New Year Trivia

200+ Best New Year Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 15th, 2023

Discover fascinating facts and traditions about New Year with over 200 trivia questions. From mystical customs to iconic celebrations, challenge yourself with this entertaining collection of New Year trivia!


Question: In Irish culture what do single women place under their pillow on New Year's eve, hoping to catch their future husband?

Answer: Mistletoe Leaves

Question: In Jewish tradition, what is used to symbolize a sweet New Year?

Answer: Honey

Question: According to the Zodiac calendar 2014 is the year of which animal?

Answer: Horse

Question: In Finland during the afternoon of New Year's eve, a German comedy sketch is shown every year. What is it called?

Answer: Dinner for one

Question: In Denmark on New Year's eve it is tradition to have Kransekage, a special ____?

Answer: Desert

Question: Guatemalans eat a ___ with each of the twelve chimes of the bell during the New Year countdown, while making a wish with each one?

Answer: Grape

Question: In Estonia, on New Year's Eve, after eating dinner they should leave some food on their plates for who?

Answer: Ancestors and Spirits

Question: In Russia, New Year's eve was celebrated heartily because ___ was banned by the Communist Party?

Answer: Christmas

Question: After Chinese New Year what kind of dance is popular for the opening of businesses in Hong Kong and Macau?

Answer: Lion Dance

Question: In Pakistan, on New Year's eve the youth of Islamabad enjoy the evening by visiting restaurants in posh areas and what?

Answer: Bike-riding

Question: In 1977 who reached No.33 in the charts with 'It's Just Another New Year's Eve'?

Answer: Barry Manilow

Question: In past centuries, some Hungarians believed that animals were able to ____ on New Year's Eve?

Answer: Speak

Question: By the second week of January, roughly what percentage of American adults will have abandoned their resolutions?

Answer: 0.25

Question: In Colombia, what is the name of doll that is set on fire at New Year's?

Answer: Mr. Old Year

Question: In 1960 who covered Frank Loesser's 'What Are You Doing New Year's Eve'?

Answer: Ella Fitzgerald

Question: In Japan, New Year's Eve is used to prepare for and welcome who?

Answer: The New Year's god

Question: In ancient China for Chinese New Year, what was filled with gunpowder and burnt to create small explosions?

Answer: Bamboo Stems

Question: In Pakistan for New Year's eve it is estimated that the elite class celebrate with the annual tradition of what?

Answer: Air rifle shooting from roofs

Question: In 2011 the film 'New Year's Eve' was released, which actor played Paul?

Answer: Zac Efron

Question: Chileans families celebrate the New Year by visiting what?

Answer: Cemeteries

Question: 2013 became the year of what animal after the Chinese New Year?

Answer: Snake

Question: In 2011 the film 'New Year's Eve' was released, which actor played Ingrid?

Answer: Michelle Pfeiffer

Question: In 'How I Met Your Mother' the New Year's episode 'The Limo', how many parties did the group go to?

Answer: 4

Question: In what year was the first Rose Parade?

Answer: 1890

Question: Chinese New Year's Day itself was traditionally called 'Yuandan', what does this translate as?

Answer: The first sunrise

Question: In Brazil on the first day of the New Year they serve lentil soup or lentils and rice because lentil is believed to signify what?

Answer: Wealth

Question: Fireworks and ___ are the most important elements of New Year's Eve for Indonesians?

Answer: Trumpets

Question: In Greece on New Year's Day children go door-to-door to ask for permission to do what?

Answer: Sing Carols

Question: In Denmark what do people throw at the doorsteps of family friends on New Years?

Answer: Dishes

Question: Eating which of these foods are thought to bring prosperity?

Answer: Ham

Question: At which park did the London New Year's Day Parade once end?

Answer: Green Park

Question: In 1998, who sang 'Let's Start the New Year Right'?

Answer: Bing Crosby

Question: According to the Mayan calendar, the end of the world should have occurred on what date?

Answer: December 21, 2012

Question: For Chinese New Year It is traditional for every family to do what?

Answer: Clean the house

Question: In northern China, on Chinese New Year it is customary to make ___ after dinner to eat around midnight?

