Encanto Trivia

47+ Best Encanto Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 15th, 2023

"We don't talk about Bruno, no, no, no." Have you seen the movie "Encanto?" How much did you love it? If you loved it as much as we do, then you should have no problem with this Encanto trivia collection! See how much you know about the movie by taking on the trivia challenge today!


Question: What is the name of the family in Encanto?

Answer: Madrigal

Question: Who does the family not talk about?

Answer: Bruno

Question: In which country is Encanto set?

Answer: Colombia

Question: Who is the only person who didn’t receive a gift?

Answer: Mirabel

Question: Which object created the magical house (casita)? ​​

Answer: The Miracle Candle

Question: What is Abuela’s real name?

Answer: Alma

Question: Who is Bruno for Mirabel?

Answer: Her uncle

Question: Who is Mirabel’s dad?

Answer: Agustín

Question: What is Isabela’s magic power?

Answer: Control the plants

Question: Which insect does Mirabel see in Bruno’s vision?

Answer: A butterfly

Question: Which instrument Luisa is asked to bring to the engagement party?

Answer: A piano

Question: Which song are these lyrics from “It was our wedding day, We were getting ready, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky”

Answer: We Don’t Talk about Bruno

Question: What is Antonio’s gift?

Answer: He can communicate with animals

Question: Where does Bruno hide?

Answer: Behind the walls of the house

Question: Which character ‘can hear a pin drop’?

Answer: Cousin Dolores


Question: What forced Pedro and Alma Madrigal to flee their home village with their infant triplets?

Answer: An armed conflict

Question: How did the attackers kill Pedro?

Answer: with a gun

Question: What protected the Madrigal family from the attackers?

Answer: A magical candle

Question: What was the name of the magical realm where the Madrigals ended up?

Answer: Encanto

Question: What did the Madrigal family use their gifts to do?

Answer: Serve the villagers

Question: What happened to Bruno?

Answer: He disappeared

Question: What did Julieta's youngest daughter, Mirabel, not have?

Answer: A gift

Question: What did Mirabel find in Bruno's room?

Answer: A cave

Question: What happened to Luisa's gift?

Answer: It weakened

Question: What did Mirabel see in the assembled glass?

Answer: A picture of Casita cracking

Question: What are the first words spoken in the movie?

Answer: Abre los ojos

Question: What did Mirabel discover in the forbidden tower?

Answer: A cave

Question: What type of plant did Isabela make that wasn't perfect

Answer: cactus

Question: How old are the Madrigals when they get their gifts?

Answer: 5

Question: How many years did it take to create the film Encanto?

Answer: 5

Question: What does Bruno use as a door to get behind the walls?

Answer: A painting

Question: Who's eye twitches when she's nervous?

Answer: Luisa

Question: Who wrote the original songs in Encanto?

Answer: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Question: What is the difference in age between Dolores and Isabela?

Answer: Isabela is older than Dolores

Question: How old are Mirabel and Camilo?

Answer: 15 years old

Question: What does Dolores' name mean?

Answer: Sorrow

Question: What does Isabela's name mean?

Answer: Beloved

Question: Who was the "Encanto" staff's tour guide in Colombia?

Answer: Camilo Garcia Escobar

Question: What is Camilo's personal iconography?

Answer: Chameleon


Question: Which one of these is not a Madrigal family member?

Answer: Juan

Question: What does Bruno's poncho symbolize?

Answer: His ability to see through "the sands of time"

Question: What is the recurring theme of "We Don't Talk About Bruno"?

Answer: Broken communication

Question: Why is Bruno's absence so strongly felt?

Answer: He was a loved family member

Question: What is the difference between Alma's physical location and the rest of the family's physical location?

Answer: Alma is the only one who is outside the Casita

Question: What does the Spanish word "encanto" mean?

Answer: High appeal or charm

Question: What does Mirabel's grandmother have that is butterfly related?

Answer: a pendant

Question: Where was the Encanto given to the family?

Answer: by the river