Comics Trivia

356+ Best Comics Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 15th, 2023

Are you a comic book fanatic? Dive into the colorful world of comics with these 356+ trivia questions that will challenge your knowledge of superheroes, villains, and everything in between!


Question: What style of comic is the Brazilian series Turma da Monica Jovem?

Answer: Manga

Question: What type of Brazilian magazine does Calafrio and Mestres do Terror belong?

Answer: Horror comics magazines

Question: The portable Sentinel-creating factory is known as what?

Answer: Master Mold

Question: Jean Grey is possessed by which ancient spirit?

Answer: Pheonix

Question: Lex Luthor first appeared in what issue?

Answer: Action Comics #23'

Question: Cyber's arms are made of what?

Answer: Adamantium

Question: Which of the following comics started in 1938?

Answer: The Beano'

Question: Which of these artists is credited for the photo realistic style?

Answer: Neal Adams

Question: Which of these characters does NOT feature in the 'Sad Slack' series?

Answer: Dr. Bonkus

Question: What word completes the name of this comic?'Popeye The ...'

Answer: Sailorman'

Question: The first modern comic book was printed in what year?

Answer: 1933

Question: In how many films did Christopher Reeve portray Superman?

Answer: 4

Question: Before becoming a foe to Spiderman, Mysterio was a what?

Answer: Hollywood effects maker

Question: What is Mr. Sinister's weakness?

Answer: Cyclop's Optic Beam

Question: Who is Superman's love interest?

Answer: Lois Lane

Question: Which of these comic characters was created by Frank Hampson?

Answer: Dan Dare

Question: What is the relation of the comic characters Supergirl and Superman?

Answer: Cousins

Question: What is the alter-ego of Eric Wimp?

Answer: Bananaman

Question: All the versions of the Thunder God form a group called what?

Answer: Thor Corps

Question: Mandrake the Magician's house is named what?

Answer: Xanadu

Question: What is Henfil's character Fradim Baixim known for?

Answer: His sadistic sense of humor

Question: In which city are the Batman comics, cartoons and films set?

Answer: Gotham

Question: What was the name of Plastic Man's wife during his animated TV series during the 80`s?

Answer: Penny

Question: Who was Colossus' primary romantic interest?

Answer: Kitty Pryde

Question: The Riddler's logo is a what?

Answer: Question Mark

Question: What word completes the name of this comic? 'Tank ...'

Answer: Girl'

Question: In what year was Archie from Archie Comics created?

Answer: 1941

Question: The super villain 'Carnage' was transformed with an alien symbiote while sharing a cell with who

Answer: Venom

Question: In the comic book Cosmogonevo, Khikhus extensively discusses which topic?

Answer: Death

Question: Which Brazilian comic book artist is known for his good girl illustration work?

Answer: Alvaro Araujo Lourenco do Rio

Question: In what year was 'Asterix' first published?

Answer: 1959

Question: In the 'Flash Gordon' series, what is the name of the master villain?

Answer: Ming

Question: Who is Batman's sidekick?

Answer: Robin

Question: Comics creator Luiz Eduardo de Oliveira left Brazil because of what?

Answer: Military dictatorship

Question: Little Lotta' first appeared in which comics?

Answer: Harvey Comics

Question: Ivan Reis taught comics illustration at the best school in Brazil for what particular discipline?

Answer: Quanta Academia

Question: What is Thor's hammer named?

Answer: Mjolnier

Question: In the first X-Men feature film, Tyler Mane played which villain?

Answer: Sabretooth

Question: Who is the child of Scott Summers and Madelyne Prior?

Answer: Cable

Question: Which comic is Gnasher a character from?

Answer: The Beano'

Question: Dick Grayson assumes a new identity after resigning the original 'Robin' outfit into

Answer: Nightwing

Question: Which Brazilian artist was famous for drawing pornographic comics?

Answer: Carlos Zefiro

Question: The comic character Robin first appeared in which issue?

Answer: Detective Comics #38'

Question: The comic series 'Dick Tracy' was created by who?

