?

Um Menino Muito Maluquinho

Which of these characters is NOT from 'Beau Peep'?


Who modified the Legacy Virus to affect only humans?


There has been how many animated films of 'Asterix' made?


In 2009's Watchmen movie, who is the blue man?

Dr. Manhattan

Harley Quinn was the Joker's what before becoming his sidekick?


In which country was the comic 'Tank Girl' first released?

United Kingdom

Which Brazilian cartoonist was seriously injuried in a car accident in 2012?

Francisco Jozenilton Veloso

The Peanuts comic strip was created by who?

Charles M. Schulz

Who played Batman in the original TV show?

Adam West

Batman protects which city?


In the comic series, what is the name of Richie Rich's mother?


The first 'Batman' story was drawn by who?

Bob Kane

The Silver Surfer was originally a herald for whom?


Who broke Batman's back?


Beta Ray Bill was awarded a hammer by Odin named what?


Wolverine is what nationality?


When was the Comics Code Authority was created in response to inappropriate material?


John Constantine first appeared in what issue?

Saga of the Swamp Thing #37'

Which comic book character is Batgirl the daughter of?

Commissioner Gordon

Who played the title character in the movie 'Hellboy'?

Ron Perlman

What is Dennis the Menace's dog called?


Who has played Professor X in three major films?

Patrick Stewart

Omega Red is from what country?


Which of these comic characters was created by Elzie Crisler Segar?

Popeye the Sailorman

Questions: 30
Difficulty: Easy
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Brazilian illustrator Fernando Dias Da Silva died at the age of 91 in what year?

2012 Click to see the answer

What substance does Cyclops use to contain his optic blast?

Ruby Quartz

Which Brazilian comic book artist committed suicide by hanging himself?

Alvaro Araujo Lourenco do Rio

Who portrayed Lucius Fox in 'The Dark Knight' film?

Morgan Freeman

Stryfe is a clone of whom?


Batman first appeared in what issue?

Detective Comics #27'

In the 'Blondie' comic series, what is the name of the postman?


What was the highest grossing super hero movie of all time as of 2009?

The Dark Knight

The literary character Zorro was created by who?

Johnston McCulley

Tank Girl' was set in which country?


Who is Thor's evil step-brother?


Who originally released the Legacy Virus?


Who is Batman's butler?


Casper the Friendly Ghost' first appeared in which comics?

Harvey Comics

Jennifer Garner played which femme fatale in a comic based movie?


What newspaper does Clark Kent work for?

Daily Planet

What word completes the name of this comic? 'Casper the Friendly ...'


Which comic character is Jon Arbuckle the owner of?


There has been how many live action films of 'Asterix' made?


What word completes the name of this comic? 'Beetle ...'


Who is NOT a member of the Justice League of America?

Lex Luthor

Heath Ledger played which famous villain before his untimely death?

The Joker

The master of the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' is 'Splinter', which mutated from what animal?


Who is the Brazilian cartoonist who came out in 2009 as a crossdresser and later as a transgender?

Laerte Coutinho

What is the main character's surname in the 'Archie' comic series?


The surname of the comic characters Moose and Molly is what?


Aside from his super strength, Colossus also has the power to change?

His skin into metal

Who is the superhero that can shrink his body to a degree that includes the subatomic level?


What method does Darkseid use to travel through time and space?

Boom Tubes

Garfield's owner is called what?


Questions: 6
Difficulty: Medium
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What is the name of the 'Batman' primary vehicle?

Batmobile Click to see the answer

What city is Arkham Asylum located in?

Gotham City

In the TV film, 'G.I. Joe: The Revenge of Cobra', what was the weapon that 'Destro' created for manipulation of weather?

Weather Dominator

Which super villains were a big headache for 'Spiderman' in the film 'Spiderman 3' in 2007?

Sandman, Venom

Who is Peter Parker's first girlfriend according to the original comics?

Gwen Stacy

Nightcrawler is the son of whom?


Questions: 9
Difficulty: Medium
Host Multiplayer Game

What was the name of the personalized automobile of 'Nightwing'?

Nightbird Click to see the answer

Who is Cyclop's brother?


The 'Green Goblin' is one of the enemies of which superhero?


Which element makes 'Superman' powerless and could even kill him?


In the 'G.I. Joe : Rise of Cobra' film, the actor 'Ray Park' portrayed which character?

