General Knowledge Trivia

333+ Best General Knowledge Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: July 17th, 2023

Do you need general knowledge trivia for trivia quizzes at work or your trivia nights? Test your knowledge with our collection of mind-boggling general knowledge trivia questions from various categories.

Geography Trivia

Question: Despite the name, the Spanish riding school is in which European city?

Answer: Vienna

Question: Zaragoza, Valencia, and Malaga are cities in which country?

Answer: Spain

Question: How many countries are in the European Union?

Answer: 27

Question: Daintree Rainforest is a national park in which country?

Answer: Australia

Question: Piccadilly, Jubilee, and Central are lines on which city's metro system?

Answer: London

Question: What's the smallest country?

Answer: Vatican City

Question: Bavaria is a region in the south of which country?

Answer: Germany

Question: The Barossa Valley in Australia is famous for producing which drink?

Answer: Wine

Question: Jasper National Park is in which country?

Answer: Canada

Question: A billabong is a long, narrow lake in which country?

Answer: Pakistan

Question: Which country's flag has an eagle and a snake on it?

Answer: Mexico

Question: Mounties are police officers in which country?

Answer: Canada

Question: Lesotho is completely surrounded by which other country?

Answer: South Africa

Question: The Dordogne region is in which European country?

Answer: France

Question: Which country takes its name from the Latin word for silver?

Answer: Argentina

Question: What's the world's largest ocean?

Answer: Arctic Ocean

Question: In which Connecticut city would you find Ivy League Yale University?

Answer: New Haven

Question: Montserrat Caballe was famous in which field of the Arts?

Answer: Music

Question: Wallonia and Flanders are regions of which European country?

Answer: Belgium

Question: Poland's flag is red, and which other color?

Answer: White

Question: The UNESCO world heritage city of Bagan is in which Asian country?

Answer: Myanmar

Question: Murray-Darling is the longest river in which country?

Answer: Australia

Question: In which country would you find the Nafud Desert?

Answer: Saudi Arabia

Question: Svetlana Savitskaya was the first woman to walk where?

Answer: Space

Question: Modern artist Gerhard Richter is from which country?

Answer: Germany

Question: Baile Atha Cliath is the local name for which European capital?

Answer: Dublin

Question: The tango is an iconic dance from which country?

Answer: Argentina

Question: Luzon is the biggest island in which island country?

Answer: Philippines

Question: Phoenix is the largest city of which US state?

Answer: Arizona

Question: Which country has a volcanic mountain called Popocatapetl?

Answer: Mexico

Question: The first European coffee houses opened in which city?

Answer: Vienna

Question: The dish of Wiener Schnitzel is named after which capital city?

Answer: Vienna

Question: Dialing a number starting +61 connects you to which country?

Answer: Australia

Question: The Kariba Dam is located on which river?

Answer: Zambezi

Question: Dacia cars are made in which European country?

Answer: Romania

Question: The Titanic was built in which United Kingdom city?

Answer: Belfast

Question: A motorway called the M25 goes round which European capital?

Answer: London

Question: Wild kangaroos live in which country?

Answer: Australia

Question: In which European city could you see the 16th-century Bridge of Sighs?

Answer: Venice

Question: The Windy City' is which place's most common nickname?

Answer: Chicago

Question: The Scottish dessert of cranachan is made using which fruit?

Answer: Raspberries

Question: The Colorado town of Aspen is famous for which sport?

Answer: Skiing

Question: Keflavik International Airport is in which country?

Answer: Iceland

Question: Where would you find a troglodyte living?

Answer: In a Cave

Question: Echidnas are egg-laying mammals native to which country?

Answer: Australia

Question: The Blue and White Nile merge in which African city?

Answer: Khartoum

Question: The Trevi Fountain is a landmark in which city?

Answer: Rome

Question: Reims is at the center of the area in France which produces which drink?

Answer: Champagne

Question: The Cariboo Mountains are in which country?

Answer: Canada

Question: MICEX is the stock exchange in which country?

