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Who moves in with Dexter and beings exercising relentlessly at the start of Season 2?

Debra Click to see the answer

What killer does Dexter hunt throughout Season 1?

The Ice Truck Killer

Who does the Ice Truck Killer try to Dexter to kill at the end of Season 1?


The Ice Truck Killer turns out to be the long lost brother of whom?


Who does the Ice Truck Killer stab after almost catching him in Season 1?


What is the name of the young boy hiding in a trunk who saw Valerie's kidnapper in Season 1?


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Who has two children named Astor and Cody?

Rita Click to see the answer

Joe Driscoll is the biological father of what character?


Dexter' aired for eight seasons on what network?


What job does Dexter do at the police headquarters' forensics lab?

Blood Spatter Analyst

Who does Debra team up with in Season 3?


In what US city is the show 'Dexter' set?


Who suspects that Dexter is hiding something in the show's first seasons?

James Doakes

Who played Debra on 'Dexter'?

Jennifer Carpente

What item does the Ice Truck Killer leave in Dexter's freezer in Season 1?

Barbie Doll

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Whose code does Dexter use as his guide for making his kills?

Harry Click to see the answer

Who kills Maria LaGuerta at the end of Season 7?


What item does Dexter use to stab and kill Oliver Saxon in the final season?

A Pen

Who played Rita Bennett on 'Dexter'?

Julie Benz

Who is Debra Morgan's boss?

Maria LaGuerta

From where does Dexter take his blood sample from all of his victims?

Right Cheek

Who kills Doakes after discovering he's being held in the cabin in Season 2?


What is the name of Dexter's sister?


Who does the Ice Truck Killer kidnap at the end of Season 1?


Who killed Rita in Season 4?

The Trinity Killer

Who tells Dexter 'I'm watching you [expletive deleted]'?


Who catches Dexter killing animals while he was a child?


What rank is James Doakes?


What is the name of Rita's abusive ex-husband?


Who is Dexter's adoptive father?


Who is Laura Moser's biological son?


Who witnesses Dexter kill Travis Marshall?


Who did Dexter date and eventually marry?


What's the name of Dexter's infant son?


Who first discovers that Dexter and the Ice Truck Killer were real-life brothers?


Who carried Dexter out of the cargo container where his mother was murdered as a boy?


Who played Dexter Morgan?

Michael C. Hall

Who does Dexter frame as a drug abuser in Season 1?


Who suggests that Tony Tucci wear a blindfold to help him remember details of his kidnapper?


Who works as a detective?


In what does Dexter Mogan hide his blood slide collection?

Air Conditioner

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Who played the special agent and serial killer suspect Frank Lundy?

Keith Carradine Click to see the answer

What mania does Dexter's sponsor turned girlfriend have in Season 2?


Who was Dexter Morgan's first victim?

A Nurse

Who shoots Debra at the end of Season 8?

Oliver Saxon

Dexter finds a new way to dump bodies in Season, a current that leads to what ocean?

The Atlantic

How did Dexter's mother die?

Cut Up With Chainsaws

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Who was James Gellar's protégé in Season 6?

Travis Marshall Click to see the answer

What killer is Frank Lundy hunting for in Season 4?

The Trinity Killer

What self-help guru became one of the main antagonists of Season 5?

Jordan Chase

What fake superhero does Dexter's killings inspire someone to create in Season 2?

The Dark Defender

Who finds out that Dexter is a serial killer at the end of Season 2?


What psychologist does Dexter discover is inducing women to kill themselves in Season 1?

Dr. Emmett Meridian

Where do Dexter and the police find security guard Tony Tucci in Season 1?

An Abandoned Hospital

How does the Trinity Killer always make his first kill in Season 4?

In A Bathtub

How old was Dexter when he made his first kill?


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How does Dexter make The Skinner's death look like a suicide?

Throws In Front Of A Car Click to see the answer

What charity does Arthur Mitchell lead in Season 4?

Four Walls, One Heart

What is the first rule of Dexter's code?

Never Get Caught

Who played Lumen Pierce in Season 5?

Julia Stiles

What attorney does Miguel Prado kill behind Dexter's back in Season 3?

Ellen Wolf

What nickname does Dexter's murders earn him in Season 2?

The Bay Harbor Butcher

What does Dexter call his urge to kill?

Dark Passenger

What does Dexter do with Debra's body at the end of the series?

Dumps It In The Ocean

Who leads the street gang, the 29th Street Kings?

Little Chino

Who played The Trinity Killer in Season 4?

John Lithgow

What does Tony Tucci remember his kidnapper constantly eating in Season 1?

Throat Lozenges

What does the Trinity Killer leave at the scene of his kills in Season 4?

His Sister's Ashes

In what season does Rita discovers she's pregnant with Dexter's child?

Season 3

Who does Dexter team up with in his killings in Season 3?

Miguel Prado

Who does Debra date in Season 1 who turns out to be the Ice Truck Killer?

Rudy Cooper

Who did Dexter and the police initially believe to be the Ice Truck Killer in Season 1?

Neil Perry

George King is better known as what serial killer?

The Skinner

What does the Ice Truck Killer leave for the police in the first season?


What item does Rita's ex-husband claim can prove his innocence in Season 2?

A Shoe

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What role did actress Julie Benz originally audition for on 'Dexter'?

Debra Click to see the answer

What is the license plate on Dexter's car in 'Dexter: The Game'?


What rapper played Brother Sam?

Yasiin Bey

The show's theme song was originally written for a horror based on what writer's work?

H.P. Lovecraft

The Trinity Killer was loosely based on what real world serial killer?

The BTK Killer

Who was Dexter talking about when he said 'You have made me your sworn enemy, evil woman'?

Rita's Mother

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How many blood slides did Dexter have in his box before police recovered it?

45 Click to see the answer

Dexter is extremely skilled in what martial art?

Jiu Jiutsu

The name Dexter was chosen because its Latin for what body part inferring that the other is sinister?

Left Hand

What bug does Dexter smack when he wakes up in the morning?


What is the only person that Quinn and Batista witnessed Dexter kill in the show's run?

Oliver Saxon

What 'Dexter' book was the first season based on entirely?

Darkly Dreaming Dexter

What is the very first line spoken by Dexter in the first episode?

Tonight's The Night

What is the name of Dexter's boat?

Slice Of Life

What fake name does Dexter Morgan use when buying his tranquilizers?

Dr. Patrick Bateman

Actor Michael C. Hall was once married to the actress who played what character?

Debra Morgan

Who does Dexter track down and kill in Paris?


What is Dexter Morgan's blood type?


Finish this Dexter quote: 'We have an elephant in the room, and its name is _____.'


Who played corrupt narcotics officer Stan Liddy?

Peter Weller

What real world serial killer do some suspect was the basis for Dexter Morgan?

Manuel Pardo

What solution does Dexter use to knock out his victims before killing them?


Who once said that the Bay Harbor Butcher was 'butchering up my online social life'?


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