Canada Trivia

201+ Best Canadian History Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 29th, 2023

Discover fascinating facts about Canadian history with our collection of over 200 trivia questions and answers. From the Klondike Gold Rush to Tim Hortons, challenge your friends and family with these fun and engaging trivia tidbits.

Canada History Trivia

Question: How long did Conrad Black spend in prison for fraud in 2005?

Answer: 6 years

Question: Gaspar de Corte-Real first sailed around which part of Canada?

Answer: Newfoundland

Question: The Marquis de Montcalm faced General Wolfe at which battle?

Answer: Plains of Abraham

Question: Sir Guy Carleton was an early British governor of which part of Canada?

Answer: Quebec

Question: Louis Riel was hanged for treason at a jail in which city in 1885?

Answer: Regina

Question: Which city hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988?

Answer: Calgary

Question: What was found at Leduc, Alberta in 1947?

Answer: Oil

Question: Edward Cornwallis founded which settlement in 1749?

Answer: Halifax

Question: Canada boycotted the Olympics in which country in 1980?

Answer: Soviet Union

Question: How often is a census taken in Canada?

Answer: 5 years

Question: Which new Canadian territory was created in 1999?

Answer: Nunavut

Question: Which coin was discontinued in Canada in 2013?

Answer: Penny

Question: Which country invaded Canada in 1812?

Answer: United States

Question: In which decade was Cirque Du Soleil established?

Answer: 1980s

Question: 6 people were shot outside a mosque in which city in 2017?

Answer: Quebec

Question: In which decade was Tim Horton's founded?

Answer: 1960s

Question: In which month do Canadians celebrate Canada Day?

Answer: July

Question: In which year did Canada replace 1 dollar bills with coins?

Answer: 1989

Question: In which century did the British start settling in Canada?

Answer: 17th

Question: What was the name of Canada's first female Prime Minister?

Answer: Kim Campbell

Question: The Klondike Gold Rush took place in which part of Canada?

Answer: Yukon

Question: Sidney Altman won the 1989 Nobel Prize in which field?

Answer: Chemistry

Question: Which province joined Canada in 1949?

Answer: Newfoundland

Question: The Expo 67 World Fair was held in which city in 1967?

Answer: Montreal

Question: In which century was the first Canadian census taken?

Answer: 19th

Question: Canada's maple leaf flag was adopted in which decade?

Answer: 1960s

Question: A ban on catching which fish came into effect in 1992?

Answer: Cod

Question: Which city did Halifax replace as the capital of Nova Scotia?

Answer: Annapolis Royal

Question: People from which First Nation attacked Lachine in 1689?

Answer: Iroquois

Question: Nunavut was created out of which province in the 1980s?

Answer: Northwest Territory

Question: Which birthday did the Canadian flag celebrate in 2015?

Answer: 50th

Question: What did Alexander Graham Bell invent?

Answer: Telephone

Question: Gold was discovered on a tributary of which river in 1896?

Answer: Klondike

Question: The Great Depression hit Canada in which decade?

Answer: 1930s

Canadian Cities and Events Trivia

Question: Which city hosted the Olympics in 1976?

Answer: Montreal

Question: In which month of 2010 did Canada host the Olympics?

Answer: February

Question: Which city hosted the Winter Olympics in 2010?

Answer: Vancouver

Question: The CN Tower was built in which city in the 1970s?

Answer: Toronto

Question: Canada's largest mall opened near which city in 1981?

Answer: Edmonton

Question: Expo '86 World Fair was held in which Canadian city?

Answer: Vancouver

Question: West Edmonton Mall first opened in which year?

Answer: 1981

Question: In which decade did the St. Lawrence Seaway open?

Answer: 1950s

Question: In which decade was the Canadian Pacific Railway completed?

Answer: 1880s

Question: Colonel Chris Hadfield commanded the International Space Station in which year?

Answer: 2012

Question: When was the second referendum on independence for Quebec?

