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On July 12 1932, Norway annexes which country?

Greenland Click to see the answer

In which country did the Mercedes Benz 770 begin production in 1930?


On December 29th, members of the Iron Giard assassinate Ion Gheorghe Duca, Prime Minister of which country?


Queen Beatrix was born on 31 January 1938 and was queen of which country until she abdicated?

The Netherlands

In what year did the Nazi Party gain its first Ministers?


On September 19th, the Soviet Union joined the 'League of _____'?


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In which country was the Glaspalsat burned in 1931?

Germany Click to see the answer

On April 11th 1938, Hungary decides to leave what organization?

The League of Nations

On June 17th 1938, Eugene Weidmann was the last person to have done what to him in France?

Last public guilloting

On May 10th 1933, the Nazis had staged mass burnings of what?


On February 27th 1933, the Reichstag fire took place. Where is the Reichstag?


Louis II was a king of where throughout the 1930s?


On May 9th 1938, Spain decides to leave what organization?

The League of Nations

Klaus Schwarb was born on 31st March 1938 is well known for founding what?

World Economic Forum

May 17th 1933, which country had formed the Nasjonal Samling or the National Socialist Party?


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Juliis Curtis was a Foreign Affairs Minister in which country when 1930 began?

Germany Click to see the answer

On 7 August 1930, what was the number of unemployed people in the UK?

2 million

On January 18th 1934, the author of The Snowman and Fungus the Bogeyman is born. What is his name?

Raymond Briggs

On May 15th 1935, Joseph Stalin opens what for the Russian people?

Moscow Metro

On March 22nd 1933, the first concentration camp Dachau is completed. In which country is Dachau loacted?


Oswald Mosley was a key figure in the 1930s in which countries fascism?

Great Britain

On August 18th 1932, Auguste Piccard reaches an altitude of 16,197m in a hot air balloon. Which country is he from?


On April 13th, the United Kingdom passes what Act to protection children and young persons?

The Children and Young Persons Act

Micahel Caine was born on 14th March 1933, but what is his real name?

Maurice Micklewhite

In which country was Porsche founded in 1931?


On 3rd September, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand decalred war on Germany. But what other European country declared war at this time as well?


On November 4th 1939, Stewart Menzies was appointed as head of what organization?

British Secret Intelligence Service

John Surtees who was born on 11th February 1934, was the first person (and only person to do so) to win both World championships on what?

Two wheel and four wheel motor racing

On May 2nd 1933, what was there an alleged first sighting of?

The Loch Ness Monster

Questions: 6
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Bettino Craxi born on February 24th 1934. What country was he Prime Minister for?

Italy Click to see the answer

Arthur Henderson led which party in the 1931 UK General Election?


Henrich Bruning took power in which country in 1930?


Hans Berger made a key scientific breakthrough in 1931 in which country?


Agatha Christie wrote a famous book in 1934 with which river in the title?


Hans Fichers, who won the 1930 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, came from which country?


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August 30th 1932, Hermann Goring is elected as the speaker of the German …….?

Reichstag Click to see the answer

Alonso XIII began 1930 as ruler of which nation?


All Quiet on the Western Front' was banned in which country in 1930?


Before he became an actor, what sport did Johnny Weissmuller compete in?


In 1934 Oswald Mosely led a fascists rally in which British city?


Arthur Schultz was a notable mayor of which city as 1930 began?


Albert Lebrun became President of which country on May 10th 1932?


At which venue were the 1934 British Empire Games held?


Complete the title of the 1932 Adulous Huxley novel 'Brave New ____'?


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Complete the title of a famous 1937 novel by John Steinbeck 'Of Mice and ____'?

Men Click to see the answer

Hans Litten was a key prosecutor in which country in a famous 1931 trial?


Gay Byrne was born on 5th August 1934, but what country is he from?

Republic of Ireland

Geli Raubal had commited suicide on September 18th 1931, but who was her well known uncle?

Adolf Hitler

Fritz Lang launched his film 'M' in 1931 in which country?


December 19th 1932, the BBC start broadcasting as the BBC Empire Service. What is the current day name of this service?

BBC World Service

Alfred Roseborg was a key publisher in which country in the 1930s?


In what country was Yuri Gargain born in 1934?

Soviet Union

Complete the title of the book banned in Germany in 1930 'All Quiet on the ____'?

Western Front

Douglas Hyde is elected as first president to what country on June 25th 1938?


54 year old grandmother Mrs G.E Alington became the first British woman to do what on the 4th May 1934?

Complete a parachute jump

Herman Goering had established what on April 26th 1933?

The Gestapo (Secret Police)

Hermann Muller's government collapsed in 1930 in which country?


Between May - September 1939, during an excavation at Sutton Hoo, what was excavated?

Anglo-Saxon burial ship

In December 1930, what were Turkish women allowed to do for the very first time?


Complete the title of the 1933 William Faulkener book 'A Rose for ___'?


Carl Bosh won the 1931 Nobel prize in Chemistry. Which country is he from?


Complete the title of the famous 1935 British Film 'Call of the ___'?


Coming from the Mill' was a seminal art work of 1934. Who painted it?

LS Lowry

Greece, Romania, Turkey and Yugoslavia signed what pact on 9th February 1934?

Balkan Pact

Created in 1938, which country is the creator of the biro Laszlo Biro from?


Complete the title of the 1933 Alfred Hitchcock movie 'Juno and the ___'?


Questions: 6
Difficulty: Hard
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The Tintin comic book strip 'Tintin in the Congo' was first published in January 1930. What is the name of the Tintin creator?

Herge Click to see the answer

The German pilot Eily Beinhorn begins her flight where in January 1931?


What car manufacturer was formed in Germany on 28th May 1937?


Russia had signed a 'non- aggression pact' with which country in 1939


The Junkers JU 52 made its maiden flight in 1930 from where?


Sir Henry Cooper was born on May 3rd 1934, but what sport would you associate him with?


Questions: 18
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Stanley Baldwin led which party in the 1931 UK General Election?

Conservative Click to see the answer

The actor William Roache (born on April 25th 1932) appears in which long running British soap opera?

Coronation Street

The Second Five Year Plan began in which nation in 1934?

Soviet Union

The Graf Zeppelin took off in 1931 from where?


Robert Schmidt was the Economics minister of which country when 1930 began?


Rudyard Kipling died on 18th January 1936, but what was the title of his most well known book? The Jungle______?


The actor Johnny Weissmuller (who was Austrian-Hungarian), starred in what series of film by the author Edgar Rice Burroghs, the first of which opened on March 25th 1932?


The Spanish artist Salvador Dali displayed his 'Peristance of Memory' in which French city museum on June 3rd 1931?


The artist Peter Blake, born on 25th June 1932, is best known fo creating which album sleeve for The Beatles?

Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band

What comic book was first published in Scotland on December 4th 1937?


What famous film festival is held for the forst time on August 6th 1932?


T.E Lawrence dies on a motorbike accident in Dorset, but how is he better known as?

Lawrence of Arabia

The fashion designer Giorgio Armani was born on July 11th 1934. What country was he born in?


The Bridge was a famous work of 1935 by which artist?

MC Esher

What Alfred Hitchcock film was released into the UK in June 1935?

The 39 Steps

The Irish Republican Army attempted to assassinate who on July 28th 1937?

George VI

The actress Geraldine McEwan was born on 9th May 1932, had appeared in which Kevin Costner film as the character Mortianna?

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

September 15th 1935, The Nuremburg Laws go into effect in Germany but what does this entail?

Removing citizenship from the Jews

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