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The Simpsons Trivia

50 Trivia Questions & Answers

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie live in a world filled with all strange (and frankly really funny) circumstances and occurences. But behind this peculiar family lives a popular world that has become a thing of pop culture. You can't have family cartoon sitcoms without thinking about "The Simpsons." So let's test your Simpsons trivia know-how shall we?

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Questions: 6
Difficulty: Medium
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Who is Homer’s mother?

Mona Click to see the answer

What are the names of Marge's sisters?

Patty and Selma

What was Maggie's first word?


What’s the name of the Simpsons’ pet dog?

Santa's Little Helper

Bart Simpson has who as his best friend?

Milhouse Van Houten

What is Bart’s full name?

Bartholomew Jojo Simpson

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Questions: 9
Difficulty: Medium
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What colour is the Simpsons iconic sofa?

Orange Click to see the answer

What does the J stand for in Homer J Simpson?


What is Homer's favorite beer?

Duff Beer

What’s Marge’s maiden name?


Who is a vegetarian in the Simpsons family?

Lisa Simpson

What is the name of Simpson's current cat?


What was the natural hair color of Marge?


What is Marge's father's name?


What is Marge’s pet name for Homer?


Questions: 12
Difficulty: Medium
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How many cats have been with the Simpsons family?

Five Click to see the answer

Who is the Simpsons' next-door neighbor that Bart has a crush on?


What does Moe call Marge?


What board game do the Simpsons play in “Bart the Genius”?


At which bar Homer frequently drinks?

Moe's Bar

In which town do the Simpsons live?


What state is The Simpsons based in?


What’s Mr Burns’ catchphrase?


What’s the name of the Simpsons’ friendly neighbor?

Ned Flanders

Name Lisa’s favorite cartoon characters.

Happy Little Elves

Who was Homer’s secretary when he got promoted?


What is the name of Marge’s inmate when she was in prison?


Questions: 15
Difficulty: Medium
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What was the name of Milhouse's first girlfriend?

Samantha Stanky Click to see the answer

Who shot Mr. Burns in the two-part mystery episode?

Maggie Simpson

Who did Marge go with to her high school’s senior prom?

Artie Ziff

Marge painted several portraits of which Beatle member she had a schoolgirl crush on?


Bart decides to jump the Springfield Gorge with what?

His skateboard

In the episode "I am Furious Yellow," what is the name of Bart's comic strip?

Angry Dad

What did Bart want for Christmas in the first episode of season one?

A Tattoo

Which cartoonist created The Simpsons?

Matt Groening

Which prime minister welcomed the Simpsons to England?

Tony Blair

What tattoo did Bart get on the first Simpsons Christmas episode?

The word "Moth"

When Homer became a baseball mascot, what was his name?

Dancing Homer

What was Homer's job at Mr. Burns's casino?

Blackjack dealer

What is the name of the principal at Springfield Elementary School?

Seymour Skinner

Which fraternity is Smithers a member of?

Alpha Tau

After babysitting Bart & Lisa, what did Lionel Hutz rename himself?

Miguel Sanchez

Questions: 8
Difficulty: Hard
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What celebrity does the voice for Sideshow Bob?

Kelsey Grammer Click to see the answer

Who was Bart Simpson’s voice actor?

Nancy Cartwright

In the episode "Tales from the Public Domain," what famous character role does Bart play?


Bart gathers a posse to go to what town to save Springfield's lemon tree?


Who is the voice actor for Homer Simpson?

Dan Castellaneta

When Bart is forced to take an intelligence test, what other student does he swap results with?

Martin Prince, Jr.

In the episode "Colonel Homer," Homer is a manager for what country music singer?

Lurleen Lumpkin

In the episode, "Bart to the Future," where does he get his future told?

Indian Casino

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