Answer: Chester Gould

Question: Which of the following celebrities had long comic book runs?

Answer: Bob Hope

Question: Forge and Storm kindled a romantic relationship in their quest to defeat whom?

Answer: Adversary

Question: Which of these is a character from the 'Little Lotta' series?

Answer: Dot

Question: Who is the photographer for the Daily Planet?

Answer: Jimmy Olsen

Question: After whom is the Premio Angelo Agostini award named?

Answer: Angelo Agostini

Question: Who is the leader of the Avengers?

Answer: Captain America

Question: Mr. Sinister forms a group of villains called what?

Answer: Marauders

Question: The first person to be Robin has grown up and is now called what?

Answer: Nightwing

Question: Who is the Russian political leader who appears prominently as a character himself on Superman: Red Son?

Answer: Joseph Stalin

Question: The setting of the comic 'Asterix' is in which modern-day country?

Answer: France

Question: How did Blade get his powers?

Answer: Born with it

Question: Robin made his first appearance in which comic issue?

Answer: Detective #38'

Question: Who co-created the comic Spiderman?

Answer: Stan Lee

Question: What does the term Manga kissa refer to?

Answer: Manga cafe

Question: In 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', which turtle has the red mask and have two sai for a weapon?

Answer: Raphael

Question: Spiderman works as a photographer for which news paper tabloid?

Answer: Daily Bugle

Question: Which of these is the name of a character that appears in the 'Casper the Friendly Ghost' series?

Answer: Wendy

Question: In what year did the 'Beau Peep' comic series launch?

Answer: 1978

Question: Who sacrificed themselves to create the super Legacy anti-virus?

Answer: Colossus

Question: The Fantastic Four received their powers after what?

Answer: Space Flight

Question: The 'Dan Dare' comics was first issued by what company?

Answer: Hulton Press

Question: Red Tornado first appeared in what issue?

Answer: Justice League of America #64

Question: The comic series 'Dilbert' was created by who?

Answer: Scott Adams

Question: Lady Deathstrike teamed up with whom to free Kiro from Lord Dark Wind?

Answer: Daredevil

Question: Who portrayed Superman in 'Superman Returns'?

Answer: Brandon Routh

Question: In the 1930s, the first Brazilian cartoonist to draw Mickey Mouse was?

Answer: Jose Carlos de Brito e Cunha

Question: The comic strip Garfield was created by who?

Answer: Jim Davis

Question: The comic strip character Garfield's favorite food was what?

Answer: Lasagne

Question: Which comic are the Bash Street Kids from?

Answer: The Beano'

Question: The comic book legend 'Superman' was created by who?

Answer: Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Question: Which X-man uses the skills of card throwing with his manipulation of kinetic energy?

Answer: Gambit

Question: In what issue did Nova (Richard Rider) first appear?

Answer: The Man Called Nova #1

Question: Popeye the Sailor Man is famous for eating what?

Answer: Spinach

Question: What is the name of the dog of Dennis the Menace?

Answer: Gnasher

Question: Drained, a movie released in 2006, is a movie adaptation of what Lourenco Mutarelli comic?

Answer: O Cheiro do Ralo

Question: The popular comic character Popeye was created by who?

Answer: E. C. Segar

Question: Batman is the alter-ego of who?

Answer: Bruce Wayne

Question: Pie-Face, is the friend of which of these Beano characters?

Answer: Dennis the Menace

Question: Which of these artist's work appeared regularly in Playboy?

Answer: Fernando Da Silva

Question: Which Brazilian comic book artist is notable for his cheesecake style?

Answer: Jose Edilbenes Bezerra

Question: Controversial Arab Brazilian freelance cartoonist Carlos Latuff is best known for images depicting?

Answer: Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Question: Since 1980, how many actors have played Batman in the movies?

Answer: 4

Question: In the 'Peanuts' comic series, what is the name of the dog?

Answer: Snoopy

Question: In 'The Age of Apocalypse' crossover event, which mutant travels back in time to kill 'Magneto'?

