Supernatural Trivia

100+ Best Supernatural Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: July 11th, 2023

"Supernatural" follows the story of two brothers who travel from place to place to neutralize supernatural threats. If you're a fan of the show, then you're going to live this Supernatural trivia challenge. See how many answers you'll get right!

General Supernatural Trivia

Question: What is Sam’s dog named?

Answer: Riot

Question: What does Dean call his 1967 Chevy Impala?

Answer: Baby

Question: What name do Sam and Dean use to find each other when they are separated?

Answer: Jim Rockford

Question: Which of the following people does Leshii, the Pagan God, not fight the Winchesters as?

Answer: James Dean

Question: Which of the following is NOT an angel that has appeared on the series "Supernatural"?

Answer: Leonardo

Question: Which of these "Supernatural" episodes did not involve a ghost?

Answer: Bloodlust

Question: There were a lot of creatures on the show over the first six seasons. How many episodes involved witches?

Answer: Four

Supernatural Characters & Relationships Trivia

Question: Who are the main two characters of 'Supernatural'?

Answer: Sam and Dean

Question: Where are Dean and Sam from?

Answer: Kansas

Question: Who are Sam and Dean’s parents?

Answer: John and Mary Winchester

Question: Which character killed Jessica in the pilot episode of the show?

Answer: Brady

Question: What does Dean wear that turns out to be an amulet used to find God?

Answer: Necklace

Question: What hunter died while saving Sam and Dean from a hellhound?

Answer: Jo Harvelle

Question: In which episode did Charlie first appear?

Answer: LARP and the Real Girl

Question: Who here releases the demon who is destined to break the 66 seals and free Lucifer?

Answer: Azazel

Question: Which two characters on "Supernatural" shared the same birthdate?

Answer: Dean and Jessica

Supernatural Items Trivia

Question: What snack can Dean never leave a gas station without?

Answer: a pie

Question: What part of his body does Sam pull a bullet out of in "Mystery Spot"?

Answer: Abdomen

Question: What certain drink does Dean enjoy in a season two episode?

Answer: Purple Nurples

Question: What do they call the gun used to kill the yellow-eyed demon?

Answer: The Colt

Question: Which car did John Winchester almost buy before he got the Impala?

Answer: VW van

Supernatural Entities Trivia

Question: Castiel is what kind of creature?

Answer: Angel

Question: What is God's name?

Answer: Chuck

Question: Which demon killed the mother of Dean and Sam?

Answer: Azazel

Question: What is the actual name of Lightbringer?

Answer: Lucifer

Question: Who had a special knife that had the ability to kill demons?

Answer: Ruby

Question: Kate is what kind of entity?

Answer: Werewolf

Question: What is another name that Amara is known by?

Answer: The Darkness

Question: Which is used to repel ghosts?

Answer: Salt

Question: Dean was tortured by which demon in hell?

Answer: Alastair

Question: What creature liked to suck the souls out of children?

Answer: Shtriga

Question: Which supernatural being can be identified easiest through a CCTV camera?

Answer: Shapeshifter

Question: What is the first supernatural being seen in the sixth series?

Answer: Djinn

Supernatural Episodes Trivia

Question: Which character is not only a hunter but also a computer hacker?

Answer: Charlie

Question: Which college did Sam Winchester go to?

Answer: Stanford

Question: What was the reason Sam Winchester killed Madison?

Answer: She's a werewolf.

Question: In the episode "The Benders", what kind of car did the Sheriff's brother drive?

Answer: Black Mustang

Question: In "Hell House," the boys finally realized what they were hunting. What was it?

Answer: Tulpa

Question: Which character says this? "What were you thinking shooting Casper in the face, you freak?"

Answer: Sam

Question: The police give Dean John's journal and point out the coordinates written in it. What are the coordinates?

Answer: 35-111

Question: Fill in the blank to Dean's quote in the "Pilot" episode. "Rule number one, Sammy. Driver picks the music, Shotgun shuts his ____."

Answer: Cake hole

Question: Sam and Dean discovered that the angel Balthazar was selling heaven's weapons in exchange for human souls in which episode?

Answer: "The Third Man"

Question: Meg Masters made an appearance in several episodes. In "Shadow", Sam watched as Meg got dressed in her apartment. Meg had a tattoo on which part of her body?

Answer: Left shoulder

Miscellaneous Supernatural Trivia

Question: Who is Dean named after?

Answer: His Grandmother

Question: What has Sam been scared of since childhood?

Answer: Clowns

Question: The boys met up with Bobby Singer. What was Bobby's dog's name?

Answer: RumsfeldWhich flight crashed at the beginning of the fourth episode of season one?

Question: What is the first monster featured in the season one episode "Faith"?

Answer: Rawhead

Question: In which episode did Charlie first appear?

Answer: LARP and the Real Girl