Australian History Trivia

100+ Best Australian History Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 30th, 2023

Discover fascinating facts about Australian history with over 200 trivia questions and answers. From famous bushrangers to iconic landmarks, challenge yourself and unravel the rich tapestry of Australia's past.

General Australian History Trivia

Question: In which year did New Zealand become a separate colony from New South Wales?

Answer: 1841

Question: How many ships made up the 'First Fleet' of British vessels which arrived in Sydney in 1788?

Answer: 11

Question: ANZAC forces in WW1 were drawn from Australia and which other country?

Answer: New Zealand

Question: In which year did the first free immigrants arrive in Australia from the UK?

Answer: 1793

Question: In which year did the First Fleet of British ships arrive in Sydney Harbour?

Answer: 1788

Question: Transportation of convicts to New South Wales was stopped in which decade?

Answer: 1840s

Question: How many convicts in total were sent to Australia in the 19th century?

Answer: 160,000

Question: In which year was the colony of Western Australia founded at Perth?

Answer: 1829

Question: In which decade did laws first pass to protect rights of Aboriginal people?

Answer: 1960s

Question: In which year was the name of the first inland European settlement, founded in 1815?

Answer: Bathurst

Question: Who was the first European explorer to sail along the eastern coast of Australia?

Answer: James Cook

Question: Which city hosted the 2000 Summer Olympics in Australia?

Answer: Sydney

Question: In which year did Australia become a federation and gain independence from Britain?

Answer: 1901

Question: Who was the first Prime Minister of Australia?

Answer: Edmund Barton

Question: What was the original name of Melbourne before it was changed?

Answer: Batmania

Question: Who was the first European to explore and map the coastline of Australia?

Answer: Willem Janszoon

Question: In which year did the Eureka Stockade rebellion take place in Ballarat, Victoria?

Answer: 1854

Question: What was the name of the famous female outlaw who operated in the Australian bushranger era?

Answer: Ned Kelly

Question: Which group of islands in the Pacific Ocean are territories of Australia?

Answer: The Torres Strait Islands

Question: What was the name of the famous Australian woman who fought for women's suffrage?

Answer: Vida Goldstein

Question: In which year did the Snowy Mountains Scheme, a large-scale hydroelectricity and irrigation project, commence?

Answer: 1949

Question: Who was the first Aboriginal Australian to be elected to the Australian Parliament?

Answer: Neville Bonner

Question: What was the name of the controversial policy that aimed to assimilate Indigenous Australians into mainstream society?

Answer: The Stolen Generations

Question: Which Australian city experienced a major earthquake in 1989?

Answer: Newcastle

Question: In which year was the Australian national anthem "Advance Australia Fair" officially adopted?

Answer: 1984

Australian Independence Trivia

Question: In which century did bushranger Ned Kelly live?

Answer: 19th

Question: In which century did James Cook first land at Botany Bay?

Answer: 18th

Question: Dirk Hartog explored Western Australia in which century?

Answer: 17th

Question: Which city became the capital of Australia in 1911?

Answer: Canberra

Question: What killed Heath Ledger in 2008?

Answer: Overdose

Question: In which year did Australia vote yes to marriage equality?

Answer: 2017

Question: In which year did Australia become an independent nation?

Answer: 1901

Question: Bombings in which holiday area killed 88 Australians in 2002?

Answer: Bali

Question: The 1960s Konfrontasi conflict took place in which country?

Answer: Indonesia

Question: What was the name of the first Australian saint?

Answer: Mary MacKillop

Question: In which year did Australia gain complete legislative independence from the British Parliament?

Answer: 1986

Question: What is the official national day of Australia that commemorates its independence?

Answer: Australia Day (January 26th)

Question: Prior to gaining independence, what was the legal status of Australia within the British Empire?

Answer: It was a collection of British colonies.

Question: Who was the British monarch at the time of Australia's independence?

Answer: Queen Elizabeth II

Question: Which act of the British Parliament granted Australia the power to amend its own Constitution without British involvement?

Answer: Australia Act 1986

Question: Which Australian Prime Minister played a significant role in advocating for Australia's independence from Britain?

Answer: Gough Whitlam

Question: Which Australian state was the first to achieve responsible government, a step towards independence?

Answer: New South Wales

Question: In which year did the Australian flag officially become the national flag of Australia?

Answer: 1954

Question: What is the significance of the 1967 referendum in relation to Australian independence?

Answer: It granted the Australian government the power to legislate for Indigenous Australians, removing discriminatory laws.

Question: What was the name of the report published in 1986 that recommended Australia's full legislative independence?

Answer: The Australia Acts Review Report

Australian Landmarks Trivia

Question: A famous bridge over which harbor opened in 1932?

Answer: Sydney

Question: What structure was designed by John Job Crew Bradfield?

Answer: Sydney Harbour Bridge

Question: What is the logo of Qantas, founded in 1920?

Answer: Kangaroo

Question: What is the iconic rock formation in the Northern Territory that is sacred to the Anangu Aboriginal people?

Answer: Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Question: Which architectural marvel in Sydney is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Australia?

Answer: Sydney Opera House

Question: What is the name of the natural wonder located in Queensland that is composed of over 2,900 individual reefs?

