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Nicki Minaj won Best Female Hip-Hop artist at the BET awards for how many years in a row?

7 Click to see the answer

Early in her career, Nicki Minaj was known for autographing which part of fans' bodies?


How many Grammy Awards was Nicki Minaj nominated for in 2011?


A statue of Nicki Minaj in a waxworks in which city was withdrawn over visitors' inappropriate behaviour?

Las Vegas

In April 2018, which rapper dismissed rumors of a feud with Nicki Minaj?

Cardi B

In 2018, which star kissed Nicki Minaj backstage at the MTV awards?


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Nicki Minaj wears a pink animal skin print catsuit in the video for which song?

Super Bass Click to see the answer

Nicki Minaj feuded with which fellow judge while appearing on 'American Idol'?

Mariah Carey

How many tattoos does Nicki Minaj have?


Nicki Minaj appears as which historical figure on the 'Queen' album cover?


Nicki Minaj's music features on the 'Madden 19' video game for which sport?


Nicki Minaj has a tattoo in which language on her arm?


What brand comes before 'Dreams' in the title of a 2018 Nicki Minaj song?


Nicki Minaj features on 'Swish Swish' by which artist?

Katy Perry

Nicki Minaj pledged to pay college tuition on which social medial site in 2017?


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With which artist does Nicki Minaj collaborate on 'Roman's Revenge'?

Eminem Click to see the answer

What is Nicki Minaj's real first name?


Uh, let's go to the beach, each' is the first line of which Nicki Minaj song?


A supplier of which item launched a lawsuit against Nicki Minaj in 2014?


Nicki Minaj was born on which Caribbean island?


Human rights groups protested against Nicki Minaj's concert in which African country in 2015?


What type of snake is the title of a Nicki Minaj song?


What color of hair does Nicki Minaj have in the video for 'Starships'?


Nicki Minaj appears on 'Girl on Fire' by which artist?

Alicia Keys

Nicki Minaj often adopts the accent of which British city?


What color of wig did Nicki Minaj wear on the 2012 Vogue cover?


In June 2018, rumors emerged that Nicki Minaj was dating which rapper?


Since 2011, Nicki Minaj has been nominated for how many Grammy Awards?


What is the name of Nicki Minaj's 2018 album?


Which singer appears on 'Moment 4 Life' with Nicki Minaj?


What does Nicki Minaj say is her favorite color?


What word comes after 'Beam Me Up' for the title of a Nicki Minaj mixtape?


Which singer announced her collaboration with Nicki Minaj by singing the Prince song 'Darling Nikki'?


What type of music does Nicki Minaj's mother sing?


Who sings on 'Fly' with Nicki Minaj?


In 2018, Nicki Minaj canceled plans for a North American tour with which rapper?


Nicki Minaj features on 'Give Me All Your Luvin' by which artist?


How tall is Nicki Minaj?

5' 2'

What day of the week comes after 'Pink' in the title of Nicki Minaj's 2010 album?


Which item of furniture is also the title of a 2018 Nicki Minaj song?


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Nicki Minaj's first mixtape 'Playtime is Over' was released in which year?

2007 Click to see the answer

Who features with Nicki Minaj and Labrinth on 'Majesty'?


Nicki Minaj appeared in the 'LiveForNow' campaign for which brand?


What color comes before 'Friday' in the name of a Nicki Minaj album?


Which singer sued Nicki Minaj for copyright infringement in 2018?

Tracy Chapman

Who sings 'Beauty and a Beat', featuring Nicki Minaj?

Justin Bieber

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Which birthday did Nicki Minaj celebrate in 2018?

36th Click to see the answer

In which part of New York did Nicki Minaj grow up?


Since the release of 'Pink Friday', Nicki Minaj has been feuding with which rapper?

Lil Kim

What color did Nicki Minaj paint her skin for a 2012 American Vogue cover?


Nicki Minaj appears on 'Lil Freak' by which artist?


Nick Minaj's 2010 album 'Pink Friday' debuted at what number in the Billboard charts?


Who collaborates with Nicki Minaj on 'Check It Out'?


