Swedish Cuisine Trivia

100+ Best Swedish Cuisine Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 15th, 2023

Discover the delicious and fascinating world of Swedish cuisine with these trivia questions! From creamy semla buns to flavorful Flying Jakob casseroles, prepare to tantalize your taste buds and uncover the secrets of Sweden's culinary traditions.


Question: Kalvdans is a dessert made from which product?

Answer: Milk

Question: Semla cream buns are flavoured with which spice?

Answer: Cardamom

Question: Which meat would you find in a 'Flying Jakob' casserole?

Answer: Chicken

Question: The coastal town of Smögen is most famous for a market selling which type of food?

Answer: Fish

Question: Which vegetable is used to make Hasselbackspotatis?

Answer: Potato

Question: Sweden's famous Daim bar was created in which decade?

Answer: 1950s

Question: What gives a Gotländsk saffranspannkaka its distinctive yellow color?

Answer: Saffron

Question: Ischoklad is a Christmas treat made using chocolate and what type of oil?

Answer: Coconut Oil

Question: In which decade did Sweden introduce the bottle deposit scheme?

Answer: 1980s

Question: What is the minimom age to buy alcohol at a bar or restaurant in Sweden?

Answer: 18

Question: Sweden recyles what percentage of drinks cans and bottles?

Answer: 85%

Question: Smörgåskaviar is a spreadable paste made from which food?

Answer: Fish Eggs

Question: Waffles have been eaten in Sweden since which century?

Answer: 17th

Question: What comes after 'Shed' in the name of a Swedish beer brand?

Answer: Head

Question: The Kopparberg Cider brand was established in which century?

Answer: 19th

Question: The alcoholic drink called Punsch was first bottled and sold in Sweden in which century?

Answer: 19th

Question: The Findus frozen food brand originated in Sweden in which decade?

Answer: 1940s

Question: Swedes usually eat poached salmon along with mayonnaise made with which herb?

Answer: Dill

Question: Which fruit goes with chicken in the casserole called a Flying Jakob?

Answer: Banana

Question: Which vegetable is often pickled and served with Swedish meatballs?

Answer: Cucumber

Question: Ikea restaurants sell how many million meatballs every year?

Answer: 150 million

Question: A Swedish type of pizza is named after which geographical feature?

Answer: Volcano

Question: Which mushroom is the most prized in Sweden?

Answer: Chanterelle

Question: Whit carbohydrate is usually served with a Flying Jakob casserole?

Answer: Rice

Question: Sale of any alcohol over which percentage strength is regulated by the Swedish government?

Answer: 3.50%

Question: Once cooked, what color is a crayfish?

Answer: Red

Question: How many krone do you get for returning a bottle containing 1 litre or more to the shop?

Answer: 2 krone

Question: What is used to make the jelly surrounding the veal in the dish of kalvsylta?

Answer: Gelatine

Question: Hallongrotta are traditional Swedish cookies made with which type of jam?

Answer: Raspberry

Question: Tunnbrödsrulle is a Swedish fast food of which food wrapped in a flatbread?

Answer: Sausage

Question: Which fruit is often added to a traditional Swedish pickled beetroot salad?

Answer: Apple

Question: Swedes have to be how old to buy alcohol from a shop or off-licence?

Answer: 20

Question: Aquavit has been distilled in Scandinavia since which century?

Answer: 15th

Question: In which month do Swedes celebrate Walburgis Night with bonfires and food?

Answer: April

Question: An ugnspannkaka is a pancake cooked in which way?

Answer: Oven

Question: The Sibylla company has been producing hot dogs in Sweden since which year?

Answer: 1930

Question: Hasselback Potatoes were invented by a Swedish chef in which century?

Answer: 20th

Question: How is a traditional Spettekaka made?

Answer: Over an Open Fire

Question: Fläskkorv is the name for any sausage made from which type of meat?

Answer: Pork

Question: A Swedish Kringle pastry has the same shape as which other baked item?

Answer: Pretzel


Question: Sweden's single malt whisky distillery in Mackmyra was established in which year?

Answer: 1998

Question: McDonalds opened its first Swedish restaurant in which year?

Answer: 1973

Question: Absolut started introducing flavoured vodkas in which decade?

Answer: 1980s

Question: Which date in October is known as 'Cinnamon Bun Day' in Sweden?

Answer: 4th

Question: Swedish Absolut vodka hit whr world market in which decade?

Answer: 1970s

Question: Swedish confectionery brand Cloetta was founded in which century?

Answer: 19th

Question: Caramel with which type of nuts is used in a Daim bar?

Answer: Almonds

Question: Ramlösa mineral water has been bottled and sold in Sweden since which year?

Answer: 1707

Question: Which vegetable goes on top of the sliced beef steaf in the dish of Skomakarlåda?

