Math Trivia

120+ Best Math Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: July 14th, 2023

How are your math skills? Put them to the test with this ultimate math trivia questions and answers collection. Challenge someone to geometry, measurements, math problems, and other math trivia questions!

General Math Trivia

Question: Mason gets a 30% discount when buying three shirts for £9 each. What does he pay?

Answer: £18.90

Question: A bag of grass seed covers 5 square meters. How many bags would you need for a space 10m by 4m?

Answer: 8

Question: Flora gets a 3% pay rise on her salary of £33,000. What's her new wage?

Answer: £33,990

Question: A pizza has 8 slices, each containing 2.5g of salt. What's the total salt in the pizza?

Answer: 20g

Question: Fern scores 78 out of 200 in her French test. What is her mark as a percentage?

Answer: 39%

Question: Dave's hourly rate rises from £8.75 to £8.88. How much more does he earn for an 8-hour shift?

Answer: £1.04

Question: Ida has 72 great-grandchildren. A third are girls. How many are boys?

Answer: 48

Question: A restaurant orders 62 steaks, 34 sides of salmon, and 25 pork chops. How many items arrive?

Answer: 121

Question: Elsie puts 35p into a jar each morning. How much does she have after a fortnight?

Answer: £4.90

Question: Elaine has 96 paintings on her walls. She gives a quarter to charity and 23 more to a friend. How many are left?

Answer: 49

Question: Jane smokes 30 cigarettes a day and wants to cut her consumption in half. How many does she now smoke over a week?

Answer: 105

Question: Diana earns £8.80 per hour. How much does she get for a 2.5-hour shift?

Answer: £22

Question: Lynn's quarterly water bill is £22.75. How much does she pay per year?

Answer: £91

Famous Mathematicians Trivia

Question: Who is known as the "Father of Geometry"?

Answer: Euclid

Question: Which mathematician developed the theory of relativity?

Answer: Albert Einstein

Question: Who is credited with the discovery of calculus?

Answer: Isaac Newton

Question: Who proposed the famous "Fermat's Last Theorem"?

Answer: Pierre de Fermat

Question: Who introduced the concept of zero and the decimal place system to the Western world?

Answer: Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi

Question: Which mathematician is often referred to as the "Prince of Mathematicians"?

Answer: Carl Friedrich Gauss

Question: Who is known for their work on prime numbers and the distribution of prime numbers?

Answer: Bernhard Riemann

Question: Which mathematician is famous for the development of probability theory?

Answer: Blaise Pascal

Question: Who developed the field of game theory and won the Nobel Prize in Economics?

Answer: John Nash

Question: Who is known for their work on the mathematical theory of communication, known as "information theory"?

Answer: Claude Shannon

Math Theories Trivia

Question: What theory states that any sufficiently large even number can be expressed as the sum of two prime numbers?

Answer: Goldbach's Conjecture

Question: What theory deals with the arrangement, combination, and permutation of objects?

Answer: Combinatorics

Question: Which theory involves the study of continuous change and motion?

Answer: Calculus

Question: What theory is concerned with solving polynomial equations?

Answer: Algebra

Question: Which theory studies the properties and relationships of geometric figures in two and three dimensions?

Answer: Euclidean Geometry

Question: What theory explores the properties and behaviors of numbers?

Answer: Number Theory

Question: Which theory focuses on the measurement and properties of shapes and figures?

Answer: Geometry

Question: What theory deals with the analysis of data and the interpretation of patterns and trends?

Answer: Statistics

Question: Which theory studies the behavior and properties of functions and their graphs?

Answer: Function Theory

Question: What theory involves the study of systems of linear equations and their solutions?

Answer: Linear Algebra

Question: Which theory explores the relationship between angles and the sides of triangles?

Answer: Trigonometry

Question: What theory studies the properties and behavior of vectors in mathematical spaces?

Answer: Vector Theory

Question: Which theory involves the study of complex numbers and their properties?

Answer: Complex Analysis

Question: What theory focuses on the study of limits, continuity, and infinitesimal calculus?

Answer: Real Analysis

Question: Which theory deals with the analysis of random phenomena and the mathematical modeling of uncertainty?

Answer: Probability Theory

Measurements Trivia

Question: I can fit 32 pots of spice on my rack. How many racks do I need for 224 pots?

Answer: 7

Question: A fishmonger sells 72 fish over the business day. If he sells 13 in the morning, how many are sold in the afternoon?

Answer: 59

Question: June's knitting circle has 23 members. How many people in total attend monthly meetings across the year?

Answer: 276

Question: Hugh starts work at 9.15, works for 7 hours, and takes a 30-minute break. When does he finish?

Answer: 4.45pm

Question: Ian cycles 5 miles to school each day but gets a lift home twice a week. What's his total cycling distance in a school week?

