Apple Trivia

125+ Best Apple Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: July 11th, 2023

Are you an Apple aficionado? Discover fascinating facts and tidbits about your favorite tech company with over 125 Apple trivia questions. From Steve Jobs to iconic products, challenge your knowledge and see how much you really know about the world of Apple.

General Apple Trivia

Question: Which singer/songwriter tried to sue Apple for trademark infringement?

Answer: Bob Dylan

Question: From which app do you purchase music?

Answer: iTunes

Question: The headquarters of Apple Inc. are in which US state?

Answer: California

Question: Which iPhone introduced the Nike+ feature?

Answer: 3GS

Question: The first gen iPhone came with what DRAM?

Answer: 128 MB

Question: The 2nd gen of the MacBook Pro was known as what?

Answer: Unibody

Question: The Apple store on Fifth Avenue is known as the what?

Answer: Cube

Question: What would Ronald Wayne's share of Apple be worth today if he hadn't sold out?

Answer: $22bn

Question: The Siri voice assistant first appeared on which model iPhone?

Answer: 4S

Question: Macintosh TV first made an appearance in which year?

Answer: 1995

Question: What was the first iPod model released?

Answer: iPod

Question: The water contact indicators on Apple turn from white to what color when they touch water?

Answer: Red

Question: Bill Gates invested how much in Apple in 1997?

Answer: $150m

Question: The iPhone OS is known as what?

Answer: iOS

Question: What was the last iPhone to use a Samsung processor?

Answer: 3GS

Question: What is the highest memory available in the iPad Mini 3?

Answer: 128GB

Question: Which gen of the iPod Shuffle saw the controls moved to the ear bud cable?

Answer: 3rd

Question: Which model of the iPhone 5S was discontinued in September 2014?

Answer: 64GB

Question: The front cameras on the iPad Minis are how many MP?

Answer: 1.2

Question: The iPod models released in 2007 were the first to have which Windows OS?

Answer: XP

Question: What was the first jailbreak to occur on an iPad in 2010?

Answer: Spirit

Question: Wi-Fi first made an appearance on which gen iPod Touch?

Answer: First

Question: The iPhone 3GS was the first to offer how much memory?

Answer: 32GB

Question: What is the smallest display to appear on an iPhone?

Answer: 3.5'

Apple Products Trivia

Question: Which global positioning system arrived with the iPhone 4S?


Question: Phone calls can be made on an iPad using what?

Answer: VoIP

Question: Apple gave us which much-anticipated product in 2010?

Answer: iPad

Question: What arrived in 2008?

Answer: App Store

Question: What is the latest version of the Mac OS X?

Answer: Yosemite

Question: What is the symbol for EDGE on an iPhone status bar?

Answer: E

Question: The first 3 generations of the iPad had which connector?

Answer: 30 Pin

Question: The first iPad to have Touch ID is what?

Answer: Air 2

Question: The latest form of iPhone SIM card is what?

Answer: Nano

Question: The first iPod not to have a screen was which model?

Answer: Shuffle

Question: The current iPads run on which operating system?

Answer: iOS 8

Question: Which generation of the iPhone is the current model?

Answer: 8

Question: Which iPhone introduced the retina recognition?

Answer: 4

Question: The 4th gen iPod Touch was the first to have what?

Answer: 2 Cameras

Question: Which iPod has dual cameras?

Answer: Touch

Question: Which of the following is a Mac accessory?

Answer: Magic Trackpad

Question: The iPod Touch has which of the following?

Answer: Retina Display

Question: What is the oldest iPhone that will be compatible with the Apple Watch?

Answer: 5

Question: How many semesters did Steve Jobs attend before dropping out of college?

Answer: 1

Question: Which famous sci-fi film inspired the name iPod?

Answer: 2001 A Space Odyssey

Question: How many generations of iPod Nano were there?

Answer: 7

Question: The LED flash first appeared on which iPhone?

Answer: 4

Question: As of 2014, how many versions of the iPad have there been?

Answer: 6

Question: The current iPad has which CPU?

Answer: 1.5 GHz tri-core

Question: The first gen iPhone had which of the following in place?

Answer: Corning Gorilla Glass

Question: Which gen iPod Classic was the first to have video playback?

Answer: 5th

Question: Which iPhone was offered in the greatest range of color choices?

Answer: 5C

Question: The iPad Minis have what size display?

Answer: 7.9'

Apple History Trivia

Question: The name Macintosh comes from a cultivator of what fruit?

Answer: Apple

Question: What did Apple introduce in 2006 to help users install Windows XP and Vista onto their Macs?

Answer: Boot Camp

Question: What was the last product launch Steve Jobs attended before his death?

Answer: iCloud

Question: Who was the man affectionately known as Mr. Apple?

Answer: Steve Jobs

Question: The rainbow Apple logo was replaced in which year?

Answer: 1999

Question: How old was Steve Jobs when he passed away in 2011?

Answer: 56

Question: The iconic 1984 Apple ad was shown during which major sporting event?