Answer: Dumplings

Question: In 1582, the calendar had slowly fallen behind the seasons over the years, so Pope Gregory advanced the calendar by how many days?

Answer: 10

Question: For Chinese New Year it is traditional to decorate windows and doors with which colored paper-cuts and couplets?

Answer: Red

Question: In Bratislava and Prague, the _____ start before noon and steadily increase until midnight?

Answer: Fireworks

Question: In Macedonia New Year's Eve is celebrated on December 31 and also on which date?

Answer: January 14th

Question: How many seasons of the TV show Millennium were there?

Answer: 3

Question: For how many seconds does the famous New Year's ball drop?

Answer: 60

Question: In Germany on New Year's eve, the main firework display is held where?

Answer: The Brandenburg Gate

Question: How long was the Millennium Celebration at Walt Disney World Resort?

Answer: 3 months

Question: In Japan, on New Year's Eve people gather around the Zojoji Temple to release what?

Answer: Helium Balloons

Question: How do the Japanese welcome in the Gregorian New Year?

Answer: 108 Rings of Temple Bells

Question: In Brazil, New year's officially marks the beginning of what?

Answer: Summer

Question: In Japan, on New Year's Eve what do Buddhists do at temples 108 times at midnight?

Answer: Ring the bells

Question: In Germany and Austria what do they pour into a bowl filled with water to form shapes which predict what is going to happen in the new year?

Answer: Lead

Question: Gullukkig Niuw Jaar' means Happy New Year in which language?

Answer: Dutch

Question: In Ecuador thousands of life-size _____ called 'Año Viejo' representing misfortunes of the past year are burned in the streets?

Answer: Dummies

Question: Decorating what is a very popular tradition on New Year's Eve in Turkey?

Answer: Christmas Trees

Question: In Greece on New Year's eve, people bake a cake flavored with almonds called___?

Answer: Bill's Pie

Question: How long is the route for the London New Year's Day Parade?

Answer: 2 miles

Question: In Brazil on New Year they say 'Boas Festas e Feliz Ano Novo' which translates as?

Answer: Good Parties and Happy N Y

Question: In Russia on New Year's eve a common tradition is to 'say farewell to the ____'

Answer: Old Year

Question: An old Sicilian tradition says good luck will come to those who eat what on New Year's Day?

Answer: Lasagne

Question: In Bolivia the tradition of wearing bright yellow what to increase fortune for the new year?

Answer: Underwear

Question: At which service do many Christians prepare for the year ahead by praying and making resolutions?

Answer: Watchnight Services

Question: In Costa Rica some people run across the street with _____ to bring new trips and adventures in the upcoming year?

Answer: LUGGage

Question: In 'The O.C.' New Year Episode what does Marissa say to Ryan after they kiss at midnight and he says 'I love you'?

Answer: Thank you

Question: In France on New Year's eve they usually celebrate with a feast including ____?

Answer: Foie Gras

Question: In Peshawar, a city in Pakistan what was banned for 30 days in 2013 over New Year?

Answer: Aerial Firing

Question: In England on New Year's eve people gather at which landmark to watch the fireworks?

Answer: The London Eye

Question: Eating which of these foods are thought to cause a reversal of fortune?

Answer: Lobsters

Question: A tradition in Ecuador is for some men to ___ the days before New Year's Eve representing the 'widow' of the year that has passed?

Answer: Dress as women

Question: In Morocco, New Year's eve is called 'Rass l'aam' which translates as '___ of the Year'?

Answer: Head

Question: After receiving a red envelope, it is kept under a pillow and slept on for how many days after Chinese New Year before opening?

Answer: 7

Question: According to tales and legends, to protect themselves, the villagers would put ___ in front of their doors every Chinese New Year?

Answer: Food

Question: According to tales and legends, the beginning of Chinese New Year started with the fight against a ___ called the Nian?

Answer: Mythical Beast

Question: Feliz Ano Neuvo' means Happy New Year in which language?

Answer: Spanish


Question: Millennium Biltmore Hotel is in which city?

Answer: Los Angeles

Question: In the 'Frasier' New Year episode Frasier and Niles drive to Sun Valley in a Winnebago, how does Niles break the law?

Answer: He steals a Winnebago

Question: In which country is the New Year's festival called Songkran celebrated?

