Pop Music Trivia

197+ Best Pop Music Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 15th, 2023

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Question: Which soul singer is part of 'Sir Duke' lyrics?

Answer: Ella Fitzgerald

Question: What is Hanson's signature hit?

Answer: MMMBop

Question: Tony Hadley is frontman for which band?

Answer: Spandau Ballet

Question: What is Audrey Faith Perry's screen name?

Answer: Faith Hill

Question: Don't Speak was a hit for which band in 1998

Answer: No Doubt

Question: Who had the first UK Number 1 hit of the 1990's?

Answer: New Kids On The Block

Question: Marc Bolan was the lead singer of which group?

Answer: T. Rex

Question: Which of these bands is American?

Answer: Green Day

Question: Which of these Beatles hits was released first?

Answer: A Hard Day's Night

Question: What is the middle initial of Burt Bacharach?

Answer: F

Question: Who had a child with rapper Jay-Z in 2012?

Answer: Beyonce

Question: Which of these is a real pop singer?

Answer: Britney Spears

Question: Which artist recorded the album 'Simply in Love'?

Answer: Tony Christie

Question: What is Don McLean's signature song?

Answer: American Pie

Question: Nena sang about '99 Red ...'?

Answer: Balloons

Question: Adele sang the theme tune to which Bond film?

Answer: Skyfall

Question: Simon and Garfunkel was originally called what?

Answer: Tom and Jerry

Question: Where was AC - DC's guitarist Angus Young born?

Answer: Glasgow, Scotland

Question: Who had a 1962 hit with 'Right Said Fred'?

Answer: Bernard Cribbins

Question: Which of these singers was a twin?

Answer: Elvis Presley

Question: What is BeeGees' Robin Gibb' twin name?

Answer: Maurice Gibb

Question: How is rapper, Tramar Dillard, better known?

Answer: Flo Rida

Question: Which group had a chart hit with 'ABC'?

Answer: The Jackson Five

Question: Take My Breath Away' featured in which film?

Answer: Top Gun

Question: Which of these was a Beatles hit?

Answer: Ticket to Ride

Question: Who wrote 'Me and Mrs. Jones'?

Answer: Gamble and Huff

Question: Man in Black' is a 1971 album by which singer?

Answer: Johnny Cash

Question: What does B.T.O. stand for?

Answer: Bachman Turner Overdrive

Question: Stewart Copeland played drums in which band?

Answer: The Police

Question: Bob Geldof was the lead singer with which band?

Answer: Boomtown Rats

Question: Who duetted with Robbie Williams on 'Kids'?

Answer: Kylie

Question: Where was Bob Dylan born?

Answer: Duluth, Minnesota


Question: Which of these DJs is French?

Answer: David Guetta

Question: What is Sting's real name?

Answer: Gordon Sumner

Question: What is John Denver's first name?

Answer: John Henry

Question: What is Cher's biggest selling recording titled?

Answer: Believe

Question: Monday, Monday' was a hit for what group?

Answer: The Mamas & the Papas

Question: Which disco singer popularized 'I Will Survive'?

Answer: Gloria Gaynor

Question: U2 hail from which European country?

Answer: Ireland

Question: What was John Denver's cause of death?

Answer: Plane Accident

Question: What is the name of Harry Styles' group?

Answer: One Direction

Question: Who gave the nickname 'Snoop' to Snoop Dog?

Answer: Mother

Question: Hot Chip released which of these songs in 2008?

Answer: Ready for the Floor

Question: Who was the lead guitarist with Guns N Roses?

Answer: Slash

Question: Where did the Bangles 'go down to' in the 1980's?

Answer: Liverpool

Question: Who first recorded 'Are You Lonesome Tonight?'?

Answer: Al Jolson

Question: In 2004, who had a number one hit with 'Toxic'?

Answer: Britney Spears

Question: Which Donna Summer song was banned by BBC?

Answer: Love to Love You Baby

Question: Singer Beyonce Knowles was born in which year?

Answer: 1981

Question: Where do the pop group Stereophonics come from?

Answer: Wales

Question: What was the cause John Bonham's death?

Answer: Alcohol Overdose

Question: Which Irish boy band covered 'Words'?

Answer: Boyzone

Question: Who starred in & released 8 Mile?

Answer: Eminem

Question: In 1999 Lenny Kravitz covered what Guess Who song?