Answer: Russia

Question: Which English town were Shakespeare's 'merry wives' from?

Answer: Windsor

Question: The Faroe Islands are a self-governing area of which country?

Answer: Denmark

Question: Titian was a famous 16th-century painter from which country?

Answer: Italy

Literature Trivia

Question: In the title of a famous James Patterson book, along came a what?

Answer: Spider

Question: Who wrote 19th century novel 'Moby Dick'?

Answer: Herman Melville

Question: Who wrote the memoir 'I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings'?

Answer: Maya Angelou

Question: 'Reader, I married him,' is the conclusion of which novel?

Answer: Jane Eyre

Question: Mr. Micawber appears in a novel by Charles Dickens?

Answer: David Copperfield

Question: The Old Man and the Sea' is a Nobel-prize winning novel by which writer?

Answer: Ernest Hemingway

Question: Graham Greene wrote about "Our man..." in which Caribbean town?

Answer: Havana

Question: Frankenstein' is a novel by which writer?

Answer: Mary Shelley

Question: Toulouse-Lautrec's painted scenes of the nightlife in which city?

Answer: Paris

Question: Mickey Mouse had which original first name?

Answer: Mortimer

Question: What is both the name of a Spanish dance and a short jacket worn open at the front?

Answer: Bolero

Question: Who wrote 'To Kill a Mockingbird'?

Answer: Harper Lee

Question: Katniss Everdeen is a character from which series of novels?

Answer: Hunger Games

Question: Mark Twain's novels about Huckleberry Finn are set in which US state?

Answer: Missouri

Question: 'Call me Ishmael' is the first line of which novel?

Answer: Moby Dick

Question: ‘A Farewell to Arms' is a famous novel by which writer?

Answer: Ernest Hemingway

Question: Murder on the Orient Express' is the most famous work by which writer?

Answer: Agatha Christie

Question: What was the name of the parrot in the novel 'Treasure Island'?

Answer: Captain Flint

Question: What is the usual setting for John Grisham's novels?

Answer: Courtroom

Question: Which puppet was first written about by Carlo Collodi?

Answer: Pinocchio

Question: John Updike's famous book was about the Witches of where?

Answer: Eastwick

Question: Which character in a 90s novel wanted to lose 7 pounds, stop smoking, and develop inner poise?

Answer: Bridget Jones

Question: Salman Rushdie's novel 'Midnight's Children' is about which country?

Answer: India

Question: Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes created which famous character?

Answer: Don Quixote

Question: The Adventures of David Balfour' is the subtitle of which Robert Louis Stevenson novel?

Answer: Kidnapped

Question: Fitzwilliam Darcy is a character in which novel?

Answer: Pride and Prejudice

Question: In 'Peter Pan', Wendy had brothers called John and what?

Answer: Michael

Question: Who wrote 'The Iliad'?

Answer: Homer

Question: What was the first name of Pasternak, who wrote 'Dr Zhivago'?

Answer: Boris

Art Trivia

Question: Which material is most commonly used for oil paintings?

Answer: Canvas

Question: Thomas Chippendale is famous as a designer of which item?

Answer: Furniture

Question: Who wrote the music for the 1954 film 'White Christmas'?

Answer: Irving Berlin

Question: Picasso, along with others, developed which art style in Paris in 1911?

Answer: Cubism

Question: Anna Wintour is famous in which field?

Answer: Fashion

Question: Mannekin Pis is a famous statue in which European capital?

Answer: Brussels

Question: Toulouse-Lautrec's painted scenes of the nightlife in which city?

Answer: Paris

Question: Which famous painting is known for its enigmatic smile?

Answer: Mona Lisa

Question: Which painter is known for the 1656 work 'Las Meninas'?

Answer: Velasquez

Question: Which French artist went to Tahiti in 1891 to paint the local women?

Answer: Gauguin

Question: The 1860s Impressionist movement started in which European country?

Answer: France

Question: Which painter's work was stolen from the Louvre by museum employee Vincenzo Peruggia?

Answer: Mona Lisa

Question: Francis Ford Coppola is well known in which field of the arts?

