Grammar Trivia

285+ Best Grammar Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: August 10th, 2023

Sharpen your language skills and become a grammar guru with these mind-boggling grammar trivia questions! Can you ace this grammar challenge?

Verb Trivia

Question: Mike plays football, _________?

Answer: Doesn't he

Question: Do you like playing tennis, ________?

Answer: Don't you

Question: _______ they going swimming tomorrow?

Answer: Are

Question: _______ she your best friend?

Answer: Is

Question: I __________ (to work) in a small office.

Answer: Work

Question: _________ that elephant have big ears?

Answer: Does

Question: ______ they live in a house or a flat?

Answer: Do

Question: Alicia, __________ (to open) the window, please! It's too hot in here.

Answer: Open

Question: Where is Tom? He _______ (to lie) under the car.

Answer: Is lying

Question: He _______ (to clean) his shoes.

Answer: Is cleaning

Question: Mr. and Mrs. Drake __________ (to have) dinner right now.

Answer: Are having

Question: Tom usually ________ (to play) tennis with his friends.

Answer: Plays

Question: Peter and his sister _______ (to wash) the family car every week.

Answer: Wash

Question: The cat doesn't like __________ food.

Answer: Its

Question: My grandmother __________ (to cook) dinner for us on Sundays.

Answer: Cooks

Question: We ________ (to go) to a concert this evening.

Answer: Are going

Question: My father _________ coffee.

Answer: Likes

Question: His brother ________ (to write) a test at the moment.

Answer: Is writing

Question: What is the superlative form of strong?

Answer: The strongest

Question: If you ______ (to eat) greasy food, you will become fat.

Answer: Eat

Question: Tom is a doctor. He _______ a pilot.

Answer: Is not

Question: We sometimes _______ (to read) books.

Answer: Read

Question: Look! Andy __________ (to work) in the garden.

Answer: Is working

Question: The train _____________.

Answer: Is always late

Question: I usually _______ two cups of coffee every morning.

Answer: Have

Question: I __________ (to have, usually) lunch around 1 o'clock.

Answer: Usually have

Question: What is the -ing form of the verb to make?

Answer: Making

Question: Who _______ (to live) in this house?

Answer: Lives

Question: Your son _________ (to do) morning exercises every day.

Answer: Does

Question: How ______ your brother?

Answer: Is

Question: If I see Sam, I ________ (to tell) him to call you.

Answer: Will tell

Question: Someone ________ (to knock) at the door. Shall I answer it?

Answer: Is knocking

Question: Maria __________ (to be) never late for work.

Answer: Is

Question: The train _______ (to leave) the station at 11:40.

Answer: Leaves

Question: Emily _______ (to go) to the disco.

Answer: Goes

Verb Form Trivia

Question: What is the -ing form of the verb to have?

Answer: Having

Question: The dog _________ (to get) old.

Answer: Is getting

Question: Diana _______ (to like) to go to school.

Answer: Likes

Question: What is the -ing form of the verb to work?

Answer: Working

Question: She __________ (to play) the piano.

Answer: Is playing

Question: Let's take an umbrella. It _________ (to rain).

Answer: Is raining

Question: Listen! Mark and Denis __________ (to sing).

Answer: Are singing

Question: You like chocolate, _________.

Answer: And so do I

Question: Peter ______ (to be) a vegetarian.

Answer: Is

Question: It is Tom. He _______ (to paint) the front bedroom.

Answer: Is painting

Question: Do the children go to school every day?' '_________.'

Answer: Yes, they do

Question: Mr. Pike _______ (to teach) us English.

Answer: Teaches

Question: Julie ________ walks to school. She never takes the bus.

Answer: Always

Question: She ________ (to buy) some books tomorrow.

Answer: Is buying

Question: Each learner of English ________ (to need) a good dictionary.

Answer: Needs

Question: I __________ (to have) lunch at the moment.

Answer: Am having

Question: He ________ (to call) his granddaughter daily.