Answer: American Woman

Question: Who did Jimmy Page replace as a member of The Yardbirds?

Answer: Eric Clapton

Question: When did the woman left in James Taylor's 'Fire and Rain'?

Answer: Yesterday Morning

Question: Which of these instruments does a lyre most resemble?

Answer: Harp

Question: Which instrument was most associated with George Formby?

Answer: Ukulele

Question: Phil Collins played which instrument with Genesis?

Answer: Drums

Question: Who performed the Bond theme for Skyfall?

Answer: Adele

Question: Alison Moyet was a former member of which duo?

Answer: Yazoo

Question: In what year did Michael Jackson pass away?

Answer: 2009

Question: Who released the album Believe in 2012?

Answer: Justin Bieber

Question: Blondie had a No.1 with this girl ...?

Answer: Maria

Question: Who performed the single 'Smile'?

Answer: Lily Allen

Question: Where did Phil Collins' 'Sussudio' filmed?

Answer: London

Question: Who was the lead singer with Thin Lizzy?

Answer: Phil Lynott

Question: What was the Monkees' only UK Number One single?

Answer: I'm a Believer

Question: Name Gwen Stefani's band?

Answer: No Doubt

Question: Which year was Prince's hit song '1999' released?

Answer: 1983

Question: What are Justin Bieber's fans known as?

Answer: Beliebers

Question: Godley & Creme were former members of which band?

Answer: 10cc

Question: To whom Mick Jagger wrote 'Wild Horses'?

Answer: Marianne Faithfull

Question: Which of these is a real band?

Answer: The Chemical Brothers

Question: End Of The Road' was a hit for which boy band in 1992?

Answer: Boyz II Men

Question: Ben' by Michael Jackson was originally written for whom?

Answer: Donny Osmond

Question: What was the name of the Beatles' long-time record producer?

Answer: George Martin

Question: The Dolly Parton theme park 'Dollywood' is in which US state?

Answer: Tennessee

Question: End Of The Road was a hit for which boy band in 1992?

Answer: Boyz II Men

Question: The Best' was a hit for which artist in the 1980's?

Answer: Tina Turner

Question: Which is Billy Crystals' babysitter when he was a child?

Answer: Billie Holiday

Question: Maroon 5 and who had the hit single 'Moves Like Jagger'?

Answer: Christina Aguilera

Question: Which song became an animated television special in 1978?

Answer: Puff The Magic Dragon

Question: In the cockney song what did 'My old man' do for a living?

Answer: Dustman

Question: Complete the Simple Minds hit: 'Don't You Forget About...'?

Answer: Me

Question: Simon Le Bon was the singer with which 80s British band?

Answer: Duran Duran

Question: Which American duo had a top ten hit with 'Mrs Robinson'?

Answer: Simon & Garfunkel

Question: Which female band released the album 'We Are Family' in 1979?

Answer: Sister Sledge

Question: Which instrument dominated Elton John's 'Crocodile Rock'?

Answer: Farfisa

Question: Who adopted 'Bobby and I sang the Blues' into another song?

Answer: Don McLean

Question: Who wrote 'Eye of the Tiger' for the film 'Rocky'?

Answer: Survivor

Question: Which US singer wrote the autobiography 'Moon River and Me'?

Answer: Andy Williams

Question: Who first 'twerked' at the MTV Music Awards in 2013?

Answer: Miley Cyrus

Question: Which Rat Pack member had a hit with 'The Candy Man'?

Answer: Sammy Davis, Jr.

Question: Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie is better known as who?

Answer: Lulu

Question: What is the name of the female singer in Eurythmics?

Answer: Annie Lennox

Question: What was the nationality of two of the original Three Tenors?

Answer: Spanish

Question: Sex On Fire was a massive hit for which US rock band?

Answer: Kings of Leon

Question: In the Elton John song 'Daniel', where is Daniel heading?

Answer: Spain

Question: How long did it take to record 'House of the Rising Sun'?

Answer: 15

Question: Which song earned Ray Charles his first gold record?

Answer: What'd I Say

Question: Which song Paul McCartney said 'the killer song of all time'?

Answer: Without You

Question: Stefani Germanotta is the real name of which singer?

Answer: Lady Gaga

Question: Tin Pan Alley is a phrase associated with which industry?

Answer: Music

Question: Which UK band released the album 'Under the Iron Sea' in 2006?

Answer: Keane

Question: Phil Oakey is the lead singer with which British group?