Answer: Movies

Question: Raphael and Michelangelo are famous artists from which country?

Answer: Italy

Music and Musicians Trivia

Question: 'Chinese Democracy' was a 2008 album release by which band?

Answer: Guns N' Roses

Question: Which 60s and 70s musician named his children Moon Unit and Dweezil?

Answer: Frank Zappa

Question: Who composed 'Peter Grimes'?

Answer: Britten

Question: Thriller' was a worldwide hit in 1984 for which artist?

Answer: Michael Jackson

Question: Which musician had the nickname 'Slow-hand'?

Answer: Eric Clapton

Question: Which composer had the Christian names Johann Sebastian?

Answer: Bach

Question: What is the name for the Russian 3-stringed triangular bodied musical instrument?

Answer: Balalaika

Culture & Tradition Trivia

Question: Question Answer Shinto is the native religion in which country?

Answer: Japan

Question: In Japan, the word Mikado originally referred to what?

Answer: Emperor

Question: In which European capital is there a statue of a small boy called the Mannekin Pis?

Answer: Brussels

Question: Legal agreements are often divided into smaller parts called what?

Answer: Clauses

Question: What is the name given to the practice of favoring your own relatives?

Answer: Nepotism

Question: Which part of London hosts an annual flower show each Spring?

Answer: Chelsea

Question: Matador is a person who takes part in which activity?

Answer: Bullfighting

Question: Which glass shape would you see outside the Louvre in Paris?

Answer: Pyramid

Question: What color is the children's storybook character Mr. Happy?

Answer: Yellow

Question: A didgeridoo is a traditional instrument from which country?

Answer: Australia

Question: Who wrote the fantasy Western series 'The Dark Tower'?

Answer: Stephen King

Question: In the international radio alphabet, which word represents M?

Answer: Mike

Question: The traditional Hindu festival of colors has which name?

Answer: Holi

Question: Uncle Sam is the personification of which country?

Answer: United States

Question: Queen Elizabeth II is linked with which breed of dog?

Answer: Corgi

Question: Highland Games are a cultural tradition of which country?

Answer: Scotland

Question: Six white kangaroos are said to pull Santa's sleigh in which country?

Answer: Australia

Question: What was the title given to the eldest son of the French king?

Answer: Dauphin

Question: The flowers on the St John's Wort are which color?

Answer: Yellow

Question: Halloween was traditionally a festival to mark the end of what?

Answer: Summer

Question: Which Christmas-related gift is another name for the plant Sweet Cicely?

Answer: Myrrh

Question: Mischa, the mascot for the 1980 Olympics, was which creature?

Answer: Bear

Question: Someone referred to as a 'kiwi' comes from which country?

Answer: New Zealand

Question: Which boy 'says' in the name of a popular children's game?

Answer: Simon

Question: At French weddings, you may see the top being removed from a champagne bottle with which implement?

Answer: Sword

Animals & Nature Trivia

Question: What's the fastest land animal?

Answer: Cheetah

Question: Car exhaust fumes contain mainly what poisonous gas?

Answer: Carbon Monoxide

Question: What does a camel store in its hump?

Answer: Fat

Question: Otters eat mainly which food?

Answer: Fish

Question: Pearls are made by which sea creature?

Answer: Oyster

Question: What type of dog is 'Handsome Dan' of Yale University?

Answer: Bulldog

Question: Which long-haired cow-like animal is often kept by people living in the Himalayas?

Answer: Yak

Question: What are the claws of a bird of prey called?

Answer: Talons

Question: Which animal can go before glove, hound, and trot?

Answer: Fox

Question: What is the largest of the apes?

Answer: Gorilla

Question: What bird wouldn't you say boo to if you're scared of everything?

Answer: Goose

Question: Which creatures would you expect to find in an apiary?

Answer: Bees

Question: Aberdeen Angus and Charolais are breeds of which animal?

Answer: Cow

Question: Which animals build nests called a drey?

Answer: Squirrel

Question: Cardinals are birds of which color?

