Dexter Trivia

98+ Best Dexter Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: August 14th, 2023

Think you know all there is to know about the hit TV show Dexter? Put your knowledge to the test with these 98+ engaging trivia questions and answers that cover everything from the characters to the chilling plot twists.

Characters and Relationships Trivia

Question: Actor Michael C. Hall was once married to the actress who played what character?

Answer: Debra Morgan

Question: What is the only person that Quinn and Batista witnessed Dexter kill in the show's run?

Answer: Oliver Saxon

Question: Who played Lumen Pierce in Season 5?

Answer: Julia Stiles

Question: Who shoots Debra at the end of Season 8?

Answer: Oliver Saxon

Question: Who was Dexter Morgan's first victim?

Answer: A Nurse

Question: Who was Dexter talking about when he said 'You have made me your sworn enemy, evil woman'?

Answer: Rita's Mother

Question: Finish this Dexter quote: 'We have an elephant in the room, and its name is _____.'

Answer: Sex

Question: What is the very first line spoken by Dexter in the first episode?

Answer: Tonight's The Night

Plot and Settings Trivia

Question: Dexter finds a new way to dump bodies in Season, a current that leads to what ocean?

Answer: The Atlantic

Question: In what season does Rita discover she's pregnant with Dexter's child?

Answer: Season 3

Question: The name Dexter was chosen because its Latin for what body part inferring that the other is sinister?

Answer: Left Hand

Question: The show's theme song was originally written for a horror based on what writer's work?

Answer: H.P. Lovecraft

Question: The Trinity Killer was loosely based on what real-world serial killer?

Answer: The BTK Killer

Question: What 'Dexter' book was the first season based on entirely?

Answer: Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Question: What attorney does Miguel Prado kill behind Dexter's back in Season 3?

Answer: Ellen Wolf

Question: What does Dexter call his urge to kill?

Answer: Dark Passenger

Question: What does the Trinity Killer leave at the scene of his kills in Season 4?

Answer: His Sister's Ashes

Question: What does Tony Tucci remember his kidnapper constantly eating in Season 1?

Answer: Throat Lozenges

Question: What fake name does Dexter Morgan use when buying his tranquilizers?

Answer: Dr. Patrick Bateman

Question: What fake superhero does Dexter's killings inspire someone to create in Season 2?

Answer: The Dark Defender

Question: What is the first rule of Dexter's code?

Answer: Never Get Caught

Question: What item does Rita's ex-husband claim can prove his innocence in Season 2?

Answer: A Shoe

Question: What mania does Dexter's sponsor turned girlfriend have in Season 2?

Answer: Pyromaniac

Question: What psychologist does Dexter discover is inducing women to kill themselves in Season 1?

Answer: Dr. Emmett Meridian

Question: What real-world serial killer do some suspect was the basis for Dexter Morgan?

Answer: Manuel Pardo

Question: Who does Debra date in Season 1 who turns out to be the Ice Truck Killer?

Answer: Rudy Cooper

Question: Who does Dexter team up with in his killings in Season 3?

Answer: Miguel Prado

Question: Who finds out that Dexter is a serial killer at the end of Season 2?

Answer: Doakes

Question: Who played corrupt narcotics officer Stan Liddy?

Answer: Peter Weller

Serial Killers Trivia

Question: George King is better known as what serial killer?

Answer: The Skinner

Question: How does Dexter make The Skinner's death look like a suicide?

Answer: Throws In Front Of A Car

Question: How does the Trinity Killer always make his first kill in Season 4?

Answer: In A Bathtub

Question: Who played the special agent and serial killer suspect Frank Lundy?

Answer: Keith Carradine

Question: Who played The Trinity Killer in Season 4?

Answer: John Lithgow

Question: Who was James Gellar's protégé in Season 6?

Answer: Travis Marshall

Question: What killer is Frank Lundy hunting for in Season 4?

Answer: The Trinity Killer

Question: What nickname does Dexter's murders earn him in Season 2?

Answer: The Bay Harbor Butcher

Question: Who did Dexter and the police initially believe to be the Ice Truck Killer in Season 1?

Answer: Neil Perry

Details and History Trivia

Question: How did Dexter's mother die?

Answer: Cut Up With Chainsaws

Question: How many blood slides did Dexter have in his box before police recovered it?

Answer: 45

Question: How old was Dexter when he made his first kill?

Answer: 20

Question: What rapper played Brother Sam?

Answer: Yasiin Bey

Question: What role did actress Julie Benz originally audition for on 'Dexter'?

Answer: Debra

Question: What is the license plate on Dexter's car in 'Dexter: The Game'?

Answer: TQ5-HKX

Question: What is the name of Dexter's boat?

Answer: Slice Of Life

Question: Dexter is extremely skilled in what martial art?

Answer: Jiu Jiutsu