Fashion & Design Trivia

100+ Best Fashion & Design Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 15th, 2023

Discover the glamorous world of Fashion & Design with over 100 trivia questions! Test your knowledge on everything from famous designers to iconic fashion trends. Are you ready to strut your stuff on the runway of fashion knowledge?


Question: Which NFL star did Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen marry in 2009?

Answer: Tom Brady

Question: A sleeveless jacket is also known by which term?

Answer: Gilet

Question: The Roberto Cavalli fashion label is based in which country?

Answer: Italy

Question: A pair of chinos are worn on what part of your body?

Answer: On your legs

Question: A common form of men's underwear goes by which of these names?

Answer: Boxers

Question: Marilyn Monroe was famous for having what color hair?

Answer: Blonde

Question: Which country is Justin Bieber from?

Answer: Canada

Question: Pop band The Beatles originated in which city?

Answer: Liverpool

Question: Which part of the body becomes inflamed if you have Dermatitis?

Answer: Skin

Question: The FIFA series of video games feature which sport?

Answer: Soccer

Question: Which item of clothing was rapper Tupac synonymous with wearing?

Answer: Bandana

Question: A 6 pack is which section of defined muscles?

Answer: Abdominal Muscles

Question: Traditionally which group have dreadlocks in their hair?

Answer: Rastafarians

Question: A form of men's underwear goes by which of these name?

Answer: Y-fronts

Question: Skinny trousers are often known by what term?

Answer: Drainpipes

Question: Mascara is a product applied to which body area?

Answer: Eyelashes

Question: TV talent show American Idol is what kind of contest?

Answer: Singing

Question: Which item of female clothing is associated with the term Denier?

Answer: Tights

Question: From which country does fashion designer Paco Rabanne originate?

Answer: Spain

Question: Espadrilles would be worn on which part of your body?

Answer: Feet

Question: A 'five o'clock shadow' is referring to which of these?

Answer: Facial stubble

Question: Which tech company uses the logo of a bird?

Answer: Twitter

Question: Which of these is a treatment for your feet?

Answer: Pedicure

Question: The film Jurassic World centers around which of these?

Answer: Dinosaurs

Question: Sitcom Friends is set in which city?

Answer: New York

Question: Which term can apply to both a T-shirt and a jumper?

Answer: V-neck

Question: U2 frontman Bono is often seen wearing what fashion item?

Answer: Sunglasses

Question: Fashion brand ASOS was founded in which country?

Answer: England

Question: Musician Justin Bieber is from which country?

Answer: Canada

Question: The Call of Duty video game series are of what genre?

Answer: Shoot-em-up

Question: A hairpiece that covers partial baldness is known as what?

Answer: Toupee

Question: Comic Sans MS is which of these things?

Answer: Font

Question: Which limbs have the biceps at the top?

Answer: Arms

Question: Which of these can be affected by a '5 o'clock shadow'?

Answer: Facial Stubble

Question: Makeup applied to the cheeks is known as what?

Answer: Blusher

Question: London's Savile Row is synonymous with which fashion item?

Answer: A Suit

Question: Brazilian model Luciana Gimenez had a son with which rock star?

Answer: Mick Jagger

Question: Fashion model and icon Kate Moss is from which country?

Answer: England

Question: Beyonce is best known for which of these professions?

Answer: Singer

Question: Gabrielle Chanel was more commonly known by what first name?

Answer: Coco


Question: Which of these models was engaged to Brazilian footballer Ronaldo for three months in 2005?

Answer: Daniella Cicarelli

Question: Which of these fruit items grow on trees?

Answer: Plum

Question: Which 2014 film featured Matthew McConaughey leading a team of explorers travelling through a wormhole in space?

Answer: Interstellar

Question: Brazilian model Adriana Lima married which basketball star in 2009?

Answer: Marko Jaric

Question: Who appeared on the cover of the December 2010 edition of Brazilian Playboy?

Answer: Leticia Birkheuer

Question: The heel and sole of a popular style of shoe are known by which of these names?

Answer: Wedge

Question: What is a bob a form of?

Answer: Hairstyle

Question: The colloquial term 'dicky bow' is actually an item that would be worn around which body part?

Answer: Neck

Question: Which model wore a lime green dress designed by Francisco Costa in 2005?

