Nicki Minaj Trivia

100+ Best Nicki Minaj Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 15th, 2023

Get ready to channel your inner barbz with this collection of Nicki Minaj trivia! From her chart-topping hits to her iconic fashion choices, these questions will put your knowledge of the Queen of Rap to the test.


Question: In 2018, which star kissed Nicki Minaj backstage at the MTV awards?

Answer: Madonna

Question: In April 2018, which rapper dismissed rumors of a feud with Nicki Minaj?

Answer: Cardi B

Question: A statue of Nicki Minaj in a waxworks in which city was withdrawn over visitors' inappropriate behaviour?

Answer: Las Vegas

Question: How many Grammy Awards was Nicki Minaj nominated for in 2011?

Answer: 3

Question: Early in her career, Nicki Minaj was known for autographing which part of fans' bodies?

Answer: Breasts

Question: Nicki Minaj won Best Female Hip-Hop artist at the BET awards for how many years in a row?

Answer: 7

Question: What brand comes before 'Dreams' in the title of a 2018 Nicki Minaj song?

Answer: Barbie

Question: Nicki Minaj has a tattoo in which language on her arm?

Answer: Chinese

Question: Nicki Minaj's music features on the 'Madden 19' video game for which sport?

Answer: Football

Question: Nicki Minaj appears as which historical figure on the 'Queen' album cover?

Answer: Cleopatra

Question: How many tattoos does Nicki Minaj have?

Answer: 1

Question: Nicki Minaj feuded with which fellow judge while appearing on 'American Idol'?

Answer: Mariah Carey

Question: Nicki Minaj wears a pink animal skin print catsuit in the video for which song?

Answer: Super Bass

Question: Nicki Minaj features on 'Swish Swish' by which artist?

Answer: Katy Perry

Question: Nicki Minaj pledged to pay college tuition on which social medial site in 2017?

Answer: Twitter

Question: In 2018, Nicki Minaj canceled plans for a North American tour with which rapper?

Answer: Future

Question: Who sings on 'Fly' with Nicki Minaj?

Answer: Rihanna

Question: What type of music does Nicki Minaj's mother sing?

Answer: Gospel

Question: Which singer announced her collaboration with Nicki Minaj by singing the Prince song 'Darling Nikki'?

Answer: Beyonce

Question: What word comes after 'Beam Me Up' for the title of a Nicki Minaj mixtape?

Answer: Scotty

Question: What does Nicki Minaj say is her favorite color?

Answer: Pink

Question: Which singer appears on 'Moment 4 Life' with Nicki Minaj?

Answer: Drake

Question: With which artist does Nicki Minaj collaborate on 'Roman's Revenge'?

Answer: Eminem

Question: Since 2011, Nicki Minaj has been nominated for how many Grammy Awards?

Answer: 11

Question: In June 2018, rumors emerged that Nicki Minaj was dating which rapper?

Answer: Eminem

Question: What color of wig did Nicki Minaj wear on the 2012 Vogue cover?

Answer: Pink

Question: Nicki Minaj often adopts the accent of which British city?

Answer: London

Question: Nicki Minaj appears on 'Girl on Fire' by which artist?

Answer: Alicia Keys

Question: What color of hair does Nicki Minaj have in the video for 'Starships'?

Answer: Green

Question: What type of snake is the title of a Nicki Minaj song?

Answer: Anaconda

Question: Human rights groups protested against Nicki Minaj's concert in which African country in 2015?

Answer: Angola

Question: Nicki Minaj was born on which Caribbean island?

Answer: Trinidad

Question: A supplier of which item launched a lawsuit against Nicki Minaj in 2014?

Answer: Wigs

Question: Uh, let's go to the beach, each' is the first line of which Nicki Minaj song?

Answer: Starships

Question: What is Nicki Minaj's real first name?

Answer: Onika

Question: What is the name of Nicki Minaj's 2018 album?

Answer: Queen

Question: Which item of furniture is also the title of a 2018 Nicki Minaj song?

Answer: Bed

Question: What day of the week comes after 'Pink' in the title of Nicki Minaj's 2010 album?

Answer: Friday

Question: How tall is Nicki Minaj?

Answer: 5' 2'

Question: Nicki Minaj features on 'Give Me All Your Luvin' by which artist?

Answer: Madonna


Question: Who sings 'Beauty and a Beat', featuring Nicki Minaj?

Answer: Justin Bieber

Question: Which singer sued Nicki Minaj for copyright infringement in 2018?

Answer: Tracy Chapman

Question: What color comes before 'Friday' in the name of a Nicki Minaj album?

Answer: Pink

Question: Nicki Minaj appeared in the 'LiveForNow' campaign for which brand?

Answer: Pepsi

Question: Who features with Nicki Minaj and Labrinth on 'Majesty'?

Answer: Eminem

Question: Nicki Minaj's first mixtape 'Playtime is Over' was released in which year?

Answer: 2007

Question: What color of bikini does Nicki Minaj wear in the 'Starships' video?

Answer: Pink

Question: Nicki Minaj sparked rumors that she was dating which F1 star in September 2018?

Answer: Lewis Hamilton

Question: Who collaborates with Nicki Minaj on 'Check It Out'?

Answer: Will.I.Am

Question: Nick Minaj's 2010 album 'Pink Friday' debuted at what number in the Billboard charts?

