Early Art Trivia

65+ Best Early Art Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 15th, 2023

Discover the captivating world of Early Art with over 65 trivia questions and answers that will take you on a journey through famous artists, iconic paintings, and fascinating stories from the art world. Get ready to be amazed by the secrets and masterpieces of the past!


Question: How many parts are there to Dante's 'Divine Comedy'?

Answer: 3

Question: Which parts of Michelangelo's 'The Last Judgment' were painted over by Daniele da Volterra?

Answer: Genitalia

Question: What style was designed to serve the aims of the Counter Reformation by creating religious works that were accessible to the masses?

Answer: Baroque

Question: Which J is the first name of the Dutch artist Vermeer?

Answer: Jan

Question: Which biblical figure and future King of Israel is Michelangelo's most famous sculpture?

Answer: David

Question: Which artist painted 'The Night Watch'?

Answer: Rembrandt

Question: Which animal is at the feet of the paintings subjects in Jan van Eycks 'The Arnolfini Marriage'?

Answer: Dog

Question: Which of these was a famous French artist?

Answer: Edgar Degas

Question: Which artist reputedly never changed his clothes until they had fallen into rags and for many years used the canvas of a portrait as his tablecloth?

Answer: Caravaggio

Question: How much did Paul Cezanne's 'The Card Players' sell for in 2011?

Answer: $250m

Question: What nationality was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

Answer: Austrian

Question: In what year was 'The Scream' painted?

Answer: 1895

Question: Which 18th century French painter is known for voluptuous paintings on classical themes?

Answer: Boucher

Question: Which artist was played by George Sanders in 'The Moon and Sixpence'?

Answer: Paul Gauguin

Question: Who painted the 'Mona Lisa'?

Answer: Leonardo da Vinci

Question: Who painted 'Sunflowers'?

Answer: Vincent van Gogh

Question: What does Saint Peter hold in Leonardo da Vinci's painting 'The Last Supper'?

Answer: Knife

Question: Complete the title of the only painting sold by Van Gogh in his lifetime 'The Red…'?

Answer: Vineyard

Question: In what year was Michelangelo born?

Answer: 1475

Question: In what year did Michelangelo start painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

Answer: 1508

Question: I Raro te Oviri' is the work of which famous artist?

Answer: Paul Gauguin

Question: What completes the title of Irishman George Farquhar's drama 'Love and a ...'?

Answer: Bottle

Question: Which of these was a Dutch Golden Age painter?

Answer: Hals

Question: Which of the following was an Austrian symbolist painter?

Answer: Gustav Klimt

Question: What was the profession of Leonardo da Vinci's father?

Answer: Lawyer

Question: Constructivism originated in which country?

Answer: Russia

Question: Which villain appears in the stories of both 'Little Red Riding Hood' and 'The Three Little Pigs'?

Answer: Big Bad Wolf

Question: Which artist painted 'Jupiter and lo'?

Answer: Correggio

Question: Which of these was a Dutch painter?

Answer: Vincent van Gogh


Question: Throughout which century was the Baroque artistic style prevalent in Europe?

Answer: 17th century

Question: Which Flemish artist painted Adoration of the Kings?

Answer: Brueghel

Question: In which century was porcelain first made in Europe?

Answer: 18th

Question: The painter Fra Angelico was also what?

Answer: A friar

Question: Which artist is considered by many as the most important in Dutch history?

Answer: Rembrandt

Question: Which painter is famous for his work during the Early Renaissance?

Answer: Sandro Botticelli

Question: How many years did Leonardo da Vinci spend painting Mona Lisa's lips?

Answer: 12

Question: Which Italian artist was knighted by Pope Gregory XV in 1621?

Answer: Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Question: In which city would you find many examples of Antoni Gaudi's architecture?

Answer: Barcelona

Question: The painting 'Salvator Mundi' was painted by which Italian master?

Answer: Leonardo da Vinci

Question: Who painted 'The Last Supper'?

Answer: Leonardo da Vinci

Question: Which artist would you be interested in if you visited Jodenbreestraat 4-6 in Amsterdam?

Answer: Rembrandt

Question: Where were the Aubusson tapestries produced?

Answer: France

Question: What was the surname of Renaissance artist and sculptor Michelangelo?

Answer: Buonarroti

Question: Where were the Arras tapestries produced?

Answer: France

Question: Which Italian painter was the father-in-law of artist Andrea Mantegna?

Answer: Jacopo Bellini

Question: Which of these artists happened to share his name with the subject of most of his paintings?

Answer: Canaletto

Question: What was the birth name of Italian painter Pontormo?

Answer: Jacopo Carucci

Question: Where did Rembrandt study?

Answer: Leyden

Question: Which seventeenth century Flemish artist and one time pupil of Peter Paul Rubens was the court painter to Charles the First of England?

Answer: Anthony van Dyck

Question: Which of these famous artists was born Antonio Allegri?

Answer: Correggio

Question: Who collaborated with Andrea del Verrocchio in painting 'The Baptism of Christ'?

Answer: Leonardo da Vinci

Question: In which material did the Art Nouveau designer Rene Lalique work?

Answer: Glass

Question: In which country was Pablo Picasso born in 1881?

Answer: Spain

Question: Which 16th century painter and writer is famous for his biographies of Italian artists?

Answer: Giorgio Vasari


Question: Which famous artistic work was commissioned by Odo, the half-brother of William the Conqueror?

Answer: Bayeux Tapestry

Question: When the Mona Lisa was exhibited in Japan in 1974, how long was each person allowed to view it?

Answer: 10 seconds

Question: Jerome van Aken was the real name of which artist?

Answer: Hieronymus Bosch

Question: What was Vincent van Gogh's first ever job?

Answer: Clerk in his uncle's art dealershhip

Question: The painting 'Davide', which depicts the boy holding Goliath's head, was painted by who?

Answer: Caravaggio

Question: Which artist painted 'The Birth Of Venus and Mars and Venus'?

Answer: Sandro Botticelli

Question: Who said that 'George Frideric Handel was the only person I would wish to see before I die'?

Answer: Johann Sebastian Bach

Question: Which of these famous artists once had to flee Rome after a brawl which caused a man's death?

Answer: Caravaggio

Question: Dali belonged to which artistic school?

Answer: Surrealism

Question: Which pope appointed Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling?

Answer: Pope Julius II

Question: Which of Titian's works was sold for US $71 million in February 2009?

Answer: Diana and Actaeon