Answer: 40 miles

Question: Each diner in a restaurant gets 8 prawns in a portion. How many does the chef need to order for 54 portions?

Answer: 432

Question: Paul tracks his daily calories at 250 for breakfast, 450 for lunch, and 860 for dinner. What's the daily total?

Answer: 1560

Question: I spend 7 minutes a day in the shower. How long am I in the shower a year if it's not a leap year?

Answer: 2555 minutes

Question: A loaf of bread has 18 slices. How many loaves would I need to make 108 slices of toast?

Answer: 6

Question: A distillery produces 245 liters of whiskey a day. How many 700ml bottles could be filled?

Answer: 350

Question: How long does it take to play 4 football matches, not including breaks or extra time?

Answer: 6 hours

Question: 56 people are in a room. Half of them leave, then nine more leave shortly afterwards. How many are left in the room?

Answer: 19

Question: Elliott milks half of his herd of 96 cows and gets three pints from each. How much milk does he have?

Answer: 144 pints

Question: Each box holds 7 items. How many boxes do you need for 168 items?

Answer: 24

Question: 334x7+335 equals what number?

Answer: 2673

Question: 1203+806+409 equals what number?

Answer: 2418

Question: A stationer orders 25 boxes of envelopes with 40 items in each. How many arrive?

Answer: 1000

Question: An eighth of a postman's bag of 256 items are parcels. How many parcels does he have?

Answer: 32

Question: A factory makes 1575 units over the week. How many does it make each day on average?

Answer: 225

Question: A large pizza has 12 slices and costs £18. How much would it cost to feed 6 people, each eating 6 slices?

Answer: £54

Question: Cora spends £44 each month on gym membership. What is the yearly cost?

Answer: £528

Geometry Trivia

Question: Which of the following is not a branch of mathematics?

Answer: Hypotenuse

Question: Ben has 2 jigsaws with 1500 pieces each and 3 with 500 pieces each. How many pieces are there in total?

Answer: 4500

Question: What shape's area is found by the following equation: 1/2 base times height?

Answer: Triangle

Question: How many sides does a rhombus have?

Answer: 4

Question: What is the name given to rectangles whose sides have a particular ratio of about 1.6 to 1?

Answer: Golden rectangle

Question: What is the 'm' in E = mc squared?

Answer: Mass

Question: Which is the value that appears most often in a set of data?

Answer: Mode

Question: Something raised to the second power is Squared. What is something raised to the third power?

Answer: Cubed

Question: What is the term for a figure that's entirely enclosed inside another figure?

Answer: Embedded

Question: What is one half of a sphere?

Answer: Hemisphere

Number Operations Trivia

Question: Which C is a solid figure with a circular-based plane, connected to a point called the vertex?

Answer: Cone

Question: In the equation '5X + 6 = 45,' what is X?

Answer: A variable

Question: What is the square root of 81?

Answer: 9

Question: Which of the following is not an operation?

Answer: Square Root

Question: Mary was born in 1972. What birthday does she celebrate in 2020?

Answer: 48th

Question: A roller coaster has 14 rows with 5 seats on each. What is the capacity of the ride?

Answer: 70

Question: A driving instructor charges £22 but offers a 5% discount for booking 10 at once. How much does a course of 10 lessons cost?

Answer: £209

Question: Dawn is saving for a holiday that costs £1500. She pays half as a deposit and the rest over 6 months. How much does she pay per month?

Answer: £125

Question: A bowling alley had 12 lanes. Each lane had 10 pins plus a spare. How many pins did the bowling alley have?

Answer: 132

Question: Rachel buys 8 yards of fabric costing £2.75 per yard. How much does she spend?

Answer: £22

Question: Carl's monthly phone bill is $42. How much does he pay a year?

Answer: £504

Question: Mark scores 12 out of 75 on a maths test. What's his score as a percentage?

Answer: 15%

Question: If 6 ice creams cost £4.74, what is the price per ice cream?

Answer: 79p

Question: What is the greatest number in a set of data called?

Answer: Maximum

Question: A piece of lace is 1.8 meters long. How many pieces would I use for 4 dresses, each needing 2.7 meters?

Answer: 6

Question: What is the capacity of a 1000-liter pool filled with water at a rate of 50 liters per hour?

Answer: 20

Question: Each episode of a cartoon is 8 minutes long. How many complete cartoons could I watch in 2 hours?

Answer: 15

Question: A school has classes with 32, 28, and 36 pupils. How many pupils on average per class?

Answer: 32

Question: A music promoter sells a third of the tickets for a 930 capacity venue and gives 75 to friends. How many people attend?

Answer: 385

Question: If Tom uses a quarter of a cucumber to make 4 sandwiches, how many does he need to make 32 sandwiches?

Answer: 2

Question: 3 farmers grew 45 watermelons between them. If Farmer 1 grew 18 watermelons and Farmer 2 grew 12 watermelons, how many did Farmer 3 grow?