Answer: Calls

Question: Can you ______ (to open) the window?

Answer: Open

Question: Tom _________ (to drink, negative) coffee. He doesn't like it.

Answer: Doesn't drink

Question: I never _____ (to go) to school on Sunday.

Answer: Go

Question: I ________ (to go) to the seaside in June.

Answer: Will go

Question: Michael wants to be a teacher when he _______ (to grow up).

Answer: Grows up

Question: There ______ (to be) four seasons in a year.

Answer: Are

Adjectives Trivia

Question: Diana is a _________ girl.

Answer: Ten-year-old

Question: This film is ________ than his last one.

Answer: Better

Question: Peter is more intelligent _______ Dave.

Answer: Than

Question: The cat is ________ the dog and the mouse.

Answer: Between

Question: My mother doesn't like ______. She thinks they are noisy.

Answer: Dogs

Question: Can I have __________ car back, please?

Answer: My

Question: Where _________ work?

Answer: Does he

Question: What color _____ his new car?

Answer: Is

Question: Give me your hand. I want to tell you _____ future.

Answer: Your

Question: Who is ____________, Marina or Sachiko?

Answer: Taller

Question: He likes to play with _________ dog.

Answer: His

Question: The walls are ________ thick.

Answer: Three inches

Question: Mr. Dickson is very tall and big. He needs a ______ raincoat.

Answer: Long and big

Question: It was _____ beautiful day that he decided to go for a walk.

Answer: Such a

Question: That girl _________ very strangely.

Answer: Walks

Question: I am feeling _______.

Answer: Tired

Question: This ______ be dangerous if you don't have the right equipment.

Answer: Could

Question: I am sixteen. How ______ are you?

Answer: Old

Noun Trivia

Question: Which noun is uncountable?

Answer: Sugar

Question: Which noun is countable?

Answer: Ball

Question: _______ color do you prefer, pink or blue?

Answer: Which

Question: Can you see all the apples _____ that tree?

Answer: On

Question: The house ____________ a garden.

Answer: Doesn't have

Question: Peter gave me _____ book for my birthday.

Answer: A

Question: There are eight ________ in our school.

Answer: Smiths

Question: _________ some coffee? Yes, please.

Answer: Would you like

Question: Where did you get these __________.

Answer: Watches

Question: Are there ______ cherries left in the bowl?

Answer: Many

Question: Which noun is countable?

Answer: Book

Question: Pupils are learning ________.

Answer: English

Question: Houses ______ roofs.

Answer: Have

Question: Which noun is uncountable?

Answer: Happiness

Question: You should do your _______ before going to class.

Answer: Homework

Question: Let ______ go for a walk.

Answer: Us

Question: Which noun is uncountable?

Answer: Music

Question: Which noun is uncountable?

Answer: Wine

Pronoun Trivia

Question: Life can be difficult for _____ poor.

Answer: The

Question: The computer ______ I bought was very expensive.

Answer: That

Question: David and ______ girlfriend are in the park.

Answer: His

Question: You don't need to help me. I can do it _______.

Answer: Myself

Question: They decided to buy the house because of _______ location.

Answer: Its

Question: Where ______ you want to go?

Answer: Do

Question: Tom is a friend of ______.

Answer: Mine

Question: What is your name? _____ name is Linda.

Answer: My

Question: What's wrong with _______? Why does he cry?

Answer: Him

Question: That book is not mine. It is _______.

Answer: Hers

Question: I really want to see _____ friends this weekend.

Answer: My

Question: Some of these clothes are _______.

Answer: Yours

Question: Some of the books are here. The _______ are in the next room.

Answer: Others

Question: Where are the ________ magazines?

Answer: Women's

Question: Is ______ yours?

Answer: This

Question: The old woman lived alone, with no one to look after ______.

Answer: Her

Question: My father doesn't allow me ________ his car.

Answer: To drive

Question: I always have _____ hair cut at Johnson's.