Snake Eyes

Who killed Superman in the 1992 comic 'Death of Superman'?


Who is X-23 the clone daughter of?


Who is the Empress of the Shi'ar Empire?


In 1986, 'George Lucas' produced a movie about a comic book hero about a duck trapped on 'Planet Earth'

Howard the Duck

Questions: 12
Difficulty: Medium
Host Multiplayer Game

The superhero team 'Alpha Flight' is originally from where?

Canada Click to see the answer

Which of the following is not a member of the X-Men?


Which super heroine died in the 1985 crossover 'Crisis on Infinite Earths'?


Which Superhero has the famous catch phrase 'up, up, and away'?


The home planet of the Guardians is?


The Danger Room' is used by which super hero team


Which character appeared at the ending of the credits of 'Iron Man' in the 2008 film?

Nick Fury

In 2005's Batman Begins, Bruce disappears for 7 years to which continent?


In the TV show 'Smallville', Clark has all the following powers except


Who was the only salaried mutant team, working for 'The Pentagon' in the 90`s?


What was the name of the demon that make a deal with 'Spawn'?


What was the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' favorite food?


Questions: 15
Difficulty: Medium
Host Multiplayer Game

Who is the primary leader of the super heroine group 'Birds of Prey'?

Oracle Click to see the answer

What is the color of 'The Joker`s' villain outfit in the comics?


Who was the Scarlett Witch married to?


Who plays Clark Kent in the TV Show 'Smallville'?

Tom Welling

Who is known as the 'Master of Magnetism'?


What is the name of the Kryptonian house that Superman belongs to?


What character did Rebecca Romijn portray in the X-Men films?


The Silver Surfer saved the Earth from being consumed by who?


The antihero 'The Punisher' used to be a former

U.S. Marine

Who is directly below Cyclops in the X-Men chain of command?


During the series 'X-Cutioner`s Song', which supervillain cured 'Professor X' from near death?


Who killed Bruce's parents in 1989's Batman film?

The Joker

Where is the recent location of the base of 'The Fantastic Four' in 'New York City'?

Baxter Building

Approximately when was Wolverine born in


In 2009, Marvel Entertainment was bought out by which company?


Questions: 18
Difficulty: Medium
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In 2005's Fantastic Four movie, who is the main villain?

Dr. Doom Click to see the answer

What was the ornament that gave super powers to the 'Green Lantern'?

Power ring

In 'The Death of Superman', Superman risked his life to save humanity from which super villain?


Which of the following is not a member of the Fantastic Four?


Who is X-Men field leader?


In the series 'Batman: The Cult', which villain almost brainwashed 'The Dark Knight'?

Deacon Blackfire

On 'The Reign of the Supermen' series, which hero was the one that looked like 'Superboy'?

Metropolis Kid

Which of these superheroes was not a member of the original Avengers?


Who was the leader of the X-Men under the 'Age of Apocalypse' story line?


The Emerald City Comic-Con is held in which city?


What is the name of Superman's birth father?


In 2005's Batman Begins, what rank does James Gorden start off at?


What is the name of the planet where 'Superman' was born?


What is the name of Superman's alter ego?

Clark Kent

The first event of the 'New York Comic Con' was held in what year?


In 'Transformers', which 'Decepticon' has a monotone computerized voice?


In the 1990s Spider-man cartoon series, Dr. Connors turns into what animal?


What fashion accessory does Clark wear so that people won't recognize him as Superman?


Questions: 21
Difficulty: Medium
Host Multiplayer Game

What is the Daredevil's day job?

Lawyer Click to see the answer

King Snake' has a double personality as a business man and what?

Giant heroin dealer

The super villain 'Stryfe' is actually the clone of which mutant superhero?


Who is the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Nick Fury

What is The Flash's real name?

Barry Allen

Who is Wilson Fisk?


Where is Superman's Fortress of Solitude located?

North Pole

Who takes over as the Batman in the 'Batman: KnightFall' comic saga?


What is Superman's Kryptonian name?


Which super villain operated as a burglar and has a fascination for cats?


What color is the Hulk?


Who does Samuel L. Jackson makes a cameo as in Ironman and The Incredible Hulk?

Nick Fury

The movie 'Hellboy' was released in what year?


In 2008's The Dark Knight, the Batmobile converts into what other vehicle?


Bane gets his super-strength from what?


Longshot's home dimension is called what?


What is the Scarecrow's best weapon?

