The Simpsons Trivia

100+ Best The Simpsons Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 29th, 2023

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie live in a world filled with all strange (and frankly really funny) circumstances and occurences. But behind this peculiar family lives a popular world that has become a thing of pop culture. You can't have family cartoon sitcoms without thinking about "The Simpsons." So let's test your Simpsons trivia know-how shall we?

The Simpsons Family Members Trivia

Question: What is Bart’s full name?

Answer: Bartholomew Jojo Simpson

Question: Who is Homer’s mother?

Answer: Mona

Question: What are the names of Marge's sisters?

Answer: Patty and Selma

Question: What was Maggie's first word?

Answer: Daddy

Question: What’s the name of the Simpsons’ pet dog?

Answer: Santa's Little Helper

Question: Bart Simpson has who as his best friend?

Answer: Milhouse Van Houten

Question: What does the J stand for in Homer J Simpson?

Answer: Jay

Question: What’s Marge’s maiden name?

Answer: Bouvier

Question: Who is a vegetarian in the Simpsons family?

Answer: Lisa Simpson

Question: What is the name of Simpson's current cat?

Answer: Snowball

The Simpsons General Trivia

Question: What was the natural hair color of Marge?

Answer: Grey

Question: What is Marge's father's name?

Answer: Clancy

Question: What colour is the Simpsons iconic sofa?

Answer: Orange

Question: What is Marge’s pet name for Homer?

Answer: Homie

Question: What does Moe call Marge?

Answer: Midge

Question: What board game do the Simpsons play in “Bart the Genius”?

Answer: Scrabble

Question: At which bar Homer frequently drinks?

Answer: Moe's Bar

Question: In which town do the Simpsons live?

Answer: Springfield

Question: What state is The Simpsons based in?

Answer: Oregon

The Simpsons Catchphrases and References Trivia

Question: What’s Mr. Burns’ catchphrase?

Answer: Excellent!

Question: What’s the name of the Simpsons’ friendly neighbor?

Answer: Ned Flanders

Question: Name Lisa’s favorite cartoon characters.

Answer: Happy Little Elves

Question: Who shot Mr. Burns in the two-part mystery episode?

Answer: Maggie Simpson

Question: Who did Marge go with to her high school’s senior prom?

Answer: Artie Ziff

Question: Marge painted several portraits of which Beatle member she had a schoolgirl crush on?

Answer: Ringo

Question: Bart decides to jump the Springfield Gorge with what?

Answer: His skateboard

Question: In the episode "I am Furious Yellow," what is the name of Bart's comic strip?

Answer: Angry Dad

Question: Which cartoonist created The Simpsons?

Answer: Matt Groening

Question: Which prime minister welcomed the Simpsons to England?

Answer: Tony Blair

The Simpsons Voice Actors and Characters Trivia

Question: When Homer became a baseball mascot, what was his name?

Answer: Dancing Homer

Question: What was Homer's job at Mr. Burns's casino?

Answer: Blackjack dealer

Question: What was the name of Milhouse's first girlfriend?

Answer: Samantha Stanky

Question: What is the name of the principal at Springfield Elementary School?

Answer: Seymour Skinner

Question: Which fraternity is Smithers a member of?

Answer: Alpha Tau

Question: After babysitting Bart & Lisa, what did Lionel Hutz rename himself?

Answer: Miguel Sanchez

Question: What celebrity does the voice for Sideshow Bob?

Answer: Kelsey Grammer

Question: Who was Bart Simpson’s voice actor?

Answer: Nancy Cartwright

Question: Who is the voice actor for Homer Simpson?

Answer: Dan Castellaneta

The Simpsons Episodes Trivia

Question: What tattoo did Bart get on the first Simpsons Christmas episode?

Answer: The word "Moth"

Question: In the episode "Tales from the Public Domain," what famous character role does Bart play?

Answer: Hamlet

Question: Bart gathers a posse to go to what town to save Springfield's lemon tree?

Answer: Shelbyville

Question: When Bart is forced to take an intelligence test, what other student does he swap results with?

Answer: Martin Prince, Jr.

Question: In the episode "Colonel Homer," Homer is a manager for what country music singer?

Answer: Lurleen Lumpkin

Question: In the episode, "Bart to the Future," where does he get his future told?

Answer: Indian Casino