Indian Cuisine Trivia

100+ Best Indian Cuisine Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 15th, 2023

Explore the vibrant and flavorful world of Indian cuisine with over 100 trivia questions that will take you on a culinary journey through the spices, flavors, and traditions of this diverse country. From butter chicken to masala chai, challenge yourself with these tantalizing tidbits of Indian food knowledge!


Question: What type of sauce is used in Butter Chicken?

Answer: Tomato

Question: Which part of India produces a creamy curry with whole garam masala and dried fruit?

Answer: Kashmir

Question: Avial is a cooked vegetable dish from which part of India?

Answer: Kerala

Question: Kulcha or naan bread is often garnished with which herb?

Answer: Coriander

Question: What comes after 'hog' in the name of an Indian fruit?

Answer: Plum

Question: Masala chai is a type of which drink?

Answer: Tea

Question: Rabri is a dessert made by boiling which liquid for long periods?

Answer: Milk

Question: Bombay curry is usually made with whih meat?

Answer: Chicken

Question: Aloo papri chat is a deep fried bread stuffed with which spiced vegetable?

Answer: Potato

Question: Aloo tikki is a dish of vegetables formed into which shape?

Answer: Patties

Question: What would you always expect to find in a dish called jalfrezi?

Answer: Fresh Chillies

Question: Top-selling Indian beer Kingfisher was launched in which decade?

Answer: 1970s

Question: Which snake is also the name of an Indian beer brand?

Answer: Cobra

Question: What color is the Gujurati snack called Dhokla?

Answer: Yellow

Question: What percentage of Indians are vegetarian?

Answer: 31%

Question: Channa is the Indian name for which type of pulse?

Answer: Chickpeas

Question: Rajma are which type of beans?

Answer: Kidney Beans

Question: Which salad leaf is the most commonly used vegetable in Arunachal Pradesh?

Answer: Lettuce

Question: What is often eaten along with a hot curry to take the fire out of the dish?

Answer: Yoghurt

Question: What vegetable is the main ingredient in vegetarian tikka dishes?

Answer: Potato

Question: How is the dessert of khaja cooked?

Answer: Deep Fried

Question: Kheer is a dessert similar to which Western dish?

Answer: Rice Pudding

Question: In Goan cookery, what is a pomfret?

Answer: Fish

Question: Aamras is the pureed pulp of which fruit?

Answer: Mango

Question: Dhansak means a dish of meat cooked with what?

Answer: Lentils

Question: How are samosas cooked?

Answer: Deep Fried

Question: Which type of bread is often used in central India as a substitute for rice?

Answer: Chapati

Question: Little Hearts is a famous Indian brand of which product?

Answer: Biscuits

Question: Basmati and Ponni are types of which food?

Answer: Rice

Question: What type of naan bread is stuffed with coconut and raising?

Answer: Peshwari

Question: What is the average yearly consumption of rice for the typical Indian?

Answer: 103kg


Question: Unlike most cheeses, paneer is not produced using which item, making it vegetarian?

Answer: Rennet

Question: The Indian seasoning called nutmeg comes from which part of the tree?

Answer: Seeds

Question: Bhaji are deep-fried snacks usially made with which vegetable?

Answer: Onion

Question: Apong is a beer-like drink of which food, fermented?

Answer: Rice

Question: What is the name of an Indian fried pastry with a meat or vegetable filling?

Answer: Samosa

Question: Chicken tikka is usually eaten with which herb?

Answer: Coriander

Question: Khaja is an Indian dessert similar to which Middle Eastern sweet trear?

Answer: Baklava

Question: A dish of Saag gosht is spinach and which type of meat?

Answer: Lamb

Question: What is a Masala dosai pancake usually filled with?

Answer: Potato and Onion

Question: Murgh makhani, also known as butter chicken, was invented in which decade?

Answer: 1950s

Question: Sarson da saag is a popular vegetarian dish from which part of India?

Answer: Punjab

Question: Navratan Korma translates as how many gems, referring to the number of vegetable ingredients?

Answer: 9

Question: Litti chokha is a chicken stuffed dough ball dish from which part of India?

Answer: Bihar

Question: What number comes after a chicken dish from Bengal?

Answer: 65

Question: Jungli Maas is a type of curry from which part of India?

Answer: Rajasthan

Question: Which vegetable is usually added to minced meat in the dish of keema?

Answer: Peas

Question: A hard bread called baati is typical of which part of India?

