Casino Trivia

100+ Best Casino Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: July 6th, 2023

Are you feeling lucky? Dive into the exciting world of casinos with over 100 mind-boggling trivia questions and answers that will keep you entertained and amazed!

General Casino Trivia

Question: Macau, an Asian gambling destination, is a special administrative region of which country?

Answer: China

Question: Which Asian gambling city is known as 'The Monte Carlo of the Orient'?

Answer: Macau

Question: The game of Hazard, developed during the Crusades, evolved into which modern game?

Answer: Craps

Question: What comes after 'Liberty' for the name of the first slot machine?

Answer: Bell

Question: The Mecca brand is associated with which type of gambling in the UK?

Answer: Bingo

Question: What is the name for the winning ratio in favor of the casino?

Answer: Edge

Question: What is the name of the company which runs the UK National Lottery?

Answer: Camelot

Question: What is the name for a tip given to a casino dealer?

Answer: Toke

Question: Which gambling game is known as 'puggies' in Scotland?

Answer: Slot Machines

Question: What color of 'book' is the list of people banned from a certain casino?

Answer: Black

Question: What is the name of the place in the casino where you exchange your chips for cash?

Answer: Cage

Question: What is the minimum age for gambling in most of Europe?

Answer: 18

Question: Which verb means playing in a casino to try to achieve small, regular gains?

Answer: Grind

Question: What number in craps shows if you throw 'snake eyes'?

Answer: 1

Question: What is the name of the Asian gambling game played by four people using special tiles?

Answer: Mahjong

Casino Games Trivia

Question: What is the biggest online slot prize ever won?

Answer: £13.2 million

Question: How old do you have to be to go into a UK casino?

Answer: 18

Question: What color are the dice used in a game of craps?

Answer: Red

Question: What is the name for the mathematical advantage which a casino has over its players?

Answer: House Edge

Question: What French term means betting on the corners in roulette?

Answer: Carr

Question: Spanish 21 is a variation of which popular casino game?

Answer: Blackjack

Question: How many betting positions are there on a baccarat table?

Answer: 14

Question: The first online casinos appeared on the internet in which decade?

Answer: 1990s

Question: What is the value of an ace in Baccarat?

Answer: 0

Question: What do you shout if you cross off all the numbers on your bingo card?

Answer: House

Question: What is the name of the lottery-like gambling game which can be played at casinos?

Answer: Keno

Question: An alternative name for a slot machine is the 'one-armed' what?

Answer: Bandit

Question: Most croupiers start off with which card game as it's one of the easier to learn?

Answer: Blackjack

Question: Which casino game is also called Punto Banco?

Answer: Baccarat

Poker Trivia

Question: How many cards do you need in poker to make a flush?

Answer: 5

Question: Poker was first played with a 52-card deck in which century?

Answer: 19th

Question: Original poker games were played with 20 cards and required how many players?

Answer: 4

Question: What four-letter poker term means to give up by putting your cards on the table?

Answer: Fold

Question: How many cards is each player dealt at the start of a blackjack game?

Answer: 2

Question: In a game of blackjack, an ace can be worth 1, or which other number?

Answer: 11

Question: In poker, what is the name for the cards dealt face up in the middle of the table?

Answer: Community

Question: A 'hard hand' in blackjack means you don't have which card?

Answer: Ace

Famous Gambling People & History Trivia

Question: Which famous physicist turned his intellect to working out how to beat roulette?

Answer: Einstein

Question: What snack was invented by Earl John Montagu in 1765 when he didn't want to leave the gaming table to eat?

Answer: Sandwich

Question: The main prison in which US state used to have a casino inside it?

Answer: Nevada

Question: Which marine animal is also the name of a gambler who gambles lots of money?

Answer: Whale

Question: What comes before 'Jane' in the name of a famous Wild West female poker player?

Answer: Calamity

Question: Which US President used poker winnings to finance his Presidential campaign?

Answer: Nixon

Roulette Trivia

Question: How many extra slots are there on an American roulette wheel compared with the European?

Answer: 1

Question: In roulette, a 'snake bet' is a bet on how many numbers?

Answer: 12

Question: What number appears on the green square on a standard European roulette wheel?

Answer: 0

Question: How many separate pockets are there on the American version of the roulette wheel?

Answer: 38

Question: What is another name for the ball used in a game of roulette?

Answer: Pill

Question: What is the name of the transparent object used by croupiers to mark the winning bet on a roulette wheel?

Answer: Dolly

Question: In roulette, a street is a bet on how many consecutive numbers?

Answer: 3

Bingo & Slot Machines Trivia

Question: What number in bingo is known as 'pick and mix'?

Answer: 26

Question: What number is 'top of the shop' in bingo?

Answer: 90

Question: What number in bingo is called 'Sunset Strip'?

Answer: 77

Question: What number is 'Doctor's Orders' in bingo?

Answer: 9

Question: The Liberty Bell was the first example of which type of gambling equipment?

Answer: Slot Machine

Question: In the UK, slot machines must return what percentage of stakes as winnings?

Answer: 70%

Movies & Famous Personalities Trivia

Question: Who starred in 1995 movie 'Casino' as Sam Rothstein?

Answer: Robert De Niro

Question: Matt Damon movie 'Rounders' is about which casino game?

Answer: Poker

Question: Which footballer lost a reported £500,000 in a casino in less than 2 hours?

Answer: Wayne Rooney

Question: Who stars in 1998 poker movie 'Rounders'?

Answer: Matt Damon

Miscellaneous Casino Trivia

Question: How many dice are used in a game of Yahtzee?

Answer: 6

Question: Riffle, one-handed, and cascade are types of what?

Answer: Shuffle

Question: The roulette term 'sixianne' means betting on a line containing how many numbers?

Answer: 6

Question: Which casino term comes from the poker game jacks or better?

Answer: Jackpot

Question: Card game Saigon 5 Card originated in which country?

Answer: Vietnam

Question: Pachinko parlors started opening in Japan in which decade?

Answer: 1940s

Question: How many players do you need for a game of backgammon?

Answer: 2

Question: What is another name for a pack of cards?

Answer: Deck

Question: What comes before 'Roller' in the name of someone who gambles large sums?

Answer: High