Answer: Thailand

Question: On New Year's Day in Japan Children receive 'Otoshidamas', which are small gifts with what inside?

Answer: Money

Question: Millennium Force is a roller coaster in which state?

Answer: Ohio

Question: On New Years Day 1578, Pope Gregory Xlll signed a law forcing Jews to pay for a 'House of Conversion'. What did this do?

Answer: Convert Jews to Christianity

Question: On Chinese New Year, red packets with money inside are given to unmarried juniors, the amount of money inside must be what?

Answer: Even

Question: New Year's Eve is also the day of which saint?

Answer: Silvester

Question: In which district of Los Angeles was there a 5 hour fire on New Year's Eve 2011?

Answer: Hollywood

Question: In the Netherlands, towns do not organize a central fireworks display, except for ___?

Answer: Rotterdam

Question: In which city is the New Year's Capital One Bowl game played?

Answer: Orlando

Question: In which culture do they toss coins around a pan as they march around the house on New Year's day?

Answer: Philippines

Question: In what year was 'New Year's Resolutions' by Laura Briggs published?

Answer: 2011

Question: In the 'Seinfeld' Millennium episode, Newman refuses to invite who to his Y2K party?

Answer: Jerry

Question: In what year did the TV show Millennium first air?

Answer: 1996

Question: On New Year's Eve 1974, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nick joined which band?

Answer: Eagles

Question: Members of which band featured on one of the Millennium stamps of Great Britain?

Answer: Queen

Question: Just as Santa Claus is the mascot of Christmas, who is the mascot of New Year's Eve?

Answer: Father Time

Question: In which European capital was the Millennium Dome built?

Answer: London

Question: In which city is the Orange Bowl game played in at New Year's?

Answer: Miami

Question: In Scotland the traditional New Year ceremony of yesteryear would involve people dressing up in____ and being hit by sticks?

Answer: The hides of cattle

Question: In the 'Mad Men' New Year episode, why did Don took the boys for night out on the town?

Answer: Lane had split from his wife

Question: Millennium Labs are in which city?

Answer: San Diego

Question: In what year was the first NHL New Year's Day Winter Classic?

Answer: 2008

Question: On New Year's eve Dutch farmers fill up ___ with carbide and water, heat them up and watch them explode like homemade cannons?

Answer: Milk Buckets

Question: In which country is the Spengler Cup Final on New Year's Eve held in?

Answer: Switzerland

Question: In what year did the United States leave UNESCO on New Year's Eve?

Answer: 1984

Question: New Year's Resolutions originated from promises made to which god?

Answer: Janus

Question: In what religion is 'Shana Tova' said to wish each other a 'good year'?

Answer: Judaism

Question: In what year was the first New Year's parade in London?

Answer: 1987

Question: On New Year's Eve, the Dutch burn bonfires to purge the old and welcome the new. What is burned on the bonfire?

Answer: Christmas Trees

Question: In the 'New Year's Rockin' Eve' 2012 which artist sang from New York?

Answer: Justin Bieber

Question: In Thailand tourists and residents of Ayutthaya celebrate New Year with what kind of water fight?

Answer: An Elephant Water Fight

Question: In which month does the US fiscal calendar end?

Answer: September

Question: In which country are New Year trees popular?

Answer: Russia

Question: In the UK, the annual New Year's Eve party has a countdown followed by a rendition of what song?

Answer: Auld Lang Syne

Question: In which city is the New Year's Outback Bowl game played?

Answer: Tampa

Question: In which city is the New Year's Gator Bowl game played?

Answer: Jacksonville

Question: In Thailand, a special 3-day festival, featuring what abundant element marks the Buddhists' celebration of the New Year?

Answer: Water

Question: In Serbia on New Year's eve, they hold separate parties and concerts for Children and ____?

Answer: The Elderly

Question: In which city was the TV channel Millennium set in?

Answer: Seattle

Question: In which state is a pine cone dropped on New Year's Eve?

Answer: Arizona

Question: In which country is the New Year's Eve Saint Silvester Road Race held?

Answer: Brazil

Question: Iran celebrates New Year's Day on which date?

Answer: March 21st

Question: Millennium Broadway Hotel is in which city?