Answer: 15

Question: A car park has 30 rows of 7 cars on each of 4 floors. What is the capacity of the car park?

Answer: 840

Question: A leisure center has 18 spaces in a swim class and 70 classes a week. How many students are taught?

Answer: 1260

Basic Mathematics Trivia

Question: What is the distance around a circle called?

Answer: Circumference

Question: What operation is indicated by +?

Answer: Addition

Question: What is 1,000 x 1?

Answer: 1,000

Question: What maths word means the relative size of something?

Answer: Scale

Question: What maths term means as correct and exact as possible?

Answer: Accurate

Question: What fraction of a minute is five seconds?

Answer: One twelfth

Question: What number is 20% of 40?

Answer: 8

Question: What is 10 to the power of 6?

Answer: 1,000,000

Question: If a fraction has a larger numerator than denominator, it is what?

Answer: Improper

Question: Millie gets 68 out of 80 in her science exam. What is her mark as a percentage?

Answer: 85%

Arithmetic Trivia

Question: A sector is a region bounded by and including an arc and how many radii of a circle?

Answer: 2

Question: Which of these is the horizontal axis on a graph?

Answer: X-Axis

Question: 5 pentagons have how many sides in total?

Answer: 25

Question: What number is represented by a one followed by nine zeroes?

Answer: One Billion

Question: 40% of a shop's 90 employees are women. How many men are employed?

Answer: 54

Question: Erica needs 10 liters of paint for decorating a room. If a 2.5-liter pot costs £13.50, how much does she spend?

Answer: £54

Question: Leo spends £2.25 each day on a latte. How much is his bill for a week?

Answer: £15.75

Question: A French baker sells 553 baguettes over a week. How many does he sell each day on average?

Answer: 79

Question: A parent buys two bags of goat feed at 50p for each of her three children. What does she spend?

Answer: £3

Question: James has 6 singing lessons a month, each lasting 35 minutes. How long does he spend singing?

Answer: 3h 30m

Basic Math Problems Trivia

Question: Each pack of biscuits contains 82 units. How many packs do I need to give 738 people a biscuit each?

Answer: 9

Question: Audrey sells 88, 65, 67, and 98 books on consecutive days. What is her total sales?

Answer: 318

Question: Omar and Jean have 78 acres of land between them. Jean owns 32 acres, so how many does Omar have?

Answer: 46 acres

Question: Alice baked 30 cookies, but Betty cooked 50% more. How many did Betty make?

Answer: 45

Question: 80,000 fans attended a football game. The tickets cost $40 each. What was the total revenue from the ticket sales?

Answer: $3.2 million

Question: How many days are there in the last three months of the year?

Answer: 92

Question: A 60-month credit agreement runs for how many years?

Answer: 5

Question: I use 15ml of shampoo in the shower each morning. How long will a 360ml bottle last?

Answer: 24 days

Question: Jack walked 65, 54, 37, and 89 minutes on consecutive days. How many minutes did he walk in total?

Answer: 245

Question: Fiona's class marks over the year are 50, 60, 54, 66, and 70. What's her average?

Answer: 60

Question: A carpenter was constructing a timber frame. The wood was available in lengths of 3 yards. He needed a total of 40 yards. How many lengths did he have to order?

Answer: 14

Question: Helen buys 15 balls of wool weighing 250g for a project. What is the total weight of wool?

Answer: 3.75kg

Question: Mac sorts his jelly beans into 18 groups with 13 beans in each. How many beans does he have in total?

Answer: 234

Question: If a square room measures 81 square meters, how many meters long is each side?

Answer: 9m

Miscellaneous Math Trivia

Question: What was the name of the measuring system before we went metric?

Answer: Imperial

Question: Darren downloaded 50 songs in May and then 60 for each of the next three months. What is the total number of songs downloaded?

Answer: 230

Question: 200 runners competed in a marathon. 35% dropped out before the finish. How many runners completed the course?

Answer: 130

Question: 75% of the 312 sun loungers on the beach are occupied. How many are empty?

Answer: 78

Question: Each lane in the bowling alley can accommodate 6 people. How many lanes are needed for 84 people to bowl?

Answer: 14

Question: A computer shop sells 44 X-Box games, 101 Playstation games, and 88 Switch games. What is the total sales?

Answer: 233

Question: Kara is doing a jigsaw with 2500 pieces. She is three fifths finished. How many pieces still need to be placed?

Answer: 1000

Question: If a quarter of children in a school of 260 pupils take drama, how many are in the class?

Answer: 65

Question: Liam arrives at the cinema at 2.15 to watch a film lasting 90 minutes. When does he leave?

Answer: 3.45

Question: Entrance to the zoo costs £8. How much does it cost for Tom and four friends to get in?

Answer: £40