Answer: Red

Question: Bengal and Siberian are subspecies of which animal?

Answer: Tiger

Question: Where do sloths live?

Answer: Trees

Science & Technology Trivia

Question: What's the smallest planet in the solar system?

Answer: Mercury

Question: Which technical term refers to forces resisting the forward movement of an aircraft?

Answer: Drag

Question: What does the C stand for in the medical term OCD?

Answer: Compulsive

Question: Which term refers to the investigations before a business investment or acquisition?

Answer: Due Diligence

Question: The gravitational effect of which celestial body affects the tides?

Answer: Moon

Question: What's the symbol of Potassium on the Periodic Table of Elements?

Answer: K

Question: What's the smallest bone in the human body?

Answer: Stapes

Question: Which metal has the lowest boiling point?

Answer: Mercury

Question: Which famous scientist invented the color wheel?

Answer: Isaac Newton

Question: Obelus is another name for which mathematical symbol?

Answer: Division

Question: What is measured using a hygrometer?

Answer: Humidity

Question: Which German astronomer was reputed to have sold his soul to the devil?

Answer: Faust

Question: What is used to make paper?

Answer: Wood

Question: An ingot is an oblong bar, usually of which metal?

Answer: Gold

Question: The Lancet publishes research in which field?

Answer: Medicine

Question: The single-celled fungus which makes bread rise has which name?

Answer: Yeast

Question: Coal, natural gas, and oil are known as which class of fuels?

Answer: Fossil

Language & Sayings Trivia

Question: Which four letter term means a sudden overthrow of the government?

Answer: Coup

Question: Which branch of math means 'small pebble for counting' in Latin?

Answer: Calculus

Question: What does the C stand for in the medical term OCD?

Answer: Compulsive

Question: What is the common name for the craft known as serigraphy?

Answer: Silk screen painting

Question: The Spanish city of Toledo was associated with making which objects?

Answer: Swords

Question: Which word describes a small dish for cooking in?

Answer: Ramekin

Question: What is the more common term for a dactylogram?

Answer: Fingerprint

Question: Money is soon parted from which person?

Answer: Fool

Question: In 'The Flintstones', who is married to Barney?

Answer: Betty

Question: What word meaning letter is in titles of books of the Bible's New Testament?

Answer: Epistle

Question: Besides English, what is the other official language of India?

Answer: Hindi

Question: Americans call it a 'zip code', but what's the equivalent in the UK?

Answer: Postcode

Question: In Japan, what is a futon?

Answer: Bed

Question: In the Catholic church, most ordinary priests wear which color?

Answer: Black

Question: In North Africa, what is a sook?

Answer: Bazaar

Question: In German, which color is 'Schwarz'?

Answer: Black

Question: In Japan, what is a shinkansen?

Answer: Train

Question: What’s something you to achieve in your lifetime called that’s related to a list?

Answer: Bucket List

Question: Extortion is another name for which crime?

Answer: Blackmail

Question: Which word means the same as not very often?

Answer: Rarely

Question: If there's lots of potential, you are told that the world is your what?

Answer: Oyster

Question: Which word can come after baby, bridal, and meteor?

Answer: Shower

Question: In which language does 'Konnichi Wa' mean hello?

Answer: Japanese

Question: A dummy which an artist uses to practice drawing figures has which name?

Answer: Mannequin

Food & Drink Trivia

Question: What is the name for a yellow or orange substance made of the resin of ancient trees?

Answer: Amber

Question: What is the name of the Spanish soup which is served cold?

Answer: Gazpacho

Question: Dialing a number starting +61 connects you to which country?

Answer: Australia

Question: Cock-a-leekie soup is made with which meat?

Answer: Chicken

Question: What is the name of the French bread shaped like a long stick?

Answer: Baguette

Question: What is another name for a zucchini?

Answer: Courgette

Question: Cosa Nostra is another name for which organization?

Answer: Mafia

Question: Which fruit would you find in a French clafoutis dessert?

Answer: Cherry

Question: Aquavit is a famous alcoholic drink from which part of the world?

