Russian Cuisine Trivia

100+ Best Russian Cuisine Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 15th, 2023

Discover the fascinating world of Russian cuisine with over 100 mouthwatering trivia questions! From iconic dishes like Beef Stroganoff and Borscht soup to unique ingredients and traditional cooking methods, challenge your taste buds and expand your culinary knowledge.


Question: What is Solyanka?

Answer: Soup

Question: A kilo of the most expensive Almas golden caviar sells for how much?

Answer: £20,000

Question: What is the dessert called Syrniki?

Answer: Pancakes

Question: Ryazhenka is which type of fermented drink?

Answer: Milk

Question: Okroshka cold soup is made with how many different vegetables?

Answer: 2

Question: What fruit juice is combined with vodka to make a Cosmopolitan?

Answer: Cranberry

Question: What is a nelma?

Answer: Freshwater Fish

Question: What would you find in a Russian pie called Coulibiac?

Answer: Salmon

Question: What spice is often added to a Sharlotka cake to give extra flavour?

Answer: Cinnamon

Question: The Alkon distillery company was founded in which century?

Answer: 19th

Question: What is the legal age for drinking in Russia?

Answer: 18

Question: A cake called ptichye moloko is coated with which flavour of glaze?

Answer: Chocolate

Question: What is mixed with vodka and peach schnapps to make a Woo Woo?

Answer: Cranberry Juice

Question: Meatballs in a dish of Königsberger Klopse are made from which meat?

Answer: Veal

Question: What is the main component of the dish called Sugudai?

Answer: Fish

Question: The Russian fast food chain of Teremok was founded in which decade?

Answer: 1990s

Question: Ossetra is a type of which food?

Answer: Caviar

Question: What is the cold drink of Mors made from?

Answer: Berries

Question: Which ingredient would you not find in a Russian Vinegret salad?

Answer: Cheese

Question: The Primorsky Konditer confectionery factory in Vladivostok was established in which year?

Answer: 1906

Question: Shashlik is which type of meat?

Answer: Barbecued

Question: Sturgeon fish have to be how old before they produce the most expensive golden caviar?

Answer: 60 years

Question: The first McDonalds opened in Moscow in which year?

Answer: 1990

Question: Beef Stroganoff was invented in which century?

Answer: 19th

Question: Shokoladnitsa is a chain of cafes selling which drink?

Answer: Coffee

Question: Grey caviar comes from fish caught in which body of water?

Answer: Pacific Ocean

Question: What is the Russian dessert of a limonnik?

Answer: Lemon Pie

Question: What is the name for a typically Russian restaurant?

Answer: Cheburechnaya

Question: What is ised to make Syrniki pancakes?

Answer: Cheese

Question: How are the buns called Pyanse cooked?

Answer: Steamed

Question: Peter The Great is credited with introducing which drink to Russia?

Answer: Coffee

Question: What color is the Russian salad called a Vinegret?

Answer: Purple

Question: Dyushes is a Russian soft drink with which fruit flavour?

Answer: Pear

Question: Pyotr Arsenjevitch Smirnov started making vodka in Russia in which century?

Answer: 19th

Question: What color is borscht soup?

Answer: Red

Question: Which vegetable is used to make the soup called borscht?

Answer: Beetroot

Question: Soured cream called smetana is often used as a garnish on which dish?

Answer: Soup

Question: The Russian porridge called Guriev kasha was invented in which century?

Answer: 19th

Question: The dish of Beshbarmak means how many fingers, given that you eat it with your hands?

Answer: 5

Question: How many layers are in the Russian salad of Dressed Herring?

Answer: 3


Question: Lagman is a central Russian type of which food?

Answer: Noodles

Question: The Russian Standard vodka brand was founded in which decade?

Answer: 1990s

Question: What is mixed with meat and onion sauce in the central Russian dish of Beshbarmak?

Answer: Noodles

Question: Which number denotes Baltika's brand of alcohol-free beer?

Answer: 0

Question: The Russian soup called Shchi dates back to which century?

Answer: 9th

Question: Ryazhenka is made by boiling milk for how many hours?

Answer: 8

Question: A spirit called Starka is usually aged for at least how many years?

Answer: 3

Question: Dressed herring is a dish of salt herring, potatoes and which vegetable?