Answer: 1995

Question: In which year did Chris Hadfield become the first Canadian to walk in space?

Answer: 2001

Question: Who did Justin Trudeau replace as Canadian prime minister?

Answer: Stephen Harper

Question: In which year did Justin Trudeau become Prime Minister?

Answer: 2015

Question: What did Champlain discover in 1615?

Answer: Great Lakes

Question: Samuel de Champlain formed a colony on behalf of which nation in 1608?

Answer: France

Question: Jacques Cartier claimed some Canadian land for the king of which country in 1534?

Answer: France

Question: In the 1790s, Alexander Mackenzie traveled overland to reach which body of water?

Answer: Pacific Ocean

Question: John Cabot, an early explorer of Canada, was from which country?

Answer: Italy

Question: Who discovered the Northwest Passage?

Answer: Amundsen

Question: Which group of Europeans first reached Canada 1000 years ago?

Answer: Vikings

Question: Wildfires in which state required the evacuation of 33,000 in 2017?

Answer: British Columbia

Question: What disaster near McBride in 2016 killed five people on snowmobiles?

Answer: Avalanche

Canada Politics Trivia

Question: How long after Britain and France did Canada declare war on Germany in 1939?

Answer: 7

Question: In which year was minister Pierre Laporte kidnapped by terrorists?

Answer: 1970s

Question: Maurice Duplessis was premier of which province?

Answer: Quebec

Question: What was the three-letter abbreviation of the terrorist group in Quebec in the 1960s?

Answer: FLQ

Question: Brad Wall announced that he was retiring from which field in 2017?

Answer: Politics

Question: The Red River Resistance resulted in the creation of which province?

Answer: Manitoba

Question: How many Iroquois attacked the village of Lachine in 1689?

Answer: 1,500

Question: Which beach was stormed by Canadian troops during the D-Day landings?

Answer: Juno

Question: The 1871 Treaty of Washington gave Americans the right to do what in Canadian territory?

Answer: Fish

Question: How many people were killed in a sea collision near Halifax in 1917?

Answer: 1,600

Question: John Graves Simcoe passed an Act against which practice in 1793?

Answer: Slavery

Canadian Provinces & Territories Trivia

Question: Which became the 10th Canadian province in 1949?

Answer: Newfoundland

Question: In which decade did Alberta and Saskatchewan become part of Canada?

Answer: 1900s

Question: The Social Credit Party was founded in which province in the 1930s?

Answer: Alberta

Question: Quebec was split into how many colonies in 1972?

Answer: 2

Question: A bridge linking Prince Edward Island with which other province opened in 1997?

Answer: New Brunswick

Question: Which province did Joey Smallwood serve as premier?

Answer: Newfoundland

Question: Which was the first province of Canada to embrace democratic government?

Answer: Nova Scotia

Question: How long did Oliver Mowat spend as the leader of Ontario?

Answer: 24 years

Question: Pauline Marois became the first female premier of which province in 2012?

Answer: Quebec

Question: Which Canadian province first gave voting rights to women?

Answer: Manitoba

Question: Sir James Douglas was the founder of which province of Canada?

Answer: British Columbia

Canadian Milestones Trivia

Question: In which decade was Ben Johnson exposed as an athletics drug cheat?

Answer: 1980s

Question: Timothy Eaton started which sort of business in the 19th century?

Answer: Department Store

Question: What anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic was commemorated in 2012?

Answer: 100th

Question: In which year did British Columbia join Canada?

Answer: 1871

Question: In which decade did Pierre Trudeau first become Canadian Prime Minister?

Answer: 1960s

Question: Frederick Banting and Charles Best received the Nobel Prize for work on which disease?

Answer: Diabetes

Question: Which Canadian broke the 100m record in 1997?

Answer: Donovan Bailey

Question: What was Dominion Day renamed as in 1981?

Answer: Canada Day

Question: Linda Evangelista made her name in which field?

