UK General Knowledge Trivia

243+ Best UK General Knowledge Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 15th, 2023

Challenge your brain with this collection of UK General Knowledge trivia questions! From pop culture to history, test your knowledge of all things British.


Question: Andy Murray first won Wimbledon in which year?

Answer: 2013

Question: What is the name of Emmerdale's pub?

Answer: Woolpack

Question: British tennis player Johanna Konta previously represented which country?

Answer: Australia

Question: In which year did Hollyoaks debut on Channel 4?

Answer: 1995

Question: What is the name of Birmingham's famous cricket ground?

Answer: Edgbaston

Question: In which year did Coronation Street first appear on UK television?

Answer: 1960

Question: The first live Comic Relief television event was held in which year?

Answer: 1986

Question: In which English county is Emmerdale set?

Answer: Yorkshire

Question: What was the name of Queen Elizabeth's sister, who died in 2002?

Answer: Margaret

Question: Fred Perry won most of his tennis titles during which decade?

Answer: 1930s

Question: The London Eye opened in which year?

Answer: 2000

Question: Which English team's home ground has the largest capacity?

Answer: Manchester United

Question: What is the name of the UK's most famous graffiti artist?

Answer: Banksy

Question: What is the first name of the Prince Of Wales' second wife?

Answer: Camilla

Question: A cricket test match usually lasts up to how many days?

Answer: 5

Question: In Coronation Street, what type of pet was Schmeichel?

Answer: Dog

Question: The Princess Diana memorial garden is in which London park?

Answer: Kensington Gardens

Question: What is the 'neeps' in the Scottish dish of haggis, neeps and tatties?

Answer: Turnip

Question: Francis Bacon was a famous British artist of which century?

Answer: 20th

Question: The first National Lottery draw in the UK took place in which year?

Answer: 1994

Question: Badminton became a summer olympic sport in which year?

Answer: 1992

Question: The pasty is typically associated with which English county?

Answer: Cornwall

Question: What animal is the name of Leicester's rugby union side?

Answer: Tiger

Question: What is the 'toad' in toad in the hole?

Answer: Sausages

Question: Where are distances from London measured from?

Answer: Trafalgar Square

Question: In which year was the last episode of 'Brookside' shown on Channel 4?

Answer: 2003

Question: The Chiefs are the Rugby Union team from which city?

Answer: Exeter

Question: In which year did the Great Fire of London break out?

Answer: 1666

Question: Winston Churchill was first elected to Parliament in which year?

Answer: 1900

Question: Which British artist sang the theme tune to Bond movie 'Skyfall'?

Answer: Adele

Question: Emmerdale was first shown on TV in which decade?

Answer: 1970s

Question: What is wrapped round sausages to make pigs in blankets?

Answer: Bacon

Question: George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley were in which 80s band?

Answer: Wham

Question: The first FA Cup Final took place in which year?

Answer: 1872

Question: What is the first name of Edmund, who got to the semi-finals of the Australian Open in 2018?

Answer: Kyle

Question: Which English city is home to Port Vale FC?

Answer: Stoke on Trent

Question: In which English county is the Queen's Sandringham residence?

Answer: Norfolk

Question: How many storeys high is The Shard?

Answer: 95

Question: Which royal has children called George, Charlotte and Louis?

Answer: Prince William

Question: In which year did Emmerdale have a huge plane crash storyline, killing off four main characters?

Answer: 1993

Question: What vegetable accompanies potatoes in bubble and squeak?

Answer: Cabbage

Question: What's the nearest tube stop to the Natural History Museum?

Answer: South Kensington

Question: The NHS was formed in which year?

Answer: 1948

Question: When it started in 1985, how many episodes of EastEnders were shown each week?

Answer: 2

Question: What is the first name of influential British artist Mr Hockney?

Answer: David

Question: Cornish Yarg, Lanark Blue and Caerphilly are all types of what?

Answer: Cheese

Question: How many points are awarded for a try?

Answer: 5

Question: How many points do you need to win a set of badminton?

Answer: 21

Question: How many caps did Peter Shilton win for England?

Answer: 125

Question: What is the name of Everton's home ground?

Answer: Goodison Park

Question: What type of cream is usually served with a cream tea?

