Sherlock Holmes Trivia

100+ Best Sherlock Holmes Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 15th, 2023

Embark on an adventure through the intriguing world of Sherlock Holmes with over 100 trivia questions ranging from easy to hard. Unleash your detective skills and uncover the secrets of the famous consulting detective!


Question: Sherlock Holmes famously faked his own what at the end of series 2 of the BBC TV series?

Answer: Death

Question: Complete the Holmes story 'Scandal in …..?

Answer: Bohemia

Question: In the futuristic TV show Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century Dr Watson is a what?

Answer: Robot

Question: Holmes describes Watson as being too, what, to be a detective?

Answer: Guileless

Question: How many stories were in the Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes collection?

Answer: 12

Question: The collection of stories published in 1894 where called the what of Sherlock Holmes?

Answer: Memoirs

Question: Which of the following is a famous quotation for Sherlock Holmes?

Answer: I Presume Nothing

Question: The original Holmes stories where set in both Victorian and which other era?

Answer: Edwardian

Question: What was Sherlock Holmes occupation?

Answer: Consultant Detective

Question: The narrator of the Sherlock Holmes story is?

Answer: Dr Watson

Question: The Sign of what was the second Sherlock Holmes book?

Answer: Four

Question: Which animal is a key character in 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'?

Answer: Dog

Question: Who played Dr Watson in the latest big screen version?

Answer: Jude Law

Question: How many Napoleons are in the title of the Holmes adventure?

Answer: 6

Question: Howard Marion Crawford played Watson in a USA TV series from which decade?

Answer: 1950's

Question: There are statues of Holmes and Watson outside the UK Embassy in which city?

Answer: Moscow

Question: Sherlock Holmes trusty sidekick was called Doctor...?

Answer: Watson

Question: The iconic phrase 'elementary my dear Watson' appears in how many of the original stories?

Answer: 0

Question: Sherlock Holmes is also a master of what?

Answer: Disguise

Question: Who played Sherlock Holmes in a big screen version?

Answer: Robert Downey Jr.

Question: Where is the USA series Elementary set?

Answer: New York

Question: The latest big screen adaptation was called?

Answer: Sherlock Holmes

Question: Vasily Livanov played Holmes in a series of TV movies in which country?

Answer: Russia

Question: Lucy Liu pays which part in Elementary?

Answer: Dr Joan Watson

Question: Sherlock Holmes arch enemy was who?

Answer: Professor Moriarty

Question: In which city did Sherlock Holmes live?

Answer: London

Question: What kind of hat did Sherlock Holmes where?

Answer: Deerstalker

Question: Who is the latest actor to play Sherlock Holmes on British TV?

Answer: Benedict Cumberbatch

Question: What did Microsoft call their Windows debugger?

Answer: Dr Watson

Question: The Five Orange what was an Sherlock Holmes mystery?

Answer: Pips

Question: How many Sherlock Holmes movies have been made?

Answer: 200

Question: The vampire comes from which English county in the Holmes adventure?

Answer: Sussex

Question: Who stars as Sherlock Holmes in Elementary?

Answer: Johnny Lee Miller

Question: Holmes was a dedicated smoker of what?

Answer: A pipe

Question: What number Baker Street did Holmes live at?

Answer: 221B

Question: Who wrote the Sherlock Holmes books?

Answer: Arthur Conan Doyle

Question: The name of the 1976 movie was Sherlock Holmes in …..?

Answer: New York

Question: Dr Watson served as a surgeon in which of the armed forces?

Answer: Army

Question: Holmes is an recovering addict from which drug in Elementary?

Answer: Heroin

Question: Which musical instrument did Sherlock Holmes play?

Answer: Violin


Question: There were many scenes between Holmes and Watson set where?

Answer: The Breakfast Table

Question: Who played Holmes in the comedy Without a Clue?

Answer: Michael Caine

Question: A series of books about Dr Watson's second wife was written by which USA author?

Answer: Michael Mallory

Question: Which character played Sherlock Holmes in a Muppet sketch?

Answer: Ralph the Dog

Question: Which actor has played Sherlock Holmes in the movies?

Answer: Basil Rathbone

Question: What was the Sherlock Holmes Japanese anime called?

Answer: Sherlock Hound

Question: Who plays Dr Watson to Benedict Cumberbatch's Holmes?

Answer: Martin Freeman

Question: Which movie is about Holmes and Watson at boarding school together?

Answer: Young Sherlock Holmes

Question: The 1979 movie Murder by Decree had Holmes and Watson on the trail of who?

Answer: Jack the Ripper

Question: Who directed the 2009 movie Sherlock Holmes?

Answer: Guy Ritchie

Question: Who played Sherlock Holmes in the 1950's USA TV series?