Answer: Elle Macpherson

Question: To keep hair in a particular style you would most likely apply which of these?

Answer: Hairspray

Question: Which designer is famous for produced hats?

Answer: Philip Treacy

Question: What does wearing a visor protect you from?

Answer: Sunshine

Question: The Prada fashion brand started in which Italian city?

Answer: Milan

Question: Which fashion item are Birkenstocks a brand of?

Answer: Sandals

Question: The legendary clothing designer Giorgio Armani is from which country?

Answer: Italy

Question: Which medical term refers to 'within the body'?

Answer: Internal

Question: What type of furniture is an Ottoman?

Answer: Chair

Question: Which of these modern day terms refers to a fashion item that people in the 1960s called Jumpsuits?

Answer: Onesie

Question: Lactation is more commonly known by what term?

Answer: Breastfeeding

Question: The term 'subcutaneous' means what?

Answer: Under The Skin

Question: In addition to a toothbrush and toothpaste which other item is often used to clean teeth?

Answer: Floss

Question: Which shape of a diamond is named after a fruit?

Answer: Pear cut

Question: Which muscle in the human body is the most flexible?

Answer: Tongue

Question: What is the coccyx also known as?

Answer: The Tail Bone

Question: Brazilian model and designer Camila Alves married which actor in 2012?

Answer: Matthew McConaughey

Question: In 1935 which female clothing item was originally made with both cup and band sizes?

Answer: Bras

Question: To which area of the body would you most likely apply a product called conditioner?

Answer: Hair

Question: Which of these actors has Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen dated?

Answer: Leonardo DiCaprio

Question: What is the fashion industry term for a model with a full-figure?

Answer: Plus Sized Model

Question: Which famous America football star is married to Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen?

Answer: Tom Brady

Question: Tights for ladies first appeared in which decade?

Answer: 1960s

Question: Citrus Sinensis is the scientific name for which fruit?

Answer: Orange

Question: What form of clothing are Lyle and Scott famous for?

Answer: Knitwear

Question: Which of these is not a toothpaste brand?

Answer: Secret

Question: The footwear flip-flops are referred to by what other name in some territories?

Answer: Thongs


Question: By adding just one letter, which of these vegetables can become a fruit?

Answer: Pea

Question: Which word appends the Reebok name to form their iconic range of trainers?

Answer: Classics

Question: The adrenal glands are situated by which internal organ?

Answer: Kidneys

Question: A bowler hat is known by what name in France?

Answer: Melon

Question: The historic Doc Martens started life as what fashion item?

Answer: Boots

Question: Which of these is a term for a pregnancy that has ended spontaneously?

Answer: Miscarriage

Question: Which of these countries are most associated with Sombrero hats?

Answer: Mexico

Question: A kurta is what type of garment in Indian culture?

Answer: Shirt

Question: Which of these foods is deemed high in cholesterol?

Answer: Egg Yolks

Question: Shoes with red soles are associated with which designer?

Answer: Christian Louboutin

Question: In fashion terms which of these best describes a kind of pocket?

Answer: Patch

Question: Which of these items is a term for elasticized underwear?

Answer: Girdle

Question: To give jeans their classic blue color, which dye is added to the denim wash?

Answer: Indigo dye

Question: The Photoshop software range was first released in what year?

Answer: 1988

Question: Which body area would a stylist most commonly add highlights to?

Answer: Hair

Question: The fashion label Dolce & Gabbana was founded in which Italian city?

Answer: Milan

Question: Havaianas are a flip-flop brand that originates from which country?

Answer: Brazil

Question: Barbara Hulanicki founded which fashion chain?

Answer: Biba

Question: Shoes that are made of canvas and rope are known by which of these terms?

Answer: Espadrilles

Question: Both Marc Bolan and David Bowie are synonymous with which fashion look?

Answer: Glam rock

Question: Stonewashed' is a term that describes a kind of what fashion item?

Answer: Jeans

Question: Which design house was started in 1953 by someone called Hubert?

Answer: Givenchy

Question: A toque would be worn wear?

Answer: On your head

Question: In scientific terms, whole blood minus the cells is known by what name?

Answer: Plasma

Question: Legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is from which country?

Answer: Germany