Answer: Clotted

Question: What is Annabel Croft's highest ever tennis ranking?

Answer: 24

Question: What is the surname of musical brothers Liam and Noel?

Answer: Gallagher

Question: The annual Oxford and Cambridge boat race takes place in which month?

Answer: April

Question: The Wimbledon tennis tournament was first held in which year?

Answer: 1877

Question: The Brexit referendum took place in which year?

Answer: 2016

Question: Construction started on Westminster Abbey in which century?

Answer: 10th

Question: How many players are on a Rugby Union team?

Answer: 15

Question: What does the B stand for in cricket term LBW?

Answer: Before

Question: How many members are there in Little Mix?

Answer: 4

Question: Which member wasn't involved in the Spice Girls reunion tour in 2018?

Answer: Victoria

Question: How many minutes long is a rugby match?

Answer: 80

Question: What was the original name of the village in Emmerdale?

Answer: Beckindale

Question: How high off the ground is the top of a badminton net?

Answer: 1.55m

Question: In Hollyoaks, the character of Sienna Blake was introduced in what year?

Answer: 2012

Question: The Wimbledon finals are in which month of the year?

Answer: July

Question: Which British band announced they were stopping touring over environmental concerns?

Answer: Coldplay

Question: What word came after the Emmerdale title until 1989?

Answer: Farm

Question: What color is the District line on a London tube map?

Answer: Green

Question: What is the name of the pub in Hollyoaks?

Answer: The Dog in the Pond

Question: The Wasps rugby union side is from which city?

Answer: Coventry

Question: Sue Barker won which Grand Slam tennis tournament?

Answer: French Open

Question: Hollyoaks is set in which UK town?

Answer: Chester

Question: How many players compete in a doubles match in total?

Answer: 4

Question: Who is Queen Elizabeth II's youngest child?

Answer: Edward

Question: What is the first name of British tennis player turned commentator Mr Henman?

Answer: Tim

Question: The first official T20 game was played in which year?

Answer: 2003

Question: Lord's cricket ground is in which English city?

Answer: London

Question: Which Scottish team plays at Rugby Park?

Answer: Kilmarnock

Question: Which side won the 2018-19 Premier League?

Answer: Manchester City

Question: England competes against which country for the Ashes?

Answer: Australia

Question: What is the name of Andy Murray's tennis playing older brother?

Answer: Jamie

Question: Most badminton matches are the best of how many sets?

Answer: 3

Question: Which title did Meghan Markle take on marriage?

Answer: Duchess of Sussex

Question: What nut would you expect to find in a Bakewell tart?

Answer: Almond

Question: Dr Who first appeared on British TV in which year?

Answer: 1963

Question: Ed Sheeran released his first album, 'Plus', in which year?

Answer: 2011

Question: Horseradish sauce is traditionally served with which roast meat?

Answer: Beef

Question: How many touch judges help the referee manage a rugby game?

Answer: 2

Question: Simnel is a traditional British cake eaten at which time of year?

Answer: Easter

Question: The modern game of badminton was developed in which century?

Answer: 19th

Question: Which London football club plays at Loftus Road?

Answer: Crystal Palace

Question: What is the first name of Princess Beatrice's younger sister?

Answer: Eugenie

Question: Which street is considered the heart of London's theatre district?

Answer: Shaftesbury Avenue

Question: Which south coast town has a Tate gallery?

Answer: St Ives

Question: How many balls make up one over in cricket?

Answer: 6


Question: Yvette Cooper is married to which other politician turned broadcaster?

Answer: Ed Balls

Question: What is the surname of British singer Adele?

Answer: Adkins

Question: What was the name of Pauline's twin brother in EastEnders?

Answer: Pete

Question: Freddie Mercury was born in Zanzibar to parents from which country?

Answer: India

Question: Which famous artist painted 'The Haywain'?

Answer: Constable

Question: What is the name of the fictional sport created by JK Rowling in the Harry Potter novels?

Answer: Quiditch

Question: What was the name of Coronation Street's serial killer, played by Brian Capron?

Answer: Richard Hillman

Question: In Hollyoaks, Sarah Jayne Dunn plays which character?

Answer: Mandy

Question: Which Hollyoaks character has had the surnames Owen, Fisher, McQueen and Browning?

