Wimbledon Trivia

12+ Best Wimbledon Trivia Questions & Answers

Mike Oberman

Updated: June 15th, 2023

Discover fascinating facts about Wimbledon, the prestigious tennis tournament. From the color of tennis balls to record-breaking matches, dive into this trivia and unlock the secrets of the grass court championships!


Question: The Wimbledon tournament was first televised in which year?

Answer: 1937

Question: How many balls are used over the course of a Wimbledon tournament?

Answer: 54,250

Question: Including Wimbeldon, how many tournaments make up the tennis Grand Slam?

Answer: 4

Question: In which year did Navratilova win her first Wimbledon singles title?

Answer: 1978

Question: What is the biological term for octopus, squid or cuttlefish?

Answer: Cephalopods


Question: Which London postal district is home to Wimbledon?

Answer: SW19

Question: What surface are the tennis courts at Wimbledon?

Answer: Grass

Question: Boris Becker won his first Wimbedon title in which decade?

Answer: 1980s

Question: Ladies' singles were added to the Wimbledon tournament in which decade?

Answer: 1880s


Question: Tennis balls are yellow to make them more visible on TV, but what color were they at Wimbledon prior to 1986?

Answer: White

Question: The longest ever Wimbledon match was between Nicholas Mahut of France and John Isner of which country?

Answer: United States

Question: Which American woman holds the record for the fastest Wimbledon serve?

Answer: Venus Williams