Outer space Trivia

23+ Best Outer space Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: August 17th, 2023

Explore the vast wonders of outer space with these mind-boggling trivia questions! From celestial bodies to cosmic phenomena, challenge yourself with easy and hard questions that will launch your knowledge to new heights.

Space and Celestial Bodies Trivia

Question: In which year was Pluto downgraded to dwarf planet status?

Answer: 2006

Question: What is the name for a group of stars?

Answer: Constellation

Question: What is the name for a ball of dust and ice, with a long tail?

Answer: Comet

Question: How many natural satellites does Earth have?

Answer: 1

Question: How many planets in the solar system are made of rock and metal?

Answer: 4

Question: What is formed when a star collapses under its own weight?

Answer: Black Hole

Question: The first man-made satellite went into orbit in which year?

Answer: 1957

Question: Halley's comet is visible from earth every how many years?

Answer: 75

Question: What is the term for the partial or total obscuring of one celestial body by another?

Answer: Eclipse

Question: What is lightyear a measure of?

Answer: Length

Question: Which is the largest planet in the solar system?

Answer: Jupiter

Question: Which planet in our solar system is closest to the sun?

Answer: Mercury

Question: What is the name given to a planet outside the solar system?

Answer: Exoplanet

Question: What is the sun made from?

Answer: Gas

Question: Titania and Oberon are moons of which planet?

Answer: Uranus

Question: What is Jupiter's Great Red Spot?

Answer: Storm

Question: What is the name of our galaxy?

Answer: Milky Way

Question: What planet was downgraded to dwarf planet status in 2006?

Answer: Pluto

Space and Astronomy Trivia

Question: What is the name for a giant cloud of dust and gas in space?

Answer: Nebula

Question: Which word means referring to the moon?

Answer: Lunar

Question: The two movements of all planets are orbit and what?

Answer: Spin

Question: The USA sends rockets into space from which state?

Answer: Florida

Question: What are most planets in the solar system named after?

Answer: Greek or Roman Gods