Answer: Mercedes

Question: Chelsea and Libby are the daughters of which EastEnders character?

Answer: Denise

Question: What is the county town of Shropshire?

Answer: Shrewsbury

Question: In which city would you find Scotland's oldest university, founded in 1410?

Answer: St Andrews

Question: James Corden, Idris Elba, Jason Derulo and Taylor Swift star in a 2019 adaptation of which musical?

Answer: Cats

Question: Which London shop is Europe's largest department store?

Answer: Harrods

Question: Which river runs through Manchester?

Answer: Irwell

Question: In Hollyoaks, Tony Hutchinson has been married twice to which character?

Answer: Cindy

Question: Who starred opposite Hugh Grant in the 2016 movie 'Florence Foster Jenkins'?

Answer: Meryl Streep

Question: Which longserving Coronation Street character is played by Helen Worth?

Answer: Gail Platt

Question: What is the name of the 'ball' in badminton?

Answer: Shuttlecock

Question: Celtic queen Boudica led a rebellion against which invaders?

Answer: Romans

Question: Cerys Matthews was the lead singer of which Welsh band?

Answer: Catatonia

Question: Who was commander of the New Model Army during the English Civil War?

Answer: Cromwell

Question: What is the name of the character played by Colin Firth in the 'Bridget Jones' movies?

Answer: Mark

Question: What kind of creature is the subject of 'Monarch of the Glen'?

Answer: Deer

Question: Damien Hirst's most famous exhibit is which type of animal preserved in formaldehyde?

Answer: Sheep

Question: Which constituency was represented in parliament by Theresa May?

Answer: Maidenhead

Question: In which English county can you visit the Eden Project?

Answer: Cornwall

Question: Singer Dua Lipa teamed up with which DJ on 'One Kiss'?

Answer: Calvin Harris

Question: What is the name of the family which adopts Paddington in the famous children's books?

Answer: Brown

Question: In EastEnders, what was the name of Pauline Fowler's husband?

Answer: Arthur

Question: Pamela Stephenson has been married to which comedian since 1989?

Answer: Billy Connolly

Question: Graham Swann, who competed on 'Strictly' in 2018, made his name in which sport?

Answer: Cricket

Question: Which monarch was Queen Elizabeth II's father?

Answer: George VI

Question: In the late 1990s, Banksy's work first started appearing on walls around which city?

Answer: Bristol

Question: Who left Take That in September 2014, leaving them as a three piece act?

Answer: Jason Orange

Question: Princess Anne competed in the 1976 Olympics in which sport?

Answer: Horse Riding

Question: Which two nations compete for the Calcutta Cup?

Answer: England and Scotland

Question: What is the Welsh dish of laverbread made from?

Answer: Seaweed

Question: In Emmerdale, who set the fire in the barn which killed off Sarah Sugden?

Answer: Andy

Question: Which EastEnders character has been married to Cindy, Mel, Jane and Laura?

Answer: Ian

Question: In Coronation Street, what was the occupation of Gail's mother Audrey?

Answer: Hairdresser

Question: What river flows through Chester?

Answer: Deer

Question: In Emmerdale, Sheila Mercier played which member of the Sugden family?

Answer: Annie

Question: Shetland celebrates the Viking festival of Up Helly Aa in which month of the year?

Answer: January

Question: Who became leader of the Liberal Democrats in July 2019?

Answer: Jo Swinson

Question: The award winning Stinking Bishop cheese is made in which county?

Answer: Gloucestershire

Question: In Emmerdale, Lisa Riley played which member of the Dingle clan?

Answer: Mandy

Question: What rugby term means accidentally throwing the ball forward?

Answer: Knock On

Question: Hibs and Hearts are the two main football teams in which Scottish city?

Answer: Edinburgh

Question: In Emmerdale, who caused the 2018 car crash pile-up which injured Aaron, Robert and Paddy?

Answer: Emma

Question: What is the main ingredient of the Northern Irish dish of Boxty?

Answer: Potatoes

Question: What is the first name of the Scottish 'Father of Economics ' Smith?

Answer: Adam

Question: Phil Collins was formerly the drummer with which group?

Answer: Genesis

Question: What is the more common name of the London building called 30 St Mary Axe?