Answer: My

Question: This is _____ brother Daniel.

Answer: My

Question: Tom has ______ English lesson on Thursdays.

Answer: His

Question: The two rings here on my little finger belonged to ______ grandmother.

Answer: My

Preposition Trivia

Question: The cat is ________ the dog and the mouse.

Answer: Between

Question: My mother doesn't like ______. She thinks they are noisy.

Answer: Dogs

Question: Can I have __________ car back, please?

Answer: My

Question: Can you see all the apples _____ that tree?

Answer: On

Question: Where is Tom? He _______ (to lie) under the car.

Answer: Is lying

Question: It gets very cold ____ the desert at night.

Answer: In

Question: Diana comes _____ England.

Answer: From

Question: It is often warm _____ summer.

Answer: In

Question: Why are you standing _____ one foot?

Answer: On

Question: They always go to school _____ bus.

Answer: By

Question: Tom and Mary are students but Danny ______.

Answer: Isn't

Question: Ben goes to London twice ____ week.

Answer: A

Question: Would you like to go to _____ France with me?

Answer: /

Question: We are always proud _____ our country.

Answer: Of

Question: There is someone ______ the door.

Answer: At

Question: When we finally arrived ______, we were exhausted.

Answer: Home

Question: Cheryl likes apples, _________ she does not like oranges.

Answer: But

Question: It often _______ (to rain) on Sunday.

Answer: Rains

Question: Jim and Sal love __________ new house.

Answer: Their

Question: Don't get angry _____ me!

Answer: With

Question: You must not blame _________.

Answer: Yourself

Question: I am ______ your side in this case.

Answer: On

Question: There are six pencils _____ the box.

Answer: In

Question: Maria is __________ the radio.

Answer: Listening to

Question: Nigel's dog is ________ the desk.

Answer: Under

Question: Bangkok is _____ capital of Thailand.

Answer: The

Question: How many pictures are there _____ the wall?

Answer: On

Question: Neil likes to listen to ____ radio while he is getting dressed.

Answer: The

Question: The train to Liverpool will depart from ____ platform 7 in ten minutes.

Answer: /

Question: Please answer the questions ____ page 29.

Answer: On

Article Trivia

Question: That is _____ last gas station for twenty miles.

Answer: The

Question: What is the -ing form of the verb to happen?

Answer: Happening

Question: Which sentence is not correct?

Answer: I can't to fix your car.

Question: I __________ (to watch) TV at the moment.

Answer: Am watching

Question: _______ you enjoying the party?

Answer: Are

Question: They _____________ (to have, negative) any water.

Answer: Don't have

Question: Tom and _____ are going to the birthday party together.

Answer: I

Question: Does she _______ (to play) a guitar?

Answer: Play

Question: Peter lives in ____ big house.

Answer: A

Question: I would like ____ information, please.

Answer: Some

Question: Nigel moved to a big office at ____ end of the corridor.

Answer: The

Question: Christine saw ____ horror film last night.

Answer: A

Question: I have only a ________ Christmas cards left to write.

Answer: Few

Question: Can you repair ____ computer in my office? It is not working.

Answer: The

Question: Unfortunately, __________ our graduates emigrate because they can't find work here.

Answer: A lot of

Question: The walls are ________ thick.

Answer: Three inches

Question: Excuse me. Is there ____ bank near here?

Answer: A

Question: I have finished _________.

Answer: A day's work

Question: Excuse me. Is there _____ Post Office near here?

Answer: A

Question: I read _____ book that Tina gave me yesterday.

Answer: The

Question: How ______ two brothers

Answer: Have

Question: Everyone who works in this department uses _____ computer.

Answer: A

Question: Is Susan ____ home?

Answer: At

Question: _______ is a five-cent coin in America.

Answer: A nickel

Question: Can you tell me where ____ nearest restaurant is, please?

Answer: The

Question: Susan lives in France, _______?

Answer: Doesn't she