Google Trivia

100+ Best Google Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: July 10th, 2023

Unlock fun and interesting facts about Google with our Google trivia quiz. Test your knowledge on the history, products, and culture of the tech giant.

Google Founders Trivia

Question: Who founded Google?

Answer: Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Question: When was Larry Page born?

Answer: March 26, 1973

Question: Where was Larry Page born?

Answer: East Lansing

Question: Where did Larry Page study in college?

Answer: University of Michigan

Question: When was Sergey Brin born?

Answer: August 21, 1973

Question: Where was Sergey Brin born?

Answer: Moscow

Question: Who are Sergey Brin's parents?

Answer: Michael and Eugenia

Google History Trivia

Question: What was the first product Google ever released?

Answer: Google Search

Question: What is the headquarters of Google called?

Answer: The Googleplex

Question: What year was Google founded?

Answer: 1998

Question: What year did Google buy YouTube?

Answer: 2006

Question: What was Google's original name?

Answer: Backrub

Question: What year was the Google search engine officially launched to the public?

Answer: 1998

Question: Which university did Larry Page and Sergey Brin attend when they first developed Google?

Answer: Stanford University

Question: In what year did Google become a publicly traded company with its initial public offering (IPO)?

Answer: 2004

Question: Who served as the CEO of Google from 2001 to 2011 before becoming the Executive Chairman of Alphabet Inc.?

Answer: Eric Schmidt

Question: What was the name of the algorithm developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin that revolutionized web search and became the foundation of Google's success?

Answer: PageRank

Question: In 2004, Google launched its popular email service. What is the name of this service?

Answer: Gmail

Question: Google acquired the video-sharing platform YouTube in 2006 for a significant amount of money. How much did the acquisition cost?

Answer: $1.65 billion

Question: What is the name of the web browser developed by Google that was first released in 2008?

Answer: Google Chrome

Question: In 2015, Google underwent a corporate restructuring and became a subsidiary of a new conglomerate. What is the name of the conglomerate that Google is now a part of?

Answer: Alphabet Inc.

Question: What is the name of the annual developer conference organized by Google where major product announcements and updates are unveiled?

Answer: Google I/O

Google Services & Products Trivia

Question: What's Google's mobile operating system?

Answer: Android

Question: What's Google's philanthropic arm?


Question: Complete the Google mission statement: "To organize the world's ____________ and make it universally accessible and useful."

Answer: Information

Question: What's Google's web browser?

Answer: Chrome

Question: What is Google's email service called?

Answer: Gmail

Question: What's Google's Cloud storage service?

Answer: Google Drive

Question: What's Google's map service?

Answer: Google Maps

Question: What's Google's music streaming service?

Answer: Google Play Music

Question: What's Google's video streaming service?

Answer: YouTube

Question: How many languages does Google Translate support?

Answer: Over 100 Languages

Google Executives & Divisions Trivia

Question: Where was Sundar Pichai born?

Answer: Chennai, India

Question: What is Sundar Pichai's current position at Google?

Answer: CEO

Question: What is Sundar Pichai's full name?

Answer: Pichai Sundararajan

Question: What year did Sundar become Google's CEO?

Answer: August 10, 2015

Question: What's Google's artificial intelligence research division?

Answer: Google AI

Question: What's Google's research and development laboratory?

Answer: Google X

Question: What's Google's Internet of Things division?

Answer: Google IoT

Question: What's Google's corporate venture capital organization?

Answer: GV

Question: What's Google's venture capital seed fund?

Answer: Google Launchpad

Question: What's Google's venture capital fund focused on Asia?

Answer: GV Asia

Google Offices Trivia

Question: What is the name of Google's headquarters located in Mountain View, California?

Answer: Googleplex

Question: In what city is Google's largest office outside of the United States located?

Answer: Dublin, Ireland

Question: What is the name of Google's office in New York City, known for its vibrant atmosphere and unique workspace design?

Answer: Google NYC (Google New York)

Question: In which European city is Google's engineering hub called "Engineering Hub Munich" located?

Answer: Munich, Germany

Question: What is the name of Google's office in Tokyo, Japan, which features a modern and innovative work environment?

Answer: Google Tokyo

Question: In which Canadian city is Google's main office in Canada located?

Answer: Toronto, Ontario

Question: What is the name of Google's office in London, which occupies a prominent building in the King's Cross area?

Answer: Google Kings Cross (Google UK)

Question: In which Indian city is Google's largest office in Asia, known as the "Google Hyderabad Campus," located?

Answer: Hyderabad, India

Question: What is the name of Google's office in Sydney, Australia, which overlooks the beautiful Darling Harbour?

Answer: Google Sydney

Question: In what city is Google's office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, one of the largest Google offices in Latin America, located?

Answer: Sao Paulo, Brazil