Answer: Gherkin

Question: The performing arts BRIT school is in which town?

Answer: Croydon

Question: The Jewellery Quarter is a district of which UK city?

Answer: Birmingham

Question: Archie Mountbatten-Windsor was born into the Royal Family in which month of 2019?

Answer: May

Question: Which member of the Royal Family is played by Helena Bonham Carter in season 3 of 'The Crown'?

Answer: Princess Margaret

Question: Star cricketer Jofra Archer was born in which Caribbean country?

Answer: Barbados

Question: In EastEnders, Zoe believed that which member of the Slater clan was her sister, not her mother?

Answer: Kat

Question: In EastEnders, what is the name of Grant and Phil Mitchell's little sister?

Answer: Sam

Question: Jack Vettriano's most famous work is about a singing what?

Answer: Butler

Question: Which character does Emma Barton play on EastEnders?

Answer: Honey Mitchell

Question: Barbara Hepworth is best known in which field of the arts?

Answer: Sculpture

Question: EastEnders is set in which London postcode area?

Answer: E20

Question: Gail Emms and Nathan Robertson won a silver Olympic medal in 2004 in which city?

Answer: Athens

Question: Pat Phoenix played which famous Coronation Street character?

Answer: Elsie Tanner

Question: What is the name for the free kick given after a try is scored?

Answer: Conversion

Question: Which town is the administrative center of West Sussex?

Answer: Chichester

Question: In 2011 British Airways merged with Iberia, national airline of which country?

Answer: Spain

Question: Prince Philip was born into the Royal family of Greece and which other country?

Answer: Denmark

Question: Runcorn, Widnes and Bootle are towns on which river?

Answer: Mersey

Question: In EastEnders, what is the name of Dot Cotton's nasty son?

Answer: Nick

Question: What is the first name of Ms Emms, a famous UK badminton player?

Answer: Gail

Question: Liverpool beat Spurs to win the Champions League in which city in May 2019?

Answer: Madrid

Question: Who released the album 'Back to Black' in 2006?

Answer: Amy Winehouse

Question: In Coronation Street, what was the name of Stan Ogden's wife?

Answer: Hilda

Question: In Hollyoaks, what is the surname of siblings Kurt, Ollie and Lucy?

Answer: Benson

Question: Which female Coronation Street character had the surnames of Hunt, Langton, Barlow and Rachid?

Answer: Deirdre

Question: Which UK island is also known as Ynys Mon?

Answer: Anglesey

Question: Estella Havisham is a character in which Dickens novel?

Answer: Great Expectations

Question: Wales was annexed by England and came under English law in which century?

Answer: 16th

Question: What is the name of Eamonn Holmes' TV presenter wife?

Answer: Ruth

Question: Which English county cricket team plays home games at Chester-Le-Street?

Answer: Durham

Question: Dylan Mills is better known as which Grime artist?

Answer: Dizzee Rascal


Question: Which single was Ed Sheeran's first UK number one hit?

Answer: Sing

Question: What is the name of the largest of the Isles of Scilly?

Answer: St Mary's

Question: What is the surname of the artist with the first names Joseph Mallord William?

Answer: Turner

Question: Kate Middleton grew up in which English county?

Answer: Berkshire

Question: What is the title of Prince Edward's son James?

Answer: Viscount Severn

Question: In which year did the battle of Agincourt take place?

Answer: 1415

Question: Which male singer had hits with 'Army of Two' and 'Wrapped Up'?

Answer: Olly Murs

Question: Mary of Guise was the mother of which famous Tudor figure?

Answer: Mary Queen of Scots

Question: John Constable's paintings are most associated with which English county?

Answer: Suffolk

Question: Pollok Park is a large area of open space in which city?

Answer: Glasgow

Question: What was Princess Diana's middle name?

Answer: Frances

Question: Which Hollyoaks character has children called Dee Dee and Grace?

Answer: Tony

Question: Coronation Chicken was a dish developed for the coronation of which monarch?

Answer: Elizabeth II

Question: What is the name of Fulham football club's home ground?

Answer: Craven Cottage

Question: Mudfog is the fictional birthplace of which Dickens character?