Answer: The Human League

Question: The Wind Cries Mary' was a hit song for what group?

Answer: Jimi Hendrix Experience

Question: Unchained Melody' was a hit for which of these groups?

Answer: Righteous Brothers

Question: Which 70s glam rock band was fronted by Marc Bolan?

Answer: T.Rex

Question: Alesha Dixon was married to which So Solid Crew member?

Answer: Harvey

Question: Brown Eyed Girl' became a hit in 1967 for what songwriter?

Answer: Van Morrison

Question: The cornet and tuba belong to which family of instruments?

Answer: Brass

Question: Which of these UK Eurovision entries was the first to win?

Answer: Puppet on a String

Question: Which ABBA song is a palindrome, as is their name?

Answer: SOS

Question: Which Goo Goo Doll song is part of City of Angels' soundtrack?

Answer: Iris

Question: The song 'Danny Boy' is set to the tune of which anthem?

Answer: Londonderry Air

Question: Which area in Britain are the Gallagher brothers from?

Answer: Manchester

Question: Which band began as a troupe of burlesque dancers?

Answer: Pussycat Dolls

Question: Which of these 'American Idol' contestants has won an Oscar?

Answer: Jennifer Hudson

Question: According to Wham!, drinks at 'Club Tropicana' are what?

Answer: Free

Question: Which of these Michael Jackson albums was released first?

Answer: Off The Wall

Question: Which British band released the album Babel in 2012?

Answer: Mumford & Sons

Question: Roy Orbison was born in 1936 in Texas. Which year did he die?

Answer: 1988

Question: Freddie Mercury was the singer with which British rock band?

Answer: Queen

Question: Who is the first rock star to be arrested while on stage?

Answer: Jim Morrison

Question: Who wrote the Sinead O'Connor song 'Nothing Compares 2 U'?

Answer: Prince

Question: What genre of music best describes momford & Sons?

Answer: Folk rock

Question: Which country did the Human League sing about in the 80's?

Answer: Lebanon

Question: What is the name of the album released by Blink-182 in 2011?

Answer: Neighborhoods

Question: Who had a breakthrough single with 'Whenever, Wherever'?

Answer: Shakira

Question: Which famous actor's daughter had a hit with 'Whip My Hair'?

Answer: Will Smith

Question: Which female artist has won the most Grammy awards?

Answer: Alison Krauss

Question: Which group was formed by Don Henley and Glenn Frey in 1971?

Answer: Eagles

Question: The Pretenders are fronted by what female singer?

Answer: Chrissie Hynde

Question: What was the first pop video that was released in 1975?

Answer: Bohemian Rhapsody

Question: Which of these was a famous album released by the Beatles?

Answer: Sergeant Pepper

Question: How many Grammy Awards did Alicia Keys win in 2002?

Answer: 5

Question: In 1980, which group had a Top 10 hit with 'Echo Beach'?

Answer: Martha & The Muffins

Question: Which Diana Ross hit did Phil Collins also has a rendition?

Answer: You Can't Hurry Love

Question: Where was lead singer of the Doors, Jim Morrison born?

Answer: Melbourne, Florida

Question: Which song gave the Spice Girls their first Christmas No. 1?

Answer: 2 Become 1

Question: Which American soul singer was born Jamesetta Hawkins?

Answer: Etta James

Question: Which record launched the Virgin Record label in 1973?

Answer: Tubular Bells

Question: Gwyneth Paltrow married which singer before 'un-coupling'?

Answer: Chris Martin

Question: Who was the lead singer & bass player with The Police?

Answer: Sting


Question: Which Spice Girl used to be a hostess on a Turkish TV game show?

Answer: Geri

Question: Which singer features on Lady Gaga's Number One hit 'Telephone'?

Answer: Beyoncé

Question: Which pop star endorsed the perfumes 'Circus Fantasy' and 'Curious'?

Answer: Britney Spears

Question: Which type of animal would you associate with jazzman Charlie Parker?

Answer: A bird

Question: This Fleetwood Mac album went to #1 in 1977 What was it called?

Answer: Rumours

Question: Music artist Reginald Kenneth Dwight is better known by what name?

Answer: Elton John

Question: The 2010 duet by Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow was called what?

Answer: Shame

Question: Which Fleetwood Mac album has now sold over 40 million copies?

Answer: Rumours

Question: What is Zac Efron's character's secret in High School Musical?