Answer: Legion

Question: Hagar the Horrible's right hand man is called what?

Answer: Lucky Eddie

Question: What word completes the name of this comic? 'Dennis the ...'

Answer: Menace'

Question: In what year was the first appearance of the comic character Little Lotta?

Answer: 1953

Question: Calvin and Hobbes' was created by who?

Answer: Bill Watterson

Question: Which of these characters does NOT appear in the 'Beetle Bailey' series?

Answer: Charlie Brown

Question: Which X-Man from the future can absorb and redirect energy?

Answer: Bishop

Question: Which Brazilian artist is the creator of two Dungeon Crawlers mini-series?

Answer: Marcelo Cassaro

Question: Joseph Stalin was discovered to have made comic sketches using which trademark color pencil of his?

Answer: Blue

Question: What is the name of Garfield's teddy bear?

Answer: Pooky

Question: Who is the leader of the group 'Teen Titans' in their animated TV series in 2003?

Answer: Robin

Question: What word completes the name of this comic? 'Sad ...'

Answer: ...Slack'

Question: Lucius Fox is the business manager for which superhero?

Answer: Batman

Question: What word completes the name of this comic? 'Little ...'

Answer: Lotta'

Question: Which comic artist and writer had the nickname 'King of comics'?

Answer: Jack Kirby

Question: In which country did Dan Dare orginate?

Answer: United Kingdom

Question: Brazilian-French comics artist Alain Voss died in what year?

Answer: 2011

Question: Strong Guy from X-Factor uses what to enhance his strength?

Answer: Kinetic Energy

Question: Who is the main villain in 'X-MEN: The Last Stand'?

Answer: Phoenix

Question: Which comic is Bluto from?

Answer: Popeye the Sailor Man'

Question: Which Brazilian live-action sitcom was inspired by the comic book O Menino Maluquinho in 2006?

Answer: Um Menino Muito Maluquinho

Question: Which of these characters is NOT from 'Beau Peep'?

Answer: Snowy

Question: Who modified the Legacy Virus to affect only humans?

Answer: Mystique

Question: There has been how many animated films of 'Asterix' made?

Answer: Eight

Question: In 2009's Watchmen movie, who is the blue man?

Answer: Dr. Manhattan

Question: Harley Quinn was the Joker's what before becoming his sidekick?

Answer: Doctor

Question: In which country was the comic 'Tank Girl' first released?

Answer: United Kingdom

Question: Which Brazilian cartoonist was seriously injuried in a car accident in 2012?

Answer: Francisco Jozenilton Veloso

Question: The Peanuts comic strip was created by who?

Answer: Charles M. Schulz

Question: Who played Batman in the original TV show?

Answer: Adam West

Question: Batman protects which city?

Answer: Gotham

Question: In the comic series, what is the name of Richie Rich's mother?

Answer: Regina

Question: The first 'Batman' story was drawn by who?

Answer: Bob Kane

Question: The Silver Surfer was originally a herald for whom?

Answer: Galactus

Question: Who broke Batman's back?

Answer: Bane

Question: Beta Ray Bill was awarded a hammer by Odin named what?

Answer: Stormbreaker

Question: Wolverine is what nationality?

Answer: Canadian

Question: When was the Comics Code Authority was created in response to inappropriate material?

Answer: 1954

Question: John Constantine first appeared in what issue?

Answer: Saga of the Swamp Thing #37'

Question: Which comic book character is Batgirl the daughter of?

Answer: Commissioner Gordon

Question: Who played the title character in the movie 'Hellboy'?

Answer: Ron Perlman

Question: What is Dennis the Menace's dog called?

Answer: Gnasher

Question: Who has played Professor X in three major films?

Answer: Patrick Stewart

Question: Omega Red is from what country?

Answer: Russia

Question: Which of these comic characters was created by Elzie Crisler Segar?

Answer: Popeye the Sailorman

Question: Brazilian illustrator Fernando Dias Da Silva died at the age of 91 in what year?

Answer: 2012

Question: What substance does Cyclops use to contain his optic blast?