Answer: New York

Question: In which city is the Millennium Restaurant?

Answer: San Francisco

Question: Northern Ireland's Van Morrison is best known for the hit single 'Brown Eyed Girl,' he also wrote a New Year's song called what?

Answer: Celtic New Year

Question: In which state does a purple decorated beach ball drop on New Year's Eve?

Answer: Maine

Question: In what year was the New Year's Eve ball drop first used?

Answer: 1907

Question: Millennium Middle School is in which US state?

Answer: Florida

Question: In which Californian city is the 'Rose Parade' held?

Answer: Pasadena

Question: In which of these years was the New York City New Year's Eve ball drop not observed because of the war?

Answer: 1942

Question: New Year's Day is also the Festival of Saint Basil in which European country?

Answer: Greece

Question: Millennium Pictures is a production company in which country?

Answer: Australia

Question: In which US city is Millennium Park?

Answer: Chicago

Question: In what year was the first Orlando Citrus Parade ?

Answer: 1980

Question: In which British city is the Millennium Stadium?

Answer: Cardiff

Question: On New Year's Eve 1983, the country of Brunei gained independence from who?

Answer: Britain

Question: In what nation does wearing polka dots and eating round fruits ensure a prosperous new year?

Answer: Philippines

Question: In which country is the New Year's Eve Nos Galan Road Race held?

Answer: Wales

Question: Making resolutions for the New Year is thought to have first started by the Babylonians, who made promises to what?

Answer: Earn the favor of the gods

Question: In Russia, People try to start the new year without what?

Answer: Debts

Question: In which city is the New Year's Rose Bowl game played?

Answer: Pasadena

Question: Norwegians make rice pudding at New Year's, what do they hide within it which guarantees wealth to the person who finds it?

Answer: An Almond

Question: On New Year what is laden with flowers, candles, jewelry and is pushed out to sea from Brazil's Ipenama beach in Rio de Janeiro?

Answer: A sacrificial boat

Question: In which country is New Year the most important holiday of the year?

Answer: Japan

Question: On New Year's day in Belarus what is used to determine who will be next to marry?

Answer: A Rooster

Question: In what year did both a blue moon and lunar eclipse appear on New Year's Eve?

Answer: 2009

Question: In which ancient city was New Year's first celebrated?

Answer: Babylon

Question: In the 'Friends' New Year episode 'New Year's Resolution', Ross bets Chandler's $50 to what?

Answer: not to make fun of anyone

Question: In the Hillbrow neighborhood of Johannesburg, what do residents throw from their windows to cleanse their home for the New Year?

Answer: Furniture and Appliances

Question: In which country was a large selection of dinosaur fossils found on New Year's Eve 2008?

Answer: China

Question: On New Year's Eve 1935, Charles Darrow patented which board game?

Answer: Monopoly

Question: In which city is the New Year's countdown done with an elevator?

Answer: Seattle

Question: Local clubs can compete in which of these categories in the mommers Parade?

Answer: String Bands

Question: On New Year's Eve Bosnian children receive ___ from adults who are dressed as Djed Mraz?

Answer: Gifts

Question: January has been named after God Janus (Latin word for door), in the Roman calendar. Janus is the God with two what?

Answer: Faces

Question: In which state is Millennium Art Academy?

Answer: New York


Question: What is buried in the Greek New Year's sweet bread and thought to bring good luck?

Answer: A Coin

Question: Throughout the medieval and post-medieval periods, January 1 was supposedly the day on which Jesus did what?

Answer: Got Circumcised

Question: On which channel did the TV show Millennium originally air?

Answer: Fox

Question: Part of the Hogmanay partying is to welcome friends and strangers, with warm hospitality and to wish everyone a ____ New Year?

Answer: Guid

Question: The Briar Woods High School marching band from Ashburn, Virginia preformed in the London New Year's Day Parade in which year?

Answer: 2011

Question: What is the more popular name for the Vietnamese New Year?

Answer: Tet

Question: The annual Tournament of Roses Parade floats are traditionally decorated with what?

Answer: Petals

Question: What did the ancient Persians give as gifts at New Year's?

Answer: Eggs

Question: The song 'Auld Lang Syne' was originally written by which poet?

