Questions: 6
Difficulty: Easy
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What kind of animal does Dr. Melfi dream Tony to be?

A Dog Click to see the answer

Tony runs into a mob informant while taking what child to college in Season 1?


Who tries to bump Tony off in Season 1?


Who plays Tony's cousin Tony Blundetto?

Steve Buscemi

Who is released from prison and committed to house arrest at the start of Season 2?


Who tells Junior that Tony Soprano is in therapy?


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Who takes the lamp with an FBI bug on it in the Sopranos' house in Season 3?

Meadow Click to see the answer

Who dies of a sudden stroke in Season 3?


During the credits, where does Tony Soprano stop at a toll booth?

The New Jersey Turnpike

Who is Joseph Sasso's nickname?


What's the name of the strip club run by Silvio Dante?

Bada Bing!

What's the name of Meadow's black Jewish boyfriend who she meets at school?


The FBI take pictures of the family at a celebration for what character's promotion?


What character constantly has weird dreams?


What is the name of 'The Sopranos' theme song?

Woke Up This Morning

Questions: 25
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The Sopranos' takes place primarily in what state?

New Jersey Click to see the answer

Joe Pantoliano played what character?

Ralph Cifaretto

Jamie-Lynn Sigler played what character on 'The Sopranos'?


What is James Zancone's nickname?


Who talks Tony out of killing his daughter's soccer coach in Season 1?


What is Salvatore Intile's nickname?

Mustang Sally

Who throws a party and trashes Livia's home in Season 2?


Edie Falco plays what character?


What is Phillip Parisi's nickname?

Philly Spoons

Who told Artie about what happened to Artie Bucco's restaurant?


Who killed Ralphie on his own kitchen floor in Season 4?


Salvatore Bonpensiero is better known by what mob nickname?

Big Pussy

Who is Tony Soprano's mother?


What is Anthony Maffei's nikcname?

Tony Black

Who gets diagnosed with an aggressive stomach cancer in Season 3?


Who is Tony's consigliere?


Corrado Soprano is better known by what mob nickname?


What meat market serves as a meeting place for mobsters?


What is Robert Baccalieri Sr.'s nickname?


Who gets tested for ADD after they are caught stealing communion wine in Season 1?


Who plays Tony Soprano?

James Gandolfini

What is the name of the father of the Sopranos?


Lorraine Bracco played what character on 'The Sopranos'?

Dr. Melfi

What psychiatrist tries to treat Tony?

Dr. Melfi

Who kills Matt Bevilaqua in Season 2 and almost gets jail time for it?


Questions: 6
Difficulty: Medium
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Where did Gigi die in Season 3?

On The Toilet Click to see the answer

Who gets offended when he doesn't get a subpoena from the FBI in Season 1?


What famous director does Christopher pal around with in Season 2?

Jon Favreau

Vito Spatafore kills what character in Season 3?


Who believes Livia is hiding a fortune in her house in Season 2?


How did Bacala's wife Karen die in Season 4?

Car Accident

Questions: 9
Difficulty: Medium
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Tony finally begins to grieve for his mother in Season 3 while watching what movie?

The Public Enemy Click to see the answer

What mob boss tries to muscle into Tony's territory in Season 3?

Johnny Sack

Who kills Mustang Sally in Season 3?

Bobby Bacala Sr.

Who has a vision that Hell is run by the Irish in Season 2?


Artie gets a divorce from whom in Season 3?


Who took an acting class that ended in a beating in Season 2?


Matt Bevilaqua tried to assassinate what character in Season 2?


Ralphie nearly blinds Georgie at the strip club while reenacting a scene from what movie?


What school does Meadow decide to attend at the end of Season 2?


Questions: 20
Difficulty: Medium
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What's the name of the racehorse that Tony Soprano once owned?

Pie-O-My Click to see the answer

How did Tony discover that Gloria died in Season 4?


What priest does Carmela strike up an unusual friendship with in Season 1?

Father Phil

Who wears a wire to a Soprano's family funeral in Season 3?

Ray Curto

Who killed Adriana's dog Cosette in Season 4?


Johnny Sack starts a war because of a joke that who told about Jackie's wife in Season 4?


What boss' slow death gives Tony and Junior a chance to vie for his replacement?

Jackie Aprile

What restaurant does Tony set on fire to prevent Artie Bucco from getting whacked?


Who shoots Czech mobster Emil Kolar in the back of the head in the first episode?


The FBI plots to plant a bug in who's basement at the start of Season 3?

Tony Soprano

Who is secretly an informant for the FBI in Season 2?

Big Pussy

Tony, Christopher and Paulie all take a trip to what city in Season 2?


Carmela makes an offer they can refuse to what college's recruiter for Meadow in Season 2?


Who killed retired cop Barry Haydu in Season 4 for killing their father?


Who is Jackie's short-tempered older brother?


Who steals Svetlana's prosthetic leg when she won't hand her over a stolen record collection?


Who does Tony tell that he'll get made at the end of Season 2?


Where did Big Pussy claim he'd been to get rest his aching back at the start of Season 2?

Puerto Rico

Tony regifts what items to his maid's husband from Richie in Season 2?

A Coat

Who falls in love with Davey's house painter brother-in-law Vic Musto in Season 2?


Questions: 6
Difficulty: Hard
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Who is Tony Soprano's lawyer?

Neil Mink Click to see the answer

Who thought when they were auditioning for the show that it was about opera singers?

Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Orange J is one of the bodyguards for what fictional rapper?

Massive Genius

Who killed Rusty Irish?


Who was the show's first choice to play Tony Soprano?

Ray Liotta

Who created 'The Sopranos'?

David Chase

Questions: 19
Difficulty: Hard
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How many Emmys did Edie Falco pick up for her work on 'The Sopranos'?

3 Click to see the answer

How many Emmys did James Gandolfini pick up for his work on 'The Sopranos'?


What member of the Sopranos crime family became a state senator?

Robert Zellman

Who is Eli Kaplan's father-in-law?

Hesh Rabkin

Tanno is a member of what crime family?


Who had to wear a fat suit to play their character on 'The Sopranos'?

Steve Schirripa

What is Paulie's first name?


How does Sgt. Detective Vin Makazian know Tony Soprano?

He Fed Him Info

Who did Tony reach out to broker a deal between him and the Lupertazzi family?

George Paglieri

Who is the beautiful daughter of Zi Vittorio?

Annalisa Zucca

How many times did 'The Sopranos' win an Emmy for Best Drama?


What is Joseph 'Joey' Cogo's other nickname?


Reuben 'The Cuban' Santiago belongs to what crime family?


Who's mugshot is on the office wall in the show's signature strip club?

Frank Sinatra

What's the name of Meadow's soccer coach?

Don Hauser

How many Emmy wins did 'The Sopranos' receive in its six season run?


What does the slang word 'oogatz' mean?


What crime family was caught on tape by the FBI talking about their similarity to the Sopranos?

The DeCavalcantes

How many Emmy nominations did 'The Sopranos' receive in its six season run?


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