Answer: Scandinavia

Question: A Ukrainian festive meal has 12 courses, to symbolize what?

Answer: 12 Apostles

Question: In Spain, what are fritters called churros usually dipped in?

Answer: Chocolate

Question: What is the name for the jelly often used to preserve meat?

Answer: Aspic

Question: Ouzo is an aniseed-flavored liquid from which country?

Answer: Greece

Question: Which food is Gorgonzola?

Answer: Cheese

Question: Zaatar spice mix is an essential ingredient in cooking from which part of the world?

Answer: Middle East

Question: Which valved brass tenor instrument resembles a small tuba?

Answer: Euphonium

Question: Which shellfish features in the dish of Moules-frites?

Answer: Mussels

Question: What is the name for a small hat attached to the head with a comb or band?

Answer: Fascinator

Question: Advocaat liqueur is which color?

Answer: Yellow

History Trivia

Question: Christopher Cockerell invented which method of transportation?

Answer: Hovercraft

Question: What was the longest World War II battle?

Answer: Battle of the Atlantic

Question: Who was the last US President to serve more than 2 terms?

Answer: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Question: Who was the 20th US president and the second to be assassinated?

Answer: James Garfield

Question: Which English queen has the same name as a variety of plum?

Answer: Victoria

Question: Which country experienced the Witwatersrand Gold Rush?

Answer: South Africa

Question: Ludwig is the first name of which famous composer?

Answer: Beethoven

Question: Les Misérables' is a book, musical, and movie set in which city?

Answer: Paris

Question: Kenneth Kaunda was the first president of which independent African country?

Answer: Zambia

Question: Rioja is wine from which country?

Answer: Spain

Question: Cardiff is the capital of which part of the UK?

Answer: Wales

Question: Amritsar is a border crossing town between India and which other country?

Answer: Pakistan

Question: 33 miners were rescued in 2010 after being buried in a mine in which country?

Answer: Chile

Question: The eldest sons of the Kings of France were given which title?

Answer: Dauphin

Question: Emmanuel Macron was elected President of which country in 2017?

Answer: France

Question: Which weapons is a long, curved sword with a sharp outer edge?

Answer: Scimitar

Question: An old Chinese custom called for which part of a woman's body to be bound to prevent growth?

Answer: Feet

Question: Sir John MacDonald became the first Prime Minister of which country in 1901?

Answer: Canada

Question: Who became US president after Lincoln was assassinated?

Answer: Johnson

Question: Actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in which European country?

Answer: Austria

Question: Which French car maker made the Zoe, Twingo, 5, and Twizy?

Answer: Renault

Question: The Sage of Omaha' is a nickname for which entrepreneur?

Answer: Warren Buffet

Question: What term comes from the Latin 'I shall please' and refers to a control substance used in drug trials?

Answer: Placebo

Question: James Comey is a former director of which US body?

Answer: FBI

Question: Earl Lloyd was the first African-American to play which sport professionally?

Answer: Basketball

Pop Culture Trivia

Question: Norma Jean Mortenson was the birth name of which movie star?

Answer: Marilyn Monroe

Question: Edward was the real name of which pirate?

Answer: Blackbeard

Question: What was the surname of famous fairy-tale writer Hans Christian?

Answer: Andersen

Question: Maleficent is the villain of which fairy tale?

Answer: Sleeping Beauty

Question: Who created the comic characters of Ali G, Borat, and Bruno?

Answer: Sacha Baron Cohen

Question: Who played the Bandit in 'Smokey and The Bandit'?

Answer: Burt Reynolds

Question: Which US singer was known as 'The King of Rock and Roll'?

Answer: Elvis Presley

Question: In Washington Irving's 1820 novel, which village is home to the Headless Horseman?

Answer: Sleepy Hollow

Question: Bram Stoker wrote which famous vampire book?

Answer: Dracula

Question: A Hemingway novel was called 'A Farewell to' what?

Answer: Arms

Question: Gretl von Trapp is a character in which musical?

