Horror Movie Trivia Trivia

50+ Best Horror Movie Trivia Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: August 14th, 2023

Horror movies have become a part of movie history and pop culture. They scare, entertain, and give the creepies to millions of people around the world. Let's see how much you know about the most iconic horror movies, horror characters, and more in this trivia collection. Check out this horror movie trivia challenge!

Movie Details and Production Trivia

Question: At the end of the movie Lake Placid, how many alligators died in Black Lake?

Answer: One

Question: How many times does Count Orlock blink throughout the entirety of his appearance in Nosferatu?

Answer: Once

Question: How many years did it take to get Aliens made?

Answer: Seven

Question: In what movie does someone get hit in the face with an ax while listening to “Hip to Be Square”?

Answer: American Psycho

Question: What 1999 horror movie stars Owen Wilson, Catherine ZetaJones, and Liam Neeson?

Answer: The Haunting

Question: What is unusual about the videotape in The Ring?

Answer: Doesn't include timecode

Question: Which film is about a new evil lurking 6 months after the incidents with a video?

Answer: The Ring Two

Question: Which horror movie is the highest grossing of all time, with a profit of $701 million worldwide?

Answer: It Chapter One

Question: Which horror movie was filmed in just 7 days?

Answer: Paranormal Activity

Iconic Lines and Moments Trivia

Question: In "The Birds", what California town do the birds attack?

Answer: Bodega Bay

Question: In "The Silence of the Lambs", which city is Dr. Lecter imprisoned in?

Answer: Baltimore

Question: In Brad Pitt’s Se7en film, who is assassinated for the deadly sin of pride?

Answer: A Model

Question: In Carrie, what do the other students dump on Carrie at prom?

Answer: Pig's blood

Question: In which horror film does the phrase “the power of Christ compels you.” appear?

Answer: The Exorcist

Question: In which horror movie will you hear the iconic line 'Here's Johnny!'?

Answer: The Shining.

Question: What horror film used the following tagline? “In space, no one can hear you scream.”

Answer: Alien

Characters and Actors Trivia

Question: In the first two Hellraiser films, how many different actors played Frank Cotton?

Answer: 3

Question: In which film did Annabelle the doll make her debut?

Answer: The Conjuring

Question: Many people left the theater due to motion sickness and dizziness because of this 2008 horror flick; what is it?

Answer: Cloverfield

Question: Scream is a horror slasher franchise that includes 5 movies. What year was the first movie released?

Answer: 1996

Question: Scream was originally going to be called what?

Answer: Scary Movie

Question: The 1922 film "Nosferatu" was remade in 1979 with which actor playing the baldpated Count Dracula?

Answer: Klaus Kinski

Question: What is the name of the clown in ‘The Devil’s Rejects’?

Answer: Captain Spaulding

Question: What is the name of the camp in Sleepaway Camp?

Answer: Camp Arawak

Question: What is the name of the camp where Jason Voorhees drowns in the Friday the 13th series?

Answer: Camp Crystal Lake

Question: What orphanage was Esther adopted from in The Orphan?

Answer: St. Marina Home for Girls

Question: What room does Dick Hallorann tell Danny to stay away from in The Shining?

Answer: Room 237

Question: Who was the first horror character?

Answer: The Werewolf

Question: Who portrayed the killer in the 1978 horror classic "Halloween"?

Answer: Tony Moran (unmasked Michael Myers)

Scenes and Elements Trivia

Question: What arms does Leatherface prefer?

Answer: Chainsaw

Question: What did several cast and crew members demand to be removed from their hotel rooms during the filming of The Exorcism of Emily Rose?

Answer: Radios

Question: What film showcases death by strangulation with a clothesline in the shower?

Answer: Final Destination

Question: What horror film was the first movie to show a woman in just a bra and slip?

Answer: Psycho

Question: What iconic horror film was dubbed The Babysitter Murders at one point?

Answer: Halloween

Question: What was Jason’s original name on Friday the 13th?

Answer: Josh

Question: Which 1982 movie had two onscreen siblings sadly die in unrelated incidents during the filming?

Answer: Poltergeist

Question: Who is responsible for releasing the deadly virus in 28 Days Later?

Answer: Animal Rights Activists

Question: Who plays the main character Jill Johnson in the movie When a Stranger Calls?

Answer: Camille Belle

Question: Who portrays the vampire Lestat in Interview with a Vampire?

Answer: Tom Cruise

Historical and Influential Trivia

Question: What television series is based on a concept for an unproduced episode of The XFiles?

Answer: Final Destination

Question: What was the first horror film nominated for a Best Picture Oscar?

Answer: The Exorcist

Question: What was the first true horror movie?

Answer: The House of the Devil

Question: What was the twentieth century’s first American horror film?

Answer: Frankenstein

Question: When was the first horror movie invented?

Answer: 1896

Question: Which modern horror movie is described by MovieWeb to 'magnify racism on a very deep level'?

Answer: Get Out

Question: Which popular horror film was inspired by real events that took place in Gainesville, Florida in the early 90s?

Answer: Scream

Question: When was the first horror movie invented?

Answer: 1896

Question: Who invented horror?

Answer: Horace Walpole

Question: The Academy Awards have been running for more than 90 years and given horror movies 3,000 possible Oscar wins. But how many Oscars has this genre actually won?

Answer: 18