Current Royals Trivia

128+ Best Current Royals Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 15th, 2023

Step into the royal world with our collection of current royals trivia questions! From Queen Elizabeth II to Prince William and Kate Middleton, challenge yourself with these regal facts and see how much you know about today's royal family.


Question: Crown Princess Mary of Denmark comes from which country?

Answer: Australia

Question: In what year was Queen Elizabeth II's coronation?

Answer: 1953

Question: In what year did the then Princess Elizabeth marry Prince Philip?

Answer: 1947

Question: How many bridesmaids did Kate Middleton have?

Answer: Four

Question: What breed of dogs are associated with Queen Elizabeth II?

Answer: Corgis

Question: In which of these did Queen Elizabeth II spend her early years?

Answer: White Lodge

Question: How many years did Prince William study at St Andrews University?

Answer: 4

Question: In what year did the Duchess of Cambridge graduate from university?

Answer: 2005

Question: In which country was Elizabeth II when she found out she had succeeded the throne?

Answer: Kenya

Question: Prince Harry and Meghan issued a picture of their newborn son in June 2019, what is his name?

Answer: Archie

Question: How old was Queen Elizabeth II when she got married?

Answer: 21

Question: In February 2012 Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain celebrated how many years on the throne?

Answer: 60

Question: At what fashion chain did Kate Middleton work as a buyer?

Answer: Jigsaw

Question: From where did Queen Elizabeth II make her first televised Christmas broadcast?

Answer: Sandringham

Question: How many children does Elizabeth II have?

Answer: Four

Question: Queen Elizabeth II appeared in a spoof of which film series at the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony?

Answer: James Bond

Question: Buckingham Palace approximately employs how many people?

Answer: 1200

Question: Elizabeth II is the head of state of how many countries?

Answer: 16

Question: In what year was Princess Anne born?

Answer: 1950

Question: On what day of the week does Queen Elizabeth II usually meet the UK Prime Minister?

Answer: Wednesday

Question: In what month did Kate Middleton and Prince William get married?

Answer: April

Question: At what Welsh University did Prince Charles spend a term?

Answer: Aberystwyth

Question: What are Princess Anne's middle names?

Answer: Elizabeth Alice Louise

Question: What Honor was awarded to Zara Phillips in 2007?

Answer: MBE

Question: Fergie' is the nickname of which ginger-haired member of the Royal Family?

Answer: Duchess of York

Question: In 2012 Queen Elizabeth II celebrated which Jubilee?

Answer: Diamond

Question: In what year did Prince Charles marry for the first time?

Answer: 1981

Question: In what year did Queen Elizabeth II make her first televised Christmas broadcast?

Answer: 1957

Question: In what year was Prince George born?

Answer: 2013

Question: In September 2019, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have started a tour abroad on which continent?

Answer: Africa

Question: Prince Charles is the Prince of where?

Answer: Wales

Question: On what date in 2011 did Prince William marry Kate Middleton?

Answer: 29th April

Question: Prince Philip is the Duke of where?

Answer: Edinburgh

Question: The quote 'You can't possibly be king with ears like that!' was directed at who?

Answer: Prince Charles

Question: In what year was Prince Charles born?

Answer: 1948

Question: In what year was the Duchess of Cambridge born?

Answer: 1982

Question: Whose bum stole some headlines during the 2011 Royal Wedding?

Answer: Pippa Middleton

Question: In what year did Prince Charles marry Lady Diana Spencer?

Answer: 1981

Question: How many siblings does Kate Middleton have?

Answer: Two


Question: What is the name of Queen Elizabeth's oldest son?

Answer: Charles

Question: Where did Prince Andrew go on an exchange programme while at secondary school?

Answer: Canada

Question: What title did Camilla Parker Bowles gain after marrying Prince Charles?

Answer: Duchess of Cornwall

Question: Who is the current Queen of the United Kingdom?

Answer: Elizabeth II

Question: Prince Charles' official residence in London is where?

Answer: Clarence House

Question: Who did Prince William marry on April 29th 2011?

Answer: Kate Middleton

Question: What sport did Zara Phillips' husband Mike play professionally?

Answer: Rugby

Question: Who was the 1,000th member of the Order of the Garter?

Answer: Prince William

Question: Which royal participated at the 1976 Summer Olympics?

Answer: Princess Anne

Question: What type of medal did Zara Phillips win at London 2012?

Answer: Silver

Question: What is the name of Prince Charles' country house?

Answer: Highgrove

Question: Which university did Kate Middleton attend?

Answer: St Andrews

Question: What race did Princess Beatrice run in 2010?

Answer: London Marathon

Question: Meghan Markle married Prince Harry in which month of 2018?

Answer: May

Question: Prince Philip was born into the royal family of which country?

Answer: Denmark

Question: What is the name of the King of Sweden?

Answer: Carl Gustaf

Question: In what year was the Queen's first appearance at Trooping The color?

Answer: 1947

Question: Who is Queen Elizabeth II married to?

Answer: Prince Philip

Question: What secondary school did Princess Anne attend?

Answer: Beneden

Question: What color of uniform did Prince William wear to get married?

Answer: Red

Question: What is the name of the horse Zara Phillips competed on at London 2012?

Answer: High Kingdom

Question: What is the name of the child born to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge in 2013?

Answer: George

Question: How many grandchildren does Princess Anne have?