Answer: Sound of Music

Question: Which children's book features a Caterpillar, sitting on a mushroom, smoking a pipe?

Answer: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Question: Which doctor is Sherlock Holmes's roommate?

Answer: Watson

Question: Members of the church of Latter-Day Saints are also known by which name?

Answer: Mormons

Question: Which singer is said to have 'left the building'?

Answer: Elvis

Question: Which car brand launched a model called Avensis in 2015?

Answer: Toyota

Question: Which William wrote 'Lord of the Flies'?

Answer: Golding

Question: In the 'Winnie the Pooh' stories, what animal is Roo?

Answer: Kangaroo

Question: Hush Puppies are shoes advertised by which breed of dog?

Answer: Basset Hound

Everyday Life Trivia

Question: Which items would you find for sale in a draper's shop?

Answer: Cloth

Question: Someone who is teetotal doesn't do what?

Answer: Drink Alcohol

Question: In which building would you find clerks, ushers, and a jury?

Answer: Courthouse

Question: If you follow instructions saying purl two, cast off, what are you doing?

Answer: Knitting

Question: Which cosmetic product is usually put on eyelashes?

Answer: Mascara

Question: Jazz and Civic are models from which car company?

Answer: Honda

Question: Sunny, Almera, and Pulsar are all brands from which car maker?

Answer: Nissan

Movie and Television Trivia

Question: What is the name of Angela Lansbury's detective character in 'Murder, She Wrote'?

Answer: Jessica

Question: In 'Friends', what was Rachel's surname?

Answer: Green

Question: Which bird is a central symbol in the 'Hunger Games' books?

Answer: Mockingjay

Question: Cookie Monster in Sesame Street is which color?

Answer: Blue

Question: Anne Hathaway was the wife of which famous writer?

Answer: William Shakespeare

Question: When Walt Disney was younger, who did he play in his school function?

Answer: Peter Pan

Question: What is the name of Angela Lansbury's detective character in 'Murder, She Wrote'?

Answer: Jessica Fletcher

Question: Which Harry Potter character killed Dumbledore?

Answer: Snape

Question: Documentary 'Super Size Me' was about which fast food chain?

Answer: McDonalds

Question: In 'Star Trek', which color is Spock's blood?

Answer: Green

Question: In the 'Winnie the Pooh' stories, which animal is Roo?

Answer: Kangaroo

Holidays and Festivals Trivia

Question: What might you hang on the fireplace on Christmas Eve?

Answer: Stocking

Question: Which creatures work at the North Pole, helping Santa make toys?

Answer: Elves

Question: Welsh people celebrate the day for their Patron, Saint David, in which month of the year?

Answer: March

Question: What did the Grinch try to steal?

Answer: Christmas

Question: Which religion observes the Passover?

Answer: Judaism

Question: Which poisonous plant is associated with kissing and Christmas?

Answer: Mistletoe

Question: Samhain is the name for traditional Halloween festivities in which country?

Answer: Ireland

Question: In Mexico, it is said that wearing what color underwear on New Year's Eve brings a new love?

Answer: Red

Question: In which month is St Patrick's Day?

Answer: March

Religion Trivia

Question: According to Greek myth, the labyrinth built by Daedalus housed which monster?

Answer: Minotaur

Question: Ancient Greek myth said that which man carried the world on his shoulders?

Answer: Atlas

Question: Who lives in the Apostolic Palace?

Answer: Pope

Question: What is the name of the magical spirit of the air in Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'?

Answer: Ariel

Question: In the Sikh religion, what is kesh?

Answer: Uncut hair

Question: Ayatollah is a name for a leader in which religion?

Answer: Islam

Question: In mythology, Achilles was killed by an arrow in which part of the body?

Answer: Heel

Question: Who slayed the gorgon Medusa in mythology?

Answer: Perseus

Question: In Greek mythology, who persuaded her brother to kill her mother?

Answer: Electra

Question: What was the Sea Monster Job talked about in the Bible?

Answer: Leviathan

Question: How would you address the Pope?

Answer: Your Holiness