Answer: 2

Question: Nicki Minaj appears on 'Lil Freak' by which artist?

Answer: Usher

Question: What color did Nicki Minaj paint her skin for a 2012 American Vogue cover?

Answer: Blue

Question: Since the release of 'Pink Friday', Nicki Minaj has been feuding with which rapper?

Answer: Lil Kim

Question: In which part of New York did Nicki Minaj grow up?

Answer: Queens

Question: Which birthday did Nicki Minaj celebrate in 2018?

Answer: 36th

Question: Which fellow rapper brought Nicki Minaj into the mainstream?

Answer: Lil Wayne

Question: Which singer said in reference to Nicki Minaj 'American Idol was like going to work everyday in hell with Satan'

Answer: Mariah Carey

Question: Who sings with Nicki Minaj on the track 'Dip'?

Answer: Tyga

Question: Who sings 'Side to Side' featuring Nicki Minaj?

Answer: Ariana Grande

Question: In which monh of the year is Nicki Minaj's birthday?

Answer: December

Question: In 2005, Nicki Minaj uploaded several songs on which social media platform in the hope of getting noticed?

Answer: MySpace

Question: What instrument did Nicki Minaj play in elementary school?

Answer: Clarinet

Question: In which language do words appear on the screen in the video for 'Check It Out?'

Answer: Korean

Question: Nicki Minaj appeared on two episodes of which reality show in 2018?

Answer: Ru Paul's Drag Race

Question: Nicki Minaj landed her first role in an off-Broadway play in which year?

Answer: 2001

Question: Who stars in 'The Other Woman' with Nicki Minaj?

Answer: Cameron Diaz

Question: Which Nicki Minaj song features Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown?

Answer: Only

Question: Nicki Minaj's debut album 'Massive Attack' was released in which year?

Answer: 2010

Question: Nicki Minaj appeared in an advert for Beats Headphones with which sports star?

Answer: Serena Williams

Question: What comes after 'Truffle' for the name of a Nicki Minaj song?

Answer: Butter

Question: Nicki Minaj split with which rapper in 2017?

Answer: Meek Mill

Question: The Night is Still Young' is a Nicki Minaj single from which album?

Answer: The Pinkprint

Question: Nicki Minaj features on 'My Chick Bad' by which rapper?

Answer: Ludacris

Question: In 2018, Nicki Minaj canceled plans to tour which continent with Future?

Answer: North America

Question: Nicki Minaj performed with which artist in 2011 at a Versace product launch?

Answer: Prince


Question: Nicki Minaj's song 'Bom Bidi Bom' is on the soundtrack of which movie?

Answer: Fifty Shades Darker

Question: Who provides guest vocals on the Nicki Minaj single 'Bed'?

Answer: Ariana Grande

Question: Which record producer recorded 'Where Them Girls At' with Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj?

Answer: David Guetta

Question: Nicki Minaj said she was fired from over a dozen jobs for which reason?

Answer: Being Rude

Question: Who featured on the early Nicki Minaj release 'I Get Crazy'?

Answer: Lil Wayne

Question: Which US designer did Nicki Minaj say was a fashion inspiration?

Answer: Betsey Johnson

Question: Who appeared with Nicki Minaj and Yo Gotti on the remix of 'Five Star Bitch'?

Answer: Gucci Mane

Question: What do the Chinese characters on Nicki Minaj's arm mean?

Answer: God Is Always With You

Question: Which TV host parodied 'Anaconda' when Nicki Minaj appeared on their TV show?

Answer: Ellen De Generes

Question: Which female rapper does Nicki Minaj cite as a main influence?

Answer: Foxy Brown

Question: In 2015, two members of Nicki Minaj's team were stabbed during her tour in which US city?

Answer: Philadelphia

Question: In 2011, Nicki Minaj was one of the opening acts on which artist's 'Femme Fatale' tour?

Answer: Britney Spears

Question: Who appeared with Nicki Minaj in the video for 'Rake It Up'?

Answer: Blac Chyna

Question: What is Nicki Minaj's Instagram user name?

Answer: nickiminaj

Question: Who features on 'Right By My Side' with Nicki Minaj?

Answer: Chris Brown

Question: Kesha and Nicki Minaj appeared on the remix of 'Till The World Ends' by which artist?

Answer: Britney Spears

Question: What does Nicki Minaj call her alter ego 'twin brother'?

Answer: Roman Zolanski

Question: Who is the star of 'Atlanta', which had a guest appearance by Nicki Minaj in 2018?

Answer: Donald Glover

Question: The Nicki Minaj hit 'Super Bass' gained in popularity after mention by which singer?

Answer: Taylor Swift

Question: Who sang the song 'Shakin' It For Daddy' featuring Nicki Minaj?

Answer: Robin Thicke

Question: Which Nicki Minaj single samples 'Video Killed the Radio Star?'

Answer: Check It Out

Question: In 2010, which alter ego did Nicki Minaj adopt and call herself a 'healer'?

Answer: Nicki Teresa

Question: Which 80s star's style did Nicki Minaj want to copy as a teen?

Answer: Cyndi Lauper

Question: What color and number made up the title of a Nicki Minaj tour?

Answer: Pink Friday

Question: Which actress did Nicki Minaj say inspired her acting career?

Answer: Jada Pinkett Smith