Answer: Oliver Twist

Question: Prince William started studying Art History at St Andrews then switched to which subject?

Answer: Geography

Question: Which side did Manchester City beat in the 2019 Cup Final?

Answer: Watford

Question: Which Hollyoaks character was diagnosed with epilepsy in a ground-breaking stroyline?

Answer: Steph

Question: Which poet wrote 'Gunga Din' and 'If'?

Answer: Rudyard Kipling

Question: What fruit forms part of the traditional Eton Mess?

Answer: Strawberries

Question: Which city was known as Eboracum by the Romans?

Answer: York

Question: GCSE exams started to replace O Levels in which year?

Answer: 1988

Question: What was the name of the Irish saint who founded the Abbey at Iona?

Answer: Columba

Question: Balmoral Castle is in which Scottish county?

Answer: Aberdeenshire

Question: Who wrote the lyrics to the famous British hymn 'Jerusalem'?

Answer: William Blake

Question: Professor Stephen Hawking researched at which University from 1979 to 2018?

Answer: Cambridge

Question: The Giant's Causeway is made of hexagonal columns of which type of rock?

Answer: Basalt

Question: Harold 'Dickie' Bird is best known in which cricketing role?

Answer: Umpire

Question: How many children did Queen Victoria have?

Answer: 10

Question: What kind of vehicle crashed in Coronation Street in 2010, writing out several major characters?

Answer: Tram

Question: What is the surname of Lucy, Susan, Peter and Edmund in a book about a lion, a witch and a wardrobe?

Answer: Pevensie

Question: Jess Hayes and Max Morley were the first winners of which reality series in 2015?

Answer: Love Island

Question: Grange Hill' first hit UK TV screens in which year?

Answer: 1978

Question: Colin Montgomerie is a famous name in which sport?

Answer: Golf

Question: Gladstone's Land is a 17th century house and shop in which city center?

Answer: Edinburgh

Question: In Coronation Street, what was the name of Deirdre Barlow and Ray Langton's daughter?

Answer: Tracy

Question: Which TV presenter won the 2018 series of 'Strictly Come Dancing'?

Answer: Stacey Dooley

Question: Which of the Queen's grandchildren married a former England Rubgy international?

Answer: Zara

Question: Before 1266, the Isle of Man was part of which European country?

Answer: Norway

Question: The Walker Art Gallery is in which UK city?

Answer: Liverpool

Question: Which British artist's real name is Michael Owuo?

Answer: Stormzy

Question: Dorsiflexion is an anatomical term used to refer to which part of the body?

Answer: Foot

Question: John Sentamu became Archbishop of which place in 2005?

Answer: York

Question: The Sheffield Steelers and Belfast Giants play which sport?

Answer: Ice Hockey

Question: What is the most northerly shipping forecast area?

Answer: SE Iceland

Question: Which British artist created 'Everyone I Have Ever Slept With' in 1995?

Answer: Tracey Emin

Question: What was the surname of the first landlord of the Queen Vic in EastEnders?

Answer: Watts

Question: How old was Prince Albert when he married Queen Victoria?

Answer: 20

Question: Writer Tolkien was a professor of which subject at Oxford University?

Answer: English

Question: What is the name of the person in charge of a badminton game?

Answer: Umpire

Question: Which famous novel is subtitled 'There and Back Again'?

Answer: The Hobbit

Question: Which football club plays home games at Bramall Lane?

Answer: Sheffield United

Question: Keisha, Siobhan and Mutya were the original members of which band?

Answer: Sugababes

Question: Who killed Archie Mitchell on EastEnders?

Answer: Stacey Slater

Question: Which US state borders Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York?

Answer: Massachusetts

Question: Scientific pioneer Ada Lovelace was the daughter of which poet?

Answer: Lord Byron

Question: In which year did the UK go decimal?

Answer: 1971

Question: Before decimalisation, how many pennies were in a shilling?

Answer: 12

Question: The Dunkin' Donuts brand was founded in which year?

Answer: 1950

Question: Which American singer released albums called 'Red' and '1989'?

Answer: Taylor Swift

Question: Reality show 'Love Island' is filmed on which Mediterranean island?

Answer: Majorca

Question: What was the first James Bond novel written by Ian Fleming?

Answer: 1952