Fear gas

Who was the actor that portrayed 'Bruce David Banner' in the TV series 'The Incredible Hulk'?

Bill Bixby

The 'X-Mansion' is located in which state?

New York

Who played the title role in the '60s TV show 'Batman'?

Adam West

What year was the 'Spiderman' movie released?


Questions: 46
Difficulty: Medium
Host Multiplayer Game

Alfred Pennyworth is Bruce Wayne's

Butler Click to see the answer

What was the name of the sidekick of 'Birdman'?


Which devastating plague took place in the 'Marvel Universe' from 1993 to 2001?

The Legacy Virus

Who was the original creator of Batman?

Bob Cane

Which actor portrayed the main character in the film of the comic book adaptation 'The Crow'?

Brandon Lee

The comic book hero 'Spiderman' belongs to which company?


In which series is 'Cerebus the Aardvark' appointed as 'The Pope of the Eastern Church of Tarim'?

Church & State I

In 2009's Batman Arkham Asylum video game, who is the main villain?

The Joker

Who's experiment brought the Martian Manhunter to Earth?

Dr. Erdel

Peter Parker' was bitten by which animal, so he could have his superpowers?


Where does the villain organization 'The Hand' took primary operations?


Eric Bana and Edward Norton both played which title character in consecutive movies?

The Hulk

In 'Cerebus The Aardvark', who was the love of the main character`s life?

Jaka Tavers

The Gladiator sports what hairstyle?


The Skrulls are arch-enemies of which other alien race?


Hal Jordan became a green lantern after receiving the ring from whom?

Abin Sur

Which is the primary weapon and equipment of Captain America?


Who is the publisher of the Hellboy Comic?

Dark Horse

The super villain 'Venom' costume is what color?


Who murdered Jason Todd, the second Robin?


The original Robin's parents worked where?

A circus

How many claws does X-23 have on each hand?


The 'X-Men' superhero 'Wolverine' has a skeletal structure made of


Who is known as the 'World's Greatest Detective'?


Mysterio's helmet resembles a what?

Fish bowl

Which series portrayed 'Batman' coming out of retirement to fight crime in a dark future?

The Dark Knight Returns

The penguin uses special deadly versions of what to fight Batman and others?


Who is in charge of Warworld?


Quicksilver and the Scarlett Witch are both the children of which X-Men character?


The Eradicator came from what planet?


The X-Man 'Wolverine' has a long-time enemy, which is who?


The 'Bat-Mite', in 'The New Adventures of Batman' animated series had a crush on which character?


In 'Ten Nights of the Beast' Batman saves which U.S. President from the villain 'KGBeast'?

Ronald Reagan

In what year did Batman make his debut?


Who is Captain America's arch-nemesis?

Red Skull

During the series 'X-Cutioner's Song', which super villain cured 'Professor X' from near death?


What was the name of secret society that trained the vigilante known as 'Azrael'?

Order of Saint Dumas

Who is Alex Summer's father?


What is the favorite weapon of 'Catwoman'?


What are the deadly mutant-hunting robots called?


How old is Wolverine?


The super heroine 'The Huntress' has been a member of different superhero groups except which?

Doom Patrol

What does Professor X use to enhance his powers?


Who is the leader of the Inhumans?


What is the name of Superman's archenemy?

Lex Luthor

What was the name of Superboy's mascot that featured on the 'Adventures of Superboy' TV Series?


Questions: 6
Difficulty: Hard
Host Multiplayer Game

What is Gambit's secret identity?

Remy Lebeau Click to see the answer

Gambit can charge normal objects with what?

Kinetic Energy

Cable is the son of Scott Summers and

Madeline Pryor

What is the alias Batman uses when he associates with Gotham's Gangs?

Matches Malone

Which abilities does 'Green Arrow' has more skills, that is his trademark?

Bow and arrow

Two Face makes most decisions based on what?

A coin flip

Questions: 9
Difficulty: Hard
Host Multiplayer Game

What are the colors of 'The Flash' superhero uniform?

Red and yellow Click to see the answer

Who is a hero despite having no super powers or unimaginable wealth?

Frank Castle

What gives The Juggernaut his powers?

Gem of Cyttorak

Who is the director of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight?

Christopher Nolan

In 2005's Batman Begins, who is the Main villain?

Ra's Al Ghul

Who played Superman in 2006's 'Superman Returns'?

Brandon Routh

Most Green Lanterns are vulnerable to what?