Nicki Minaj sparked rumors that she was dating which F1 star in September 2018?

Lewis Hamilton

What color of bikini does Nicki Minaj wear in the 'Starships' video?


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In which language do words appear on the screen in the video for 'Check It Out?'

Korean Click to see the answer

Nicki Minaj performed with which artist in 2011 at a Versace product launch?


In 2018, Nicki Minaj canceled plans to tour which continent with Future?

North America

Nicki Minaj features on 'My Chick Bad' by which rapper?


The Night is Still Young' is a Nicki Minaj single from which album?

The Pinkprint

Nicki Minaj split with which rapper in 2017?

Meek Mill

What comes after 'Truffle' for the name of a Nicki Minaj song?


Nicki Minaj appeared in an advert for Beats Headphones with which sports star?

Serena Williams

Nicki Minaj's debut album 'Massive Attack' was released in which year?


Which Nicki Minaj song features Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown?


Who stars in 'The Other Woman' with Nicki Minaj?

Cameron Diaz

Nicki Minaj landed her first role in an off-Broadway play in which year?


Nicki Minaj appeared on two episodes of which reality show in 2018?

Ru Paul's Drag Race

What instrument did Nicki Minaj play in elementary school?


In 2005, Nicki Minaj uploaded several songs on which social media platform in the hope of getting noticed?


In which monh of the year is Nicki Minaj's birthday?


Who sings 'Side to Side' featuring Nicki Minaj?

Ariana Grande

Who sings with Nicki Minaj on the track 'Dip'?


Which singer said in reference to Nicki Minaj 'American Idol was like going to work everyday in hell with Satan'

Mariah Carey

Which fellow rapper brought Nicki Minaj into the mainstream?

Lil Wayne

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Nicki Minaj's song 'Bom Bidi Bom' is on the soundtrack of which movie?

Fifty Shades Darker Click to see the answer

Which US designer did Nicki Minaj say was a fashion inspiration?

Betsey Johnson

Who featured on the early Nicki Minaj release 'I Get Crazy'?

Lil Wayne

Nicki Minaj said she was fired from over a dozen jobs for which reason?

Being Rude

Which record producer recorded 'Where Them Girls At' with Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj?

David Guetta

Who provides guest vocals on the Nicki Minaj single 'Bed'?

Ariana Grande

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Which actress did Nicki Minaj say inspired her acting career?

Jada Pinkett Smith Click to see the answer

What color and number made up the title of a Nicki Minaj tour?

Pink Friday

Which 80s star's style did Nicki Minaj want to copy as a teen?

Cyndi Lauper

In 2010, which alter ego did Nicki Minaj adopt and call herself a 'healer'?

Nicki Teresa

Which Nicki Minaj single samples 'Video Killed the Radio Star?'

Check It Out

What do the Chinese characters on Nicki Minaj's arm mean?

God Is Always With You

Who sang the song 'Shakin' It For Daddy' featuring Nicki Minaj?

Robin Thicke

The Nicki Minaj hit 'Super Bass' gained in popularity after mention by which singer?

Taylor Swift

Who is the star of 'Atlanta', which had a guest appearance by Nicki Minaj in 2018?

Donald Glover

What does Nicki Minaj call her alter ego 'twin brother'?

Roman Zolanski

Kesha and Nicki Minaj appeared on the remix of 'Till The World Ends' by which artist?

Britney Spears

Who features on 'Right By My Side' with Nicki Minaj?

Chris Brown

What is Nicki Minaj's Instagram user name?


Who appeared with Nicki Minaj in the video for 'Rake It Up'?

Blac Chyna

In 2011, Nicki Minaj was one of the opening acts on which artist's 'Femme Fatale' tour?

Britney Spears

In 2015, two members of Nicki Minaj's team were stabbed during her tour in which US city?


Which female rapper does Nicki Minaj cite as a main influence?

Foxy Brown

Which TV host parodied 'Anaconda' when Nicki Minaj appeared on their TV show?

Ellen De Generes

Who appeared with Nicki Minaj and Yo Gotti on the remix of 'Five Star Bitch'?

Gucci Mane

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