Answer: Ruby Quartz

Question: Which Brazilian comic book artist committed suicide by hanging himself?

Answer: Alvaro Araujo Lourenco do Rio

Question: Who portrayed Lucius Fox in 'The Dark Knight' film?

Answer: Morgan Freeman

Question: Stryfe is a clone of whom?

Answer: Cable

Question: Batman first appeared in what issue?

Answer: Detective Comics #27'

Question: In the 'Blondie' comic series, what is the name of the postman?

Answer: Beasley

Question: What was the highest grossing super hero movie of all time as of 2009?

Answer: The Dark Knight

Question: The literary character Zorro was created by who?

Answer: Johnston McCulley

Question: Tank Girl' was set in which country?

Answer: Australia

Question: Who is Thor's evil step-brother?

Answer: Loki

Question: Who originally released the Legacy Virus?

Answer: Stryfe

Question: Who is Batman's butler?

Answer: Alfred

Question: Casper the Friendly Ghost' first appeared in which comics?

Answer: Harvey Comics

Question: Jennifer Garner played which femme fatale in a comic based movie?

Answer: Elektra

Question: What newspaper does Clark Kent work for?

Answer: Daily Planet

Question: What word completes the name of this comic? 'Casper the Friendly ...'

Answer: Ghost'

Question: Which comic character is Jon Arbuckle the owner of?

Answer: Garfield

Question: There has been how many live action films of 'Asterix' made?

Answer: Four

Question: What word completes the name of this comic? 'Beetle ...'

Answer: Bailey'

Question: Who is NOT a member of the Justice League of America?

Answer: Lex Luthor

Question: Heath Ledger played which famous villain before his untimely death?

Answer: The Joker

Question: The master of the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' is 'Splinter', which mutated from what animal?

Answer: Rat

Question: Who is the Brazilian cartoonist who came out in 2009 as a crossdresser and later as a transgender?

Answer: Laerte Coutinho

Question: What is the main character's surname in the 'Archie' comic series?

Answer: Andrews

Question: The surname of the comic characters Moose and Molly is what?

Answer: Miller

Question: Aside from his super strength, Colossus also has the power to change?

Answer: His skin into metal

Question: Who is the superhero that can shrink his body to a degree that includes the subatomic level?

Answer: Atom

Question: What method does Darkseid use to travel through time and space?

Answer: Boom Tubes

Question: Garfield's owner is called what?

Answer: Jon


Question: What is the name of the 'Batman' primary vehicle?

Answer: Batmobile

Question: What city is Arkham Asylum located in?

Answer: Gotham City

Question: In the TV film, 'G.I. Joe: The Revenge of Cobra', what was the weapon that 'Destro' created for manipulation of weather?

Answer: Weather Dominator

Question: Which super villains were a big headache for 'Spiderman' in the film 'Spiderman 3' in 2007?

Answer: Sandman, Venom

Question: Who is Peter Parker's first girlfriend according to the original comics?

Answer: Gwen Stacy

Question: Nightcrawler is the son of whom?

Answer: Mystique

Question: What was the name of the personalized automobile of 'Nightwing'?

Answer: Nightbird

Question: Who is Cyclop's brother?

Answer: Havok

Question: The 'Green Goblin' is one of the enemies of which superhero?

Answer: Spiderman

Question: Which element makes 'Superman' powerless and could even kill him?

Answer: Kryptonite

Question: In the 'G.I. Joe : Rise of Cobra' film, the actor 'Ray Park' portrayed which character?

Answer: Snake Eyes

Question: Who killed Superman in the 1992 comic 'Death of Superman'?

Answer: Doomsday

Question: Who is X-23 the clone daughter of?

Answer: Wolverine

Question: Who is the Empress of the Shi'ar Empire?

Answer: Lilandra

Question: In 1986, 'George Lucas' produced a movie about a comic book hero about a duck trapped on 'Planet Earth'

Answer: Howard the Duck

Question: The superhero team 'Alpha Flight' is originally from where?