Answer: Robert Burns

Question: What do they eat 12 of on New Year's in Spain>

Answer: Grapes

Question: What is the distance of the route of the Rose Parade?

Answer: 5.5 miles

Question: To secure twelve happy months in the coming year, the Spanish eat twelve what at midnight on New Year's Eve?

Answer: Grapes

Question: What event dictated the timing of New Year's celebrations in ancient Egypt?

Answer: Flooding of the Nile

Question: What do the children of Greece get filled with gifts at New Year's?

Answer: Shoes

Question: The Millennium Tower is in which US state?

Answer: California

Question: The Koreans celebrate their New Year over the first how many days in January?

Answer: 3

Question: The New Year's Eve Saint Silvester Road Race is competed in which sport?

Answer: Running

Question: What is the Chinese New Year often referred to as?

Answer: The Lunar New Year

Question: The Babylonian New Year began with the first New Moon after what?

Answer: The first day of Spring

Question: What does 'Auld Lang Syne' literally translates as?

Answer: Old Long Since

Question: On which day of the week is the Rose Parade never held on?

Answer: Sunday

Question: What is the most similar dance to the traditional Chinese New Year Lion Dance?

Answer: The Dragon Dance

Question: The main route of the Rose Parade follows which road?

Answer: Colorado Boulevard

Question: What is the French term for 'Happy New Year'?

Answer: Bonne Annee

Question: What film takes place on the eve of the Millennium where Ralph Fiennes plays an ex-cop investigating a murder?

Answer: Strange Days

Question: President Harry S. Truman officially proclaimed the end of World War II on New Year's Eve of which year?

Answer: 1945

Question: The New Year's festivities that originated in Babylon found their way to Rome. In honor of Saturn what did they name it?

Answer: Saturnalia

Question: Until which year did the British Empire and their American Colonies celebrate the New Year in March?

Answer: 1752

Question: What film sees Woody Harrelson plan to rob the special car that holds the money collected by the subway on New Year's Eve?

Answer: Money Train

Question: The New Year's Four Hills Tournament takes place in which continent?

Answer: Europe

Question: What fruit is dropped at New Year's in Miami, Florida?

Answer: Orange

Question: What is the length of the course of the New Year's Eve Saint Silvester Road Race?

Answer: 15 km

Question: The early Roman calendar consisted of 10 months and 304 days, which months were added afterwards?

Answer: January and February

Question: What is the German term for 'Happy New Year'?

Answer: Prosit Neujar

Question: What color do most of the natives of Brazil wear at New Year's?

Answer: White

Question: The New Year festival called Songkran lasts for three days from what date?

Answer: April 13th

Question: Since 2011, which car company has been associated with the Rose Parade?

Answer: Honda

Question: The Darian Calendar is a proposed system of time-keeping on which planet?

Answer: Mars

Question: The mommers Parade is televised on which station?

Answer: WPHL-TV

Question: What is the distance of the New Year's Eve Nos Galan Road Race?

Answer: 5 km

Question: The Florentine calendar was used in which country in the Middle Ages?

Answer: Italy

Question: What do Haitians wear in the hope that it will bode well for the new year?

Answer: New Clothing

Question: What event traditionally follows the annual New Year's Rose Parade in Pasadena, US?

Answer: The Rose Bowl

Question: The Peruvian New Year's custom is to eat how many grapes at the turn of the year?

Answer: 13

Question: The wearing of yellow underwear at New Year's is said to symbolize what?

Answer: Money

Question: What is another name for the Chinese New Year?

Answer: Cord

Question: The headquarters of Millennium & Copthorne Hotels are in which country?

Answer: Britain

Question: The first color newsreel was filmed in Pasadena, California on New Year's Day in which year?

Answer: 1948

Question: Part of Albanian New Year's Eve tradition is to watch a lot of what?

Answer: Comedy Shows

Question: The Millennium Bridge is in which US city?

Answer: Denver

Question: The Orlando Citrus Parade celebrates the holidays and two college football bowl games, the Russell Athletic Bowl and which other?

Answer: Capital One Bowl

Question: The 1999 millennial panic movie 'End Of Days' stars who as retired cop Jericho Cane?

Answer: Arnold Schwarzenegger