Elon Musk Trivia

50+ Best Elon Musk Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: August 25th, 2023

Elon Musk is one of the most iconic people of our time. He's the brains behind Tesla and Space X among many other companies. So how much do you know about him? Let's try out a trivia challenge around Elon's origins, companies, personal preferences, lifestyles, relationships, and so on.

Elon Musk Life and Achievements Trivia

Question: What was Elon Musk's net worth as per Forbes' 2021 World's Billionaires List?

Answer: $151 Billion

Question: What is the name of Elon Musk's younger brother?

Answer: Kimbal Musk

Question: What was Elon Musk's family's economic status during his youth?

Answer: Wealthy

Question: Aged 12, Musk sold his first computer program for $500. It was a video game called what?

Answer: Blastar

Question: Aged 17, Musk left his homeland and moved to Canada. This saved him from what?

Answer: National service

Question: How many siblings does Elon Musk have?

Answer: Two

Question: n 1999 Musk bought himself a _______, for $3.5 million?

Answer: A racing car

Question: What is Elon Musk's ancestry?

Answer: British and Pennsylvania Dutch

Question: What is Elon Musk's birth date?

Answer: June 28, 1971

Question: What is Elon Musk's mother's profession?

Answer: Dietitian

Question: What was Elon Musk's father's occupation?

Answer: Electromechanical engineer

Question: What was Elon Musk's first internship in Silicon Valley? Choices

Answer: Pinnacle Research Institute

Question: What was Elon Musk's PhD program in?

Answer: Materials science

Question: When did Elon Musk develop an interest in computing and video games?

Answer: in his youth

Question: Where was Elon Musk born?

Answer: Pretoria, South Africa

Question: Which parent did Elon Musk live with after his parents divorced?

Answer: with his father

Question: In 2004 Musk became the owner of a company which makes electric cars. It is named after which historical inventor?

Answer: Nikola Tesla

Question: In 2016, Musk founded another company, dedicated to providing tunnels for transportation. What is this company called?

Answer: The Boring Company

Question: What did Elon Musk do in the 1990s?

Answer: He started an internet business called Zip

Question: What did Elon Musk do instead of completing his PhD?

Answer: He founded Zip2

Question: What is Elon Musk's estimated net worth as of October 27, 2022?

Answer: $210 billion

Question: What is one thing that Elon Musk is the owner and CEO of?

Answer: Twitter, Inc..

Question: What is one title that Elon Musk has?

Answer: Business Magnate

Question: What TV show did Musk appear as a guest on in 2015?

Answer: The Simpsons

Question: Who is the president of the Musk Foundation?

Answer: Elon Musk

Elon Musk Works Trivia

Question: How many internships did Elon Musk have in Silicon Valley?

Answer: Two

Question: What did the internet business that Elon Musk started in the 1990s help newspapers do?

Answer: Go online

Question: What has allowed SpaceX to receive contracts from NASA?

Answer: Its success in launching payloads into space

Question: What is one of the things that SpaceX manufactures?

Answer: Advanced rockets

Question: What is one thing that Elon Musk is the president of?

Answer: Musk Foundation

Question: What is one way Elon Musk plans on providing low-cost internet access to the masses?

Answer: With the help of micro-satellites

Question: A company founded by Elon Musk with the goal of developing affordable rockets that could send payloads to space

Answer: SpaceX

Question: What is the Falcon Heavy?

Answer: A spacecraft

Question: What is the industry that Musk is an important figure in?

Answer: The space industry

Question: What is the Musk Foundation?

Answer: A foundation that donates to scientific research and education

Question: What is the Starlink constellation?

Answer: a satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX

Question: What is X.com

Answer: an online financial services and e-mail payment company

Question: What month did the acquisition of Twitter by Musk close?

Answer: October

Question: What was the first launch attempt by SpaceX?

Answer: In 2006

Question: What was the first rocket launched by SpaceX?

Answer: The Falcon 1

Question: What was the first spacecraft launched by SpaceX?

Answer: The Dragon

Question: What was the goal of SpaceX when it was founded by Elon Musk?

Answer: To develop rockets that could send payloads to space at an affordable price

Question: What was the name of the web software company that Musk co-founded in 1995?

Answer: Zip2

Question: What year did the first SpaceX spacecraft dock with the ISS?

Answer: In 2012

Question: When did eBay bought PayPal?

Answer: 2002

Question: When did the US SEC sue Elon Musk over his claim he was taking Tesla private?

Answer: 2018

Question: When was Zip2 acquired by Compaq?

Answer: 1999

Question: Which company is the source of most of Elon Musk's net worth?

Answer: Tesla

Question: Which two newspapers did Zip2 eventually obtain contracts with?

Answer: The Chicago Tribune and the New York Times