Answer: Canada

Question: Which of the following is not a member of the X-Men?

Answer: Spiderman

Question: Which super heroine died in the 1985 crossover 'Crisis on Infinite Earths'?

Answer: Supergirl

Question: Which Superhero has the famous catch phrase 'up, up, and away'?

Answer: Superman

Question: The home planet of the Guardians is?

Answer: Oa

Question: The Danger Room' is used by which super hero team

Answer: X-Men

Question: Which character appeared at the ending of the credits of 'Iron Man' in the 2008 film?

Answer: Nick Fury

Question: In 2005's Batman Begins, Bruce disappears for 7 years to which continent?

Answer: Asia

Question: In the TV show 'Smallville', Clark has all the following powers except

Answer: Flight

Question: Who was the only salaried mutant team, working for 'The Pentagon' in the 90`s?

Answer: X-Factor

Question: What was the name of the demon that make a deal with 'Spawn'?

Answer: Malebolgia

Question: What was the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' favorite food?

Answer: Pizza

Question: Who is the primary leader of the super heroine group 'Birds of Prey'?

Answer: Oracle

Question: What is the color of 'The Joker`s' villain outfit in the comics?

Answer: Purple

Question: Who was the Scarlett Witch married to?

Answer: Vision

Question: Who plays Clark Kent in the TV Show 'Smallville'?

Answer: Tom Welling

Question: Who is known as the 'Master of Magnetism'?

Answer: Magneto

Question: What is the name of the Kryptonian house that Superman belongs to?

Answer: El

Question: What character did Rebecca Romijn portray in the X-Men films?

Answer: Mystique

Question: The Silver Surfer saved the Earth from being consumed by who?

Answer: Galactus

Question: The antihero 'The Punisher' used to be a former

Answer: U.S. Marine

Question: Who is directly below Cyclops in the X-Men chain of command?

Answer: Storm

Question: During the series 'X-Cutioner`s Song', which supervillain cured 'Professor X' from near death?

Answer: Apocalypse

Question: Who killed Bruce's parents in 1989's Batman film?

Answer: The Joker

Question: Where is the recent location of the base of 'The Fantastic Four' in 'New York City'?

Answer: Baxter Building

Question: Approximately when was Wolverine born in

Answer: 1800s

Question: In 2009, Marvel Entertainment was bought out by which company?

Answer: Disney

Question: In 2005's Fantastic Four movie, who is the main villain?

Answer: Dr. Doom

Question: What was the ornament that gave super powers to the 'Green Lantern'?

Answer: Power ring

Question: In 'The Death of Superman', Superman risked his life to save humanity from which super villain?

Answer: Doomsday

Question: Which of the following is not a member of the Fantastic Four?

Answer: Spiderman

Question: Who is X-Men field leader?

Answer: Cyclops

Question: In the series 'Batman: The Cult', which villain almost brainwashed 'The Dark Knight'?

Answer: Deacon Blackfire

Question: On 'The Reign of the Supermen' series, which hero was the one that looked like 'Superboy'?

Answer: Metropolis Kid

Question: Which of these superheroes was not a member of the original Avengers?

Answer: Wolverine

Question: Who was the leader of the X-Men under the 'Age of Apocalypse' story line?

Answer: Magneto

Question: The Emerald City Comic-Con is held in which city?

Answer: Seattle

Question: What is the name of Superman's birth father?

Answer: Jor-El

Question: In 2005's Batman Begins, what rank does James Gorden start off at?

Answer: Sergeant

Question: What is the name of the planet where 'Superman' was born?

Answer: Krypton

Question: What is the name of Superman's alter ego?

Answer: Clark Kent

Question: The first event of the 'New York Comic Con' was held in what year?

Answer: 2006

Question: In 'Transformers', which 'Decepticon' has a monotone computerized voice?

Answer: Soundwave

Question: In the 1990s Spider-man cartoon series, Dr. Connors turns into what animal?

Answer: Lizard

Question: What fashion accessory does Clark wear so that people won't recognize him as Superman?

Answer: Glasses

Question: What is the Daredevil's day job?

