Travel Trivia Trivia

23+ Best Travel Trivia Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: August 17th, 2023

Are you set to travel the world? Here's a travel trivia questions and answers collection for everyone who loves to visit new places and experience new things! Let's see how much of a jet setter you are with this travel trivia challenge.

Geography and Countries Trivia

Question: Which country has the most volcanic activity in the world?

Answer: Indonesia

Question: What is the largest country in Africa by land area?

Answer: Algeria

Question: What is Italy’s largest lake?

Answer: Lake Garda

Question: Which country has the most lakes in the world?

Answer: Canada

Question: Which country in South America has the world’s highest waterfall?

Answer: Venezuela

Question: Which country has the most languages?

Answer: Papua New Guinea

Question: Which was the first country to make Christianity its official religion?

Answer: Armenia

Question: Which country will you find the longest tunnel in the world?

Answer: Switzerland

Question: In which Country are Cows seen as sacred?

Answer: India

Question: The Film ‘The Beach’ was filmed in which Country?

Answer: Thailand

Question: Where did coffee originally come from?

Answer: Ethiopia

Question: Aruba is the Caribbean island territory of which European country?

Answer: The Netherlands

Question: How many different spoken languages exist in the world today?

Answer: 6500

Cities and Landmarks Trivia

Question: Khao San Road can be found in which City?

Answer: Bangkok

Question: What is the most visited tourist attraction in the USA?

Answer: Times Square in New York

Question: The city of Beirut is located on which sea?

Answer: The Mediterranean Sea

Question: Which French city was France’s capital before Paris?

Answer: Bordeaux

Question: Which Japanese island is inhabited entirely by rabbits?

Answer: Okunoshima

Question: What is the National Dish of Spain?

Answer: Paella

Question: At The Taj Mahal there is a bench named after someone, who is it?

Answer: Princess Diana

Question: Where is the unusual geological formation of the Chocolate Hills located?

Answer: The Bohol Province of the Philippines