Italian Cuisine Trivia

98+ Best Italian Cuisine Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: August 9th, 2023

Explore the mouthwatering world of Italian cuisine with over 90 fascinating trivia questions. From classic pasta dishes to delectable desserts, challenge your culinary knowledge and discover the secrets behind Italy's most iconic dishes.

Italian Cooking Trivia

Question: The first cookbook, Apicius, dates back to when?

Answer: First Century BC

Question: The three toppings of the margherita make up the Italy flag colors, what are they?

Answer: Green, White & Red

Question: What is breakfast in Italian?

Answer: La Prima Colazione

Question: What is lunch in Italian?

Answer: La Pranzo

Question: What is Sugo all'Amatriciana based on?

Answer: Guanciale

Question: What is the traditional courses in an Italian meal?

Answer: 5

Question: When is Italian national food day?

Answer: 13th February

Question: Which meat is an integral part of Basilicata regional cuisine?

Answer: Pork

Question: What food does Marche extensively produce?

Answer: Seafood

Question: What is the major production from the Apulia region of Italy?

Answer: Chickpeas

Question: What animal milk is used to make Robiola?

Answer: Cow

Question: Which shape does Gianduiotto come in?

Answer: Ingots

Question: Which type of cuisine is Italian cuisine?

Answer: Mediterranean Cuisine

Question: Zeppole is eaten on Saint Joseph's Day. What day is it?

Answer: 19th March

Question: Which Italian city is known for their risottos?

Answer: Milan

Question: Which Italian region does Parmigiana come from?

Answer: Campania

Question: Which Italian region is Focaccia found?

Answer: Liguria

Question: Which Italian region is Panforte originally from?

Answer: Tuscany

Question: In Italy, the Feast of Seven Fishes is celebrated on which day?

Answer: Christmas Eve

Italian Dish Trivia

Question: Arborio Rice is typically used in which Italian dish?

Answer: Risotto

Question: How far back does the Veal Milanese date back to?

Answer: 12th Century

Question: How long is Porchetta traditionally spitted or roasted over wood fire?

Answer: 8 hours

Question: Timballo is what?

Answer: Baked Dish

Question: What are the olives in Olive All'Ascolana stuffed with?

Answer: Meat

Question: What is Capocollo?

Answer: Pork

Question: What is Prosciutto?

Answer: Ham

Question: What is Sopressa?

Answer: Salami

Question: Which color food is Pizzocceri typically cooked along with?

Answer: Green

Question: Which food type is Porchetta?

Answer: Pork

Question: What ingredients is Casoncelli typically stuffed with?

Answer: Eggs

Question: What is an Italian pie?

Answer: Torta

Question: Which type of food is Cappello del Prete?

Answer: Sausage

Question: Zeppole is a deep-fried what?

Answer: Dough Ball

Question: Approximately, how many variations of Mostarda are there?

Answer: 8

Question: Which food group is typically dipped into Bagna Cauda?

Answer: Vegetables

Question: Cotechino Modena dates back to when?

Answer: 16th Century

Question: How long does Bresaola age for before its ready to be consumed?

Answer: 2-3 Months

Italian Ingredients Trivia

Question: Sicily encourages the use of which of the following vegetables?

Answer: Tomatoes

Question: Which condiment is associated with Modena?

Answer: Balsamic Vinegar

Question: Which hard liquor is Rum Baba usually made with?

Answer: Rum

Question: What food does Campania extensively produce?

Answer: Peppers

Question: What food does Lombardy extensively produce?

Answer: Butter

Question: Which of the following ingredients is often used in Porchetta?

Answer: Garlic

Question: What is the main ingredient in Arrabbiata sauce?

Answer: Tomatoes

Question: What is the main ingredient in Bagna Cauda?

Answer: Anchovies

Question: What is the main ingredient in Cassata Siciliana?

Answer: Marzipan

Question: What is the main ingredient in Cassoeula?

Answer: Carrots

Question: What is the main ingredient in Istrian Stew?

Answer: Ribs

Question: What is the main ingredient in Pasta all Norma?

Answer: Aubergine/Eggplant

Question: Which oil is used to make Piadina?

Answer: Olive Oil

Question: Which vegetable is the main ingredient in Tortelli di Zucca?

Answer: Pumpkin

Italian Cheese Trivia

Question: How far back does Valtellina Casera dates back to?

Answer: 16th Century

Question: How long does the Parmesan cheese age for?

Answer: 12-36 months

Question: How long is Taleggio's aging time?

Answer: 40 Days

Question: How long is the aging time for Robiola?

Answer: 0-20 Days

Question: How much fat content is there in Montasio cheese?

Answer: 32%

Question: Pecorino di Filiano is a firm cheese made from which milk?

Answer: Sheep

Question: What is the aging time for Castelmango?

Answer: 60 Days

Question: What is the fat content of Fontina?

Answer: 45%

Question: Whats the minimom aging time of Montasio?

Answer: 2 months

Question: Which animal milk is used to create Valtellina Casera?

Answer: Cow

Question: Which ingredient is layered on a dish involving Pizzocceri?

Answer: Cheese

Question: What is the main ingredient in a Frico?

Answer: Cheese

Question: What is the primary ingredient in Parmigiana?

Answer: Cheese

Question: Which topping is a classic on the pizza?

Answer: Cheese

Question: Which type of food is Robiola?

Answer: Cheese

Italian Pasta Trivia

Question: Approximately how many types of pasta are there?

Answer: 350

Question: What is Arrabbiata sauce?

Answer: Spicy Sauce for Pasta

Question: What is Rigatoni?

Answer: Pasta

Question: What is Tagliatelle?

Answer: Pasta

Question: What is the alternative name for Tortellini?

Answer: Belly Button

Question: What type of food is a spaghetti?

Answer: Pasta

Question: What is a long thin pasta?

Answer: Spaghetti

Question: Which type of food is Maccheroncini di Campofilone?

Answer: Pasta

Question: Which type of pasta is Taglierini similar to?

Answer: Tagliatelle

Italian Bread and Desserts Trivia

Question: What is Cocoi a Pitzus?

Answer: Bread

Question: What is the correct spelling of grilled slice bread?

Answer: Bruschetta

Question: Which cooking method is used to make Focaccia?

Answer: Oven-baked

Question: What ingredients are central to Tuscan cuisine?

Answer: Bread

Question: Which type of food is Sfogliatella?

Answer: Pastry

Question: Which type of dessert is Frittole?

Answer: Doughnut

Question: Granita is a frozen food made from sugar, water and various other flavourings. What food group is it in?

Answer: Dessert

Question: What is the full name of the Amaretti biscuits?

Answer: Amaretti di Saronno

Question: Which region is Nutella from?

Answer: Piedmont

Question: Which type of food is Panettone?

Answer: Dessert

Question: Cassata Siciliana is what?

Answer: Cake

Question: Traditionally, Panpepato is made using various ingredients, which of the following are some of the main ingredients?

Answer: Hazelnuts

Question: Which food group is Tartufo in?

Answer: Dessert

Question: Which type of cake is Farinata?

Answer: Pancake

Question: What is the name of the coffee enjoyed by many Italians after a meal?

Answer: Espresso

Question: How far back does Ricciarelli originally date back to?

Answer: 14th Century

Question: What is a Cannoli?

Answer: Fried Pastry

Question: What is Cannoli filled with?

Answer: Ricotta

Question: When are Pastiera Napoletana usually eaten?

Answer: Easter