Answer: Beetroot

Question: The Russian vodka industry was nationalised by the Tsar in which year?

Answer: 1904

Question: Chernigivske beer was first produced in which decade?

Answer: 1980s

Question: Russia started producing the soft drink called Baikal in which decade?

Answer: 1960s

Question: Zhigulevskoye is one of Russia's oldest alcohol brands, founded in which year?

Answer: 1881

Question: What is the average alcohol percentage in a drink called Kvass?

Answer: 1%

Question: The average Russian eats how many kilos of buckwheat per year?

Answer: 15kg

Question: The Soviet-era dish of Mikoyan cutlet was named after which sort of person?

Answer: Politician

Question: The famous Olivier salad was invented in which decade?

Answer: 1860s

Question: Vodka production started in Russia in which century?

Answer: 14th

Question: What is Rassolnik?

Answer: Soup

Question: What nunber denotes the base brand of Smirnoff vodka?

Answer: 21

Question: What is the street food called Pirozhki?

Answer: Bread Buns

Question: What comes before 'Julienne' in a classic Russian dish?

Answer: Mushroom

Question: The Pozharsky cutlet was invented in which century?

Answer: 19th

Question: Gollandsky is a famous Russian cheese which is similar to which Dutch product?

Answer: Edam

Question: Caviar has been a luxury food since which century?

Answer: 10th

Question: Plov is an eastern Russian dish made using which food?

Answer: Rice

Question: The popular dish of Dressed Herring was invented in which century?

Answer: 20th

Question: Russia only started producing sugar in which year?

Answer: 1801

Question: Coffee Raf was invented in Moscow in which decade?

Answer: 1990s

Question: Russia invented a coulibiac pie in which century?

Answer: 17th

Question: What is smetana?

Answer: Sour Cream

Question: Standard vodka contains which percentage of alcohol by volume?

Answer: 40%

Question: Wild caviar production was suspended for how many years in 2008 to allow stocks to replenish?

Answer: 3

Question: What is Okroshka?

Answer: Soup

Question: Shchi soup has been known in Russia since which century?

Answer: 9th

Question: Chicken Kiev was one of the most fashionable foods of which decade?

Answer: 1970s


Question: Which grain is used to make an alcoholic drink called Starka?

Answer: Rye

Question: What is the name of a fried bread from central Russia?

Answer: Baursak

Question: Beer brands Zibert and Desant are made in which country Neighboring Russia?

Answer: Ukraine

Question: What comes after 'Old' in the name of a Russian beer brand based on English recipes?

Answer: Bobby

Question: What shape is the bread called Shelpek?

Answer: Discs

Question: Maslenitsa is a Russian festival celebrated with special dishes in which month of the year?

Answer: March

Question: What type of meat would you find in a Dogroma chorba soup?

Answer: Mutton

Question: Which canned vegetable usually goes into an Olivier salad?

Answer: Peas

Question: A cake called a Mishka na severe means which animal of the north?

Answer: Bear

Question: What is the name for the small Russian pancake, often served with caviar?

Answer: Blini

Question: Kruzhka bars, serving beer, are designated by which color of branding?

Answer: Orange

Question: What shape is bread called Bublik?

Answer: Ring

Question: Kasha is the Russian term for which staple food?

Answer: Buckwheat

Question: How is the dish of Shashlik meat cooked?

Answer: Grilled

Question: What is Vatrushka?

Answer: Ring Shaped Pastry

Question: Chekdirme is a central Russian stew made from the meat of which animal?

Answer: Mutton

Question: Which herb is used to garnish the beef and rice dish called Kharcho?

Answer: Coriander

Question: What is used to make Stroganina?

Answer: Fish

Question: What shape are the Russian snacks called Sushki?

Answer: Rings

Question: What drink is usually consumed with the lemony cake called Limmonik?

Answer: Coffee

Question: Starka spirit is aged in barrels made from which wood?

Answer: Oak

Question: What comes after 'Russian' in a famous international brand of vodka?

Answer: Standard

Question: The fish dish Stroganina comes from which part of Russia?

Answer: Arctic

Question: Which herb is often added to the butter for a Chicken Kiev?

Answer: Parsley

Question: What color is the spirit called Starka?

Answer: Orange