Answer: Lawyer

Question: King Snake' has a double personality as a business man and what?

Answer: Giant heroin dealer

Question: The super villain 'Stryfe' is actually the clone of which mutant superhero?

Answer: Cable

Question: Who is the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Answer: Nick Fury

Question: What is The Flash's real name?

Answer: Barry Allen

Question: Who is Wilson Fisk?

Answer: Kingpin

Question: Where is Superman's Fortress of Solitude located?

Answer: North Pole

Question: Who takes over as the Batman in the 'Batman: KnightFall' comic saga?

Answer: Azrael

Question: What is Superman's Kryptonian name?

Answer: Kal-El

Question: Which super villain operated as a burglar and has a fascination for cats?

Answer: Catwoman

Question: What color is the Hulk?

Answer: Green

Question: Who does Samuel L. Jackson makes a cameo as in Ironman and The Incredible Hulk?

Answer: Nick Fury

Question: The movie 'Hellboy' was released in what year?

Answer: 2004

Question: In 2008's The Dark Knight, the Batmobile converts into what other vehicle?

Answer: Motorcycle

Question: Bane gets his super-strength from what?

Answer: Venom

Question: Longshot's home dimension is called what?

Answer: Mojoverse

Question: What is the Scarecrow's best weapon?

Answer: Fear gas

Question: Who was the actor that portrayed 'Bruce David Banner' in the TV series 'The Incredible Hulk'?

Answer: Bill Bixby

Question: The 'X-Mansion' is located in which state?

Answer: New York

Question: Who played the title role in the '60s TV show 'Batman'?

Answer: Adam West

Question: What year was the 'Spiderman' movie released?

Answer: 2002

Question: Alfred Pennyworth is Bruce Wayne's

Answer: Butler

Question: What was the name of the sidekick of 'Birdman'?

Answer: Birdboy

Question: Which devastating plague took place in the 'Marvel Universe' from 1993 to 2001?

Answer: The Legacy Virus

Question: Who was the original creator of Batman?

Answer: Bob Cane

Question: Which actor portrayed the main character in the film of the comic book adaptation 'The Crow'?

Answer: Brandon Lee

Question: The comic book hero 'Spiderman' belongs to which company?

Answer: Marvel

Question: In which series is 'Cerebus the Aardvark' appointed as 'The Pope of the Eastern Church of Tarim'?

Answer: Church & State I

Question: In 2009's Batman Arkham Asylum video game, who is the main villain?

Answer: The Joker

Question: Who's experiment brought the Martian Manhunter to Earth?

Answer: Dr. Erdel

Question: Peter Parker' was bitten by which animal, so he could have his superpowers?

Answer: Spider

Question: Where does the villain organization 'The Hand' took primary operations?

Answer: Japan

Question: Eric Bana and Edward Norton both played which title character in consecutive movies?

Answer: The Hulk

Question: In 'Cerebus The Aardvark', who was the love of the main character`s life?

Answer: Jaka Tavers

Question: The Gladiator sports what hairstyle?

Answer: Mohawk

Question: The Skrulls are arch-enemies of which other alien race?

Answer: Kree

Question: Hal Jordan became a green lantern after receiving the ring from whom?

Answer: Abin Sur

Question: Which is the primary weapon and equipment of Captain America?

Answer: Shield

Question: Who is the publisher of the Hellboy Comic?

Answer: Dark Horse

Question: The super villain 'Venom' costume is what color?

Answer: Black

Question: Who murdered Jason Todd, the second Robin?

Answer: Joker

Question: The original Robin's parents worked where?

Answer: A circus

Question: How many claws does X-23 have on each hand?

Answer: Two

Question: The 'X-Men' superhero 'Wolverine' has a skeletal structure made of

Answer: Adamantium

Question: Who is known as the 'World's Greatest Detective'?

Answer: Batman

Question: Mysterio's helmet resembles a what?

Answer: Fish bowl

Question: Which series portrayed 'Batman' coming out of retirement to fight crime in a dark future?