Answer: Super Bowl

Question: LG accused Apple of basing the design of the iPhone on which of their models?

Answer: Prada

Question: Which Mexican company sued Apple over a brand name?

Answer: iFone

Question: The first Apple computer was given what name?

Answer: Apple I

Question: Apple had how many founders?

Answer: 3

Question: Apple is the second-largest tech company in the world in terms of revenue after who?

Answer: Samsung

Question: Who did Apple surpass in 2010 to become the world's most valuable technology company?

Answer: Microsoft

Question: Actor Jeff Goldblum appeared in an ad for what product in 2000?

Answer: iMovie

Question: Which other Steve was a founder of Apple?

Answer: Wozniak

Question: What was Mike Markkula's pen name when he wrote programs for Apple?

Answer: Johnny Appleseed

Question: What is Steve Wozniak's nickname?

Answer: Wizard of Woz

Question: Which scientist featured on the first-ever Apple logo?

Answer: Isaac Newton

Question: Steve Jobs passed away in which year?

Answer: 2011

Question: The three founders of Apple had all originally worked where?

Answer: Atari

Question: Which company started selling branded iPods under Apple license in 2004?

Answer: HP

Question: Apple was founded in which year?

Answer: 1976

Apple Design Trivia

Question: Which security slot was the first one on the MacBook?

Answer: Kensington

Question: All iPad Minis have what kind of backlighting?

Answer: LED

Question: Users sent music to each other's iPods via what?

Answer: Bluetooth

Question: Designer Jonathan Ive has appeared in the same style of what in every Apple presentation?

Answer: T-Shirt

Question: 60% of the batteries used in Apple products are made where?

Answer: Taiwan

Question: Which animal hybrid was in the Cairo font of the original Macintosh?

Answer: Dogcow

Question: The use of 2 fingers to enlarge or shrink an image is known as what?

Answer: Pinching

Question: iPhones offer push emails via which platform?

Answer: MobileMe

Question: The entire unibody of the MacBook Air Platinum is made from which precious metal?

Answer: Platinum

Question: The maps feature on iPhones is provided by who?

Answer: Google

Question: The iPhone uses which Internet browsing system?

Answer: Safari

Question: Which form of display did an Apple patent reveal in 2013?

Answer: Wraparound

Question: Siri is on which iPod?

Answer: Touch

Question: All iPad Minis have cameras of what MP?

Answer: 5

Question: Which other app do you purchase music from?

Answer: iTunes

Apple Product Features & Specs Trivia

Question: LCD stands for what?

Answer: Liquid Crystal Display

Question: The Gyroscope offers stability when doing what with an Apple device?

Answer: Shooting a Video

Question: FaceTime first appeared on which iPhone?

Answer: 4

Question: The 'byte' out of the Apple logo is to prevent it being mistaken for which fruit?

Answer: Cherry Tomato

Question: What is needed to replace the battery in an iPod Nano?

Answer: Soldering Iron

Question: Early iPod Nanos had which traditional feature?

Answer: Click Wheel

Question: Why is the Touch ID in place?

Answer: To Unlock the Phone

Question: GUI is short for what?

Answer: Graphical User Interface

Question: The Apple l basically consisted of what?

Answer: Circuit Board

Question: Which of the following actors was in an ad for Siri in 2012?

Answer: Samuel L Jackson

Question: The iSight camera was first available in which gen iPod Touch?

Answer: 5th

Question: The largest plant belonging to Foxconn is in which country?

Answer: China

Question: The ad for the first Macintosh computer was inspired by which classic novel?

Answer: 1984

Question: Which company filed a lawsuit against Apple in 2009 for patent infringements?

Answer: Nokia

Question: Ebooks can be read on the iPad in which format?

Answer: ePub

Miscellaneous Apple Trivia

Question: Who was the last person the Apple website homepage paid tribute to?

Answer: Robin Williams

Question: How many day was there between the announcement of the iPad Mini 3 and its release?

Answer: 6

Question: A 2014 ad was for which of the following?

Answer: Beats Headphones

Question: What MP cameras did the 1st gen iPad have?

Answer: It didn't have cameras

Question: Apple announced the arrival of which product in September 2014?

Answer: Apple Watch

Question: What is Siri?

Answer: Personal Assistant App

Question: Apple's first scanner had which inventive name?

Answer: Apple Scanner

Question: The front camera first appeared on which iPhone?

Answer: 4

Question: iTunes generated how much income in 2010?

Answer: $4bn

Question: Many of the first generation of which iPod was recalled due to overheating issues?

Answer: Nano

Question: The 5th gen of which iPod was the first to have a video camera?

Answer: Nano

Question: The MacBook Pro arrived on the market in which year?

Answer: 2006

Question: The oldest iPhone still in production is what?

Answer: 5C

Question: Which company filed a lawsuit against Apple in 2009 for patent infringements?

Answer: Nokia

Question: There were how many iPhones sold in the last quarter of 2014?

Answer: 74.5m