Answer: Great Barrier Reef

Question: Which bridge in Sydney is nicknamed "The Coathanger" due to its distinctive shape?

Answer: Sydney Harbour Bridge

Question: Which natural rock formation in Tasmania is known for its unique columnar jointing and hexagonal pillars?

Answer: The Organ Pipes

Question: What is the famous rock formation located on the coastline of Victoria that resembles a shipwreck?

Answer: Twelve Apostles

Question: Which natural landmark in the Australian Outback is often referred to as "The Red Centre"?

Answer: Alice Springs

Question: What is the name of the iconic sandstone monolith in Western Australia known for its wave-like formations?

Answer: Wave Rock

Question: Which famous white sand beach in Queensland stretches over 75 miles (120 kilometers)?

Answer: Whitehaven Beach

Question: What is the name of the national park in Western Australia that features the horizontal-striped Bungle Bungle Range?

Answer: Purnululu National Park

Australian Sports & Entertainment Trivia

Question: Phar Lap was a 1930s champion in which sport?

Answer: Horse racing

Question: Which sport in the 1930s saw the Bodyline Tour?

Answer: Cricket

Question: Dennis Lillee was famous in which sport in the 1970s?

Answer: Cricket

Question: Rod Laver was from which part of Australia?

Answer: Queensland

Question: What sport did Margaret Court play in the 1960s and 1970s?

Answer: Tennis

Question: In which sport did Dawn Fraser compete in the 1960s?

Answer: Swimming

Question: Duke Kahanamoku introduced which sport to Australia in 1915?

Answer: Surfing

Question: In which month of the year is Australia Day?

Answer: January

Question: How many times did Rod Laver win the tennis Grand Slam?

Answer: 2

Question: Rock band AC/DC formed in which decade?

Answer: 1970s

Australian Geography Trivia

Question: Botany Bay, home to Australia's first colony, is near which modern city?

Answer: Sydney

Question: What was the name of the island between Australia and New Zealand founded as a penal colony in 1788?

Answer: Norfolk Island

Question: There is archaeological evidence for people in Australia how many years ago?

Answer: 65,000

Question: In which city was the first Australia-England cricket test match played in 1877?

Answer: Melbourne

Question: In which city is Edith Cowan University named after Australia's first woman MP?

Answer: Perth

Question: Which part of Australia was originally called Van Diemen's Land?

Answer: Tasmania

Question: There are how many feral rabbits in Australia?

Answer: 150 million

Question: Australia's first live-saving club was founded at which beach in 1907?

Answer: Bondi

Question: 12,000 years ago, rising sea levels turned which part of Australia into an island?

Answer: Tasmania

Question: In which city did Ian Thorpe win his first Olympic gold medals?

Answer: Sydney

Prominent Australians Trivia

Question: Lawrence Hargrave was a pioneer in which field?

Answer: Aviation

Question: Fred Hollows was a specialist in which field?

Answer: Medicine

Question: Herbert Vere Evatt helped write the Constitution of which body?

Answer: United Nations

Question: John Curtin was Australian Prime Minister during which conflict?

Answer: World War 2

Question: Gough Whitlam became Prime Minister of Australia in which decade?

Answer: 1970s

Question: Elizabeth Blackburn won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in which decade?

Answer: 2000s

Question: What Scottish town completed the name of the Paul Hogan character, Crocodile?

Answer: Dundee

Question: What was the first name of actor and Crocodile Dundee star Mr. Hogan?

Answer: Paul

Question: Hieu Van Le, a former refugee from which country became governor of which state in 2014?

Answer: South Australia

Question: In which decade was Sydney University founded?

Answer: 1850s

Question: What is the nickname of poet Andrew Paterson?

Answer: Banjo

Question: Andrew 'Banjo' Paterson is famous in which field?

Answer: Poetry

Question: Reg Grundy was a famous Australian in which field?

Answer: Television

Question: Nellie Melba made her name in which field?

Answer: Singing

Question: Richie Benaud was best known for commenting on which sport?

Answer: Cricket

Question: Sir Joseph Banks explored which aspect of Australia?

Answer: Botany

Question: Greg Norman made his name playing which sport?

Answer: Golf

Question: Errol Flynn was famous in which field?

Answer: Acting

Question: Michael Hutchence made his name in which field?

Answer: Music

Question: Robert Murray was famous in which field of the Arts?

Answer: Ballet

Australian Culture Trivia

Question: In which year was 'Neighbors' first broadcast?

Answer: 1985

Question: Quintus Servinton, the first Australian novel, was written in which decade?

Answer: 1830s

Question: In which year did the Sydney Opera House open?

Answer: 1973

Question: Elizabeth Macarthur was instrumental in developing which industry?

Answer: Sheep

Question: What was the surname of Edmund, the first Australian Prime Minister?

Answer: Barton

Question: What was the name of the ship in which Captain Cook explored Australia in 1770?

Answer: Endeavour

Question: What nationality was Luis Vaez de Torres, after whom the Torres Strait is named?

Answer: Spanish

Question: In which decade were the Wiggles children's entertainment group founded?

Answer: 1990s

Question: What was the first name of Flinders, who charted most of the Australian coast?

Answer: Matthew

Question: In which decade did Olivia Newton-John rise to fame in the music industry?

Answer: 1970s