Answer: That he loves to sing

Question: The song 'Greensleeves' is most associated with which monarch?

Answer: Henry VIII

Question: When did the Beach Boys inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Answer: 1988

Question: Which Australian band had a hit with 'Beds are Burning' in 1987?

Answer: Midnight Oil

Question: Which album by Cheap Trick had multi-platinum success in 1979?

Answer: At Budokan

Question: Anthony Kiedis, Flea & John Fascinate are all in which US rock band?

Answer: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Question: Which Queen song starts: 'I've paid my dues - time after time''?'

Answer: We Are The Champions

Question: The musician Kenny G is most associated with which instrument?

Answer: Saxophone

Question: Which composer wrote 'Rhapsody in Blue' and 'An American in Paris'?

Answer: George Gershwin

Question: Which song was made famous by the 1972 motion picture 'Deliverance'?

Answer: Dueling Banjos

Question: Which comedy team had a chart hit with 'Black Pudding Bertha'?

Answer: The Goodies

Question: In 2009, Coldplay won a Grammy for Song of the Year with which song?

Answer: Viva la Vida

Question: Wipe Out' was an instrumental song recorded in 1962 by what group?

Answer: Surfaris

Question: Which Martha & The Vandellas' song inspired Janet Jackson's Escapade?

Answer: Nowhere To Run

Question: The title song of which James Bond film was performed by Duran Duran?

Answer: A View to a Kill

Question: Which Evanescence track has haunting words for the film Daredevil?

Answer: Bring Me To Life

Question: Who was the first country music star to win an MTV Video Music Award?

Answer: Taylor Swift

Question: Talent show judge Danny O'Donoghue is the singer in what Irish band?

Answer: The Script

Question: The song 'Houses of the Holy' appears on which Led Zeppelin album?

Answer: Physical Graffiti

Question: The opera 'The Capulets and the Montagues' is about which lovers?

Answer: Romeo and Juliet

Question: Which of these names is a giant in the world of hi-fi speakers?

Answer: Mission

Question: Which Oscar-winning actor sang on the Kanye West hit 'Gold Digger'?

Answer: Jamie Foxx

Question: Who had a Christmas Number One in 1976 with 'When A Child Is Born'?

Answer: Johnny Mathis

Question: What is the last name of the Australian brothers who formed AC/DC?

Answer: Young

Question: Which dance style featured in Mr. Mister's 'Broken Wings' video?

Answer: Tango

Question: Who wrote 'Papa was a Rollin' Stone' alongside with Barrett Strong?

Answer: Norman Whitfield

Question: Which season did Simon Garfunkel write 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'?

Answer: Summer

Question: Where did the Bee Gees recorded 'How Can You Mend a Broken Heart'?

Answer: London

Question: Which day of the week was a jovial Manchester band of the 1990's?

Answer: Happy Mondays

Question: What was the official verdict on Amy Winehouse's cause of death?

Answer: Alcohol poisoning

Question: From what album was Thin Lizzy's song 'The Boys Are Back in Town'?

Answer: Jailbreak

Question: Listen Without Prejudice: Volume One' is an album by which singer?

Answer: George Michael

Question: Which stage name did Ernest Evans take as a tribute to Fats Domino?

Answer: Chubby Checker

Question: The album entitled 'The Beatles' is better known by what name?

Answer: The White Album

Question: Where was it 'fun to stay' according to the Village People in 1978?

Answer: Y.M.C.A.

Question: Three members of which band were killed in a 1977 plane crash?

Answer: Lynyrd Skynyrd

Question: Which group had a Number One hit in 1975 with 'I'm Not in Love'?

Answer: 10cc

Question: Worm' and 'jackhammer' are moves performed in what style of dance?

Answer: Breakdance

Question: Which Mariah Carey song spent 16 weeks at the top of the U.S. charts?

Answer: One Sweet Day

Question: Who co-hosts an annual 'White Tie and Tiara' fundraising ball?

Answer: Elton John

Question: Which of these groups would you most associate with Diana Ross?

Answer: The Supremes

Question: Which is NOT part of the original 'Huey Lewis and the News' member?

Answer: Ron Stallings

Question: Jean Genie' and 'Life On Mars' were '70s hits for which singer?

Answer: David Bowie

Question: Which pop group have the surnames Merrygold, Gill, Humes and Williams?

Answer: JLS