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In 1941, Winston Churchill started a campaign known as 'V for Victory.' This campaign promoted what action?

Hand gesture Click to see the answer

Following the Fall of France in 1940, what position did Spain take before returning to a more netural position later on?

Pro Axis

In a 1940 speech to the House of Commons, who said ' I have nothing to offer you but blood, toil, tears, and sweat?'

Winston Churchill

In 1944, Rab Butler promoted what Act?

Education Act

Complete the title of the Enid Blyton book, published in 1949: '______ Goes to Toyland'.


During what 1945 battle did Adolf Hitler commit suicide?

Battle of Berlin

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Complete the phrase from a famous 1940 speech by Winston Churchill: 'I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and ______'

Sweat Click to see the answer

In 1943, where did The Bengal Famine occur?

British India

In 1940, the Lascaux Cave Paintings were discovered in what country?


In 1942, Vic Oliver was the first castaway on what long running radio program?

Desert Island Discs

In 1946, William Joyce was hung for committing what crime?


Francisco Franco was the Head of State of what country throughout the 1940s?


At the 1949 Acadamey Awards, Hamlet became the first British film to win what major award?

Best Picture

Het Achterhuis, published in 1947 is also known by what name?

Diary of Anne Frank

In 1943, what German Propoganda Minister was advocating for Total War from German citizens?

Joseph Goebbels

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In 1941, who was appointed as commander of the Deutsches Afrika Korps?

Erwin Rommel Click to see the answer

In 1943, the Casablanca Declaration stated that the Allies would accept nothing less than what?

Unconditional surrender

First launched in 1944, what was the name of the weapon known as a Doodlebug?

V-1 Flying Bomb

Hue and Cry was released in 1947, and is considered the first in a series of comedies from what movie studio?


After becoming the monarch of Monaco in 1949, what movie start did Prince Rainier III marry in 1956?

Grace Kelly

In 1942, the Women's Timber Corps was established. What were female forestry workers commonly called?

Lumber Jills

In 1945, where did The Big Three meet to discuss post war organization of Europe?


Along with the UK, what other nation signed the Treaty of Dunkirk in 1947?


In January 1946, the first General Assembly for what organization occured at Methodist Central Hll Westminster?

United Nations

In 1941, Josef Jakobs became the last person executed at what London location?

Tower of London

In 1941, Germany began Operation Barbarossa, an invasion of what country?

Soviet Union

In 1945, who served as Chancellor of Germany for one day following Hiter's death?

Joseph Goebbels

In 1946, what political party was responsible for the nationalization of the British coal industry?


In August 1944, what French city began its liberation from Nazi occupation?


Between 1942 and 1943, the resistance group White Rose was known for leaving what around Germany?

Leaflets and graffiti

In 1942, over 20 nations signed the Declaration by United Nations, which formalized the agreements between what side of WWII?


In 1940, Germany began a prolonged bombing attack on London and other UK cities. What was this attack known as?

The Blitz

In 1945, what three letter construtction manufacturer was founded?


In 1947, what index began to track inflation?

Retail Prices Index

In 1945, what German city was bombed, causing the death of tens of thousands of civilians?


In 1944, when did the Normandy invasion begin?


Complete the title of the 1948 movie about a ballerina based on a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale: 'The _____ Shoes'.


In 1949, the constitution of what country was approved?

East Germany

Complete the title of the 1943 movie starring James Mason: 'The Man in _____'.


Christian Dior presented his first fashion collection in 1947. What country was Dior from?


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The George Cross was established in 1940 and named for what King?

George VI Click to see the answer

Operation Fortitude was the code name for a deception strategy to throw the Axis off the trail leading up to what 1944 event?

Invasion of Normandy

What country entered WWII in June 1941 as an Axis Power by declaring war on the Soviet Union?


What 1949 comedy film starred Stanley Holloway and Barbara Murray?

Passport to Pimlico

In the the 1948 Marshall Plan, which country gave over 12 billion dollars in aid to help rebuild Western Europe?


