London Trivia

97+ Best London Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 15th, 2023

Discover fascinating facts about London with over 90 trivia questions and answers, covering everything from famous landmarks like Big Ben to the color of London's buses. Expand your knowledge and impress your friends with your London expertise!


Question: Which of these is NOT in London?

Answer: Edinburgh Castle

Question: What famous London address is located at postcode SW1A 2AA?

Answer: 10 Downing Street

Question: In which direction does the M2 motorway go from London?

Answer: South east

Question: What is the nickname given to the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament?

Answer: Big Ben

Question: What street does the Prime Minister live?

Answer: Downing Street

Question: In relation to London, where does Stansted Airport lie?

Answer: North east

Question: Which London landmark was described in 1893 as 'a striking contrast to the dull ugliness of our street sculpture'?

Answer: Eros

Question: What is the final stop on the Piccadilly Tube Line travelling east?

Answer: Cockfosters

Question: Which of these is a London landmark?

Answer: Tower of London

Question: In 1991, which London building was fired at and damaged by 3 IRA mortar bombs?

Answer: 10 Downing Street

Question: Which of these a London Underground line?

Answer: Northern

Question: In which London Park is Round Pond situated?

Answer: Hyde Park

Question: In which area of London does a Caribbean carnival take place every August?

Answer: Notting Hill

Question: Which of these is a major road junction in south London?

Answer: Elephant and Castle

Question: On which London street is The Ritz Hotel?

Answer: Piccadilly

Question: At which London palace was Henry VIII born?

Answer: Eltham Palace

Question: Which word was used to describe London, as epitomised in Carnaby Street, in the 1960s?

Answer: Swinging

Question: In 18th century London, what were 'mohocks'?

Answer: Upper class ruffians

Question: In Cockney rhyming slang, what are 'mince pies'?

Answer: Eyes

Question: Which of these London districts lies furthest north?

Answer: Walthamstow

Question: At which London palace will the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge set up home?

Answer: Kensington Palace

Question: In which county can one find London Luton Airport?

Answer: Bedfordshire

Question: What's the colloquial name for London's Underground system?

Answer: Tube

Question: What bridge is next to the Houses of Parliament?

Answer: Westminster Bridge

Question: In which park is London Zoo situated?

Answer: Regent's Park

Question: On which Tube line is Mornington Crescent?

Answer: Northern

Question: What color is the Jubilee Line on the tube map?

Answer: Grey

Question: Which river runs through the city of London, England?

Answer: Thames

Question: Where in London is the Royal Opera House?

Answer: Covent Garden

Question: Where in London is Nelson´s column?

Answer: Trafalgar Square

Question: What color are all of London's buses?

Answer: Red

Question: Which London airport has 5 terminals?

Answer: Heathrow

Question: What was London's Millennium Dome renamed to?

Answer: O2 Arena

Question: What's the name of the famous children's hospital that opened in London in 1852?

Answer: Great Ormond Street

Question: Which London tourist attraction was ravaged by a fire in May 2007?

Answer: Cutty Sark

Question: Which London museum should you visit if you want to see the life size Diplodocus dinosaur cast?

Answer: Natural History

Question: How many faces has the clock on Big Ben's tower?

Answer: 4

Question: Who did Londoners elect in 2007 to stand for the Tory party at the 2008 London Mayoral elections?

Answer: Boris Johnson

Question: In Cockney rhyming slang, which part of your body is your 'Barnet'?

Answer: Hair

Question: What bridge leads to The Houses of Parliament?

Answer: Westminister


Question: In December 1962, what was responsible for the death of 60 Londoners in just 3 days?

Answer: Smog

Question: Who designed the iconic London Tube Map?

Answer: Harry Beck

Question: Which of these London landmarks is situated on the South Bank of the Thames?

Answer: London Eye

Question: In London, along which edge of St.James' Park does Birdcage Walk run?

Answer: South

Question: Borough Market was opened in which year?

Answer: 1014

Question: Back in the 1700s, who was the first tenant of 25 Brook Street, London?

Answer: Handel

Question: Which district of London is so named because it was once the site of a forge?

Answer: Hammersmith

Question: In 1990, which 'Tory tax' provoked the worst rioting in London for a century?

