Fashion - Japan Trivia

57+ Best Fashion - Japan Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 15th, 2023

Explore the vibrant and unique world of Japanese fashion with these 57+ trivia questions. From Lolita experiences to iconic designer collaborations, discover fascinating facts about the trends, designers, and styles that make Japan's fashion scene so captivating.


Question: What is the name of the studio at Laforet Harajuku that offers Lolita experience?

Answer: Maison de Julietta 

Question: Okawraa Miki, founder of GalaabenD, was involved as a designer for which secondary Calvin Klein line?

Answer: ck Calvin Klein

Question: Kikuchi Takeo is known for producing what type of accessories apart from his clothes collection?

Answer: Eyewear

Question: Beautiful People fashion brand was launched by which designer?

Answer: Kumakiri Hidenori

Question: Which location did Kirarina Keio Kichijoji choose for their 2014 promo fashion event?

Answer: Train

Question: Which fashion brand known for its transparent ear cuffs opened the doors at LaForet Harajuku in 2014?

Answer: M.Y.O.B

Question: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright clothing boutique chain was featured in which Japanese novel?

Answer: Shimotsuma Monogatari

Question: Which discontinued hostess culture magazine relaunched in April 2015?

Answer: Koakuma Ageha

Question: How many Hello Kitty theme parks are there in Japan?

Answer: 2

Question: Nicopanda's creator Nicola Formichetti has roots in Japan and which other country?

Answer: Italy

Question: In 2014 Peach John's Yummy Mart released pajamas and underwear featuring which cartoon character?

Answer: SpongeBob SquarePants

Question: Fashion designer Watanabe Junya was licensed to design a series of All-Star shoes by which company?

Answer: Converse

Question: Which Japanese designer is the only one to be awarded the French Chevalier Order of Arts and Letters?

Answer: Yamamoto Yoji

Question: In 2014 Toyo Tire and Rubber Co., Ltd. has created a series of yukata based on what design?

Answer: Tread

Question: Girl group Flower collaborated with which photographer/designer for their video 'Sayonara, Alice'?

Answer: Ninagawa Mika

Question: What type of accessories does CA4LA produce?

Answer: Headwear

Question: In what year was Hello Kitty introduced?

Answer: 1974

Question: Kiks Tyo is a Japanese clothing company founded by which designer?

Answer: hobby:tech

Question: What type of accessories did Samantha Vega release in collaboration with Sailor Moon?

Answer: Bags

Question: Alice Black is an accessory brand specializing in jewelry inspired by which fashion style?

Answer: Punk


Question: What is the inspiration behind SUPER LOVERS clothing style?

Answer: 1980's London club scene

Question: What is the name of the first female line by Evisu?

Answer: Evisu Donna

Question: What is the only Japanese label H&M has collaborated with?

Answer: Comme des Garcons

Question: L'eau d'Issey fragrance for women was launched by which fashion designer?

Answer: Miyake Issei

Question: What was the theme of a fashion show held by Columbian embassy in Japan in summer 2014?

Answer: Origami

Question: Luxury cosmetic brand SUQQU was established in what year?

Answer: 2003

Question: Uemura Shu's first experience in film make-up occurred during the filming of which 1957 movie?

Answer: Joe Butterfly

Question: What is brand Evisu specializing in?

Answer: Denim

Question: What type of accessories did Heart Up release in collaboration with Sword Art Online?

Answer: Glasses

Question: What is the name of the new Kenzo fragrance released in 2014?

Answer: Jeu d'Amour

Question: Miyake Issei designed turtlenecks for which famous entrepreneur?

Answer: Steve Jobs

Question: What ingredient does beauty brand SK-II uses in their product?

Answer: Yeast

Question: What is the title of a new fashion magazine dedicated to eyewear?

Answer: Optical

Question: What is the name of the fashion boutique in Harajuku that specializes in 1980s and 1990s fashion?

Answer: Punk Cake

Question: What style of clothes does FRAPBOIS produce?

Answer: Urban

Question: Samantha Thavasa opened its first U.S. store in which city?

Answer: New York

Question: Ohya Hiroaki, Chisato Tsumori and Kuwahara Sunao are proteges of which fashion designer?

Answer: Miyake Issei

Question: Where does the lolita fashion brand's name Baby, The Stars Shine Bright originates from?

Answer: Music album title

Question: Fictional character Hello Kitty first appeared on which item?

Answer: Vinyl coin purse

Question: Make-up artist Uemura Shu worked on set of which movie that starred Frank Sinatra?

Answer: None but the Brave

Question: QUOLOMO apparel project collaborated with which manga for their first T-shirt line?

Answer: CROWS


Question: Who is the founder of A Bathing Ape, urban and hip-hop fashion brand?

Answer: Nagao Tomoaki

Question: Works of fashion designer H. Naoto can be classified under which style?

Answer: Gothic lolita

Question: Which Japanese tennis player was the first to wear UNIQLO apparel?

Answer: Kunieda Shingo

Question: Which fashion brand has some similarities to British traditional clothing?

Answer: halluci

Question: Which Japanese singer can be seen in 2015 campaign for Samantha Thavasa new bag collection?

Answer: Exile's Takahiro

Question: Where from did UNIQLO and Shochiku get the inspiration for their 2015 T-shirt collection?

Answer: Kabuki

Question: Which of these is a freelance costume designer for musicians and actors?

Answer: Maruyama Keita

Question: Who is the founder of Moi-meme-Moitie fashion label?

Answer: Mana

Question: Who is the head designer for Japanese menswear label Takeo Kikuchi?

Answer: Nobukuni Taishi

Question: Which U.S. shoe brand opened it's first boutique in Tokyo?

Answer: Jeffrey Campbell

Question: Which brand combines different styles of clothes such rock and roll fashion and cross dressing?


Question: Which fashion designer released a line of clothes inspired by Astroboy manga?

Answer: Ohya Hiroaki

Question: Who is the art director behind Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's Pon Pon Pon music video?

Answer: Masuda Sebastian

Question: Which all girl fashion magazine got it's first male model?

Answer: CanCam

Question: Which gyaru magazine shut down with the last issue on May 31, 2014?

Answer: Egg

Question: Who is the designer behind the Comme des Garcons label?

Answer: Kawakubo Rei