The Color Yellow

The super heroine 'Wonder Girl' was a member of which superhero group?

Teen Titans

What is the name for the heavily-armed Iron Man suit that James Rhodes has adopted?

War Machine

Questions: 12
Difficulty: Hard
Host Multiplayer Game

How does Ra's Al Ghul stay alive for centuries?

Lazarus Pit Click to see the answer

Who plays Lex Luthor in the movie Superman Returns?

Kevin Spacey

In 2001's Spider-man film who portrays the role of Mary Jane Watson?

Kirsten Dunst

What is the name of 'Wonder Woman`s' special weapon?

Lasso of Truth

What is Wonder Woman's real name?

Diana Prince

The 'Sub Mariner' is also known as what name?

Prince Namor

In 2005's Ghost Rider, who plays the title character?

Nicolas Cage

In 2010's 'Ironman 2' movie who plays War-Machine?

Don Cheadle

Where did Emma Frost originally work?

Hellfire Club

Norman and Harry Osborne both donned what title?

Green Goblin

What is the name of the alter ego of the Original 'Robin, the Boy Wonder'?

Dick Grayson

Who signed on to play 'Deadpool' in the 2011 movie?

Ryan Reynolds

Questions: 15
Difficulty: Hard
Host Multiplayer Game

What is Wolverine's real name?

James Howlett Click to see the answer

In the 2003 film 'Daredevil', which actor portrayed the superhero?

Ben Affleck

Batman puts most of his villains where after capture?

Arkham Asylum

In 2008's Punisher: War Zone film, who plays the title character?

Ray Stevenson

In 2001's Spider-man, What does Peter first call his costumed alter ego?

Human Spider

Queen Industries is owned by which superhero?

Green Arrow

Which superhero group does 'The Silver Surfer' made a lead antagonist role in theaters in 2007?

Fantastic Four

Scarface is controlled by whom?


Whose assassination led to the future ruled by Apocalypse where mutants were hunted?

Senator Kelly's

Under the direction of whom did Mongul destroy Coast City to build Engine City?

Cyborg Superman

Who starred as The Punisher in the first feature film of the same name?

Dolph Lundgren

The comic book 'Spawn' was published by 'Image comics' and was created by

Todd McFarlane

Gwyneth Paltrow' plays what character on the 'Iron Man' film in 2008?

Pepper Potts

Which superhero emerged when 'Billy Batson' speak the word 'Shazam'?

Captain Marvel

What is the real name of 'Deadpool'?

Wade Wilson

Questions: 25
Difficulty: Hard
Host Multiplayer Game

The villain in 2001's 'Spider-Man' movie is who?

Green Goblin Click to see the answer

Who created Spider-Man?

Steve Ditko

James Rhodes was portrayed by who in the first Ironman movie?

Terrence Howard

In what city does 'Spiderman' operates?

New York City

Who is Tony Stark's secretary?

Pepper Potts

What is the secret identity of Steve Rogers?

Captain America

From which sewers does the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' operate?

New York City

What is Spider-Woman's secret identity?

Jessica Drew

In the 1990s Batman Cartoon Series, who plays the voice of The Joker?

Mark Hamill

Which superhero team is made up of reformed super villains


What is Apocalypse's real name?

En Sabah Nur

As of 2010, who has taken over as Batman since Bruce's disappearance?

Dick Grayson

What is the real name of 'The Avenging Angel Azrael'?

Jean Paul Valley

What is the name of Clark Kent's adoptive father?

Jonathan Kent

What super power do Deadpool, Wolverine and Sabretooth have in common with each other?

Healing Factor

Who Sponsored the group X-Factor?

The Pentagon

Who plays the title hero in the 2009 movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

Hugh Jackman

The 'Penguin' as portrayed in the 1992 film 'Batman Returns', was played by

Danny de Vito

What is the name of the ninja that worked for 'Cobra' on the 'G.I. Joe' series?

Storm Shadow

In the 1984 film 'Supergirl' who portrayed the superhero starting role?

Helen Slater

What is the secret identity of Aquaman?

Arthur Curry

In Marvel's 'Civil War' Epic, what superhero icon was assassinated?

Captain America

Hal Jordan uses a ring to turn into which super hero

Green Lantern

Who did Ganthet give the Green Lantern ring to?

Kyle Rayner

What is the name of 'The Mask' alter ego?

Stanley Ipkiss

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