Weather Trivia

100+ Best Weather Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: July 3rd, 2023

Discover fascinating and mind-blowing facts about weather! From rainbow formation to extreme weather events, uncover the secrets of the elements in this captivating collection of weather trivia questions and answers.

General Weather Trivia

Question: Which two words best describe the climate in the tropical rainforest zone?

Answer: Hot and wet

Question: Which of the following is anticipated to be a consequence of global warming?

Answer: More severe weather

Question: When the weather is significantly different from the average, it is known as

Answer: Extreme weather

Question: Trying to predict the weather is known as weather what?

Answer: Forecasting

Question: Precipitation is a term referring to which material?

Answer: Water

Question: What name is given to the phenomenon of tiny drops of water condensing on cold objects near the ground?

Answer: Dew

Natural Phenomena Trivia

Question: The rising of what in the Eastern sky marks the start of each day?

Answer: Sun

Question: What will a direct lightning strike probably do to a person?

Answer: Kill them

Question: Where is the safest place to be during a tornado?

Answer: In a ditch

Question: Where is the safest place to be during a winter storm?

Answer: Inside

Question: Which two weather conditions are needed to form a rainbow?

Answer: Sun and rain

Question: When the Sun shines on water droplets in the air, what is seen?

Answer: A rainbow

Question: Which weather phenomenon is set off by giant thunderclouds called 'supercells'?

Answer: Tornado

Question: What was the first mobile tornado tracking device called?

Answer: TOTO

Clouds Trivia

Question: Which of these cloud types appear in the sky between 5,000m and 13,000m?

Answer: Cirrostratus

Question: Which of these cloud types appear in the sky between 0 and 2,000m?

Answer: Stratocumulus

Question: Which cloud type is highest in altitude?

Answer: Cirrus

Question: Which sort of clouds produce hail?

Answer: Cumulonimbus

Question: Which of these is NOT a type of cloud?

Answer: Claudius

Tropical Storms Trivia

Question: Which is not a region where tropical storms develop?

Answer: Cape Horn

Question: According to the Beaufort Scale, what speed must a wind reach to be classified as a hurricane?

Answer: 74mph

Question: Hurricane Camille devastated the US in which year?

Answer: 1969

Question: Lake Okeechobee Hurricane devastated the US in which year?

Answer: 1928

Question: Cuba-Florida Hurricane devastated the US in which year?

Answer: 1944

Weather Phenomena Trivia

Question: Which of these weather phenomena is caused by rapidly expanding air?

Answer: Thunder

Question: What color appears in the middle of a rainbow?

Answer: Green

Question: What was the most powerful solar storm in history, recorded in 1859, called?

Answer: The Carrington event

Question: What name is given to the prevailing winds that are found in the Earth's equatorial region?

Answer: Trade winds

Question: What in meteorology is measured in Okats?

Answer: Cloud cover

Question: What is the term for the average weather conditions in a particular location?

Answer: Climate

Question: Which of these weather phenomena is caused by slope, precipitation, and instability?

Answer: Avalanche

Question: Which country experiences the most tornadoes?

Answer: USA

Question: Which of the following occurs with all thunderstorms?

Answer: Lightning

Question: In which of these years did the UK undergo a long drought in the summer?

Answer: 1976

Question: Regular cycles of weather changes are known as what?

Answer: Seasons

Question: In which country is the rainiest place in the world?

Answer: USA

Question: In a weather forecast, if the wind is 'veering', how is it changing?

Answer: Moving Clockwise

Question: Which weather phenomenon has never been recorded in Singapore?

Answer: Snow

Question: In the Northern Hemisphere, an air mass from the South brings what characteristics?

Answer: Tropical

Question: When the weather is significantly different from the average, it is known as what?

Answer: Extreme weather

Question: Most weather takes place in the what?

Answer: Troposphere

Question: What is a descriptive term for gusty winds that accompany cold weather?

Answer: Blustery

Question: What will lightning tend to strike first?

Answer: The Tallest Thing

Question: Standing in the Northern Hemisphere with the wind on your back, where's the low pressure?

Answer: To your left

Weather Measurements & Tools Trivia

Question: At what height above ground do meteorologists measure standard temperatures?

Answer: 1m 30s

Question: Maps summarizing atmospheric conditions in a wide area at any time are called what?

Answer: Synoptic Chart

Question: What is weather like close to the equator?

Answer: Hot

Question: What would you use a ceilometer to record?

Answer: Cloud height

Question: Which phenomena does the Beaufort scale measure?

Answer: Wind speed

Question: What name is given to the center of a hurricane?

Answer: Eye

Question: What is directly caused by the unequal heating of the atmosphere by the sun?

Answer: Wind

Question: The device called a baroscope is used to measure what?

Answer: Atmospheric pressure

Miscellaneous Weather Trivia

Question: What number would a 'moderate breeze' be on the Beaufort scale?

Answer: 4

Question: If you suffer from nephophobia, which weather phenomenon do you fear?

Answer: Clouds

Question: What is the highest surface wind speed ever recorded?

Answer: 231 mph

Question: Nacreous and Noctilucent are forms of which weather formation?

Answer: Cloud

Question: What is the difference between a hurricane and typhoon?

Answer: Where they are

Question: At what speed does a wind become hurricane force?

Answer: 73 mph

Question: When the ground temperature falls below freezing and ice forms, what is it called?

Answer: Frost

Question: What is the highest wind speed ever recorded in the US?

Answer: 231 mph

Question: Which of these UK cities gets the most rain in a year?

Answer: Belfast

Question: Many people believe extremes of weather are caused by what?

Answer: Climate change

Question: Weather is made up of temperature, precipitation, wind, and what else?

Answer: Air pressure

Question: In degrees Celsius, what was England's lowest ever recorded temperature?

Answer: -26