Answer: Rajasthan

Question: The Punjabi dessert of Phirni is sweetened with which nuts?

Answer: Almond

Question: Gobi paratha is a dish of a flatbread stuffed with which vegetable?

Answer: Cauliflower

Question: Aloo gobi is a dish of potato and which other vegetable?

Answer: Cauliflower

Question: How many different spices are used to make a garam masala mix?

Answer: 7

Question: Bisi Bele Bath is a rice based dish from which Indian state?

Answer: Karnakata

Question: The deep fried, ball shaped snack of batata vada is made from which mashed vegetable?

Answer: Potato

Question: Mysore pak is a fudge-like treat invented in which century?

Answer: 20th

Question: A shahi korma dish has what added to make it smoother?

Answer: Cream

Question: Shrikand is a dessert made from what?

Answer: Yoghurt

Question: Naga is a type of which vegetable?

Answer: Pepper

Question: The yoghurt dip called raita was invented in which century?

Answer: 19th

Question: Badam milk is a drink sweetened with which nut?

Answer: Almond

Question: What is used to make tamatar chutney?

Answer: Tomato

Question: Pesara dosa is made with which sort of beans?

Answer: Mung

Question: Curry called korma can be traced back to which century?

Answer: 16th

Question: In several states of India, including Punjab and Delhi, have what minimom drinking age?

Answer: 25

Question: Which nuts are ground up and used along with tapioca to make the dish of Sabudana vada?

Answer: Peanuts

Question: Panch poron is a spice mix made from how many different spices?

Answer: 5

Question: Jackfruit Papadum is a popular variety of the snack from which Indian state?

Answer: Karnakata

Question: Sandesh is a milk-based dessert from which part of India?

Answer: Bengal

Question: Hindu philosophies classify food into how many groups?

Answer: 3

Question: Indian lager usually has which percentage of alcohol?

Answer: 4.80%

Question: What is the base for a raita dip?

Answer: Yoghurt

Question: What color is the cheese called paneer?

Answer: White

Question: A Keralan feast called a Sadhya can have up to how many different dishes?

Answer: 28

Question: Sambar is a lentil, tamarind and vegetable curry from which part of India?

Answer: Tamil Nadu

Question: Paneer soda is a fizzy drink with which flavour?

Answer: Rose


Question: What is ragi, a staple food in Karnakata?

Answer: Millet

Question: What is kadam, in the cuisine of the Bihar region?

Answer: Fruit

Question: Chivda is a snack food also known as what Mix?

Answer: Bombay

Question: Mangalorean Chicken Sukka comes from which Indian state?

Answer: Karnakata

Question: What would you eat in India if someone offered you a jim jam?

Answer: Biscuit

Question: Coconut chutney is a speciality in which region?

Answer: North Malabar

Question: How is Amritsari fish prepared?

Answer: Battered and Fried

Question: How is the bread called Bhatura or Bhatoora cooked?

Answer: Deep Fried

Question: Shrikhand is a celebration dish at an event marking the birthday of which religious figure?

Answer: Krishna

Question: What liquid are lentils cooked in for the southern Indian dish of parippu?

Answer: Coconut Milk

Question: Vegetable pakora is most commonly eaten at which time of year?

Answer: Spring

Question: What color is the soft drink called Rooh Afza?

Answer: Red

Question: Mattar paneer is a dish of cheese in tomato sauce with which vegetables?

Answer: Peas

Question: Which region is home to the Kundan Kalia lamb dish?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

Question: Which fruit is often used in saunth chutney?

Answer: Dates

Question: Chinese immigrants brought their dishes to which Indian city, where food has been adapted to local tastes?

Answer: Kolkata

Question: Kozi Kari is a dish from which coastal city?

Answer: Cochin

Question: Maida is a type of Indian flour made from which grain?

Answer: Wheat

Question: Little Hearts biscuits are sold in packaging which is red and which other color?

Answer: Gold

Question: Vindaloo curry was originally exclusively made with which type of meat?

Answer: Pork

Question: The dish of Bisi Bele Bath is a mix of rice and which other type of food?

Answer: Lentils

Question: Handia is a popular type of beer made from what?

Answer: Rice

Question: Which Indian food is said to guard against the common cold?

Answer: Panjiri

Question: The tomato and cheese curry called Mattar paneer is from which region?

Answer: Punjab

Question: Indian's only Chinatown food district is in which city?

Answer: Kolkata