The 1948 plan officially titled the European Recovery Program, was commonly referred to by what name?

Marshall Plan

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What company was created in 1948 when the British railroad industry was nationalized?

British Railways Click to see the answer

Operation Valkyrie was a 1944 plan by what nation?


Introduced in 1944, what does the taxing system PAYE stand for?

Pay as you earn

What battle began on December 8, 1941?

Battle of Hong Kong

NATO was established in 1949; what does it stand for?

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Operation Overload was the codename for what 1944 action?

Invasion of Normandy

What city hosted the 1948 Summer Olympics?


What American dance craze swept through the UK in 1946?


The Phoney War defined an 8-month period at the start of World War II, during which there was very limited military land operation on what front?


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What 1944 date has become known as D-Day?

June 6 Click to see the answer

What 1949 movie stars Alec Guinness in multiple roles?

Kind Hearts and Coronets

The first British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) were held in 1949 in what city?


What 1949 comedy film starred Basil Radford and Joan Greenwood?

Whiskey Galore

On June 14th, 1940, what Allied city fell to the Germans?


In March 1949, what movie became the first British film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture?


The 1943 movie Fires Were Started is about what occupation?


What country did Fred Park, the 1947 Open Champion, hail from?

Northern Ireland

What country was recognized by Great Britain in 1949 following its election of David Ben-Gurion as Prime Minister?


The first British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) were held in what year?


What company began producing Italian sports cars in 1947?


Throughout the 1940s King George VI and Winston Churchill would meet every week for lunch on what day?


In July 1942, British and American forces bombed what German city, leading to a firestorm that killed over 40,000 German civilians?


In March 1946, Clement Attlee announced that Britain would grant what nation its independence?


The 1944 German bombing Operation Steinbock was referred to by what name?

Baby Blitz

What 1948 film featured a gangster named Pinkie Brown?

Brighton Rock

On June 10, 1940, which country declared war on the UK and France?


Konrad Adenauer took what position in 1949?

Chancellor of Germany

The 1948 Summer Olympics were the first Summer Olympics since what year?


In reference to staying in London during WWII, who said: 'The children won't go without me. I won't leave the King. And the King will never leave'?

Queen Elizabeth

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What numerically-titled book did George Orwell release in 1949?

1984 Click to see the answer

What Wales city was bombed for the first time in July 1940?


What political statement was released in August 1941 and outlined the Allied goals for the post-war world?

Atlantic Charter

What Manchester United stadium reopened in 1949 following a rebuild to repair damage from war time bombings?

Old Trafford

What University voted to allow women full membership in 1947?


What day was celebrated on May 8 1945?

V-E Day

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What is the correct spelling of the 1940 UK Prime Minister's name?

Neville Chamberlain Click to see the answer

What international event, which would include British teams for the first time in 1950, was not held at all in the 1940s?

World Cup

What month did V-E Day occur in in 1945?


What major event held global attention in the early 1940s?

World War II

What sport do the Paisley Pirates, who were founded in 1946, play?


What German general, known as The Desert Fox, died in 1944?

Erwin Rommel

What is the name given to the Federal German Republic between 1949 and 1990?

The Bonn Republic

What island was awarded the George Cross in 1942?


What event was schedule for 1944 in London, but was not held because of the War?

Summer Olympics

What month did V-J day occur in 1945?


What name was given to the 1948 Olympic games held in London?

Austerity Games

What very deadly Battle began in December 1944?

Battle of the Bulge

What forces did Bernard Montgomery lead in the Battle of Normandy?


What day did the Soviet Union celebrate as V-E Day in 1945?

May 9

What manufacturer of beds and mattresses was founded in 1946?


What forces did Trafford Leigh-Mallor lead in the Battle of Normandy?


What state officially ceased to exist in 1947?


What forces did Bertram Ramsay lead in the Battle of Normandy?


What organization was formed in March 1949?


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