Answer: 3

Question: Who was the first royal to be interviewed on television?

Answer: Prince Philip

Question: Where is Prince Charles' official London residence?

Answer: Clarence House

Question: What island was Prince Philip born on?

Answer: Corfu

Question: What is Prince William's military rank?

Answer: Flight Lieutenant

Question: How many children does Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall have?

Answer: 2

Question: What is the name of the organic food brand made on Prince Charles estate?

Answer: Duchy Originals

Question: Who is the eldest child of Prince Charles?

Answer: Prince William

Question: Who was Queen Elizabeth II's first Prime Minister?

Answer: Winston Churchill

Question: Who is Queen Elizabeth II heir apparent?

Answer: Charles

Question: What is the Duchess of Cambridge's maiden name?

Answer: Middleton

Question: Which of these countries did Prince Harry visit on his gap year?

Answer: Australia

Question: Which of these is Prince Charles referred to in Scotland?

Answer: Duke of Rothesay

Question: What is Prince Harry's military rank?

Answer: Captain

Question: Zara Phillips married who in 2010?

Answer: Mike Tindall

Question: Where did Kate Middleton go to secondary school?

Answer: Marlborough

Question: What is the family name of the Spanish royal family?

Answer: Borbon

Question: Which foreign language does the Queen speak fluently?

Answer: French

Question: Who did Kate Middleton marry?

Answer: Prince William

Question: What title does Prince Edward use?

Answer: Earl of Wessex

Question: Which royal is the President of the Football Association?

Answer: Prince William

Question: The Queen of Spain is originally from what country?

Answer: Greece

Question: Meghan Markle grew up in which US state?

Answer: California

Question: What did Zara Phillips break falling off her horse in France?

Answer: collar bone

Question: Which royal is Vice Patron of the Rugby Football Union?

Answer: Prince Harry

Question: Paul Emsley painted the first official portrait of who in January 2013?

Answer: Kate Middleton

Question: Who was travelling in the car with Diana when she died?

Answer: Dodi Fayed

Question: What is the principal London residence of Queen Elizabeth II?

Answer: Buckingham Palace

Question: In what year did Prince Charles marry Camilla?

Answer: 2005

Question: What did the Kate Middleton study at university?

Answer: Art History

Question: On what day was Queen Elizabeth II's coronation?

Answer: 2nd June

Question: Which house does the current Queen of England belong to?

Answer: Windsor

Question: Where is the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's official home?

Answer: Kensington Palace

Question: Who is third in line to succeed to the throne?

Answer: Prince George of Cambridge


Question: Who previously wore the engagement ring belonging to Kate Middleton?

Answer: Princess Diana

Question: What newspaper caught Sarah Ferguson on camera trying to sell access to Prince Andrew?

Answer: News of the World

Question: How old was the Queen when she came to the throne?

Answer: 25

Question: In what war did Prince Andrew serve as a helicopter pilot?

Answer: Falklands

Question: Which member of the Royal Family guested on the 200th edition of Question of Sport?

Answer: Princess Anne

Question: How many children does the King of Spain have?

Answer: 3

Question: Which member of the Royal family is left-handed?

Answer: Prince William

Question: What was the name of Prince Charles' book about architecture?

Answer: A Vision of Britain

Question: Of how many countries is the Queen head of state?

Answer: 16

Question: Which homeless charity was supported by Princess Diana, William and Harry?

Answer: Centrepoint

Question: Where were William and Kate on holiday when she was photographed topless?

Answer: France

Question: What are Princess Anne's children called?

Answer: Peter and Zara

Question: Which country's Royal family is known as the House of Orange?

Answer: Netherlands

Question: Who did Prince Andrew marry in 1986?

Answer: Sarah Ferguson

Question: What is the title of the heir to the Spanish throne?

Answer: Prince of Asturias

Question: What is the name of the Queen's residence in Edinburgh?

Answer: Holyrood House

Question: What are Prince George of Cambridge's middle names?

Answer: Alexander Louis

Question: Who is the Queen's youngest child?

Answer: Edward

Question: Which football club does Prince William support?

Answer: Aston Villa

Question: Who also holds the title of Baron Carrickfergus?

Answer: Prince William

Question: In which small African state did Prince Harry work in an orphanage?

Answer: Lesotho

Question: Where did Princess Anne marry her second husband?

Answer: Balmoral Castle

Question: Which country's royals are members of the Order of the Chrysanthemom?

Answer: Japan

Question: Windsor Castle if often home to the Royal Family in which country?

Answer: England

Question: What is the name of Prince Edward's son?

Answer: James

Question: Which surname do both William and Harry use?

Answer: Wales

Question: Who appeared with the Queen in a James Bond sketch at the Olympic opening ceremony?

Answer: Daniel Craig

Question: Which member of the British royal family wrote the book 'The Old Man of Lochnagar'?

Answer: Prince Charles

Question: Which one of the following country in Europe has a royal family?

Answer: The Netherlands

Question: Which King featured in the movie 'The King's Speech?'

Answer: George VI

Question: Who was the first member of the Royal Family to donate blood?

Answer: Prince Charles

Question: What was the name of the Queen's first pony?

Answer: Peggy

Question: What was the name of Queen Victoria's beloved Collie dog, buried in the grounds of Balmoral?

Answer: Noble