Answer: Ronald Howard

Question: The last collection of Holmes' stories published in 1917 were called, what?

Answer: His Last Bow

Question: Which James Bond actor played Holmes in the 1976 movie?

Answer: Roger Moore

Question: The Return of Sherlock Holmes is actually a what?

Answer: Collection

Question: What award did Robert Downey Jr. win for his portrayal of Holmes in the 2009 movie?

Answer: Golden Globe

Question: Who is reported to have made Conan Doyle bring back Sherlock Holmes?

Answer: His Mother

Question: Which actor who played Sherlock Holmes in movies?

Answer: Basil Rathbone

Question: Holmes main talent for solving crimes was his what?

Answer: Astute Logic

Question: Characters in which Star Trek series played Holmes and Watson on the 'holodeck'?

Answer: Next Generation

Question: Conan Doyle 'killed off' Holmes in which story before bringing him back 10 years later?

Answer: The Final Problem

Question: In the Case of the Silk Stocking in 2004 Holmes was played by who?

Answer: Rupert Everett

Question: The Broadway musical about Sherlock Holmes was called what?

Answer: Baker Street

Question: Watson is repeatedly critical of Holmes' what?

Answer: Cocaine Habit

Question: The sequel to the 2009 movie Sherlock Holmes had which tagline?

Answer: Game of Shadows

Question: Which USA author wrote a short story where Dr Watson solved the crime not Holmes?

Answer: Stephen King

Question: One of Holmes' most famous mysteries was 'The Hound of the ____'?

Answer: Baskervilles

Question: In the BBC series Sherlock Watson served where as a surgeon in the British army?

Answer: Afghanistan

Question: What is the name of the horse that disappears in a Holmes mystery?

Answer: Silver Blaze

Question: The TV show set in the present day based on Sherlock Holmes is. what?

Answer: Elementary

Question: Complete this Holmes mystery; The Adventure of the …..?

Answer: Yellow Face

Question: Instead of a pipe, Benedict Cumberbatch's Holmes uses what?

Answer: Nicotine Patches

Question: The BBC TV series Sherlock is set in which time?

Answer: Present Day

Question: Which actor played Watson in the 1976 movie The Seven-Per-Cent Solution?

Answer: Robert Duvall

Question: Which actor played Dr Watson in the comedy Without A Clue?

Answer: Ben Kingsley

Question: Dr Watson appeared in which series of detective books by USA author Laurie R King?

Answer: Mary Russell


Question: Sherlock Holmes group of informers were called the 'Baker Street....'?

Answer: Irregulars

Question: Holmes is an expert at which art?

Answer: Cryptanalyst

Question: Holmes aids who at least twice in his career?

Answer: The Vatican

Question: In a controversial work by Michael Dibdins who did Holmes turn out to be at the end?

Answer: Jack the Ripper

Question: Which sport was Holmes said to be an expert at?

Answer: Boxing

Question: What was the name of Sherlock Holmes only sibling?

Answer: Mycroft

Question: Sidney Edward Paget was the what for the original Holmes stories?

Answer: Illustrator

Question: The first Sherlock Holmes movie in color was what?

Answer: Hound of the Baskervilles

Question: What kind of cape did Sherlock Holmes wear?

Answer: inverness

Question: How many kings are amongst his satisfied clients?

Answer: 2

Question: The first Sherlock Holmes book appeared in a magazine In what year?

Answer: 1887

Question: What was Sherlock's original first name going to be?

Answer: Sherrinford

Question: Which hit USA TV show was based on Holmes and Watson?

Answer: House

Question: The first Sherlock Holmes novel was published In what year?

Answer: 1887

Question: All but 4 of the Holmes' stories are narrated by who?

Answer: Dr Watson

Question: Which French artist does Holmes claim is his great uncle?

Answer: Vernet

Question: Sherlock Holmes only ever admired one woman, who?

Answer: Irene Adler

Question: The collective works by Conan Doyle are known as what by Holmes fans?

Answer: The Canon

Question: Arthur Conan Doyle sold the rights to first Holmes story A Study in Scarlet for how much?

Answer: £25.00

Question: A Doctor from where is said to be the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes?

Answer: Edinburgh

Question: Holmes regularly injects himself with which drug in the original books?

Answer: Cocaine

Question: What is Dr Watson's full name?

Answer: Dr John H Watson

Question: In which Sherlock Holmes book does Dr Watson meet his future wife?

Answer: Sign of Four

Question: The first Sherlock Holmes novel was called what?

Answer: A Study in Scarlet

Question: Which author published a new Sherlock Holmes story in 2011?

Answer: Anthony Horowitz