Answer: The Dark Knight Returns

Question: The penguin uses special deadly versions of what to fight Batman and others?

Answer: Umbrellas

Question: Who is in charge of Warworld?

Answer: Mongul

Question: Quicksilver and the Scarlett Witch are both the children of which X-Men character?

Answer: Magneto

Question: The Eradicator came from what planet?

Answer: Krypton

Question: The X-Man 'Wolverine' has a long-time enemy, which is who?

Answer: Sabretooth

Question: The 'Bat-Mite', in 'The New Adventures of Batman' animated series had a crush on which character?

Answer: Batgirl

Question: In 'Ten Nights of the Beast' Batman saves which U.S. President from the villain 'KGBeast'?

Answer: Ronald Reagan

Question: In what year did Batman make his debut?

Answer: 1939

Question: Who is Captain America's arch-nemesis?

Answer: Red Skull

Question: During the series 'X-Cutioner's Song', which super villain cured 'Professor X' from near death?

Answer: Apocalypse

Question: What was the name of secret society that trained the vigilante known as 'Azrael'?

Answer: Order of Saint Dumas

Question: Who is Alex Summer's father?

Answer: Corsair

Question: What is the favorite weapon of 'Catwoman'?

Answer: Whip

Question: What are the deadly mutant-hunting robots called?

Answer: Sentinels

Question: How old is Wolverine?

Answer: Unknown

Question: The super heroine 'The Huntress' has been a member of different superhero groups except which?

Answer: Doom Patrol

Question: What does Professor X use to enhance his powers?

Answer: Cerebro

Question: Who is the leader of the Inhumans?

Answer: Deadbolt

Question: What is the name of Superman's archenemy?

Answer: Lex Luthor

Question: What was the name of Superboy's mascot that featured on the 'Adventures of Superboy' TV Series?

Answer: Krypto


Question: What is Gambit's secret identity?

Answer: Remy Lebeau

Question: Gambit can charge normal objects with what?

Answer: Kinetic Energy

Question: Cable is the son of Scott Summers and

Answer: Madeline Pryor

Question: What is the alias Batman uses when he associates with Gotham's Gangs?

Answer: Matches Malone

Question: Which abilities does 'Green Arrow' has more skills, that is his trademark?

Answer: Bow and arrow

Question: Two Face makes most decisions based on what?

Answer: A coin flip

Question: What are the colors of 'The Flash' superhero uniform?

Answer: Red and yellow

Question: Who is a hero despite having no super powers or unimaginable wealth?

Answer: Frank Castle

Question: What gives The Juggernaut his powers?

Answer: Gem of Cyttorak

Question: Who is the director of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight?

Answer: Christopher Nolan

Question: In 2005's Batman Begins, who is the Main villain?

Answer: Ra's Al Ghul

Question: Who played Superman in 2006's 'Superman Returns'?

Answer: Brandon Routh

Question: Most Green Lanterns are vulnerable to what?

Answer: The Color Yellow

Question: The super heroine 'Wonder Girl' was a member of which superhero group?

Answer: Teen Titans

Question: What is the name for the heavily-armed Iron Man suit that James Rhodes has adopted?

Answer: War Machine

Question: How does Ra's Al Ghul stay alive for centuries?

Answer: Lazarus Pit

Question: Who plays Lex Luthor in the movie Superman Returns?

Answer: Kevin Spacey

Question: In 2001's Spider-man film who portrays the role of Mary Jane Watson?

Answer: Kirsten Dunst

Question: What is the name of 'Wonder Woman`s' special weapon?

Answer: Lasso of Truth

Question: What is Wonder Woman's real name?

Answer: Diana Prince

Question: The 'Sub Mariner' is also known as what name?

Answer: Prince Namor

Question: In 2005's Ghost Rider, who plays the title character?

Answer: Nicolas Cage

Question: In 2010's 'Ironman 2' movie who plays War-Machine?

Answer: Don Cheadle

Question: Where did Emma Frost originally work?

Answer: Hellfire Club

Question: Norman and Harry Osborne both donned what title?