Answer: Leek

Question: Which vegetable is added to fish eggs to make the spread of Smörgåskaviar?

Answer: Tomato

Question: Wheels of Västerbotten cheese must mature for how many months before selling?

Answer: 14 months

Question: The original Swedish meatball recipe appeared in a cook book in which cetury?

Answer: 18th

Question: Which nuts are an essential ingredient in a Flying Jakob casserole?

Answer: Peanuts

Question: Which company makes the Daim bar?

Answer: Marabou

Question: Which type of food product is made by Swedish company AAK?

Answer: Cooking Oil

Question: Chef Tore Wretman worked and lived in Sweden in which century?

Answer: 20th

Question: Gubbröra is a classic Swedish dish of anchovies mixed with which other food?

Answer: Eggs

Question: Frantzén restaurant received its third Michelin star in which year?

Answer: 2018

Question: Which date in March is 'Waffle Day' in Sweden?

Answer: 25th

Question: The Swedish stew called Kalops was invented in which century?

Answer: 18th

Question: The oldest brand of cheese in Sweden, Wrångebäck, was founded in which year?

Answer: 1889

Question: Wine production started in Sweden in which decade?

Answer: 1990s

Question: Fäviken, one of the top 10 restaurants in the world, closed in which year?

Answer: 2019

Question: Which pickled vegetable is usually served with the Swedish type of hash called Pölsa?

Answer: Beetroot

Question: Saffransbullar buns are associated with St Lucia's day, celebrated on which date in December?

Answer: 13th

Question: What would you not expect to find on a Swedish Smörgåsbord?

Answer: Ice Cream

Question: Hasselback is a way of preparing which vegetable?

Answer: Potato

Question: In which year did the Swedish government take control of the sale of alcohol?

Answer: 1905

Question: Sweden's Max hamburger fast food chain was set up in which decade?

Answer: 196s

Question: The Absolut vodka brand was established in which century?

Answer: 19th

Question: On which date in November does Sweden celebrate Cheesecake Day?

Answer: 14th

Question: Princess Cake was created by a chef to the Royal Family in which decade?

Answer: 1920s

Question: The unusual Flying Jakob casserole was invented in which decade?

Answer: 1970s

Question: Magnus Nilsson's top rated restaurant Fäviken only seated how many diners?

Answer: 16

Question: Swedish crispbread or Knäckebröd has been made in Sweden for how many years?

Answer: 500


Question: Old Man's Mix is fish mixed with onion and which other item?

Answer: Eggs

Question: What is the name of the traditional Swedish pea soup?

Answer: Ärtsoppa

Question: What is the first name of Michelin-starred chef Mr Frantzén?

Answer: Bjorn

Question: Most asparagus traditionally grown in Sweden was which color?

Answer: White

Question: Sill is the name for the type of herring caught in which sea?

Answer: North Sea

Question: Swedish rice pudding is often dusted with which spice before serving?

Answer: Cinnamon

Question: Which sweet fruit is usually served with Swedish cheesecake?

Answer: Strawberries

Question: In which month of the year does Sweden celebrate Waffle Day?

Answer: March

Question: What is the name of a Swedish method of preparing potatoes?

Answer: Hasselback

Question: Which sauce is often served with Palt potato dumplings?

Answer: Bechamel

Question: Which roast meat is popular at Easter in Sweden?

Answer: Lamb

Question: Which animal provided most of the meat in traditional Sami society?

Answer: Reindeer

Question: Isterband sausage is usually served with potatoes in a sauce flavoured by which herb?

Answer: Dill

Question: Strömming is the name for the type of herring caught in which body of water?

Answer: Baltic Sea

Question: What is the name for the Swedish cardamom flavoured buns?

Answer: Semla

Question: What would you find on a Swedish räksmörgås sandwich?

Answer: Prawns

Question: Which herb is added to Bearnaise sauce, which the Swedish use to accompany fish?

Answer: Tarragon

Question: Which vegetable is used in a Korv Stroganoff sauce?

Answer: Tomato

Question: Which spice is used to add flavour to Smulpaj, a type of Swedish fruit crumble?

Answer: Cinnamon

Question: Inlagd Sill is a classic Swedish dish of herring pickled in which liquid?

Answer: Vinegar

Question: The Swedish dish of Pyttipanna is similar to what?

Answer: Hash

Question: Kalops from the Skåne region sees the addition of which vegetable to the basic recipe?

Answer: Carrots

Question: Semla cardamom and cream buns were traditionally eaten at which time of year?

Answer: Lent

Question: Swedish state-run alcohol shops shut at which time on a Saturday, and are closed all Sunday?

Answer: 3:00 PM

Question: What type of leaves are used in the preparation of Inlagd Sill, or pickled herring?

Answer: Bay