Mother's Day Trivia

47+ Best Mother's Day Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 15th, 2023

Mothers are a crucial part of our society. It's no wonder why we celebrate Mother's Day every year. So as our way of honoring mothers, we've put together a list of trivia questions and answers for all the special moms in our lives. Here's a trivia collection of all questions about moms in our culture, Mother's Day traditions, Mother's Day facts, and much more. Enjoy this Mother's Day trivia collection!


Question: What flower is associated with Mother’s Day?

Answer: Carnations

Question: In what month does Mother’s Day take place in Canada, Australia, and the U.S.?

Answer: May

Question: In the Bible, who is known as the first Mother?

Answer: Eve

Question: How many weeks is an average pregnancy?

Answer: 40 weeks

Question: Who was the woman who started the tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day in the U.S.?

Answer: Anna Jarvis

Question: The oldest first-time mother gave birth in 2019. How old was she?

Answer: 74 years old

Question: Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for which industry?

Answer: Restaurants

Question: What is the most popular item purchased as a gift for Mother’s Day?

Answer: Greeting cards

Question: In Greek mythology, who is the mother of the gods?

Answer: Rhea

Question: Who is the leading actress in the film “Mamma Mia”?

Answer: Amanda Seyfried

Question: Name the famous Catholic nun who was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for “her work bringing help to suffering humanity”?

Answer: Mother Teresa

Question: What famous British pop girl band sang the song “Mama”?

Answer: Spice Girls

Question: What is the highest number of children born to one mother?

Answer: 69

Question: What is the mammal native to Africa that gives birth while standing up?

Answer: Giraffe

Question: The first goddess in Greek mythology can be called “Mother Earth,” but she is also known by what other name?

Answer: Gaia


Question: Where can the earliest known celebration of mothers be traced back?

Answer: Ancient Greece

Question: What are the odds of a woman giving birth to twins?

Answer: 1 in 33

Question: In the popular TV show “Game of Thrones,” who is known as “The Mother of Dragons”?

Answer: Daenerys Targaryen

Question: What is the average age for first-time moms in the United States?

Answer: 27

Question: What ancient Roman festival is considered a forerunner of Mother's Day?

Answer: Hilaria

Question: In France, Mother's Day began as an attempt to honor mothers with _____.

Answer: Large families

Question: More _____ are made on Mother's Day than any other day of the year.

Answer: phone calls

Question: How do children in Serbia celebrate Mother's Day?

Answer: Tying mother up

Question: The youngest mother to give birth is aged?

Answer: 5 years old

Question: How many diapers does the average mom change during the first three months of motherhood?

Answer: 700

Question: Shortest birth interval between two children is?

Answer: 208 days apart

Question: ________ father was a surgeon and her mother was a dedicated suffragette and early crusader for birth control.

Answer: Katherine Hepburn's

Question: What famous song by the Beatles is inspired by Paul McCartney’s mother?

Answer: Let It Be

Question: Who is Luke Skywalker’s mother in the Star Wars trilogy?

Answer: Padme Amidala

Question: Who was known as the “Mother of Modern Physics”?

Answer: Marie Curie

Question: Who is the famous cartoon mother known for having yellow skin?

Answer: Marge Simpson

Question: How much do Americans spend on Mother’s Day annually?

Answer: 28 billion

Question: What species of animals have the longest pregnancy at 22 months?

Answer: Elephants

Question: What is the highest number of babies a mother has had in one birth?

Answer: 8

Question: What Latin word did “Mother” originate from?

Answer: Mater

Question: Anjelica Houston is well-known for her role as the mother in this popular film.

Answer: The Addams Family

Question: The Italian Renaissance painting titled “Madonna Litta” features a mother breastfeeding her infant child. Which famous artist created this painting?

Answer: Leonardo Da Vinci

Question: What does a white carnation represent on Mother’s Day?

Answer: A mother that has passed

Question: What year was the first-ever test-tube baby born?

Answer: 1978


Question: What is the name of Harry Potter’s mother?

Answer: Lily J. Potter

Question: Which American rock band released the popular song “Stacy’s Mom”?

Answer: Fountains of Wayne

Question: What is known as “the mother of invention”?

Answer: Necessity

Question: How many phone calls are made on Mother’s Day each year?

Answer: 122 million

Question: Carmelina Fedele is the mother of the heaviest baby ever born. How many pounds did her son weigh at birth?

Answer: 22 lbs

Question: What is the marsupial that is known for having the smallest mammal at birth?

Answer: Honey possum

Question: What percentage of annual flower purchases does Mother’s Day account for?

Answer: 24%

Question: For the Roman Catholic Church, Mother’s Day is a day of admiration for whom?

Answer: The Virgin Mary