Answer: Modeling

Question: In which year was Justin Trudeau born?

Answer: 1971

Question: Justin Trudeau is what number Prime Minister of Canada?

Answer: 23rd

Question: Marc Garneau had which occupation before entering politics?

Answer: Astronaut

Question: Which game did Scott Abbott invent in 1979?

Answer: Trivial Pursuit

Question: Wayne Gretzky made his name in which sport?

Answer: Ice Hockey

Question: Which singer faced assault charges in 2014?

Answer: Justin Bieber

Question: Which Royals toured Canada in 2011?

Answer: William and Kate

Question: Who succeeded George VI as Head of State in Canada in 1952?

Answer: Elizabeth II

Question: Pierre Berton made his name in which field?

Answer: Writing

Question: Cirque Du Soleil was established in which Canadian province?

Answer: Quebec

Question: The Canadian Space Agency was established in which decade?

Answer: 1980s

Question: Chief Tecumseh was the head of which nation?

Answer: Shawnee

Question: Native Canadian chief Obwandiyag was called what by the British?

Answer: Pontiac

Canadian Geography & Landmarks Trivia

Question: Wildfires in which state required the evacuation of 33,000 in 2017?

Answer: British Columbia

Question: A tower in which city replaced the CN Tower as the world's tallest building?

Answer: Dubai

Question: The St Lawrence Seaway linked which Great Lake with the Atlantic?

Answer: Ontario

Question: The boundary between the US and Canada was fixed at which parallel?

Answer: 49th

Canadian Sports Trivia

Question: In which decade was Ben Johnson exposed as an athletics drug cheat?

Answer: 1980s

Question: Linda Evangelista once said she didn't get out of bed for less than which sum?

Answer: $10,000

Question: In which decade was Linda Evangelista a staple of top fashion shows?

Answer: 1980s

Question: How many times in a row did the Blue Jays win the World Series in the early '90s?

Answer: 2

Question: Which NHL team has won the most Stanley Cup championships?

Answer: Montreal Canadiens

Question: Who is the most decorated Canadian Olympian of all time?

Answer: Clara Hughes

Question: In which year did the Toronto Blue Jays win their first World Series championship?

Answer: 1992

Question: Which Canadian city hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics?

Answer: Vancouver

Question: Who is the only Canadian to have won the NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) award?

Answer: Steve Nash

Question: Which Canadian figure skater became the first to land a quadruple jump in competition?

Answer: Kurt Browning

Question: Which Canadian golfer has the most PGA Tour wins?

Answer: Mike Weir

Question: Which Canadian sprinter set the world record in the 100-meter dash at the 1996 Olympics?

Answer: Donovan Bailey

Question: In which sport did Canadian athlete Rosie MacLennan win a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics?

Answer: Trampoline

Question: Who is the most recent Canadian driver to win a Formula One Grand Prix race?

Answer: Lance Stroll

Question: Which Canadian tennis player won the Women's Singles title at the 2019 US Open?

Answer: Bianca Andreescu

Question: In which sport did Canadian athlete Simon Whitfield win a gold medal at the 2000 Olympics?

Answer: Triathlon

Question: Who is the all-time leading scorer in the history of the NHL?

Answer: Wayne Gretzky

Question: Which Canadian boxer won the World Heavyweight Championship in 1994?

Answer: Lennox Lewis

Question: Who is the most decorated Canadian Paralympian of all time?

Answer: Chantal Petitclerc

Miscellaneous Canada Trivia

Question: In which decade did the US and Britain sign the Oregon Boundary Treaty?

Answer: 1840s

Question: The Progressive Conservatives merged with which party in 2003?

Answer: Canadian Alliance

Question: The Famous Five were a group of women's rights activists from which province?

Answer: Alberta

Question: How many people lost their jobs with the end of cod fishing in the 1990s?

Answer: 38,000

Question: Charles Edward Saunders developed what type of revolutionary type of crop in 1907?

Answer: Wheat