Answer: Poll tax

Question: Leicester Square was built in what year?

Answer: 1630

Question: Until 1529, what was the main London residence of the Kings of England?

Answer: Westminster Hall

Question: What color is the District Line on a London Underground map?

Answer: Green

Question: What decade did the last execution at Tower of London take place?

Answer: 1940's

Question: The Tate Modern was opened in which year?

Answer: 2000

Question: Dying in London in 2006, whose last words were 'The bastards got me but they won't get everybody'?

Answer: Alexander Litvinenko

Question: Which street in London takes its name from a croquet like game once played by Charles I ?

Answer: Pall Mall

Question: In which London location was the first Monsoon store opened in the 1970s?

Answer: Beauchamp Place

Question: What are you entering in London if you drive over a large C in a circle on the road?

Answer: Congestion Zone

Question: In 1970s London, Balcombe Street and the Spaghetti House in Knightsbridge, were in the news as locations for what?

Answer: Sieges

Question: Which international road race held a stage between London and Canterbury in July 2007?

Answer: Tour de France

Question: Lambeth Palace was built in which year?

Answer: 13th Century

Question: From the 1660s to the 1960s, what sort of wholesale market was situated at Covent Garden in London?

Answer: Fruit and vegetables

Question: Which London Underground Station used to be called Great Central?

Answer: Marylebone

Question: What's the name of the police tactic that was controversially used at the G20 protests in London in 2009?

Answer: Kettling

Question: Which part of London would you most associate with opera?

Answer: Covent Garden

Question: Marble Arch underpass has how many exits?

Answer: 14

Question: Which museum's collection was founded on that of Sir Hans Sloane?

Answer: Natural History

Question: Which government department has its own HQ in Queen Anne's Gate?

Answer: Home Office

Question: The Thames Barrier was built in which year?

Answer: 1982

Question: What artificial stretch of water in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens London was made by order of Queen Caroline in 1730?

Answer: The Serpentine

Question: Which London street does one associate with the 1960s fashion scene?

Answer: Carnaby

Question: In London, which bridge over the Thames does the A301 run over?

Answer: Waterloo Bridge

Question: Westfield shopping center in Shephered Bush was opened in which year?

Answer: 2008

Question: In 1936 which organization established its headquarters at London's Alexandra Palace?

Answer: BBC

Question: What color is the Victoria line on the London Underground?

Answer: Blue


Question: In what year was The Strand Tube Station closed?

Answer: 1994

Question: When were the Houses of Parliament rebuilt in London?

Answer: 1840

Question: Hamley's Toy Store was opened to the public in which year?

Answer: 1760

Question: Which 'street' in London takes its name from the ornamental collars once made by the 17th century tailor Robert Baker?

Answer: Piccadilly

Question: In what year did Vauxhall Bridge first open?

Answer: 1906

Question: What London Borough is the smallest in terms of size?

Answer: Kensington and Chelsea

Question: In 2011, it was calculated that the US Embassy owed how much in unpaid Congestion Zone charges?

Answer: £5 million

Question: In what year did Southwark Bridge first open?

Answer: 1921

Question: How many people per year visit the London Eye?

Answer: 3.5 million

Question: How many years did it take to build The Shard in London?

Answer: 5 Years

Question: What is unique about the new bridge in London that is proposed to open in 2016?

Answer: It will be a floating garden

Question: In what year did Waterloo Bridge first open?

Answer: 1817

Question: In what year did London get the 0203 dialling code, as it has run out of the previous codes?

Answer: 2005

Question: Charlie Chaplin was born in London in which year?

Answer: 1888

Question: Buckingham Palace was opened to the public in which year?

Answer: 1993

Question: In what year did the Great Plague srike London?

Answer: 1665

Question: The Great Plague of London occured over which years?

Answer: 1665-1666

Question: How long does it take for the London Eye to rotate?

Answer: 30 minutes

Question: In what year was Brompton Road Tube Station closed?

Answer: 1934

Question: How many times did Ken Livingstone get elected as Mayor of London?

Answer: 2

Question: Which of the phone numbers is not a London code?

Answer: 201

Question: In what year did the Notting Hill Carnival first take place?

Answer: 1966

Question: How any Kilometers does the London Tube network stretch too?

Answer: 400km