Answer: Green Goblin

Question: What is the name of the alter ego of the Original 'Robin, the Boy Wonder'?

Answer: Dick Grayson

Question: Who signed on to play 'Deadpool' in the 2011 movie?

Answer: Ryan Reynolds

Question: What is Wolverine's real name?

Answer: James Howlett

Question: In the 2003 film 'Daredevil', which actor portrayed the superhero?

Answer: Ben Affleck

Question: Batman puts most of his villains where after capture?

Answer: Arkham Asylum

Question: In 2008's Punisher: War Zone film, who plays the title character?

Answer: Ray Stevenson

Question: In 2001's Spider-man, What does Peter first call his costumed alter ego?

Answer: Human Spider

Question: Queen Industries is owned by which superhero?

Answer: Green Arrow

Question: Which superhero group does 'The Silver Surfer' made a lead antagonist role in theaters in 2007?

Answer: Fantastic Four

Question: Scarface is controlled by whom?

Answer: Ventriloquist

Question: Whose assassination led to the future ruled by Apocalypse where mutants were hunted?

Answer: Senator Kelly's

Question: Under the direction of whom did Mongul destroy Coast City to build Engine City?

Answer: Cyborg Superman

Question: Who starred as The Punisher in the first feature film of the same name?

Answer: Dolph Lundgren

Question: The comic book 'Spawn' was published by 'Image comics' and was created by

Answer: Todd McFarlane

Question: Gwyneth Paltrow' plays what character on the 'Iron Man' film in 2008?

Answer: Pepper Potts

Question: Which superhero emerged when 'Billy Batson' speak the word 'Shazam'?

Answer: Captain Marvel

Question: What is the real name of 'Deadpool'?

Answer: Wade Wilson

Question: The villain in 2001's 'Spider-Man' movie is who?

Answer: Green Goblin

Question: Who created Spider-Man?

Answer: Steve Ditko

Question: James Rhodes was portrayed by who in the first Ironman movie?

Answer: Terrence Howard

Question: In what city does 'Spiderman' operates?

Answer: New York City

Question: Who is Tony Stark's secretary?

Answer: Pepper Potts

Question: What is the secret identity of Steve Rogers?

Answer: Captain America

Question: From which sewers does the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' operate?

Answer: New York City

Question: What is Spider-Woman's secret identity?

Answer: Jessica Drew

Question: In the 1990s Batman Cartoon Series, who plays the voice of The Joker?

Answer: Mark Hamill

Question: Which superhero team is made up of reformed super villains

Answer: Thunderbolts

Question: What is Apocalypse's real name?

Answer: En Sabah Nur

Question: As of 2010, who has taken over as Batman since Bruce's disappearance?

Answer: Dick Grayson

Question: What is the real name of 'The Avenging Angel Azrael'?

Answer: Jean Paul Valley

Question: What is the name of Clark Kent's adoptive father?

Answer: Jonathan Kent

Question: What super power do Deadpool, Wolverine and Sabretooth have in common with each other?

Answer: Healing Factor

Question: Who Sponsored the group X-Factor?

Answer: The Pentagon

Question: Who plays the title hero in the 2009 movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

Answer: Hugh Jackman

Question: The 'Penguin' as portrayed in the 1992 film 'Batman Returns', was played by

Answer: Danny de Vito

Question: What is the name of the ninja that worked for 'Cobra' on the 'G.I. Joe' series?

Answer: Storm Shadow

Question: In the 1984 film 'Supergirl' who portrayed the superhero starting role?

Answer: Helen Slater

Question: What is the secret identity of Aquaman?

Answer: Arthur Curry

Question: In Marvel's 'Civil War' Epic, what superhero icon was assassinated?

Answer: Captain America

Question: Hal Jordan uses a ring to turn into which super hero

Answer: Green Lantern

Question: Who did Ganthet give the Green Lantern ring to?

Answer: Kyle Rayner

Question: What is the name of 'The Mask' alter ego?

Answer: Stanley Ipkiss