Novels Trivia

80+ Best Novels Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 15th, 2023

Embark on a literary adventure with our collection of novels trivia questions and answers! From Jules Verne to J.K. Rowling, challenge yourself and discover fascinating facts about your favorite books and authors.


Question: What number is missing from the Jules Verne novel: 'Around the World in ... Days'?

Answer: Eighty

Question: Which word completes the title of the Margaret Atwood novel 'The ___________ Assassin'?

Answer: Blind

Question: What is the name of the author whose works include 'Carrie' and 'The Shining'?

Answer: Stephen King

Question: Which character would you associate with 'Neverneverland'?

Answer: Peter Pan

Question: How would you best categorize Barbara Cartland's books?

Answer: Romance

Question: Which of the following is a Dickensian character?

Answer: Nicholas Nickleby

Question: Alex Garland wrote this book, later starring Leonardo di Caprio in the film version ?

Answer: The Beach

Question: Which day of the week would you most associate with Robinson Crusoe?

Answer: Friday

Question: Who created 'St Trinians' girls school'?

Answer: Ronald Searle

Question: Which of these is a character encountered by Lewis Carroll's Alice?

Answer: The Mock Turtle

Question: What's the name of Scout's brother in the book To Kill A Mockingbird?

Answer: Jem

Question: What color gown was Barbara Cartland buried in ?

Answer: Pink

Question: Which ' _________ Island' is a classic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson?

Answer: Treasure

Question: Ernest Vincent Wright's 50,000 word novel does not contain which vowel?

Answer: E

Question: What nationality is the sleuth Hercule Poirot?

Answer: Belgian

Question: Which of the following was written by Joanne Harris?

Answer: Chocolat

Question: Which book, later made into a controversial film, was published in 1962?

Answer: A Clockwork Orange

Question: Mowgli is a character from which of these books?

Answer: The Jungle Book

Question: What nationality is the writer Maeve Binchy?

Answer: Irish

Question: What is the surname of Adrian, Sue Townsend's famous diarist?

Answer: Mole

Question: How would you best categorise Agatha Christie's books?

Answer: Whodunnits

Question: Which is the correct title of the Dickens novel?

Answer: Little Dorrit

Question: What's missing from the title of the Penelope Lively novel 'Moon __________ '?

Answer: Tiger

Question: How many novels make up 'The Forsyte Saga'?

Answer: 3

Question: Which novel, later made into an animated film, was published in 1972?

Answer: Watership Down

Question: Which writer created the characters Merry and Pippin?

Answer: JRR Tolkein

Question: Complete the JK Rowling book: 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of ...'?

Answer: Secrets

Question: Which novel gave us the expression 'something nasty in the woodshed'?

Answer: Cold Comfort Farm

Question: In George Orwell's novel Animal Farm, which animals became the leaders?

Answer: Pigs

Question: Which novel is subtitled 'A Romance in Exmoor'?

Answer: Lorna Doone

Question: Which color was the author Barbara Cartland famed for wearing?

Answer: Pink

Question: Who was the farmer in Animal Farm?

Answer: Mr Jones

Question: Which novelist also wrote under the name Barbara Vine?

Answer: Ruth Rendell


Question: What was the name of Ian Fleming's Jamaican estate to which he retired?

Answer: Goldeneye

Question: Which of these novels was a best-seller in 1905?

Answer: The Scarlet Pimpernel

Question: Complete the best-selling book title: 'Harry Potter and the Goblet Of ...'?

Answer: Fire

Question: Which of these 'Lord Of The Rings' characters is a wizard?

Answer: Gandalf

Question: Who created the Rabbit series of novels?

Answer: John Updike

Question: In fiction, how is Dr Charles Primrose better known?

Answer: The Vicar of Wakefield

Question: Which of these is a character from 'Alice's Adventures In Wonderland'?

Answer: The Mad Hatter

Question: The Munchkins appear in which novel?

Answer: Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Question: Complete the title of the novel about a group of boys marooned on a desert island: 'Lord of the ...'?

Answer: Flies

Question: Who wrote the classic novel 'The Silmarillion'?

Answer: JRR Tolkein

Question: In which series of books would you encounter hobbits and orcs?

Answer: The Lord of The Rings

Question: Which of the following is the title of a Roddy Doyle novel?

Answer: The Van

Question: Where is Frank McCourt's 'Angela's Ashes' set?

Answer: Ireland

Question: In the novel, where does Oliver Twist run away to?

Answer: London

Question: Which book's title character had the first name Lemuel?

Answer: Gulliver's Travels

Question: The film 'Don't Look Now' was based on a book by which author?

Answer: Daphne du Maurier

Question: Gollum is a character from which series of books?

Answer: Lord of The Rings

Question: Who wrote about 'Guy Mannering'?

Answer: Walter Scott

Question: Which Graham Greene novel features the character Wormold?

Answer: Our Man In Havana

Question: Which city gave Ian McEwan the title of his 1998 Booker Prize winning novel?

Answer: Amsterdam

Question: Which of these novels is about a whale?

Answer: Moby Dick

Question: Which of these novels is set in Revolutionary France?

Answer: A Tale of Two Cities

Question: Complete the title of the CS Lewis novel: 'The Lion, The Witch and The ....'?

Answer: Wardrobe

Question: Which word completes the title of the Ian McEwan novel 'The ... in Time'?

Answer: Child

Question: Which of these is the title of a Jane Austen novel?

Answer: Northanger Abbey

Question: What is the name of the author who is Joan Collins' sister?

Answer: Jackie

Question: Who wrote the Dune series of science fiction novels?

Answer: Frank Herbert

Question: Which author created the character Lord Peter Wimsey?

Answer: Dorothy Sayers

Question: What is the first name of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple?

Answer: Jane

Question: Which of these is NOT a character from 'Wind In The Willows'?

Answer: Otter


Question: What kind of Island did Robert Louis Stevenson write about?

Answer: Treasure Island

Question: Complete the title of J.K.Rowling's book: 'Harry Potter and the ... Stone'?

Answer: Philosopher's

Question: Who wrote the novel 'Main Street'?

Answer: Sinclair Lewis

Question: Who wrote the 2009 novel 'The Lost Symbol'?

Answer: Dan Brown

Question: Who wrote 'Oliver Twist' and 'Great Expectations'?

Answer: Charles Dickens

Question: Who wrote the bestselling novel The Carpetbaggers?

Answer: Harold Robbins

Question: Who wrote the novel 'The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz'?

Answer: Mordecai Richler

Question: In the novel 'Brideshead Revisited' what was Aloysius?

Answer: Teddy bear

Question: What was the name of Alastair Maclean's first bestselling novel?

Answer: Hms Ulysses

Question: Which literary sleuth's creator was half English, half Chinese?

Answer: Simon Templar

Question: Which of these was NOT written by Richard Adams?

Answer: Tarka The Otter

Question: Dick Swiveller and Nell Trent appear in which of Charles Dickens' novels?

Answer: Old Curiosity Shop

Question: Who wrote the novel Love Story?

Answer: Erich Segal

Question: Tis' is the follow-up to which book?

Answer: Angela's Ashes

Question: What nationality was the writer Patricia Highsmith?

Answer: American

Question: Which of these names is the title of a famous novel?

Answer: Daniel Deronda

Question: Where is the Daphne du Maurier novel 'Jamaica Inn' set?

Answer: Cornwall