The Sopranos Trivia

100+ Best The Sopranos Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: July 6th, 2023

Do you have what it takes to join the family? Dive into the captivating world of 'The Sopranos' with over 100 trivia questions and see if you can rise through the ranks of this legendary crime series!

General The Sopranos Trivia

Question: Tony finally begins to grieve for his mother in Season 3 while watching what movie?

Answer: The Public Enemy

Question: Ralphie nearly blinds Georgie at the strip club while reenacting a scene from what movie?

Answer: Gladiator

Question: What's the name of the racehorse that Tony Soprano once owned?

Answer: Pie-O-My

Question: Carmela makes an offer they can refuse to what college's recruiter for Meadow in Season 2?

Answer: Georgetown

Question: What restaurant does Tony set on fire to prevent Artie Bucco from getting whacked?

Answer: Vesuvio

Question: What boss' slow death gives Tony and Junior a chance to vie for his replacement?

Answer: Jackie Aprile

Question: Johnny Sack starts a war because of a joke that who told about Jackie's wife in Season 4?

Answer: Ralphie

Question: Who wears a wire to a Soprano's family funeral in Season 3?

Answer: Ray Curto

Question: What priest does Carmela strike up an unusual friendship with in Season 1?

Answer: Father Phil

Question: Tony regifts what items to his maid's husband from Richie in Season 2?

Answer: A Coat

Question: What does the slang word 'oogatz' mean?

Answer: Nothing

The Sopranos Episode Plot Trivia

Question: Who is revealed to be an informant for the FBI in the final season of "The Sopranos"?

Answer: Sal Bonpensiero

Question: Which character dreams of becoming a movie producer and starts his own production company?

Answer: Christopher Moltisanti

Question: What is the name of Tony Soprano's boat?

Answer: The Stugots

Question: Who becomes the acting boss of the DiMeo crime family during Tony Soprano's coma in Season 6?

Answer: Bobby "Bacala" Baccalieri

Question: Which character is diagnosed with cancer and undergoes chemotherapy during the series?

Answer: Uncle Junior

Question: Who does Tony Soprano have a tumultuous affair with in Season 1?

Answer: Gloria Trillo

Question: What is the name of the Russian mobster whom Paulie Walnuts and Christopher chase into the woods?

Answer: Valery

Question: Which character becomes a drug addict and has a strained relationship with her mother, Livia?

Answer: Meadow Soprano

Question: Who kills Richie Aprile, Tony's former brother-in-law, in Season 2?

Answer: Janice Soprano

Question: Which character is murdered by Tony Soprano in the infamous "Pine Barrens" episode?

Answer: Valery

Question: What happens to Tony Soprano at the end of the series?

Answer: The screen cuts to black, leaving his fate ambiguous.

Question: Who kills Christopher Moltisanti in Season 6?

Answer: Tony Soprano

Question: Which character has a near-death experience and believes he saw the afterlife during his coma?

Answer: Tony Soprano

Question: What is the name of Tony's therapist throughout the series?

Answer: Dr. Jennifer Melfi

Question: Which character dies in a car crash while driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol?

Answer: Ralph Cifaretto

The Sopranos Deaths Trivia

Question: How did Bacala's wife Karen die in Season 4?

Answer: Car Accident

Question: Where did Gigi die in Season 3?

Answer: On The Toilet

Question: Who kills Mustang Sally in Season 3?

Answer: Bobby Bacala Sr.

Question: Matt Bevilaqua tried to assassinate what character in Season 2?

Answer: Christopher

Question: Who kills Adriana's dog Cosette in Season 4?

Answer: Christopher

Question: How did Tony discover that Gloria died in Season 4?

Answer: Suicide

Question: Who killed retired cop Barry Haydu in Season 4 for killing their father?

Answer: Christopher

The Sopranos Relationships Trivia

Question: Who believes Livia is hiding a fortune in her house in Season 2?

Answer: Janice

Question: What famous director does Christopher pal around with in Season 2?

Answer: Jon Favreau

Question: Who gets offended when he doesn't get a subpoena from the FBI in Season 1?

Answer: Christopher

Question: Artie gets a divorce from whom in Season 3?

Answer: Charmaine

Question: What school does Meadow decide to attend at the end of Season 2?

Answer: Columbia

Question: Who is Jackie's short-tempered older brother?

Answer: Richie

Question: Who falls in love with Davey's house painter brother-in-law Vic Musto in Season 2?

Answer: Carmela

Question: Who does Tony tell that he'll get made at the end of Season 2?

Answer: Christopher

Criminal Activities Trivia

Question: Vito Spatafore kills what character in Season 3?

Answer: Jackie

Question: What mob boss tries to muscle into Tony's territory in Season 3?

Answer: Johnny Sack

Question: Tony, Christopher, and Paulie all take a trip to what city in Season 2?

Answer: Naples

Question: Who is secretly an informant for the FBI in Season 2?

Answer: Big Pussy

Question: The FBI plots to plant a bug in who's basement at the start of Season 3?

Answer: Tony Soprano

Question: Who shoots Czech mobster Emil Kolar in the back of the head in the first episode?

Answer: Christopher

The Sopranos Production & Awards Trivia

Question: Who created 'The Sopranos'?

Answer: David Chase

Question: Who was the show's first choice to play Tony Soprano?

Answer: Ray Liotta

Question: How many Emmy nominations did 'The Sopranos' receive in its six-season run?

Answer: 112

Question: What crime family was caught on tape by the FBI talking about their similarity to the Sopranos?

Answer: The DeCavalcantes

Question: How many Emmy wins did 'The Sopranos' receive in its six-season run?

Answer: 21

Question: How many Emmys did Edie Falco pick up for her work on 'The Sopranos'?

Answer: 3

Question: How many times did 'The Sopranos' win an Emmy for Best Drama?

Answer: 2

Question: How many Emmys did James Gandolfini pick up for his work on 'The Sopranos'?

Answer: 3

Miscellaneous The Sopranos Trivia

Question: Who killed Rusty Irish?

Answer: Mikey

Question: Orange J is one of the bodyguards for what fictional rapper?

Answer: Massive Genius

Question: Who thought when they were auditioning for the show that it was about opera singers?

Answer: Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Question: Who is Tony Soprano's lawyer?

Answer: Neil Mink

Question: What's the name of Meadow's soccer coach?

Answer: Don Hauser

Question: Who's mugshot is on the office wall in the show's signature strip club?

Answer: Frank Sinatra

Question: Reuben 'The Cuban' Santiago belongs to what crime family?

Answer: DiMeo

Question: What is Joseph 'Joey' Cogo's other nickname?

Answer: Giovanni

Question: Who is the beautiful daughter of Zi Vittorio?

Answer: Annalisa Zucca

Question: Who did Tony reach out to broker a deal between him and the Lupertazzi family?

Answer: George Paglieri

Question: How does Sgt. Detective Vin Makazian know Tony Soprano?

Answer: He Fed Him Info

Question: What is Paulie's first name?

Answer: Peter

Question: Who had to wear a fat suit to play their character on 'The Sopranos'?

Answer: Steve Schirripa

Question: Tanno is a member of what crime family?

Answer: Zucca

Question: Who is Eli Kaplan's father-in-law?

Answer: Hesh Rabkin

Question: What member of the Sopranos crime family became a state senator?

Answer: Robert Zellman